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Maximum Text Length With VLOOKUP

I use VLOOKUP with text (to return comments made by people that I have copied in another sheet). The problem is that sometimes, it doesnt copy the whole comment.
Apparently there is a limit for the amount of text VLOOKUP can copy: after a LEN() test I have found that I cant copy texts longer than 255 characters.

Is there a simple way to make the VLOOKUP work even if the text is more than 255 characters long ?

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Using Data Validation To Control Text Length W/Vlookup
Can anyone provide a formula to be used in data validation that will control text length (6 digits) and restrict duplicate entries. The best formula will prevent anything other that 6 digits, but question the user regarding a duplicate entry.

For example: if the user enters 123456 no problem, but if 12345 is entered, Excel validation would not allow. If the user enters 123456 again, Excel's validation window would allow but the window will pop-up and ask to confirm.

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Maximum Length For A Macro
Anyone know the maximum lenght/size limitations for a macro in excel?

hit this limitation a couple times, and it serves to be quite a annoynace... end up having to link them together with a Application.Run command.

Would be good information to have if anyone knows...

my guess is 2000 lines, but havnt tested, and am not sure if it is limited to lines necessarily... could be size too,

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Excceds The Maximum Length
Below is a formula that I use which now excceds the maximum length. =Consumables!S56/('Price list'!S56+'Price list'!S57+'Price list'!S58+'Price list'!S59+'Price list'!S60+'Price list'!S61+'Price list'!S62+'Price list'!S63+'Price list'!S64+'Price list'!S65 "all the way up to" +'Price list'!S118) This formula is also repeated is cells =Consumables!T57/('Price list'!S56+'Price list'!T57...... etc all the way =Consumables!AE56/('Price list'!AE56+'Price list'!AE57.............

Is there any way I can condense this formula? I have tried:

=Consumables!S56/('Price list'!S56:'Price list'!S118)
=Consumables!S56/('Price list'!S56,'Price list'!S118)

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Maximum Length Of Variant Or String
I have looked into the maximum length of a variant/string in vba and it appears to be 250 characters. I am running a macro which first lists all excel files in a folder, returning them to a sheet, then using a loop statement opens each one in turn extracting the information to a second summary sheet before closing it. The file path to the folder is ridiculously long and the macro stumbles. I used the =LEN(A1) formula to check if the file names were too long for the string, but the maximum file name length was 226 characters. I've tried both String and Variant to collect the file names but both have the same effect.

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Pull Varying Length Text From Cell Text
I need to find text within middle of a string.
Character before required text is say AAA
Character after required text is say BBB
Text required can vary in length.
Extract text and place in another column.

All text in a single column, required text not in every line. but
does repeat.

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Validate Cell For Text Length & Characters In Text
I have a cell (B2) I would like to apply multiple data validations to.

I know I need to use the custom formula option but don't know how to write the formula.

I don't even know if it is possible, but here is what I'm after

I need to make sure the cell is 4 digits long

I need to make sure the cell starts with a zero (Because the cell starts with a zero I have it as a text cell)

I need to make sure the 2nd number is not 0 if A2 begins with 5 (A2 is also a text cell).

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Vlookup Maximum
I am using the vlookup function for a reference that has two values. I want to choose the max. See attached file. In essence, I would like the vlookup for "a" to output "2" and "e" to output "7".

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Multiple VLOOKUP Conditions And MAXIMUM Value
I have written a snooker scorebaord spreadsheet which keeps a history of highest scores and highest breaks, but am unable to find a way of showing these key values in a table.

Attached is a cut down version to demonstrate the problem. If you can provide a solution it can be either in formula or code.

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Text Box Length Limitation
i have tried to create a userform thru which data is to be entered. so that the data will be printed on a worksheet. here there are few text boxes, in which the number of digits should be equal to 14. after filling the userform when i click the print button if it is less than or more than 14 a pop up msgbox should be displayed with OK button and the cursor should go back to that particular text box. i have written the following code, but it has a problem. even if the total no of digits are 14 the msgbox is displayed.

say the text box name is Roll no

If txtRollNo.MaxLength 14 Then
MsgBox "Roll No should be of 14 digits", vbInformation + vbOKOnly
Exit Sub
End If

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Give Cell A Value Based On Length Of Row (variable Row Length)
My worksheet contains data with the reaction times on a psychological test. Each respondent in the test has 280 rows in my excel sheet.

