Match Names And Divide Values Across Sheets

May 7, 2014

I have two sheets. Sheet A (Receiving Log) contains all orders with NAME (D1) and QTY ORDERED(E1). Sheet B(Component Reject Tag) contains all rejects with NAME(D1) and QTY REJECT(E1). Sheet A and B are Many to Many relationship

What I am trying to figure out is:

Match the names from Sheet B to Sheet A and sum up the QTY REJECT from Sheet B divide by the sum of QTY ORDERED for the NAME from Sheet A.

Business would like to get QTY Reject percentage by each NAME (Supplier)

In a final table lets say Sheet C I would like to see NAME, QTY Ordered, QTY Reject, Ratio in which will allow my to perform a Top 10 suppliers of highest reject percentage.

Another note to mention, Sheet C presumably to have all the formulas as in Sheet A and B will be overwritten and pasted with new data.

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Divide Data Into Different Sheets

Apr 7, 2014

I have minutes of meeting and have to divide them into different sheets against completed, and different departments and dept HOD responsible for it. How do I do it without "Copy/Pasting" the code? Also I have to remove the ones that are done. Any macro or something that can be written for these.

format of sheet
Sl No. | Date | Remarks | Dept | Dept Head 1 | Dept Head 2 | Status

I have to get data into different sheets against Dept, Dept Head 1, Dept Head 2 and remove the "Done" status to different sheets.

How do I do it without manual labor?

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How To Match Values Between 2 Sheets And Copy Corresponding Data

Dec 18, 2012

I have a sheet (SHEET1) with a EAN code and a empty column I need to get a colour into from sheet 2.

I have to match EAN codes in Sheet 1, (Column X) with Sheet 2(Column E) and then pull the description from the corresponding row in Sheet 2(Column D).

I am sure I can use the VLOOKUP formular but I dont know how to input the code?


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Match Cell Values And Transfer To Different Sheets

May 23, 2014

I have Information found on Sheet 1. I need the program to take the value found in Column B and try to find matches found on Sheet 2 in Column B. Here's the thing it is only going to take the first 3 characters found in the Cell on Sheet 1. But in sheet 2 it will need to pull all information that matches those 3 characters. I included a sheet on what the finished product should look like for two of the sheets. If the program finds a match it will transfer the original and the copied match to a sheet Named "Name". The correct format can be found on "Finished Sheet Name". If no matches are found it will place the original information from Sheet 1 onto a sheet called "New".


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Transferring Values From Different Sheets By Text Match

May 4, 2007

find attached sheet of example.

In the attachment the supplier sheet is the sheet we get from our suppliers and it shows us the products they have in stock along with the prices and other information. This sheet has over 900 products on it. It is updated daily which we download and then paste it over the existing data.

The Deviltronics sheet is the products we have added onto our website. It has a code in column E which tells us if the products on the supplier sheet is in stock or out of stock. (this was done by the help of someone here)

Both sheets have been cut down considerably so that we can add them as an attachment on here.

So now I am going to tell you what I am trying to do!

What we need is a code that will automatically copy the trade price, suggested retail price and the shipping cost from the supplier sheet and insert it into the Deviltronics sheet next to the relevant product (say in columns F, G and H). This done by matching the product code part numbers in both sheets as done with the existing code on the Deviltronics sheet (column E).

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Match Values On 2 Sheets If Value Matches Copy Row Into 2nd Sheet

Jun 16, 2013

I need a macro to start at cell "A1" on sheet1 and then find that same value on sheet 2 in column B. Once it finds that value in sheet 2, the code would copy the row related to "A1" (A1:H1) into the row on sheet 2 with the value matching "A1" from sheet 1. Once it has done this I need it to do the same from A2:A598. I thought this code below was working but it seems to erase a row from sheet 2 if it is not present in sheet 1. I need the macro to only update the row if the information in column A on both sheets is the same. Here is the code I am using

Sub FindStr()
Dim rFndCell As Range
Dim strData As String


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Match Values Between 2 Sheets, Copy All Corresponding Data & Sum Results

Feb 2, 2009

I want to locate the corresponding acct number between worksheets “primary_data” and “qty_movement” and once a match is found (from acct worksheet) then copy over the acct numbers and the share data to the results page. If there is no match I don’t want anything copied to the results page, just ignore that data on either worksheet “primary_data” or “qty_movement”.

•Both ranges on “primary_data” and “qty_movement” worksheet are variable, as accts are left off or kept on depending on the daily activity so the ranges are never set.
•I need to concatenate on “primary_data” worksheet cells A&B&C to get acct number
•concatenate on “qty_movment” worksheet cells B&C (need to keep zeros in front of actual numbers for acct number reasons)
•these accts need to be cross referenced as the accounts on the “acct” worksheet (pre-populated with corresponding acct numbers that never change and will always be on that worksheet)
•If a match is found on the “acct” sheet then I would like it to either replace the acct so they match on both worksheets or just to recognize those accounts correspond with each other and do the below.
•then take the 2 concatenated acct numbers off of “primary_data” and “qty_movement” in the I cells and copy them over to the “results” worksheet as well as the share data from “primary_data (column E)” and “qty_movement(Column D)” and then compare the 2 share amounts on “results(column E)”

i need to elaborate on anything, the attached sample sheet shows what i want to do, but without any formulas or code.

