Macro For Switching Autofilter Between Values

Apr 7, 2007

I have a column in a sheet that has two different values in it "SB" and "SEI".

I want a macro that will allow me to switch the auto-filter between the 2 at with a shortcut button.

I have a macro that will switch the auto-filter on and off, but I was wondering if anyone had anything that will automatically switch it between two values.

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Macro To Enable Switching Sheets

May 2, 2013

I am looking for a code that would enable switching of sheets. For example, on Sheet1 (Master Sheet) I have got Industry1 to Industry3 and the companies within the Industries are on Sheet2 to Sheet4. When someone clicks Industry1 on Sheet1, it should navigate to Sheet2 (where it gives a list of companies within the industry), and when Industry2 on Sheet1 is clicked, it should navigate to Sheet3 and so forth..

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Macro For Switching Sheets When Cell Value Greater Than 0

Jan 5, 2012

I have three spreadsheets

I need to have an automatic macro where if the Cell Value in SPREADSHEET 2
for example Cell J5 is greater than 0 (Zero is the default value in the cell).

Then the macro will open up a msgbox that says "You Are Not Eligible" in SPREADSHEET 1.

This is the code that I have placed in SPREADSHEET 2.

Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
If [J5] > 0 Then
MsgBox "You Are Not Eligible"
End If
End Sub

However it does not go to Spreadsheet 1

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Copy And Paste Macro W/o Switching Worksheets

Jul 13, 2006

I'm writing some macros in excel in an effort to transfer over from Lotus 1-2-3 but have hit a major roadbump. The macro is fairly complex and takes a while to run and I'm trying to cut down on the Run Time. As of right now lotus does it about 6x faster. I think a big roadblock here is that in the macro I built in excel when copying and pasting values into another worksheet, the coding has to

1)select the cell to copy
2)switch worksheets
3)select the cell to copy to
4)paste or paste special into that cell
5)switch back to first worksheet

for every single value I want to copy over. With lotus it was possible to just copy values to an defined name in another worksheet without leaving the current one. This would greatly decrease runtimes and I was wondering if anyone knew how to code for this.

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Excel 2007 :: Macro Switching Formula Into RC Notation

Oct 17, 2011

I have a series of macros I have built to automate some report manipulation at my office. One of the macros I built inserts formulas into specific columns. When I run this macro, all the formulas, save one, are populated perfectly into the column they need to be in. This particular formula is swiched over to R1C1 Reference Notation.

In the workbook I built the macro in, it inserts the formula in the correct notation. When I run the macro in a different workbook, this one formula is converted to RC Notation and then is displayed as text (since the workbook is not set to the R1C1 Reference style option).

Is there a bug in my VBA code? If so, how can I correct this?

I use Excel 2007. Macros are saved in my Personal.xlsb workbook. All other forumlas populated by the macro work correctly.

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Autofilter Without Exact Values?

Mar 6, 2014

I am writing a macro that will take data from a series of objects and then filter 3 columns according to their attributes.


Object 1 Example1 20140306 10

This combination of values is unique so is used to grab the value in the third column after the filter has ran.

My issue is that in the second column the actual values are 50201403069999 and they change per value although they represent the same date "20140306" so manually I can type in "20140306" and the filter will show the results however it seems the macro requests the exact which I can't provide as this the superfluous numbers change.

Is there a way to make it the auto filter search the value??

My second issue is how to extract the value sought once found. Since this cell will be different each time, what is the best way of selecting would it be C3 select then down?

Here is my current code:

Dim i As Integer
For Each Ativo In Sheet4.Range("A2:A6")


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Checking The Values Of The Autofilter

Jun 13, 2007

I am using the autofilter in my code.

Selection.AutoFilter field:=11, Criteria1:="reena"

Count = Sheets("ABC").AutoFilter.Range.Columns(1).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Count - 1

In the field for of the worksheet 'ABC' there are some values. I want to sort the value 'reena' and save the count in the variable Count. But sometimes the value 'reena' is not available in the field 11. Then it gives error for the above Count variable.

How to check this? How to check that the autofilter value is 'null'.

