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Loop Through Textboxes ..

Is there a way to do something like this? The purpose is to get the value from a text box and put it in a cell...

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Loop Through Textboxes
I have a user form that has a section of 32 text boxes that all information randomly placed inside some of them. Most of the them will be empty.

Is there an easy way to have have a macro loop through these text boxes and find their values (if they have any), and then place those values on the next available row in a worksheet?

Here is a picture of what they look like

What I'm trying to do is get the next rows in my sheet to say:

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Loop UserForm Textboxes & Copy To Cells
Loop sequentially numbered text boxes. I have a user form with two sets of text boxes one set named txtN109 through txtN134 the other txtC109 though txtC134. Instead of having to have

ActiveCell.Offset(c, 0) = txtN109
ActiveCell.Offset(c, 0) = txtN110

I would like to loop though the text boxes like I am the offset value.

Do While i <= 134
ActiveCell.Offset(c, 0) = “xtN”& (i)
i= i+1

Puts txtN110 in the cell. I have tried other ways but always get about the same thing.

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2 Userforms One With Textboxes And The Other One With Listbox And Textboxes
i have 2 userforms one with textboxes and the other one with listbox and textboxes.

Everytime user input their data(ie:first name, last name, address etc) in the first form the data's going to be saved in Worksheet("customerSheet") and later on to be displayed in the second form. using the listbox you can select the customer's name and the customer info will be displayed in the textboxes.

here's my code in second form

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

'ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Name = "Database"
'ActiveCell.address(False, False)

viewCustomerBox.RowSource = "A2:A15"

End Sub

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Loop Within A Loop (repeat The Loop Values)
With Sheets("regrade pharm_standalone")
For Each r In .Range("standaloneTerritory")
If r.Value = "X101" Then
Sheets("X101").Range("A1").End(xlDown).Offset(1).PasteSpecial xlPasteValues
End If
Next r
End With
I need to repeat this loop for values from X101 to X151. In all cases, the sheet name is equal to the value I'm looking up (eg: value = X102 goes to sheet X102).

I have a named range called 'territories' that contains the list of X101 -> X152.

I'm hoping to make the code perform the loop for each of the territories without my having to copy & paste and change the 'X101' 51 times as this would seem a rather silly thing to do!

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Copy Cells In Loop Based On Loop Increment Being Multiplied
I have some numbers in a column that I need to copy 12 times (each one) into another column. The problem is that I got like 200 records that will be converted in 15000 aprox. I've uploaded an example of what I need,

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Loop Through Cells And Ranges Reverse Order With Backwards Loop
I am looping through each cell in a range and I would like to loop in reverse order.

Dim CELL As range
Dim TotalRows As Long
TotalRows = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
For Each CELL In Range("C1", "C" & TotalRows)
'Code here to delete a row based on criteria

I have tried:

For Each CELL In Range("C" & TotalRows, "C1")

and it does not make a difference. I need to loop in reverse order since what I am doing in the loop is deleting a row. I am looking at a cell and determining its value. If the value is so much, then the row gets deleted. The problem is that the next row "moves up" one row (taking the pervious cell's address) and therefore the For Each Next loop thinks it has already looked at that row.

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Avoid Changing A Loop Counter Within A Loop?
I've worked on a solution for this thread ( but have been mentally challenged with how to avoid changing the loop counter in one of the loops I have used to resort an array of file names from the getopenfile dialog.

The aim of the shown code (see post 12 of the above link for attached file) is to check if the file containing the macro is included in the array returned by getopenfile while sorting the array of file names, and if so, moving it to the end of the array for "deletion" by redimming the array to exclude the last item. This problem of the open file being selected in the dialog may never arise, but... as the OP's request in the other thread was to allow two-way comparisons between numerous files, I've considered it likely enough to test for.

Here's the code I have settled for esp between the commented lines of hash symbols, which does change the counter (see the commented exclamation marks), but prevents an infinite loop (on my second try!) by using a second boolean flag of "HasCounterBeenChanged". Is there a better way of doing this? Or, alternatively (not in my thread title), is it possible to prevent the active file being selected through one of the arguments in the getopenfilename method?

