Macros / Finding Missing And Complete Addresses?

Mar 10, 2014

I'm trying to analyze some data from customers where it finds how many phones were missing, zip codes, city, states etc.. However, im having trouble finding a solution to find complete addresses and tally it. I have 2 address columns and one either has a PO box or a normal address. With my code, if one address cell is empty, it will consider it as an incomplete address but we all know it is still a whole and complete address.

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Finding Distance Between Two Addresses?

Mar 14, 2014

I have two columns of from and to addresses in excel.These are complete addresses with apartment name and pincodes. how can I obtain the distance in km between the two addresses (Both are in the same city) I have used the code in the following [URL].However it seems to give me 0.

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Finding Addresses Of Named Ranges

Dec 5, 2006

I have what I think is a simple question. I simply want a function that shows the text string address of a named range. If I can do that I can then do a vlookup from another sheet, put the result in an address function, and in effect automatically update dynamic ranges on another sheet.

I swear I have seen this but I can't find it now. Searches result in hundreds of hits, none of them relevant.

To make sure I've explained this properly, I want to put the name of a named range in A1 and have the address of that range appear in A2.

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Finding Nonblank Cells And Reporting Their Addresses

Nov 17, 2009

I have a pretty big worksheet (230 columns x over a thousand rows). Any given column might have 3-4 nonblank cells; the rest are blank. What I want to do for each column is obtain the address of each nonblank cell, then grab the contents of the corresponding cell in the B column and concatenate the results. In the attached example, I want to put the function in d2, and the expected result would be ar 001, fc 001, hw 003.

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Finding Duplicate And Or Similar Info Across Columns And Highlight (names And Addresses)

Jan 29, 2014

Magazine subscription list. How to highlight the customers that are already in the sheet if enter them again (renewal). Our list is like so....

ColA ColB ColC ColD ColE ColF
First Last 123 Ave City State Zip

Is there a way to highlight the row if the info on ColA, ColB, ColE, and ColF all match? Sometimes the Street info is abbreviated or entered PO Box instread of P.O. Box and they wind up on the list a second time.

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Finding Missing Data Using Arrays And 2 Tables

Aug 25, 2014

Any easy way to retrieve data from another table using an array formula.

I have two files that I am using that contain 2 sets of data with columns for name, address, city, and state. The red highlighted data needs be used to find the blue data first column, which is a possible name for the company found from the red data. The issue is that the blue data is larger and has rows of data that will not be found in the other table.

I have the spreadsheet attached. I attempted to use an if/and statement :
but found out that it does not work with arrays and only found the first address by default.

How would I set up a formula to retrieve the possible names using criteria from the blue data such as if the address and city match, then input that company name?

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Finding A Missing Date And Listing Name From Next Column

Jan 27, 2010

I am try to show a list of all rows that have a missing date in column "B" and then show the corrasponding name in the next column "C". I can find the first one on the sheet and how many have missing dates using:

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Comparing 2 Lists (names) And Finding Missing Values

Jan 23, 2014

I have a list of over 2000 names and need to establish which names from column A appear in Column B, as well as which do not appear in column B.

I attach an example : NameCheck.xlsx‎

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Filtering / Sorting And Finding Missing Sequence Using Macro (for Big Excel File)

May 27, 2014

I have a very big Excel file (62 MB). I need to be able to filter by one column (FACILITY) and sort the whole file using the (REGISTRATION NO) column as well as finding the missing sequence number in the (REGISTRATION NO) column. The problem is that the (FACILITY) column has more than 200 different facility name. I am thinking of macro as I have different Spreadsheet I need to do the same steps in each one separately.

I have attached a copy (example from the data that I have) .

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Date And Time - Finding Time Taken To Complete A Task

Jun 5, 2012

What I am looking to do is find the time it has taking to complete a task - So the work sheet has four cells (See below) and return the total time with cell E

Cell A Cell B Cell C Cell D Cell E
June 5 10:00 AM June 6 12:30PM ????

