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Macro To Clear Cells

I have data in columns a,b,c and d from row 1 to about 200 right now. Every week another 9 rows are added. I wanted to create a macro that will delete the last 9 entries in each column.

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Clear Cells To Right IF Macro
if I had text in column A, I would like to clear all the cells to the right and leave the text in column A.

Also, if I had text in column A and B, I would like to clear the cells to the right.

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Macro Button To Clear Certain Cells
My Workbook with a macro to clear ONLY the highlighted Cells.

The Highlighted Cells can be found on the sheet "Line 5"

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VBA Macro: Clear All Constant Cells In Range That Don't Have Formulas
is there a way to do this in VBA? I've also read: - Dave Hawley's recommendation of using: Sheet1.UsedRange.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants).ClearContents

from another thread (which is excellent!)

- SHG's recommendation of using a named range, for example:


Given my limited knowledge of VBA, how would I now combine the two to write a VBA sub-routine that clears a named range entitled "Entry" on a sheet entitled "Data"? Would the following be the correct syntax: Worksheets("Data").Range("Entry").SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants).ClearContents

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Clear Contents Of All Unlocked Cells (many Are Merged Cells
I am looking for a code that will clear all of my unlocked cell in sheet 1. That is not a problem but since many of the cells are merged I know it keeps throwing me an error saying cannot change contents of merged cells or something like that. Does anyone know how to get around this without unmerging the cells. I saw a code to unmerge all of the cells on a sheet but I really don't want to do this as I already have worked around most of my problems with the merged cells.

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VBA To Clear Contents Of Cells And Keep Some Cells Locked
I have written this code to clear the contents of certain cells, lock the content of others and protect the sheet again it works on sheet1 but not on sheet 7. This is suppose to happen when the Print button on my sheet is clicked.

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Clear Cells In Column Where 2 Cells In Same Row Are Filled
how do i create a formula or macro that will: Clear the contents of Cell C1 If Both Cell A1 And B1 Are Filled. I will need to check all the cells in column A,B and C.

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Clear #VALUE! From Cells?
I am getting a #VALUE! error in one of my cells. I know it is because my worksheet is missing information to complete the formula. The information will be inputted periodically in the worksheet (lets call it worksheet number one). But, I have the results of cells in worksheet one that are tied to worksheet number two. Worksheet number two is getting the #VALUE! also until worksheet number one is completed (periodically).

But, in worksheet number two, I have an auto sum that adds up the results from worksheet one so I am getting the same #VALUE! error on the auto sum because only a few worksheet from worksheet one are complete. Is there anyway to clear the #VALUE! and get a number in the auto sum even if only a few worksheets from worksheet number one are inputted?

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Clear Cells Using VBA
I need to clear all cells in a column that have a particular value. The value is sometimes a constant like "0" (zero) and sometimes is a value based on a formula. Is there a VBA code that will allow me to select those cells in column matching a particular value and clear them?

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Clear Non-blank Cells
The best script to clear all non-blank cells, in my case from Cells(7,1) forward. I currently use this:

.Range(Cells(7, Columns.Count), Cells(Rows.Count, 1)).Value = ""

Will this scipt take a lot of memory to execute? Is there any other method?

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Clear Cells With Specified Style
I have a spreadsheet wherein the defined data input cells are formatted using styles, i.e. data input style. I would like to know how to select all cells formatted with that style within a spreadsheet (whether worksheets are visible, hidden or very hidden) and delete the contents of those cells while still keeping the cell style.

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Clear All Cells On Another Worksheet
I have the following code in a Excel 2003 spreadsheet with hope that I can clear contents of unlocked cells in one excel file from the code stored in another Excel file.

' Macro recorded 02/21/2008 by Steve Keene


I get the Subscript Out of Range error window when it hits the first line of code.

I've reviewed this via searching for other posts, but none seem to solve the problem directly.