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Multiple Textboxes
I have a number of textboxes, or other boxes, using exactly the same code. In visual basic you can assign an index to these boxes and create one code where the index number specifies the box you are working with.

I have tried finding a way to do thing in VBA, but came up against a blank. I realise that this is either not possible or very simple, but right now I am stuck with the 'not possible'. Does anyone know if the 'very simple' is an option. It would greatly decrease the size of my program, make it easier to visualise and not make me change to much each time.
Of course I refer to subs as much as possible making these routines 3 line routines (sub-call-endsub), but still there are a lot of textbox1_click() routines whereas textbox_click(index) would be nicer.

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Totaling Textboxes
I have about 21 textboxes that are going to be watched by 1 textbox called totaltime on a userform.
I created the code below to add up those 21 textboxes, but it's not showing anything even though they are populated, some with zeros and some with one through eight.....

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Formatting In Textboxes ..
I'm populating the textbox (which is locked, so can't be edited) using

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
If ComboBox1.Value = "JS Logs" Then
UserForm1.TextBox1.Value = "A load of info on how JS works" & vbCrLf & "blah, blah blah"
elseif etc. etc.

Does anyone know how I can add formatting to the textbox? E.g. making certain bits of the text Bold/italic/different size/underlined etc? I don't want to apply this format to the whole textbox, just bits of the contents (i.e. sub-titles)

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Array Of Textboxes
how to create an array of textboxes in excel vba. I have declared an array of type textboxes and I'm still getting errors. I'm assuming its a flaw in my understanding here. The error is Runtime error 13 'type mismatch'.

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Using Vba Textboxes To Do Math
Using vba textboxes too do math .I have attached a sheet too explain, not sure if its possible. If it is I know this is the place too find out.

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Formatting Textboxes
I am working on a form in VB and have a textbox that needs to be formatted so that every four spaces in the TB has a dash (users will input an Account Number).

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Grouping Textboxes In A Userform
I am working on creating a userform to make sure that information gets entered correctly into a spreadsheet. This is a rather large user form with numerous text and list boxes on a number of tabs. I also have a toggle box at the top of the form that helps choose what sort of data I will be needing. When the toggle box is selected I only need about half as much information and do not want users to be able to enter the rest. I am looking to enter code that changes the enabled property of the unneeded boxes to false when the toggle button is selected and back to true when it is clicked off. Unfortunately, this involves about 50 text/list boxes. Things are going to get very messy if I need to write out a seperate line for each of these items.

My question is this. I know there is a way to group these boxes and change the properties of the group as a whole in the editor, but is there a way to refer to such groups and their properties in my code.

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Static Collection Of Textboxes
I have a routine that creates a collection of textboxes to simplify adjusting their positions: ...

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UserForm Textboxes To Be Filled
I was just wondering if there is a more efficient method. I have a UserForm that requies textboxes to be filled. I have a commandbutton1 on the form called "next" which is only enabled after all the fields have been filled. If any field is blank, I want the commandbutton "next" to be disabled. I have many UserForms so I wanted to see if there is another way than my own primitive method - I have a code for the change event of each textbox

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
If Me.TextBox1 = "" Or Me.TextBox2 = "" Then
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = False
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub TextBox2_Change()
If Me.TextBox2 = "" Or Me.TextBox1 = "" Then
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = False
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = True
End If
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_activate()
Me.CommandButton1.Enabled = False
End Sub

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Replacing Text In TextBoxes
I have WS with over 100 text boxes. Many of them contain text "Current Program".

I would like to replace text "Current Program" in all these Textboxes with text "Testing".

How can I do it without opening each Textbox and replacing text manually?

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Userform With The Unfilled Textboxes
Here is my case:
I have made a userform called "frmvakanties"
this form contains a certain amount of textfields in wich the user should be able to put dates (d-mm-yyyy)
the userform also contains a OK button, wich is called cmdOK.
in the the Private sub cmdOK_click it says:

Dim txtNwJrvan as date
unload me
So far no problem.
For this question i just take one of the textboxes, wich is called 'txtnwjrvan'

Now have my vb module. I wrote there: 'frmvakanties.Show'

When i run this program, I get the userform with the unfilled textboxes, fill them with a date and press OK.

this is where my problem is: after i've typed
msgbox (frmvakanties.txtNwJrvan)

I do get a msgbox, but it is empty!

