Lookup Value And Return Info About The Value

Dec 18, 2013

How to return the value of what i looking up. for example i want to find the value of A1 from a range of B1:B10 if A1 is B1 then it return the value beside B1 for example the value of B1 is C1

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Lookup 2 Criteria And Return Info In Specific Column

Feb 8, 2008

I've got a database that is sorted by date...

I need a formula that will look for 2 criteria and once it finds those 2 matching criteria, I need it to return the information on that line that's in column 6, let's say.

so in one column I have the date, the next column I have the sales persons name, 4 columns over I have their order number.

In cell a1 of worksheet 1, I have a drop down ready that has all my sales persons listed. In cell a2 I will manually enter the date that I need to reference.

I need the formula to then look for cell a1 and a2 in worksheet 2 where I have my spreadsheet with the info I mentioned above, match that criterium in worksheet 2, and return the info in column 6.

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Lookup Info In Two Columns - Pick Out Last Occurence In A Third

Jan 6, 2009

I have a list of data which is not in any particular order....

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Scan Row For Text - Return Row And Column Header Info

Jun 2, 2013

I've been using a nice colorful spreadsheet to use to schedule rooms for an organization. Visually it has worked out well but now I need to automatically generate a 'report' using that data. So...

I want to scan each row of a table and create another table with that data transformed.
That is, scan each row and whenever I find any text in a cell I want to return that text (the room being used) as well as the row and column header information (who is starting to use that room and on what date). I've attached a jpeg to show the example.

Ideally, when I scan the row and find text to return the headers I'd like the row scan to also find when the fill color changes and return that column header, too as that that would be the date that the room stops being used.

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Excel 2010 :: Find Matching Info And Return Another Number?

Dec 3, 2013

I am trying to create a formula for a work report and I am afraid I am a bit of a novice with the more complex formulas. Here is what I am trying to do: Sheet 1 has Sales order numbers that duplicate based on the sales lines. Sheet 2 has single lines of sales order numbers and their assigned PO number. I would like to have Sheet 3 where it combines all data and duplicates and fills in the PO number to match all of the sales order numbers that repeat on the other sheet. I hope this makes sense. I can't seem to figure out if I need a VLookup or If or Match formula (or all of the above).

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Fill Info In Sheet One And Have Same Info Appear In All Sheets That Follow

May 12, 2014

I would like to fill in a a form on page /sheet one and have the same info on every sheet that follows is it possible?

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How To Fill Vertical Columns With Info From Horizontal Info

Aug 22, 2014

I have attached a spreadsheet and I am trying to capture the info in lines 2,7,12,17 and return the info into column d,e,f,g

The info in these columns at present has been manually entered but I am sure it could be automated.

OOL Roster Final 18-31Aug14.xlsx

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V Lookup And Return Value

Oct 8, 2008

I have this vlookup formula and as you can see when I run it works good. The only problem is that I would like to have formula that it something is not found I don't get #N/A , but rather a 0 or blank.


010775010775 49,028,244.58
010200010200 3,373,145.76
010700010700 113,667.00
010300010300 14,382.54
011000011000 (1,518,076.05)
010600010600 589.98
011900011900 6,280.31
011100011100 313.08
010750010750 570.90

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IF Or LOOKUP To Return Different Value..

Jun 15, 2009

Column A lists types of employees (managers, engineers, sales reps, etc.), each of which earns a seperate hourly rate. Column C lists hours worked, and Column D lists the total pay (Cx*Bx).

So column B is missing. Is there a way to generate the hourly rates in column B for each employee type in collumn A, i.e. if it's an Engineer, return $29, if it's a Technician, return $18, without an infinite set of True/Fasle conditions.

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Return A Value If The Lookup Contains...

Sep 11, 2009

I have two files with the below data:

File A
Bob Jones
Williams, K.

File B
Jones, Bob
Williams, Ken

The only commonality between the two files is the last name. I can easily separate the last name off File B, since it is always 'last name, first name'. I want a lookup formula to use the last name from File B (after I separate it), lookup to File A, and if it finds a cell in a specified column that contains the same last name, return data from another column within File A.