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AutoFilter Currency Values

Jul 11, 2006

I am trying to filter data using VB. I have a bunch of data that has currency. Some of the currency contains cents such as "32.50". I would like a user to be able to enter "32" and have everthing that is 32 dollars pop up even though there is a decimil point with cents in it. In the code below I tried using different variations of the "*" I tried putting it before, after, and both and it still dosen't work. I also tried using Range("Search!D17") as a Value and a Text. My code works filtering when I put the exact amount in for the currency but for some reason I can't get it to work when I only put in a partial amount

If Range("Search!D17").Value = "" Then Goto 14 Else: Goto 13
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=13, Criteria1:= "*" & Range("Search!D17").Value "*", Operator:=xlAnd

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AutoFilter With UserForms Control Values

Sep 1, 2006

i have made a simple userform in which there are 3 combo boxes. a user chooses options from these boxes and then these options are put into 3 cells in a worksheet. what i need to do is create a macro or vba code so that the contents of these 3 cells are used as the Criteria for the autofilter.

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Using Autofilter Values To Create New Worksheets Or Workbooks

May 13, 2014

I often have a table (sometimes formatted as a table, sometimes just data arranged like a table but not formatted as a table in Excel) where I'd like to create individual worksheets (eventually workbooks) based on the information in one of the columns. Take for instance the attached file. I'd like to create a macro to create worksheets (or preferably workbooks) based on data in the Region column. So workbook 1 would be something like North Region Sales 2014, and contain only the data for the North region. Workbook 2 would be something like South Region Sales 2014, and contain only the data for the South region, and so on. Sometimes I might need to create these based off the Region field, another time I might need to do it based off of the Salesperson.

Region Sales 2014.xlsx

To do this currently, I'd use the filter and unselect whichever data I want to keep and then delete all the remaining (visible) rows. When I unfilter, I'm only left with the data I want. This works, but it takes a long time when working with 50 or more "Regions" and large amounts of data.

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Generate Unique Values From AutoFilter Result

Sep 2, 2006

I'm trying to use Advanced Filter to generate all the unique values within a list, only at times I want to Autofilter the data, then use the advanced filter to determine all the values of the slimmed list. For some reason, this works fine on column A, only returning the values that begin with a 1 when the column is filtered for all values beginning with 1. However, when I run the advanced filter on column 2 with column 1 filtered to all beginning with 1, all values all returned regardless of whether column 1 criteria is met. Either way, after the advanced filter, the autofilter has been removed.

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AutoFilter Macro For Does Not Contain

Jul 17, 2007

I have an Excel 2003 worksheet that has a list (Data > List > Create List), which displays the AutoFilters for each column in the list. I am seeking a macro that will filter the results (Custom > does not contain "Closed").

I would like to assign the macro to a button as the casual user might not understand the AutoFilter use.

The worksheet in VBE is defined as "Sheet3 (Audit Findings)"
My list has headers on row 7 (A7:K7)
I would like the AutoFilter to return all results except those marked as "Closed" in column K.

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Run Macro On AutoFilter Use

Jul 13, 2007

I am fighting a quixotic battle against a problem, that I realise may well be unsolvable. I have a worksheet that consists of approximately 27,000 rows in a four-level structure, like so:


To make the sheet easier to navigate I have created an expanding/collapsing tree structure by using simple hide and unhide rows, and on the last level of headings (1.1.1) I have cells that change between "+" and "-" depending on whether the fourth-level subset is currently visible or hidden. Naturally I need to keep the cell as "+" when the set is collapsed, and "-" when expanded. I have accounted for all methods user can change the hidden settings of those rows, but one:

When users autofilter the list, the +/- signs obviously screw up, because filtering resets the user-set hidden-settings. Suddenly I have expanded subsets with "-" on headings that were previously "+". Now this is obviously a vanity problem, as the +/- sign is not integral to the working of this macro, but the problem is that with three different levels of headers the worksheets starts to look a little cluttered.

Finally, my question: Is there any way to trigger a procedure to reset these signs upon/after autofilter? I realize that this is not a built-in Excel event, but a workaround will do just fine. Any way to detect that an autofiltering has taken place without having to check the.

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Autofilter Based On List Of Values In Range (Include Not Exact Match)

Feb 13, 2014

I need an autofilter which filters rows based on a list of values (+50).

The problem is that I am looking for rows INCLUDING values from the list, not for exact match.

I am not able to make excel filter values including the values from the list... I am able just to filter values matching exactly values from the list.

[Code] .....