I just made this msgbox to check what date it returns, since i need the entered date for further use in my script.

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Count Textboxes That Contain Text
Say I have a userform that has a bunch textboxes on it. If I wanted to take 20 of those textboxes, and scan through and count which ones have values, is there a simple way to do that?

I need to make it so that if more than 11 of those 20 textboxes contain text, a msgbox will popup and tell my users they are exceeding their limit.

I was thinking one way may be make them all a list, and then somehow count through the list and once the count reaches a specified number it msgbox them...but I'm not sure exactly what the process is for that.

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Sum Textboxes On Pages That Don't Exist Yet
How do I reference the values in TextBoxes on pages in a MultiPage form that have not yet been created?

I need to add all of the first TextBoxes values on each page starting with page 2 and place the sum into the first TextBox on page 1. And do the same with the second and third TextBoxes.

I have included a sample workbook to show what I am trying to do.

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Update Userform Textboxes On The Fly
I've got a workbook (attached) with a UserForm that summarizes transactions entered in columns A and B based on the entry (color) in column A. If you click on the Button (Summary (Show/Hide)) it brings up the UserForm.

A couple of issues I've struggled with:
1. I'd like the UserForm to open when the workbook opens.
2. I'd like the UserForm to update as entries are made in Columns A and B when the user tabs out of column B
3. I'd like the UserForm to always stay open; the user cannot close it.

I've got the same data in cells G26:M34 but these cells don't "float" as the page moves down. This is the reason I've gone to a UserForm to accumulate the data.

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Paste Several Cells In To Several Textboxes
If I copy several cells and try to paste into my userform textboxes they all end up in the first textbox. There are of course equal amount of textboxes as copied cells. How can I make each following cell to be pasted in their seperate texbox?

e.g I copy range A1:A4 and try to copy into 4 textboxes by starting with the first textbox.

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Totaling 2 Textboxes In A Form
I have a userform with 3 textboxes. The user will put numbers into 2 of them and the 3rd will add the other 2 textboxes together. My problem is that the result is just stringing the values together and not adding them together. So if textbox1 is 2 and textbox2 is 4 the result is 24 and not 6. Can someone tell me where im going wrong?

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Combobox To Create Textboxes
I have a combobox in which are the numbers 1 thru 10. I'd like for the user to be able to choose a number and then that number of textboxes appear below. I have the textboxes invisible on the userform and I'm trying to work out to code to show them when the number is selected (by command button). Heres my code, it only seems to show my first set of textboxes no matter what number is in the combo box. Can someone please help me make this work? And is there a more concise way to do this?

i changed the names of the textboxes because i built the form before i thought about the code and frankly there are too many all together for me to remember their names

Private Sub CommandButton7_Click() 'Ok button page 3
Dim i As Integer
Dim j As Integer

For i = 1 To 10
Select Case Val(ComboBox21.Text) = i
Case 1

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Validation Of Multiple Textboxes
I have 2 textboxes, wherein I want them to be validated for Only numeric entries, and also that they should not be empty.

I can write 2 procedures for that, but then thats efficient coding...
In the attached worksheet,
step 1) select M+R in column 2
Step 2) make some entries in the 2 textboxes.

I have written some code, but thats not working...

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CommandButton To Clear Textboxes In Vba
Can I use a commandButton too clear data out of my textBoxes. Been reading a lot and do not understand how,I'm the type of guy if you show me too the water I will drink it. I will send a example of what I want too do.

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Form Textboxes And Formulas
It seems like a simple problem that is going to have an even simplier answer.
What I'm trying to do is diplay the results from a formula that is in a cell, in a textbox on a form. The values that go into giving this result are changable on another TAB on the same form. The problem I have is that everytime I change any of these values and the formula recalculates, when it is displayed in the final form it over-writes the formula in the excel cell thag is supposed to be calculating the information, therefore I only get one recalculation before everything stops calculating.