The 'perfect' length of the row, is from A to M. When an error is made in the test, the length of the row will increase. So the error length can be A to AA.

For me it is important to analyse the error. So I would like to give a perfect row length, the value 1, and an error row length a value 2.

So, in conclusion:

Cell length = A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B Cof that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 1

Cell length >= A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B C of that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 2

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Cut Text Data To Length Down Column
I have a range of text data in a column and need to get the text lengths to no longer than 60 characters.

The remaining data then need to be copied in a cell inserted below the original.

I have been playing with the following code…

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Formula To Select Text Length
I am having difficulty with creating an IF formula that will only show 9 digit numbers. If the cell the formula is looking at has less or more than a 9 digit number in it, or the cell ha no value, the result will be blank.

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Cut/Reduce Cell Text Length
I have a cell with 200+ character, I only want the 40 first character is there a function that will give me only those 40 first character or do I have to use a "=len" and manually remove the extra characters?)

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Extracting Text From A String With Variable Length
Hey I got a long String like this "[...] increase of x.xx% [...]".

I am trying to extract only the percentage number which can be of variable length, so maybe 900.99% or 9.99%.

I tried this formula:
but this one doesnt bring the right results as the percentage figure is often not exactly 5 characters long.

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Set Font Size Depending On Length Of Text
When a number is entered in cell S3, it triggers formulas throughout the worksheet to populate the it with information from another sheet. If the length of the text in B6 is greater than 80, the font size for B6 only should be 8; if the length of the text in B6 is less than or equal to 80, the font size for B6 should be 10. Regardless of the length of the text in B6, the font size for the rest of the sheet should not be changed.

I tried the following
Option Explicit
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address "$B$6" And Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
Dim cnt As Long
cnt = Len(Cells(6, 2).Value)
If cnt > 80 Then Cells(6, 2).Font.Size = 8
ElseIf cnt < 80 Then
Cells(6, 2).Font.Size = 10
End If
End Sub

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Measure The Length Of Text In 10 Boxes Consecutivly.
I am trying to use a For loop to measure the lenght of text in 10 text boxes on a user form so I can run a check but can't think of a way to do it. This is the best I have so far...

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Extracting Date From Text Strings Of Different Length
Am trying to devise a formula that will allow me to extract a date (not stored in date format or recognizable by excel as such: "DEC1/09") and then manipulate it so that excel can recognize it and change it to a "1-Jan-01" form. Problem for me is that functions such as LEFT MID and RIGHT are very specific and sensitive obviously to any additional characters. some of my dates are preceded by "CAN BND 4.25/09"; "CANB BND 4.25/09"; "BC BND 4.25/09" and so on, you get the idea im sure that they are of differing lengths. The dates are equally strewn around as some (these are bond maturities) are 1st of the month while others may hold dates in the middle-end...15th, 30th, 31st etc.

is there a formula that will recognize the dates in the text strings regardless of string length and then a subsequent formula to manipulate the date to proper format?

i.e. "CAN BND 4.25/09 DEC1/09" and "CANB BND 4.25/07 JUN15/07"

Converted into: "01-Dec-09" and "15-Jun-07"

Not that the other parts of the string don't matter, already have macro that can recognize and rip bond coupons.

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Sort Cells Based On Text Length
I need to write a Excel VBA (2003) code that can arrange the cells of one column based on the character length. An example is this:

Column Data before Running VBA

(Column A)

Column Data after Running VBA

(Column A)

I been doing this manually by using the LEN() command in an adjacent column (Column B) and sorting Column A. based on Column B. However, I wish to do this all in a VBA code that does not rely on how many rows are in Column A. I have dozens of excel sheets with various number of rows for Column A. Therefore, the VBA code has to also figure out when the last non-empty row is in Column A. Can anyone offer their suggestions to my problem?