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Lookup And Return Value

Oct 13, 2008

I am trying to look up a value using VBA on 1 sheet and return it to a cell on another sheet.... I was hoping Evaluate sum product would work but I can't get it to. Basically I want to look up values in column C and D to locate the row then return value in column I specify.. below eg where Column C = SYD and column D = SHA, row = 6 .... value in L row 6 = 1

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Lookup To Return No Value

Sep 20, 2006

My Lookup formula gives back N/A rather than an empty cell. I was unable to find the solution in frequently asked questions. Everything points to using VLookup which I feel doesn't fit my situation as I am only looking at one row of text.

The length of my targeted range changes so I am wanting to use the lookup for an extra amount of rows to ensure I capture all the data at any given time. Once my lookup gets to the end of the list and finds a blank cell i get back N/A. I tried to include "" in my formula to combat this but it isn't working. I have been using IF statements elsewhere on my sheet but there are 30 arguments and I was forced to find an alternative.

This is an abridge version of my formula:


Didn't know if I was supposed to use [code] for that. Figured better safe than deleted

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Lookup X & Y And Return Z

Jun 17, 2008

I am trying to set-up a formula that will look up two different values of a grid (x & y) and the result will be the intersection of the two values (z). If there is not a value at the intersecting cell i will have it display "n/a". I have attached an example of what i am trying to do but i have no idea how to set up the formula. I forgot to mention that the index or chart above remains constant but the lookups do change. I believe i may have figured it out. Here is what i came up with for cell C19. Should i have done anything different? =INDEX($A$2:$E$8,MATCH(A19,$A$2:$A$8,0),MATCH(B19,$A$2:$E$2,0))

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How To Lookup A Value And Return A Formula

Apr 6, 2009

I have rows with text and numbers. In order to ensure that the numbers are accurate, I have a "QC formula" that calculates a check using all of the numbers from 1 row. The challenge is that the "QC formula" needs to vary depending on a text value within the row.

How can I lookup up the text value and then return the correct active formula for that row? I have too many differet text values to do a nested If statement. see simplified example below.

Condition ABCFormula' Needed based on Condition

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Lookup 2 Values To Return 1 Value

Nov 19, 2008

Hi there, please can you help me transfer data from 1 spreadsheet to another (I have attached a file which has 2 sheets).

I am trying to populate columns G to L (sheet B) with data from column H (sheet A) - the lookup is between 'Material' & '7410','7090','7680','7060','8630','7580' on sheet B & material & plant on sheet A.

I have tried H&VLOOKUP & INDEX/MATCH but I keep returning a #N/A..

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Lookup Value In Header Row And Return

Oct 1, 2009

I have a worksheet with the following values:

header row 15 17 19 25 etc.
each column underneath the row will have a value of 0 or -1

A B C D E etc
1 15 17 19 25
2 0 -1 -1 0
3 -1 0 0 0
4 0 0 0 0

I want a formula that I would put in each row that would return the value of Row 1 if there is a -1 below that value. So, in this example:

Row 2 formula would return 17,19
Row 3 formula would return 15
Row 4 formula would return nothing

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Lookup And Return Value Associated With Text

Aug 7, 2013

I am trying to automate the account classification of credit card (cc) expenses. The problem is charges to USAirways will always have random numbers after the vendor name on the cc download. I set USAIRWAYS as a Travel Expense and a simple Vlookup will not work.

For example, let's say a data dump in column C of the CC:
cell C2 is USAIRWAYS 037232A49429
CeLL C3:
USAIRWAYS 037282hf39647
Cell C4:
Facebook A8476H4

In column E I have my simple vendor name. Column F as the Vendor Account. For example E1 is USAIRWAYS. F1 is Travel Expense. E2 is FaceBook. F2 is Marketing Expense

In cell D2 & D3 I want to return Travel Expense anytime the formula sees USAirways in cell C2 returning the answer in column F after matching w/ column E. In cell D4 I want to return Marketing Expense.