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Copy Only Textboxes With Data In Them.
I have a spreadsheet with four columns on it, columns 1 and 4 are populated by data selected by userform textboxes. columns 2 and 3 are populated automatically with defined words depending on what userform you have clicked on.

It is an attendance userform so i have 10 textboxes that can have names written in them and another ten text boxes that have the amount of hours worked. The problem is my even if there is no 10th Person working columns 2 and 3 will still be populated with the pre defined words. Is there any waya of stopping this?

ActiveWorkbook. Sheets("YFFTRACKER").Activate


If IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False Then ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Loop Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = True
ActiveCell.Value = textBox1.Value
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1) = "dovercourt"
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2) = "YFF"
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 3) = textBox2.Value

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Calculate Age With Userform Textboxes
I have a userform with three textboxes.

1. txtStartDate
2. txtDateofBirth
3. txtAge

What I would like is for the txtAge box to be populated once dates have been entered into the other two textboxes.

It needs to be the person's age as calculated between the Date of Birth to the Start Date.

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Validation Of Textboxes In A Form
Im looking to have some data validation on the 3 text boxes of my form.
Text box 1 is Item name and i wish for that text box to only accept Text up to 30 characters.
Text box 3 is Product code and i wish for it to only accept 10 chracters max, the first two of which must be text and the last ones must be number. eg CA04124 or EK123456, there must be at least 2 numbers after the first two letters but no more than 6, there must be two letters before the numbers also.
Text box 4 is Price which i want to only accept number.

I understand the text box numbering isnt even, i dont know why not. Here is the code i am working with. Is the only way for this validation to be done by editting the code? If so i would be very grateful for someone to do this for me or tell me how to.

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim LastRow As Object

Set LastRow = Sheet1.Range("a65536").End(xlUp)

LastRow.Offset(1, 0).Value = TextBox1.Text
LastRow.Offset(1, 1).Value = TextBox3.Text
LastRow.Offset(1, 2).Value = TextBox4.Text

MsgBox "One item added to Main Page"

response = MsgBox("Do you want to enter add another item?", _

If response = vbYes Then
TextBox1.Text = ""
TextBox3.Text = ""
TextBox4.Text = ""


Unload Me
End If

End Sub

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Link Textboxes Across Sheets
I need to link two text boxes on two different sheets. Is there a excel formula or macro to do this. I am entering text in textbox 1 on sheet1 and same text needs to show in textbox2 on sheet2.

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Total Sum Of Multiple TextBoxes
My userform requires a user to enter amounts in 5 different textboxes.(textbox1-5) I have created a textbox6 to attempt to capture the totals (should be numerical) of textboxes1-5, even if this textbox figure is a 0 or a minus figure. I have browsed a few other posts with roughly the same issue and have come up with some basic code as per below... the code is pasted into each (textbox 1-5) textbox_change() code.

If TextBox1.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
If TextBox2.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
If TextBox3.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
If TextBox4.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
If TextBox5.Value = "" Then Exit Sub
TextBox6.Value = CDbl(TextBox1.Value) + CDbl(TextBox2.Value) + CDbl(TextBox3.Value) + CDbl(TextBox4.Value) + CDbl(TextBox5.Value)

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Clear All UserForm TextBoxes
I have a bunch of TextBoxes on a UserForm, and I would like to create a Sub to clear all of them. Something like that:

For I = 1 To 10
NameBox = "TextBox_Area" & I
For Each objControl In UserForm1.MultiPage_1.Pages(1).Controls
If TypeOf objControl Is MSForms.TextBox And objControl. Name = NameBox Then
objControl.Text = ""
End If
Next objControl
Next I

But of course there is no Text method for Controls. And I cannot loop directly through TextBoxes instead of Controls. So what can I do ?

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Populate Several TextBoxes From A ComboBox Selection
I need to link the textboxes of a form to the appropriate cells associated to the selection made by a combobox. And in the process I need to be able to Edit one of those Textboxes on the fly while the rest will be locked to the user.

Not sure if the editing of the Notes section can be real time of if it must be updated through a button.

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Link Textboxes To Columns In Other Sheets
I have an excel file containing three sheets(1,2,3). And each sheet has 9 Columns (A,B,..,I). Now for the first sheet i have a functioning mask (userform) through which i can edit the columns live and add new rows.