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Limit Cell Entries Text Length
I think it's an easy one but for the life of me I can't get around it. ccasionally while re-typing data in fields with the intention of saving-as a new file, an error message appears saying "no more than 20 characters" This happens even when the number of characters is LESS than 20! I have tried clearing cell contents, copying & pasting, re-setting conditions/parameters for columns/rows etc., and nothing seems to work with any consistency. Instead of looking for a work-around solution I'd like to find the actual corrective action.

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Determine Text Length Of Lookup Result
i need a formula that looks up a range on sheet 1 coloum a and returns the value in column b, unless the value in column c is less than 5 letters long/ or not equal to a time format if this is the case it should return the value in column c
=IF(LEN(VLOOKUP(A6,'look up'!A6:C18,3,FALSE)>6),VLOOKUP(A6,'look up'!A6:C18,3,FALSE),VLOOKUP(A6,'look up'!A6:C18,2,FALSE))

this is my effort but it returns value in the the middle every time

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Extract Number Of Variable Length From Text String
Imagine that I have this list of thousands of customers, who are listed in column B in the format "customer no+space+customer name".

Now I want to extract ONLY the customer no from the text string in column B and insert it as number value in column A on the same row.

Would have been easy with "Left" command, but as the customer numbers have variable length, I have a problem.

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Change Case Of Cells Based On Text Length
Is there a way to change the text in a cell to proper apart from 2/3 letter words which I want to keep as upper? Basically can it ignore all words that are 2 or 3 letters long, but change all other words to proper text?

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Extract Strings From Range Of Variable Length Text
I have the following issue. I have a list of strings. Each string contains certain characters that are exactly the same for all strings, some characters are different making the string longer (in some cases). What I need to do is extract some combination of characters from each string. The strings look like this:

AB & CDE & FG & I mmmm yyyy.HIJK
AB & CDE & FG & II mmmm yyyy.HIJK

The part "AB & CDE & FG & " (incl. spaces) is the same for each string. The next part contains a roman count from I to VII, causing the length of each string to vary. The "mmmm" part contains the current month spelled in full e.g. December. This part differs as well, for each string. The "yyyy" part contains the year in four digits, e.g. 2007. The part after the dot is the same for each string again.

What I need to do:
- is to extract the month and assign it to a new string
- extract the year and assign it to a new string
- extract the roman number, translate it to a normal number (II -> 2) and assign to a string (or integer).

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Sort Text By Character Length, Insert Spaces, Merge Cells
I have multiple columns with many rows of unique text in each. Here is an example of what the 1st few rows of column a and b might look like:


I would like to be able to sort the rows by the character length in a column. So, it would look like this (if sorted by 1st column):



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Maximum Text From Range
I am trying to get the maximum from a range of text cells. The data in the cells consist of


the formula I am using is:

the answer that is returned is 15 and it should be 28. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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Find MAXIMUM Of Text
I want to know how to get the max of text.

I am having sheet which is showing Codes for deliverables as A,B,C,D as an entry.

I want to pick the latest code, means i want search the row for Max value, i.e is D and display it in cell.

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Return Text Associated With Maximum Value
If I have names in one column and amounts in the next column, how do I determine the maximum of the amounts and return the associated name from the other column?

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Maximum Of Text & Numbers - Alphanumerics
Is there a vba function that can determine that "1B" is > then "1A"? Max only works with numbers apparently, but I know that MS Access' version of Max does this.

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VBA Macro To Return Maximum Value In Text Form..
I am a novice to VBA in excel, i have a table of more then 5000 rows. I would like to find a maximum value from each row and return the column title as "GL_Weld" or "Bend" or "Header" into another worksheet cell. i.e First Row max value = 0.011510 should return "Bend" into another worksheet


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Find Maximum. Some Values Are Represent By Text
I have a column of values the values can be "T", 0.00 ->any number to the nearest hundredth. I thought I had this problems solved a while back but after having time to do some quality control I found that anytime there is a value of "T" the macro does not work. I have had some great help with this in the past to get as far as I have but I still cannot seems to get it 100%. I have attached a sample file. The result that I would like to see is in the cell BH145 is "16,17,23" without the quotes of course.