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Excel 2007 :: Macro For Finding Out Missing Number And Duplicate Number In A Range

Jan 22, 2013

Excel 2007

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Compare Two Columns, If Missing Insert Missing Data

Jul 8, 2008

I have two columns which i want to compare, they contain text data such as A123.

what I'd like is if its in column A and not in Column B then add to bottom of column A.

Once its in column A i can do the vlookup's to draw the other data, costs etc, over but don't know how to identify, and add, the missing codes to the list.

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Encourage Enabling Of Macros: Disable Macros When Opening Then The Worksheet Menu Bar And Other Command Bars Are Still Available

Aug 26, 2009

I have an Excel 2003 program that contains macros. One of the macros hides certain command bars and disables the worksheet menu bar. On close the opposite is true. The problem is, if a user uses the disable macros when opening then the worksheet menu bar and other command bars are still available. I would like to hide all of the data sheets and display another sheet that would normally be hidden displaying a message that the macros have to be enabled for the program to work correctly if disable macros is chosen. When the enable macros are used I would like the Error page to be hidden.

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Enable/Disable Macros When No Macros Are Present

Jul 28, 2008

I have a user that keeps a maintenance log in an Excel worksheet and sends an updated copy once a week to a board member. Two weeks ago, the board member started complaining that he was prompted to enable/disable macros on opening and became worried when my user stated that no macros were used in the book. He is now concerned that we have sent him a virus.

I know the file is clean because I've scanned it, and when I look at the file in VB, there are no modules or classes present just the Sheets 1-3 and the ThisWorkbook file. None of these objects have any code in them. My user does have some macros in PERSONAL.XLS but they are not used in the workbook in question.

No one else gets the prompt for enabling/disabling macros. Even if I set my security to prompt for any macros, I get no message. I'm convinced that there must be some setting in his Excel that is causing this individual to get this message. Is there anything else other than a macro that would cause this?

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How To Delete Another WorkBook Macros Using Macros

Jul 23, 2005

What is the commands or script for deleting a macro automatically using
another workbook macro.

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Hiding Macros From The Run Macros List

Jul 14, 2008

Is there a way to hide a macro from the list where you choose which to run, but not in the VBA editor? The userbox I just created calls upon 2 different macros, and has a macro to bring up the userbox. I need a way to hide the macros in Module3 from selection, but keep the macros in Module4 available to choose to run.

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Percentage Complete

Jul 15, 2009

I have an issue new client is asking for me to present my reports with a percent complete. We do survey work and all our date is in Ft. The way my file is set up right now i have H5-H100 as incomplete footage, Column I5-I100 has my completed footage and to keep it simple Row 13 A-k show total amount of footage. He wants to see everyday when i submit the % complete based of footage incomplete and footage completed.

Anyone able to help me out with a formula for this? I tried messing with it a little, wasn't really able to get it down and my Excel skills definitely aren't past beginner level.

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Cannot Complete This Task With Available Resources.....

Nov 26, 2008

Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications. My file is only about 3mb in size, made up of 17 worksheets. These sheets are calculated by referencing to another file that contains all of the background data. The data file is also about 3mb, made up of 13 worksheets.

There are probably about 2 - 3 thousand formulas in the file in total, ranging including vlookups, sumifs, sumproducts, etc. When the data was contained within the file there was no problem. I moved each data sheet into a new workbook to trim the size of my file and also stop the incessant calculation and this is when the problem started. Now, when I open the file and am prompted to update, it will update to about half way and then throw up the error message!

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Auto Complete From .csv File

Dec 23, 2008

I have desinged an excel invoice, but I think I might want it to do the impossible.

I have my companies database as a .csv file, is there any function where I can enter in the company account number and it will automatically fill in the company name, address, contact etc like a mail merge type thing and for it to work vice versa enter the company name and it fills in the account number and address all automatically taken from the information on the .csv file?