Now i have a userform which is devided into three parts. The third and the last part is working fine which is linked to Sheet 1. Now i want the first part(on the top) of the form to be linked to Sheet 2 and the midpart to sheet 3.

In first and second part of the userform there is button (copy this to sheet 1 as new). This button should be coded in a way that if its clicked then the active entry (in sheet 2 or in Sheet 3) should be pasted at the end of the sheet 1 rows and the textboxes linked to sheet 1 should jump therer so that the new entry can be edited directrly in sheet 1.

The mask can be opened by the button in Sheet1 column A1! I am using 1280x1024 pixels for my grafikcard.

I am attaching two files. Excel file 2003 xls in zipped form and an image of the mask as jpg.

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Update Spreadsheet With Textboxes Content
I have about 5 text boxes. The user enters data in each text box and, as of right now, the data automatically gets saved as I am using the _change event. (TextBox1_Change()) This stores the value of each text box into a cell of my choosing on an Excel spreadsheet automatically.

From what I gather (according to a great ozgrid administrator ), it would be better, as a coder, to not use the _Exit event and instead, perhaps I should use the _Enter event. (TextBox1_Enter.) This way, when the user fills out the information in the text boxes, the information will NOT be loaded onto an Excel spreadsheet automatically as they type. (Which is what it does now by using the following code for each text box

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A" & intRow.) = TextBox1.Value........

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VBA Shortcut For Renaming Multiple TextBoxes
Is there a shortcut to rename multiple TextBoxes?

So far I've been renaming each individual TextBox manually. This takes forever...

I have a lot of TextBoxes & hope there is a faster/easier solution.

TextBox1 --> OtherName1
TextBox2 --> OtherName2
TextBox3 --> OtherName3
TextBox4 --> OtherName4
TextBox5 --> OtherName5
TextBox6 --> OtherName6
TextBox7 --> OtherName7
TextBox8 --> OtherName8
TextBox9 --> OtherName9
TextBox10 --> OtherName10

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Format Multiple Userform TextBoxes
When opening up a userform I'm attemping to change the value of a range of textboxes ( 6 to 18) to 0.00.

To do so I used the following code which is controller by a command button

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim i As Integer
For i = 6 To 18
userform1.textbox(i).value = format(0,"#,##0.00)
Next i
End Sub

It keeps stalling at "textbox(i)"

A simple solution I'm sure.
Simple problem I'm

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MultiPage Textboxes To Accept Only Numbers
i have a userform which has more than 20 textboxes. these boxes need to accept numbers only. what codes can i use so that all the textboxes will be formatted in such way?

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Use One Calendar Object For Mutlipule Textboxes
I have a UserForm with 8 textboxes, I have a also another UserForm with a Calendar Object, what I want is, Showing the Calendar Object UserFrom when I setfocus to any one of my textbox and when I double click on any date, the selected date in the Calendar Object should be inserted to the active textbox.

I actually used the following codes for inserting date in one textbox:

The following code is showing the calendar userform when Entering the textbox:

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Userform [Averages Of Textboxes IF Populated]
I am trying to create some VBA code, which will average the contents of up to twelve textboxes on a Userform, and then put the average in the next one.

I have sorted this, HOWEVER.. I have a couple of problems.

The average isn’t correct Some of the textboxes may be blank, and therefore should not be included in the calculation

Here is my code

Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
Dim results(12) As Double
Dim ave As Double
results(1) = CDbl(TextBox5.Value)
results(2) = CDbl(TextBox6.Value)
results(3) = CDbl(TextBox7.Value)
results(4) = CDbl(TextBox8.Value)
results(5) = CDbl(TextBox9.Value)
results(6) = CDbl(TextBox10.Value)
results(7) = CDbl(TextBox11.Value)
results(8) = CDbl(TextBox12.Value)
results(9) = CDbl(TextBox13.Value)
results(10) = CDbl(TextBox14Value)
results(11) = CDbl(TextBox15.Value)
results(12) = CDbl(TextBox16Value)

ave = Application.WorksheetFunction.Average(results)

TextBox17.Value = ave

End Sub

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Format All The TextBoxes On A UserForm The Same At One Time
I have 30+ Textboxes on the form.