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Clear Non-contiguous Cells
Am looking for routine that can be used to delete the contents of cells from multiple, non-contiguous cells throughout a single worksheet. I would like to place a "button" or some form of toggle-switch on the worksheet that will clear all entries at once. I see a thread "Macro Deleting Wrong Cells" that references a VBA sub-routine called "DelCells". I happen to be running Excel 2007 and am still adjusting to the new menu "structure" :-)

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Clear All Worksheet Cells
Gotta question about destroying the contense of a worksheet. If for instance I got a macro which uses a different source everytime I run it, and this macro gives a result in a result worksheet. How can I possibly delete the contense of the result worksheet automatically before the execution starts? What I mean is: without selecting all the cells and pressing delete or either using a for loop to go through all the worksheet cells. Is there any function which clears the contense of a worksheet? (without deleting the worksheet itself)

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Clear Contents Of Cells In A Range, LEN=0
I'm using a macro to copy the results of a formula and paste the values only on another sheet. The result includes lots of "blank" rows. I have another macro to get rid of the empty rows and move the information up.

It's not working because the "blank" rows aren't empty. Even though I paste values only, experimentation shows that the cells that appear blank return a false to the ISBLANK test with a length of 0.

So now I think I need a macro to run after the pastespecial command to look for cells within a range with a length of zero and delete the contents of those cells, but leave alone anything with a length of >0.

I am brand new to the idea of using VBA, but I have successfully cobbled together some stuff and can usually modify things to work.

It seems I need to maybe use some sort of IF statement along with a LEN and ClearContents. I don't want to delete the blank cells, just make them truly empty so that all of my actual data stays where it should, and my delete empty rows macro works correctly.

I did a search and see some info on clearing contents of columns or rows, or clearing contents based on the content of other columns or rows, but I'm unsure of how to tell it to search each cell within a range and clear the contents of 0-length cells to make them truly empty.

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Conditional Clear Contents Of Cells
I have a dropdown list in the range E17:E91 containing a list, and two of the values in the list are "DI" and "LTC". What I need to happen is if either of these are selected, the corresponding cell in column F needs to have it's contents cleared. Ex. if in E17 the value is ever either DI or LTC, cell F17 gets contents cleared. if column E contains ANYTHING ELSE, nothing happens. That's all, I've taken care of conditional formatting and data validation already. So even if data is pasted in the worksheet into column E it needs to recognize that and always act in real time.

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Fast Way To Clear A Range Of Cells
This seems to take much longer than I would have expected. Is there anything I can do to speed it up, or is this just something to live with?

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Clear Data In Cells With Validation
I have several cells on a worksheet which contain data validation and force the user to select from a list, and several other cells with free user input. I want to use a macro to clear all data, and return the cells containing data validation to blank. (I have a blnak row at the top of all my lists, so there is a selection for "blank".)

I have no problem clearing the cells requiring user input, but my recorded macro would not select the cells with validation and return them to blank.

The first cell containing validation that I need to clear is M39. I have my code listed below for clearing the other cells. If I could get a clue on how to return M39 to blank, I could figure out the rest of the cells.

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VBA Button To Clear 'unlocked' Cells
I'm putting together a time sheet that can used to calculate total hours worked by department etc. I plan on protecting the worksheet and only allowing certain cells to be selected and data entered.

Is there a way using VBA to place a button on the first spreadsheet that will clear all cells that are 'unlocked'?

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Clear Cells In Range That Are Not Numeric
I am trying to write a macro in excel to clear all cells within a range that are non numeric. I seem to be going round in circles trying to find out how to do this.

I assume I have to use the IsNotNumeric(Target) argument but I can't find how to specify the target within a range.

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VBA To Duplicate Sheet And Clear 2 Cells
I have a spreadsheet that I have created as a door schedule for faculty members at our institution of higher education. The intention is for them to fill-in their office hours and courses along with a few other bits of information. One sheet should have their teaching and office hours and one sheet should not.

These are the cells that should be cleared once the sheet has been duplicated (F30, F31, G30, G31). Once the sheet is duplicated and those two cells' contents has been deleted, both sheets should be printed. Ideally, all of this would be initiated by clicking a hyperlink or something like that.

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Clear Or Delete Cells Without Formulas
Im trying to make life easier by setting up some sort of macro function that will clear the contents of all the cells except for the ones that have formulas in them.
I don't want to delete the 1st row as it contains the titles for each column.