When you open the worksheet you will see that the values of concern are precipitation values. These values are rounded to nearest hundredth. When there is a trace of precip however it is recorded as "T" therein lies the problem that I cannot seem to solve.

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Finding The Maximum Occurrence Of Text Over Non-consecutive Cells
I’m trying to figure out how to show the highest occurrence of text in 10 cells which are not next to each other. Some of the cells will also be blank And the other thing is if there is a draw e.g. 5 2Z and 5 1Z I'd like it to show that, either with a word e.g. "DRAW" or anything really other than just putting whichever of the 2 "notes" in it feels like

Attached is a spreadsheet (all other data deleted) that shows what I am wanting to do – I have typed the results I am after directly in to the cells in columns BE & BF – BE will need some kind of countif, but when I try that is says I have too many arguments! I have to leave the columns in between blank in this case as they have other info in them, which is really annoying as if those 10 cells were contiguous then the formula

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SUM MAXIMUM Or Index/Max: Count Number Based On The Maximum Time??
I was hoping that my formula would give me the count number based on the Maximum time (latest time) and the Name field...My result is a 0 instead of 62 (the correct answer).

=SUM((Download!$H$2:$H$10=A4)*(Download!$D$2:$D$10=MAX(IF(Download!$H$2:$H$10=$A4,Download!$D$2:$D$1 0)))*Download!$I$2:$I$10)

Would a Index/Match/MAX function be more efficient?

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&quot;Max Length:50&quot;? On VLOOKUP
I am using the formula below to perform a VLOOKUP and not return any false hits as I had been getting strange results (nearest match perhaps? Does VLOOKUP default to this?)


For some reason, I am getting a message saying "Max Length:50. Continue?" when I do this, then it returns the value #VALUE. If it finds the match, it returns "2" although the matching value isn't on the sheet!

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Return Only Unique Text From Another Sheet Along With Correlating Minimum And Maximum
I have, on one sheet, a list of incumbent employees that includes the following columns: Job Title [text] and Salary [number].

I am trying to automatically populate a second sheet with columns designating: A list of each unique job title (no duplicates), the maximum salary corresponding to each unique job title, and the minimum salary corresponding to each unique job title.

Lastly, I'm an attorney dealing with confidential client data, so I'll have to go through a lot of trouble to post an example... but I'll do it if necessary.

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Conditional Maximum (find The Maximum 'value' For Each Individual 'type')
I have two columns of data. The first column is the 'type' and the second column is the 'value'. I need to find the maximum 'value' for each individual 'type'

The 'types' are not necessarily next to each other and the data cannot be sorted to do so.

type value
A 15
B 6
A 21
C 7
B 13

I need to be able to say the MAX for 'A' is 21, the MAX for 'B' is 13 and the MAX for 'C' is 7.

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Find MAXIMUM, Show Date When MAXIMUM Occurred
Look in Column E and find the MAX value. Once you find the MAX value, (let's say E27) display the date that's in C27. I bet this is really easy but I've been screwing around with it for over a half hour and can't get the correct result.

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Find Text Within Other Text And Then Do Vlookup
I have spreadsheet A with 14 columns of data ie Col A to N, in Column I there are file names. Somewhere within the file names is the client code. The file names do not conform to a standard naming convention so the client code is not always in the same position or the same number of characters long. I have a separate spreadsheet (spreadsheet B) that has the list of client codes in column A and the associated business unit code in column B.

I want to be able to find the client code within the file name of spreadsheet A and then add the associated business unit code to column O

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Vlookup Only With Certain Text, Else Zero
I want an IF function.


or simply:

=IF("A1 begins with B"; 0; VLOOKUP(A1; TABLE; COLUMN; FALSE))

So want I want to do is to ONLY vlookup if in A1 it says "B". If it does, lookup B from table and set a value.

However, if the value in A1 is NOT "B", set value as zero.