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AutoFilter Method Of Range Class Failed - Yet Autofilter Works.

Sep 25, 2009

Im sure this is a very common problem. I tried searching for it but I havent found anything that solves this for me. Here is the code Im using:

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Macro - AutoFilter And Criteria

Aug 7, 2014

My problem is following: I have a list of data that are classified according to a particular character, and I want to copy (with auto filter through the macro) the relevant information to the appropriate place in the sheet where it belongs. That's no problem. The problem is that if I want to copy data, classified by a character that is not listed in the table (that is not in the filtering criteria), then all the data are copied to the appropriate place. But I do not want to copy in this case nothing. How should such a macro look like?

Find attached an example : example.xlsm‚Äé

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Autofilter & Copy Macro

Jul 19, 2007

I have a main workbook with 40,000 lines of data for various locations. Column A shows the locations. They all have the same fields in column B to N

I am looking for a macro that will filter on column A (Location name) & for every location in thatís in there,
Copy it, open a new worksheet, paste the data for that location into it, plus, name the tab the same as the location name thatís been pasted in there.

I attach a workbook, of desired results.

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Macro To Autofilter Using Popup

Sep 15, 2009

I am trying to create a macro to autofilter a sheet based on the value a user will enter into a popup box. I have found bits of code which I have been attempting to figure out and use somehow however I am getting more lost.

I can create a basic macro to autofilter, the problem I am having is that I am unsure of how to link this to an input/popup box of some sort

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Macro To Autofilter Dataset

Oct 22, 2013

a macro (that i will link to a control button) that will autofilter a data set. The problem i have is the macro i wrote below, It might not be the best looking macro in the world, but it would work for my purposes if i can get the part that does the autofiltering to be more dynamic. meaning, instead of a hard coding "Retail" in the macro, id like it to reference a cell so that the user can type whatever they want, then click the button and it will filter based on what they type in.

this is what i have
Sub Filter_Button()
With Sheet2
AutoFilterMode = False
Range("A6:M6").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="Retail"
End With
End Sub

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Macro That Uses (Does Not Contain) To Autofilter OUT Cells Value

May 23, 2014

I know how to filter based on cell value, and how to auto filter "does not contain", but is it possible to combine these? i.e. Filter OUT the value of a cell from a range?

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Macro To Autofilter By Colour

Feb 23, 2010

I am looking for a vba which will send an email to someone the minute I highlight a row in red?

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AutoFilter Macro Between Dates

Jan 9, 2007

I recorded a macro to custom AutoFilter 2 columns in a worksheet. The information will be filtered between 2 dates; i.e. >= cell B2 and <= cell C2.

Both cells are formated to dd/mm/yy so i entered 1/12/06 (for 1st Dec) in cell B2 and 31/12/06 (for 31st Dec) in cell C2.

When i enter these 2 dates, click the button to run the macro and check the custom filter in the "Planning" worksheet it appears that the dates change to 12/01/06 and 21/12/06 and no records appear - although i know at least 65 rows should show.

If i then enter the dates in B2 and C2 as mm/dd/yy instead (but leave the date format of the cell as dd/mm/yy) the filter works perfectly; i.e. enter 12/01/06 and 12/31/06. However I plan to issue this spreadsheet out to other staff and as every other date in the spreadsheet is in the uk format dd/mm/yy i dont want to confuse them by insisting they use the mm/dd/yy format for this one function.

Has anyone ever encountered this before? and if so is there some way i can fix it?

Heres the code for the filter:

Sub Monthly_Stats()

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=5, Criteria1:=">=" & Sheets("Filtered Statistics").Range("B2").Value, Operator:=xlAnd _
, Criteria2:="<=" & Sheets("Filtered Statistics").Range("C2").Value, Operator:=xlAnd
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=82, Criteria1:="<>"
End Sub

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VBA Code For Autofilter From Macro Recording

Oct 21, 2009

The code contain using Autofilter to some columns, & then copy paste to another sheet to first blank row, & sorting it by asscending in Column A.
Both sheets are in the same workbook.

But for some reason, the Macro will giving the result expected if i run it step by step (by using F8 button under window VB editor). And if i call the Macro name it stoped in the middle of the process.