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Clear Numeric Cells In Range
I am trying to code a command button to clear a range of cells if any of them contain a numeric value. For example. If any cells of cell range A1:C10 contain a numeric value then they would be cleared. Not all the cells in the range but only thouse contaiing numeric values. I have tried various methods with not-so-good results.

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Clear Colored Cells In All Sheets
In a workbook with about 400 sheets I have this code, to clear any light blue cells for a button:

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Clear Cells Meeting Criteria
I would like to seek help on how to delete a cell that has data in it and that has colourfill. E.g. Cell A1 shows "Occupied" and Cell A1 has a blue colour fill.

Need help on how to delete that cell's data and remove the blue colour without having to manually do so.

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Clear Cells With Custom Function
I have a User Defined Function, one section attempts to clear the contents of some cells but it doesn't? (I've commented the line in question).

Function getCommission(rng As Range) As Currency


Application. ScreenUpdating = False

If rng.Offset(0, -1).Value <> "Yes" Then

Dim numTrucks As Long

numTrucks = rng.Offset(0, -10).Value

On Error Goto zero

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Clear Repeated Cells Contents
how could i clear repeated cells contents of one column with code suposing that there are some blank cells between the first empty cell and the last?

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Clear Spaces From Otherwise Empty Cells
I have a data table which has a mixture of text, blank cells, and cells with spaces in. I have created a pivot table from the data table. The pivot table is counting the cells with spaces in instead of reading them as blank. I have been able to fix this by putting on a filter in the data table, highlighing all the blank cells only and then clearing them column by column.

The problem is the data table is 50 columns long, so it is quite time consuming to do this manually. The data table gets updated regularly so this is an ongoing problem. Does anyone know of a faster solution to fix this problem? I have attached a snapshot of the problem as an example

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Remove/Clear Duplicate Cells
I have a workbook with 12 sheets, 1 for each month of the year. Each month has around 30,000 user IDs on it (this is a log of each time a user logs into our website). What I need to do is find out how many unique users have logged into our site for the whole year, or in other words, remove duplicate user ids accross the workbook. I realise that this will probably destroy my processor, so was wondering the best way to do it? I also have all this information in ONE spreadsheet if it would be easier? I just copied and pasted each month into a column (Jan is column A, feb in B, mar in C etc) I ran some code on this sheet to remove dupllicates from column A:E but this was taking AGES!

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Clear Cells If Corresponding Cell Empty
If I have 2 columns A and B, I would want cells in A emptied if cells in column B is empty. Otherwise, ignore.

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Macro To Clear Contents.
I'm trying to figure out code to have only the contents of cell 'a2' cleared when the contents of cell 'a1' is changed. The issue is that both cells are derived from lists and I don't want the formats cleared.

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Macro To Clear Data
I have a spreadsheet that I enter data for cash flow purposes on a daily basis. At the beginning of each month I need to clear out the data containing values only as well as values beginnining with an = for eg 20000+50000+25000+74000 etc, but not formulas and text

I need the macro to clear the values , including data that has been added up as explaimned above from row 9 onwards and from column C

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Clear Data Macro
I've reformatted the spreadsheet, and now some of the data are in merged cells.

The code lnow ooks like below, (Which I thought would work) but it doen't work ,,, and I'm not sure why

Sub Clear_Risk_Data()
If Range("J5:K5,D12,G11:H11,M11:O11") = Empty Then
MsgBox "No data to Clear."
MsgBox "All Data Has Been Cleared", vbInformation
End If
End Sub

My sheet (An excel 2007 macro enabled version), I've just uploaded here, in case anyone needs to view it, I just don't know why it won't work?

There are just 4 boxes to clear,
Box 1,, is cell J5 & K5
Box2 is cell D 12
Box 3 are cells G11 & H11
& Box 4 are cells M11, N11 & O11

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Macro For Min Value Then Clear Contents
I need code for a macro that will find a min value in a particular column and based on that min value clear the contents of other cells for that min value.

For example, I have dates in column E such as:


Therefore, I need to find all records for 200707 and clear the contents in other cells.

I can't hardcode the min date because that can change from month to month when new files are created. As can the number of rows.

I'm using Excel 2007.

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Macro To Clear Zero's In Columns
I need a macro that will clear out all zero's in columns D8:O?