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How To Auto Complete Names

Mar 12, 2013

I want to enter a name in a cell from a list of 70 names I have on another work sheet. By just typing the first few letters of the name into the cell I need it to complete the entry. I do not want to use a drop down box it takes too long to find the name. I need a formula to do this for my spread sheet.

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Using VBA To Complete Text To Columns?

Jun 23, 2014

I have a file that i need to use for analysis but it is currently a text file, how can i use VBA to open it with excel and then complete text to columns, using a delimiter of a semi colon.

I have attached a sample of before & After.

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Complete Database From Form?

Feb 5, 2014

I have a form I'm building that I want to put on the server to allow different people to complete as needed.

As they complete this form I want to take all the info they entered and have it go into a data base once there I want to clear the form for the next person.

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Add Auto Complete Macro?

Mar 19, 2014

Is there a way to add auto complete to this Macro so that when a user starts typing in a cell in column A it auto completes.


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VBA Not Saving Complete Worksheet?

Feb 8, 2013

The idea is that a button on the worksheet 'Sample Info & Results' runs the macro which copies the worksheet to a new file with the name specified in the cell B3 and saves it as a csv format with ";" as the separator. For the most part it is working with the exception that the export stops at row 6 for some reason I dont understand. The code is not mine (credit to T.Thielmans on stackoverflow). code for 1) referencing a folder location within the original file to use as a standard location to save the csv file and/or 2) removing hidden columns.

Public Sub ExportToCSVFile(FName As String, Sep As String, SelectionOnly As Boolean, AppendData As Boolean)
Dim WholeLine As String


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Using VBA To Complete Login Form

Jan 13, 2014

I am attempting to use VBA to open a webpage and then login. Below is the code I have so far:

Sub Test()
Dim IE As Object
Set IE = New InternetExplorerMedium
With IE
.Visible = True
.navigate ("url")

[Code] ........

Here is the HTML Code of the website:

<form target="_top" name="Logi<wbr>n" method="POST" action="/login.fcc"></form>

<label for="firstname">User Name</label>
<input class="textbox2" onkeypress="javascript:processkey(window.event)" name="USERNAME" type="TEXT">

[Code] ........

An error occurs within the second With, stating that the object variable or With block variable not set.

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Complete Three Functions In One Cell

Mar 27, 2014

What would the formula be to complete all three of these functions in one cell?


When positive & negative then G1+T1=X


When negative & negative then G2-T2=X


When positive & positive then G3-T3=X

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Combobox Auto Complete

Jan 18, 2003

I have a worksheet named, "Database2". There are hundreds of names in colum B starting in row 3 of this worksheet.

In the same Workbook is a worksheet named, "Records". I want to create a userform with a combo box, an "Enter" and "Cancel" command button. When typing begins in the combo box I need it to recognize the name from the "Database2" list in colum B and executes auto complete. When the "Enter" button is clicked I need it to enter the name in the first available row in colum B starting in row 3 in the Worksheet named "Records".

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Autofit, But Not The Complete Column

Feb 2, 2009

I have some Worksheets in which cell A1 contains a textual heading for each Worksheet.
On each Worksheet, cells in the range A2 to O5 containg headings; the data goes in rows 6 onwards.

In VBA script, I'd like to autofit columns A to O, but starting at row 2 so the text in A1 is not included. For each sheet, I can determine the last row, to get a "range" to autofit (e.g. "A2:P15").

I've run a search on Autofit; the only examples I can find autofit the whole column or set of columns.

Is it possible to autofit starting at a specific row?

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Avoiding Complete Duplicates

Apr 22, 2006

I have a worksheet of Users with columns pertaining to first, middle, and last names. I want to allow duplicates in each column but not a completely duplicated record.

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Commission Formula Not Complete

Sep 21, 2006

Looking for a formula for a zero based commission structure. I am having trouble with the formula. I have attached a breakout of what I need and an explanation of the end goal.

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