The problem is also not as simple, because the "B" is actually not "B" but derivative "B's", so you will see "B A" "B B" "B C", and I want all the values that include B in the begining.

If you find it confusing just tell me a function where I can set true/false if A1 begins or not with the letter "B"

How to do it?

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VLOOKUP Using Text
I have created a column using Data validation for the months Jan,Feb,Mar, etc etc till Dec. I set it up to use the First 3 letters of the month. I have another column setup to use vslookup to check the value of the cell with the drop down for the monts and then attach the number Jan is 1, Feb is 2, and so on. However the Vslookup is returning incorrect numbers for the months, like Jan is 4, which 4 should be Apr. Any way to correct this? The vslookup formula is as follows. =VSLOOKUP(G3,W1:X13,2). G3 is the drop for month, W3 in the table is for the month reference, and X3 would be the number associated for the month.

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VLOOKUP String Of Text
I am wanting to look for a string of text within the "lookup_value" that matches the text that's in the "table_array".

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Vlookup Numbers As Text ...
I am using a lookup formula to look up data associated with part numbers. The part numbers are formated as text (in both tables) since many of them have leading zeros and if formated as a number, the zero drops off.

I find that sometimes the lookup does not work but if I go into the cell and retype the number, it will works. I have also tried recreating the number using the text formula and that works on nuumbers that don't include a dash. I don't understand what's happening to the data and want to know how to reformat it so the lookup will work.

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Using Vlookup For Text And Numbers
I have a list of thousands of SKU numbers. Most of these numbers look like this: 5212345. However I have a group of products whose numbers look like this: 0123456. As you can see my problem the SKU numbers start with a 0.

In my spreadsheet the user is going to be typing in the SKU number and that will be used to return other information regarding that SKU. Is it possible to design a vlookup function to be used with both types of SKU's or do I need to come up with something creative regarding the SKU's that start with 0's.

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VLookup #N/A! When Number Seen As Text
If I use Vlookup to find something when:
Lookup Value is formatted as General and
Lookup Array is formatted as Text
Excel will find the thing I'm looking for.

If I use Vlookup to find something when:
Lookup Value is formatted as Text and
Lookup Array is formatted as General
Excel will NOT find the thing I'm looking for.

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Vlookup Text N/A Error
I am struggling to figure out why my vlookup does not work, i am trying to vlookup invoice cost based on the model numbers which is in text.

I have converted the text to general but this still does brings the N/A errors, is there something else i am forgetting?.

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VLOOKUP In VBA - Text Boxes
Am trying to use a VLOOKUP in VBA on a form, I am entering data in one field so data will be displayed in another field. They are both text boxes. Here is the code;

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VLOOKUP Part Of A Text String.
Is there any way I can Vlookup for just part of a text stiring in a cell.
I am trying to vlook if a part number contains the letters “HFR” if it does I want
It to refer to the comment I have made in the second column of my vlook table against HFR.

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VLOOKUP To Match Only Part Of The Text
Please help me get VLOOKUP to match only part of the text. I have the following situation:

In "sheet1":
1__USER3 (12346ar)___0______411 PCS
2__USER2 (45676ad)___0______313 PCS
3__USER5 (456ff)______0______112 PCS
4__USER8 (1246ew)____0______515 PCS

In "sheet2":

In "sheet2" , D1 I'll get #N/A if I do not type the complete name ( USER8 (1246ew) ). Is there a way to ignore this part " (1246ew)" and match only the name of the user?

Also when matching "515 PCS" can it automatically remove the " PCS" part so I can use only the number to make calculations?

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Vlookup Cell Containing Symbol & Text
having a problem with a vlookup when the cell value contains ~

ie. John~Smith

it returns an #NA even when my lookup table has John~Smith in it.

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Vlookup Part Of The Text String
Is it possible to lookup if at least 8 characters of a text string is found in another text string?

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Vlookup With Multiple Text Value Return
I'm trying to create a formula that returns with all the text values for all the conditions. So similar to a sumproduct where the formula returns a summed value of ALL the conditions i need the same but for text.

hello no
hello no
hello yes
goodbye no

formula would return with (no, no, yes).

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