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Excel 2010 :: VBA - Hide Sheets Using Code Names Not Sheet Names

Oct 15, 2013


Sheets(Array("Sheet 1", "Sheet 2")).Visible = False

How do I convert the above to using Sheet Codes Names, Sheet1 and Sheet2?

Want to ensure my code will work if the user changes the sheet name.

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Remove Names Without Values From A List Of Names And Values

Mar 1, 2013

I have the list below and would like to create a new list which contains only names with corresponding values and lists them.

+ A B
1 James 3
2 Derek
3 Brett 6
4 Allan
5 Jess 7
6 Sam 10
7 frank 10

The solution should look like:

+ A B
1 James 3
2 Brett 6
3 Jess 7
4 Sam 10
5 frank 10

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Match Strings: Get The Names To Match Up

Feb 26, 2007

Got a worksheet that has list of football teams

Man utd
Man city
Tottenham hotspur etc.

in two seperate worksheet i download external data from 2 different website with some stats about teams. Problem is that theses websites user slighty different names for the teams ie. it will be man city from one source and manchester city from another. i need to somehow get the names to match up is there an easy way to do this?

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Match 1st And 2nd Columns In 2 Sheets And Return 3rd / 4th And 5th Column If Match

Dec 15, 2013


What im trying to do is match columns A & B from AUDIT Sheet to Columns A & B in MASTER sheet. If they match then pull columns C, D & E from MASTER into AUDIT.

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List Names Upon Match

Jul 2, 2014

I have a spreadsheet which has the following data;

Names Age Salary
Fred 23 $19,000
Joe 35 $26,000
Alan 45 $7,000
Richard 32 $25,000
James 19 $16,000
Ian 23 $28,000
Michelle 30 $45,000

I'm trying to list the names only where their age is "xx" or if I choose a certain salary, obviously there are hundreds of names, age's and salary information. How can I carry this out in excel ?

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Lookup, Match , List Names

Jun 17, 2009

I need some assistance on creating a formula that will Match "W1 Sheet" Team number look this number under Schedule Sheet then list names under "W1 Sheet". I have added a simple sheet.

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IF Match Function: If A Name Is In A Column Of Names Put A 1 Otherwise Put 0

Jan 6, 2010

I am trying to write a formula that says if a name is in a column of names put a 1 otherwise put 0. Should be a simple If, match function. I have attached a simple example.....

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Match Names To Fastest Times

Feb 6, 2010

I thought i had worked it out, but for some reason the names aren't updating when i add a new time, and the same names appear when i add the same code for a different track. I was using this code {=INDEX(A2:A32,SMALL(IF(C2:C32<>0,ROW(C2:C32)),1),1)} as you can seen in cell A34, then added a 2 onto it for the second fastest time eg.....{=INDEX(A2:A32,SMALL(IF(C2:C32<>0,ROW(C2:C32)),2),1)}, but doesn't seem to update when adding a new fastest time in. Am i using the wrong code to match the names with the fastest times?

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Match Names And Compare Dates?

Mar 19, 2014

I've been trying for a few time to make a sub, on VBA, that writes, in a specific column, " " or 1 depending on the date that is inserted. The thing I can't quite do is:

1 - I have a sheet where the different projects of a company are stored (name, starting date, ending date and person responsible) and where new projects can be added from a UserForm

2 - I also have another sheet were costs from the projects are stored (one line with cost 1 from project 1, another with cost 2 also from project 1 and cost 3 from project 2, etc) and where I can also add a new cost with another UserForm (this cost as also a date that is added, to when it happened)

3 - What I need to do is, on the costs' sheet I need to create a sub that in the last column adds me 1 if the date of the cost added is not a date between the starting and ending date of the project that it corresponds.

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Match Rows To Column Names

Nov 8, 2012

I have sheet1 that contains rows with names. I want to match those row names with the column names in sheet2, and then delete any column in sheet2 that does not match to sheet1.

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Match The Nicknames To Real Names

Feb 18, 2007

I have two lists of names and I need to identify the people that appear on both lists. Often it is difficult to match the common records because a nickname may be used for either of the first names and not the other.

I've collated an extensive list of nicknames to help match the records, but I'm stumped on how to use it. I have a feeling that there is a sumproduct formula in my future. I attached a samples workbook.

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Match Names In Two Worksheets And Get Data

Jun 21, 2007

I have two sheets of same names with different data in each sheet. I need to refer the name in the first sheet and match the same name in the second sheet and retrieve the start date. I have attached the work sheet sample for better understanding. I know I can use vlookup. But am not getting the results I need.

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Match Any Name From A List Against A Cell That Contains Multiple Names

Dec 22, 2012

I have a table A1:A400, where each individual cell contains multiple names (e.g. A4 =Name1; Name2; Name3)

I am trying to match a list of names in row G1:G50, and return a value of 1 or True in another column if any of the 50 names appear in a cell of row A.