The amount of rows vary, but should never exceed 1000. I'am not wanting any cells to shift. Just the contents deleted.

In other words, if e5 contains the value 0, I need it to not contain anything.

The exception is the total row.see file for example.

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Clear Contents Macro
I have a protected worksheet in which certain calculations are performed based on certain inputs.

For example, let's take Column E:

Starting in cell E4, I have cells in that column which are input cells and further down the column are calculated cells which are locked and whose formulas are hidden.

I was looking for a macro which would go down col E and clear contents of all unlocked cells without messing up any of the protected cells.

Also, there are certain cells in which I want to clear contents and some cells that I want the macro to insert a "0" value.

The input cells are non-contigous.

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Clear One Cells Content When Changing Another Cell
I am quite a novice with excel and I am trying to get a cell to show blank when I select a drop down list value in another cell.

Cell D2 contains a validated list containing two items (Air, Vacuum).

If I select Vacuum I wish to change another cells (D4) contents to blank, D4 is also a validated list containing three items (Yes, No, BLANK) the blank is actually a blank space and not the text blank.

I can get the cell to operate correctly but if I select Air in Cell D2 and then Yes in cell D4, but then change my mind and reset to Vacuum in cell D2 i need the cell D4 to clear its contents automatically.

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Clear Cells When Another Cell Is Edited By Using A Loop
I am making a workbook where the G column is drop-down menus that are populate a drop down on the H column. Whenever someone changes the selection of the G column I was to erase what is in the corresponding H column. I have this code that works, but I need to do this for 100 lines. Is there any way to put this into a loop instead of writing 100 if statements?

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Clear The Contents Of All The Cells In A Certain Area Of The Worksheet
Im working on a macro to clear the contents of all the cells in a certain area of the worksheet that are not locked and do not contain a hyperlink.

(C7 is the first data-entry cell; EndPage1 is a specific cell near the bottom right of the sheet that sets the outside range of the cells to be cleared. This is the code so far:

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Clear Contents & Change Color Of Cells
how to clear contents and change colour index of cells.

This is for a booking system. The current VB codes allows bookings to be made by entering a reference number, dates of bookings and room type and bed type. When the VB codes are executed, the cells corresponding to the details entered earlier, would fill the booking table with the reference number and change the colour fill (e.g. yellow) to indicate that the slots are booked. Please refer to attached sample.

However, I do not know how to delete the booking. I would like to assign a cell for user to enter the reference number that needs to be deleted. So when the reference number is entered into that cell, user could execute a function which will clear the contents and change the colour index to none for that particular booking with that reference number(s).

Attached is a sample of the problem.

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Clear Value Cell & Leave Formula Cells
The worksheet (Payments) contains a list that allows the user to input accounting transactions. Almost every input cell contains a formula or data validation enabling selection from a dropdown.

The worksheet feeds the data to 3 separate spreadsheets (Debits / Credits / VAT) and the formulas for that are contained within dynamic ranges in the other 3 sheets. A command button macro then feeds that data from the 3 sheets to the Master sheet. This all works perfectly.

After the macro is run and the data is copied to the Master sheet, I would like all of the data in the 4 other sheets to be cleared without losing the formulas and data validation, ie so that the sheets are empty and clear for the next batch of inputs.

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Clear/Delete All Formula Error Cells
I am trying to write a macro to find all cells that are returning cell errors (ie: #REF!) within a named range, to select only those cells, and then to clear the contents of only these cells. It is my understanding that replacing or altering the value is not an option because doing so will return a "" string value, instead of a clear cell. Replacing the cell's contents with a =na() is also unacceptable...these cells to be completely clear. I was unable to piece together a macro from searching around this site and thought it would be best to just ask.

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Macro Insert And Clear Contents
I am trying to get a macro that will insert a line above whatever line the text "INSERTXYZ" is in. I'm getting that fine but I also want to clear the contents of cells "A:S" on whatever the new row number is.

Can anyone modify this piece to accomplish that? If you need to tear it completely down, I'm interested in simpler way as well.