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Lookup Value Within Range And Return Another Value

Jan 4, 2014

I have a list of names in sheet1 column A and 3 more list of names on sheet2, sheet3 and sheet3. What I'm trying to do is find a match for each name on sheet1 column A on the other sheets and depending on which sheet it was found, I need a specific value returned to sheet1 column B.

For example, if A1 was found on sheet2, then on B1 I would need to return the value "Morning" but if it was found on sheet3, then I need the value "Afternoon" and if found on sheet3 I need the value "evening" returned to B1 and then the same for every other name on the list found on sheet1 column A.

What I tried was this.

This goes in Sheet1 B1 (then I would drag it down to search for the rest)

"Afternoon", IF(AND(MATCH(A1,'sheet4'!$E:$E,0)),"Evening","Un-assigned"))

Now the problem with this is that it only works if there is a match on sheet2 but if there is no match, it just returns "N/A" and it does not move on to sheet3 and/or sheet4.

I also tried with vLOOKUP instead of MATCH and the same thing happens.

I also tried this and the only thing I get is "Un-Assigned"


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Return All Instances Of Lookup?

May 12, 2014

I have four columns, Play Date, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

I have a total of 364 rows of data for this table.

My output table looks like the following:

{mod note - HTML not working and removed}

What I want the output from a formula(???) to do is put every 'Play Date' for each 1st, 2nd, & 3rd column for every number from 0 to 9. So under Column A for zero and 1st I want every date that is listed in the source table in column 1st to list out. All I can get is the first instance of a date and nothing else.esn't use that would be great.

FYI the formula that I used to get the one entry in column A row 4 was this:


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LOOKUP Return Smallest Value

Feb 10, 2007

I have a large set of numerical data, with each column having a text heading in the first row.

I want to use a function similar to HLOOKUP that can return the numerical value in a certain row of a column that has a specified heading....AND if there is more than one numerical value that meets the criteria, I want it to return the lowest numerical value.

My numerical data cannot be sorted into ascending order.

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Lookup And Return Array

Mar 8, 2007

I have two columns of data, one containing Groups, another containing Items. Like this:

Group | Item
A | Apple
A | Orange
B | Pear
B | Banana
C | Tire
D | Coffee


On another sheet, I have each of the groups listed as column headings. I want to resort the data and display it in columns instead of in a single list.

I can write a VLOOKUP to search for "B" for example, and return "Pear", but I want to return all matches for "B" not just the first one.

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Lookup Value Then Return Value In Row 1 Of That Column

Nov 22, 2007

I have a list of values in column A (part numbers)

In columns B to E I have lists of similar values (part numbers, with row 1 representing their location e.g warehouse, office, etc).

In column F2 I would like to search for the value in A2 in the range B2:E100 and return the value in B1:E1 if the value appears... if it doesnt appear in any of the columns I would like 'not located' to appear in F2.

I've been trying to do this for a while but am making no progress at all.

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Lookup And Return Multiple

Jan 30, 2009

I have a spreadsheet similiar to the below:

Person 1.......Process 1
Person 1.......Process 1
Person 1.......Process 2
Person 1.......Process 1
Person 1.......Process 2
Person 1.......Process 3
Person 2.......Process 1
Person 2.......Process 4
Person 2.......Process 1

and so on.

In the list, the "People" aren't neccessarily in order, for example, later in the list, Person 1 appears again. There are a total of 10 processes, and any person can do any number of each.

What I ideally want is in Columns D, E, and F, is something like the following:

Person 1...........3.............Process 1
Person 1...........2.............Process 2
Person 1...........1.............Process 3
Person 2...........2.............Process 1

so a summary of the main data, showing how many each process each person has got.

I have, and failed miserably, getting arrays to work but that might just be down to my own incompetence. I have researched into Countif's and Lookups, but it's not quite working.

The data in columns D, E, and F needs to be fairly compact so ideally I wouldnt want any spare rows between the end of the summary data about Person 1 and the start of Person's 2 details.