Names to be found
Rep was there

Max; Joe; Mike; Karl; Jen;

Max; JB;

Max; Tod; Mike

I have been trying this as an array formula:

{=IF(ISERROR(SEARCH($G$2:$G$50,A2,1)),"", "True")}

But it only returns a true value for if it finds the first name from Column G.

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Sumproduct Trying To Match Cells With Slightly Different Names

Jun 10, 2013

See attached spreadsheet. I have 2 tabs. The current portfolio tab is feeding in from the computation tab. My formula in column C works for 2 securities, MSFT, and AApl as the name is identical in both tabs. I am running into an issue where the names are not identical.

Example: I want to sum both the INTC, and the INTC pref in the computation tab and have that fill in the current portfolio tab. Also, in the computation tab ticker 005930 ks should fill in the current portolio tab for samsung electronics. My lasst issue is in the computation tab where I want to pull in sony, and sony adr (multiplied by 1,500). total sum 1,5723,995,015 in the current portfolio for sony.

excel question.xlsx

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Where Names Match Copy Cell From One Sheet To Another

Feb 10, 2014

(Matching names)where cell G and cell H in Data Sheet matches with cell A and cell B in template sheet , copy cell K on matching row in data sheet to matching name in cell D in the template sheet.

Could be as many as 50 rows of data in data sheet and only a range of D8 to D15 in template sheet.

Can send example but I cannot see where I have option to attach the file again : place_user.xlsx‎

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Search The First Name And Match Both The First And Second Names To The Main List

Mar 5, 2008

I have document1, which is a main list of surnames names, which then show 'hours', 'employment number', and 'post', in the following columns.

In document2, I have a sheet with a selection of these names, and blank cells for the named columns above.

What i need to do is have excel search and match the name from document2, to the name in document 1, and fill in the above columns with the correct data.

is that some of the surnames will show up more than once in my main list - so if possible i would like excel to then search the first name (which is in the preceding column) and match both the first and second names to the main list - OR - to simply return an error so that i can spot, and input the data manually.

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VLOOKUP / INDEX And MATCH To Return All Values That Match

Feb 4, 2014

I have two sheets of data , sheet A and Sheet B.

Sheet B contains a column called "Name" and for each name, and for each name there are corresponding numbers. In sheet A, I have a "list of interest" in column A. What i want to do look through the data in sheetB to find a match from the list of interest and return the corresponding letters, located in column A.

I have filled out the first two rows of results that should be returned as an example.

One idea i had was to put a vlookup formula in each column result 1 to result 6 so i can catch all 6 "Serves" columns from column B, but there may be duplicates in the serve columns and vlookup only reports the first match.

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Using Index / Match Function For Two Column Match Values

Aug 28, 2012

Basically where the columns say 2011 or 2012 AND 1, 2, 3. I want to be able to have it index the number below based on the GL number on the left and both the year and period on the top. I think that you can do with using the sumproduct function with the binary, but the computer is a little dated and it takes a while to run those calculations.



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INDEX / MATCH Multiple Ocurence Match Values

Jul 11, 2008

INDEX/MATCH multiple ocurence match values needed

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INDEX And MATCH Function Using Dynamic Worksheet Names

Apr 9, 2012

I have an excel workbook with a dynamic dependent drop down list setup, works a treat on the first worksheet i set it up on.

However here's the problem, my workbook contains a good handful of worksheets each named to reflect the certificate on the page, i need the drop down list to work on each tab. problem is when i setup the index/match function it requires a specific sheet name to make it work i.e.


However what i need it to do is reference the worksheet name, as new ones get added and names may change, something like


However this doesn't work, i do have a cell on each page that holds the Sheet name using the function:


But I cant even get it to use that cell as a reference in my formula.

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Get Sheets Names Automatically?

Feb 5, 2014

How do I get sheets names automatically? I.E. I want to get in A2 sheet number 2 name. In A3, sheet number 3 name...

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Add Sheets With Names From Table

Nov 21, 2006

On sheet1 of my workbook I have a table containing the colums : Title, Name, Street+nr, postal code + city of some people, Telephone, email.

I would like to do the following (by clicking a button perhaps?)

- For all the records in my table on sheet1 I would like to insert a new sheet in my workbook named to their names (as in sheet1).

- The new sheet must be an existing sheet that I've already made the content (a kind of expence sheet)

- Somewhere on the top of the sheet I would like to have their names , titles en addresses (fetched from sheet1)

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Index And Match Function Across Multiple Rows With Repeating Names?

Jun 4, 2014

I have a data set where the row headings repeat a lot. I have 5 headers repeated probably 30-45 times each. Eg. Truck, Car, Van, Tank, House, Car

At the moment I am using the formula...

which will only return the result of the first occurrence of the cell it is looking for (for eg. I am looking for the values in the cells in columns labelled 'Car', is it possible for it to look past the first occurrence in the data set and find all the values?

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