Cells.Find(What:="INSERTXYZ", After:=ActiveCell).Select
Selection.EntireRow.Insert Shift:=xlDown
Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
Application.CutCopyMode = False

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Mutiple Clear Data Macro
I have made a spreadsheet but would love to be able to incorporate multiple 'Clear Data Buttons', (Macros)
that clear cell data.

I have attached several screen shots of my spreadsheet, with the URLs listed below.
(Images 1-6)
Spreadsheet (xls & xlsm) in zip format

It is a trading order sheet that I want to use, but also upload to a blog that I have just
started, relating to trading as a free download, hopefully it may benefit some users/visitors etc.

OK, regarding the macros.

I'm not quite sure how it is best to do it.
In total there are 13 'Clear Buttons.'

11 are 'CLEAR DATA' Buttons
12 is a 'Clear ONLY ORDER SHEET DATA' Button.
Finally 13 is a 'Clear All DATA!' Button

I think it's best if I give the cell location of where I would like the macro buttons located and what data they clear.
Clear DATA - Button 1 - (Is in Cell F3) - To Clear Data, Columns D,E,F & Rows 4 to 13)
Clear DATA - Button 2 - (Is in Cell N3) - To Clear Data, Columns G to O & Rows 4 to 13)
Clear DATA - Button 3 - (Is in Cell U3) - To Clear Data, Columns S,T & U & Rows 4 to 13)
Clear DATA - Button 4 - (Is in Cell F15) - To Clear Data, Columns D,E,F & Rows 16 to 25)
Clear DATA - Button 5 - (Is in Cell N15) - To Clear Data, Columns G To O & Rows 16 to 25)
Clear DATA - Button 6 - (Is in Cell U15) - To Clear Data, Columns S,T & U & Rows 16 to 25)................................

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Cell Protection & Clear Macro
when i password protect my sheet it doesnt let my clear cells macro work on the cells i need it to clear why is this and what way is there around this completes my complex sheet.

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Clear Data Not Format With Macro
I have a worksheet (A) that is populated from a second sheet (B). The data on A changes as necessary using another Macro. Most of the data on sheet B is numeric and comes from various formulas and results in numbers with too may digits after the decimal point. I can format sheet A to turn 58.22222222 into 58.2 but when I run a Macro to clear the data I lose the formatting. I need to find a way to clear only the data and not the format, or find a way to add a mask on specific columns in the macro that copies and pastes. Here is the Macro to clear the data.

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Macro To Clear Colums In Range
I am trying to create a marco that clears the columns of a named range if the sum of the cells in the range is zero.

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Macro To Clear Rows On Another Sheet
I have a macro that copies data into another sheet (OR) from sheet1 (EDS) but as I don't want the data added from the last row I want it to overwrite and clear any data that was there before. However I still want to keep my headings which occupy rows 1 and 2.

This is the code I was using...


This is pretty inefficent but it works. I don't want to make a new macro I like keeping it inserted in my current one. However I couldn't figure out how to get it to delete the rows past row 2 (it could go to infinity but I don't think there will ever be more than 30 rows of data).

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Protecting Formulas In Cells From Clear Contents Command
I have a worksheet from which I regularly clear all contents by selecting all the rows and selecting 'Clear Contents' from the right button menu. However, I now have added a formula in Col Y that I want to protect. I know I could select all columns up thru X, but that would clear the R1 headers, so I want to avoid doing that. I can always work around, but I'm curious, is there a way to clear only values and thus protect the formulas when using the Clear Contents command?

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Clear/Delete Cells Meeting A Date Criteria
i created a work sheet with the help of the wonderful people on this forum. my boss loved it! one problem they now want it to automaticly take out a date and time of the cells when the date rolls around again.


12/25/05 late 00:20:06 when 12/25/06 rolls around they want the system to automaticly see it and delete it out with the amount of time they were late or sick ect.... or if the sup was out that day and comes in the next day the system will see that the date has past and will up date the info. the other catch is i need it to move everything up one space when it deletes somthing. i want it to read j18 and k18 as one and so through j and k 40 same for l and m n and o ect.... i attached the sheet

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Clear Cells Based On Another Column (renamed For Erik)
if A7="in" delete contents of Q7
the contents in the a column are "in" or "out"
the contents of the Q column are all different so it will have to be cell based
i will have to apply this to the whole sheet

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