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Row Lookup: Return Zero If No Match

Nov 14, 2009

I have exported an income statement report from the ERP system to Excel. Only items that are not equal to zero are populated. So if there has been no expense in the Central division for Consulting fees, it does not show up on the report. Here is the formula:use control shift and enter

small(if(row(A1:A100)-ROW(A1)+1>MATCH("Central Division",A1:A100,0),if(A1:A100)="Consulting Fees",ROW(A1:A100)-ROW(A1)+1)),1)(
Excel Jeanie HTMLSheet2

A 2 East Division 3 Sales 4 Cost of Sales 5 Payroll 6 Lights 7 Consulting Fees 8 Net Profit 9 10 Central Division 11 Sales 12 Cost of Sales 13 Payroll 14 Lights 15 Net Profit 16 17 West Division 18 Sales 19 Cost of Sales 20 Payroll 21 Lights 22 Consulting Fees 23 Net Profit

Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4
So this formula picks up the first Consulting Fees after the Central Division. The problem is it is going to pick it up under the West Division. So, how would I modify the formula so that if the row number is also less than Central Division Net Profit (A15), it is zero. (no offset or indirect)

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Lookup And Return Matching Value

Jul 24, 2009

In column "AT" I have a list of matchups between 2 soccer teams that looks like this

Row 1:Manchester UnitedArsenal
Row 2:Chelsea FCLiverpool
Row 3:TottenhamAston Villa
Row 4:Hull CityLiverpool
Row 5:Everton FCSunderland
Row 6:Bolton WanderersManchester United
Row 7:PortsmouthTottenham
Row 8:Birmingham CityStoke City
Row 9:WiganBlackburn Rovers
Row 10:LiverpoolFulham

In columns "AM" and "AN" I have a rating for the home and away team. So for example, AM row 3 would show the rating of Tottenham and AN row 3 would show the rating of Aston Villa.

Now what I want to do is set things up so that I don't have to enter every teams' rating in manually. I need a formula that would look from bottom to top (row 10 to 1), find the first row that contains Tottenham (for example), and then look to the right to either column AM or AN (depanding on if Tottenham is the first team in the matchup or second) and return the value in that cell.

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Lookup Across Worksheets. Return Corresponding Value

Oct 29, 2006

On " sheet 1" I have a cell A1 with a number 12550 in it. On the following 6adjacent cells from B1 to G1 there are specific values assigned to them.
(Eg. $20, $30, $40, pork, 145, and spicy). There are currently 4 worksheets in the workbook and some of the worksheets contains the value "12550" in CellA1 of Sheet 1 while others don't.

I wish to search in a similiar column, from A1 to A50, throughout sheet 2, 3 and 4, for the value of "12550". Once the value is found in a sheet, the corresponding values to the 6 adjacent cells (from B1-G1 in Sheet1), are copied and pasted next to the "12550"cell. If there are no "12550" cells found in a sheet, the macro should continue as normal.

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Lookup & Return Offset Value

Oct 30, 2006

I have a large array of cells that go from A1 to A2500. In VB, I need to take a given date that resides in a cell, say 1/6/2006 in C2, and look for a match of it within this large array. When the match is found, I need it to look in the column to the right (IE, from A5 to B5) and assign the value there to a Cell (C1).

Could someone provide an example of the code I was use in VB for this? I'm having a lot of trouble with it.

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Return Value Of Lookup Cell

Nov 15, 2006

i have a little problem regarding look/ find/search procedure.

i dont know what exactly the term of this.

anyway i have attached an .xls file for your perusal.

- i want to search a value in a certain table and the return would be the value of index cell.

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Lookup Maximum Value & Return Corresponding Row

Nov 28, 2006

i have a matrix

index| a| b| c|
0001 |1| 2| 2.22| ( probably it will be much clear to see the attachment)

I need to lookup for the largest number in B2:D2 (in this case 2.22) and return the corresponding header ("C"). I though it would be simple with hlookup() and max() but i can't make it work.

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Lookup & Return Corresponding Result

Dec 6, 2006

I have tried searching for this topic and have been unsuccessful. Perhaps my search was too broad. Either way, I am trying to understand how to search/query a specific data entry among several sheets, and then return corresponding values from adjacent cells.

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