In the process of entering data the textBoxes get different .BackColor settings.

When the reset command button is hit the boxes stay the same colors, so I could reset them with a single command rather than 30+ lines of formatting code.

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Find A Value Then Populate Different Textboxes With Other Info
I am trying to do is when a user puts in an RMA number into a textbox (txtReviseRMA) on the userform, it will search column B on the spreadsheet to find the matching RMA number. Then I want it to look in column G for the Serial number and populate another textbox (txtSerial1) on the userform with that number.

My problem is that there can be a little as 1 serial number to an RMA or as many as 14, and each serial number has to go into a different textbox (they are named txtSerial1 all the way to txtSerial14).

If there are multiple serial numbers being sent in on one RMA, they are on different lines.

For example:
Column B (RMAs) Column G (Serials)
(B1) R66245 (G1) AA-10-1000
(B2) R66245 (G2) BB-20-2000
(B3) R66300 (G3) CC-30-3000
(B4) R66305 (G4) DD-40-4000
(B5) R66305 (G5) AA-10-1000
(B6) R66305 (G6) FF-60-6000
(B7) R66375 (G7) GG-70-7000..................

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Right-Click Menu With Multiple Textboxes
I created a right-click menu for userform textboxes from a code I found through googling. It works perfect, however, I don't know how to get it to work for more than one textbox.

Here's the code for the userform:

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How To Empty All Comboboxes And Textboxes In A Userform
I have a userform with many comboboxes and textboxes and I am using the following code to empty those controls:

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Restrict Duplicate Value Entry In Textboxes
I have a userform with 8 text boxes and users have to enter different numbers separated by commas like 1,5,6,15,28 and so on.

I want to put a validation that if a number is entered in any of the textboxes than the same shall not be allowed in any other textboxes. Even in the same text box, no duplicate number shall be allowed. ie if in a textbox 1,2,15 is entered , then in the same textbox also, user cannot enter 1 or 2 or 15 again.

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User Form That Has A Combobox And 5 Textboxes
I have a simple user form that has a combobox and 5 textboxes.

The combobox gets its row source from all the data in column A of the worksheet and the 5 textboxes will have decimal number inputted.

when commandbutton 1 is clicked I would like exel to find the value in the combobox on the worksheet and input the 5 textboxes in colums B-F. I'm sure it has something to do with "offset", but I can't quite figure it out.

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Changing Textboxes On A Multipage Control
Last weeks I've had too few spare moments to answer questions, hope to pick that up soon. I have a strange problem now with some checkboxes on a multipage control.

Please see the attachment.

I want to check all the 5 boxes on a page if the box above is checked, and vice versa, uncheck them all if the box above is unchecked. I use code of Dave Hawley to loop through the checkboxes.

This doesn't work, but oddly enough, it works if I insert a MsgBox in the code.

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Fill Multiple UserForm TextBoxes
I have a form using in Excel 2003 that's 5 columns and 20 rows I need to populate the Textboxes with values from a worksheet. I want to use a loop statment that fills the first row, then increments to the next row until all 20 are filled. I have named each row the same name except the last character is the row number 1-20.

ie on the form textboxes named:

NameRow1 AddressRow1 CityRow1 StateRow1 ZipRow1
NameRow2 AddressRow2 CityRow2 StateRow2 ZipRow2

This is what I want to happen

Sub test()
Dim RowNumber As Integer
Dim FormRow As Integer
Dim NameRow As Object
Dim AddressRow As Object
Dim CityRow As Object
Dim StateRow As Object
Dim ZipRow As Object
RowNumber = 3 'Row in Data sheet
FormRow = 1 'Row on form
NameRowString = "NameRow" 'first part of the named object
Do While FormRow < 21
NameRowVar = NameRowString & FormRow................

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Updating Html Forms With Textboxes
Is it possible to populate textboxes within excel then submit them to a HTML page containing forms? I know it sounds long winded but users are currently duplicating their work by having to put times in an excel spreadsheet (textboxes) and then use forms on an intranet page for another dept to see. I was thinking that if possible it would be better to do it all from excel.

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