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Autofilter Macro Works On One Column, But Not The Other

Jul 7, 2006

I'm using Excel to map automotive parts to vehicle applications (two different spreadsheets) for importation into a relational Access database. Production dates for parts rarely match the on-sale dates of the cars, so I've set up a macro that:

1. copies the start production date for a part record into the vehicle workbook at the top of the 'discontinued' column,
2. copies the end production date for the part into the vehicle workbook at the top of the 'release' column,
3. uses these pasted data points as criteria for the autofilter in the vehicle workbook as 'vehicle release date' < 'part end production date' and 'vehicle discontinued date' > 'part start production date'.

I find that the macro works perfectly in the autofilter for the vehicle discontinued date, but not for filtering the vehicle release date. The date is copied and pasted OK. When I check the custom filter dialogue box, the date has been entered in with the 'is less than' menu item selected, but it doesn't bring up any records unless you click on the 'OK' button once the dialogue box is open. I want to run the macro without having to run the autofilter manually at all. To troubleshoot the issue, I broke up the macro into two separate macros, one for release and the other for discontinued. Problem remains, even though the only difference between the two macros is the relative cell addresses. I've checked formatting of the cells for text vs. numeric and that doesn't appear to be a problem.

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Autofilter And Transfer Data Macro

Dec 8, 2006

Two macros have been developed in order to write entries to a sheet called Detention Register from another sheet named Database.

The first macro (AutofilterDatabase1) filters for two criteria in the Database sheet: 1. All dates 7 or more days prior to today's date (5th field called rDate) & 2. The smallest positive value for a person in field 10 (called rSmallest).

Once these filters have been applied a second macro (named WriteDetentionRegister) is supposed to write the filtered entries to a sheet called Detention Register. However, if no enties at all are found by the filter it writes all entries to the Detention Register. Is there any way of stopping the writing process if no entries at all are found after the filtering process?

I'd also prefer it if after the writing process (or not as the case may be) that all autofilters were returned to displaying 'All' data in the Database sheet for fields 5 and 10. Is this an easy tweak to make to the existing code?

I enclose the code of the 2 macros.

Sub AutoFilterDataBase1()

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

'Get today and convert to serial value, subtracting 7 days
d = CLng(Date) - 7

DBase.AutoFilterMode = False ......................

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Copy & Paste Macro With Autofilter

Feb 4, 2007

I'm having in trying to run a macro. The macro entails a simple copy and paste special over to a new worksheet. I used the auto filter as well to get rid of the non-blanks. It works fine when I copy and paste special over to the new worksheet, but as soon as I run the macro, it doesn't copy over and returns an error.

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=5, Criteria1:="<>"
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=5
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=5, Criteria1:="<>"
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
False, Transpose:=False
End Sub

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Macro To Autofilter Out All Non Numerics In Column

Jul 11, 2007

working with a macro to auto filter out all NON-NUMERICS in a column chosen by the user. heres the code i'm working with now:

Sub DeleteAllAlpha()
Dim rTable As Range
Dim lCol As Long
Dim vCriteria
On Error Resume Next
With Selection
If .Cells.Count > 1 Then
Set rTable = Selection
Set rTable = . CurrentRegion
On Error Goto 0
End If
End With
If rTable Is Nothing Or rTable.Cells.Count = 1 Or WorksheetFunction. CountA(rTable) < 2 Then............................

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AutoFilter Macro For Todays Date

Sep 3, 2007

I would like to include a filter in my macro that shows orders with current date, and sometimes current date minus one (yesterday). This is a monthly recurring task.
In the custom filter I tried: "equal to @Today" but that didn't work. Can someone tell me how I can solve the problem? Here's a snippet from my macro, filterne on something else Selection.AutoFilter Field:=21, Criteria1:=">=89" 'STCD_TO_TODAY

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Macro To Run Autofilter To Pick Out Data Between Two Dates

Apr 30, 2014

I am having trouble with the following macro,

[Code] .....

When I press F8 and step through the macro, the StartDate and EndDate both seem to populate correctly.

The macro seems to go through the motions but returns NO results, unlike the recorded macro.

Macro code to "Clear Filter".

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Macro To AutoFilter Based On Current Date

Dec 23, 2008

I have tried to record a macro and change it to what I need but so far I have not been able to make it work.

I would like to have a macro that will auto filter on colomn 1 in the following way.........BETWEEN >= Today -10days and Today.

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