Shorten String Length If Exceeds 31 Characters (max Sheet Name Length)

Mar 27, 2014

I've set up a filing system which saves sheets/ workbooks based on the value of a cell - Range("B1") Everything works great apart from when ThisFile String length exceeds 31 characters which you may know is the max useable character length for a sheet name - I had no idea! 8-0

Is there a way i can check if string length exceeds 31 characters then, if it does, shorten it to 31 characters?

[Code] .....

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Inserting Characters Into A String Of A Certain Length

Jun 6, 2008

I need to insert 00 if the string of text = 13 in a specific column.

eg. Column K can contain any amount of lines of data. The data will either be 15 or 13 characters in length. If its length is 15 its fine, if its 13 I need to get it to 15 characters.

The first 6 characters are letters so if the length is only 13 I need to add the 00 in after the last letter.

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Formula Code To Find Arc Length From Chord Length

Sep 4, 2012

How to create a code formula to calculate the arc length from a given chord length?

If you know the radius of the major circle.

Say the chord is 50mm and major circle dia is 72mm (radius 36mm)

arc from chord.jpg

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Give Cell A Value Based On Length Of Row (variable Row Length)

Jan 9, 2010

My worksheet contains data with the reaction times on a psychological test. Each respondent in the test has 280 rows in my excel sheet.

The 'perfect' length of the row, is from A to M. When an error is made in the test, the length of the row will increase. So the error length can be A to AA.

For me it is important to analyse the error. So I would like to give a perfect row length, the value 1, and an error row length a value 2.

So, in conclusion:

Cell length = A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B Cof that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 1

Cell length >= A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B C of that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 2

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Field Length (1024 Characters)

Jun 12, 2009

i have a spreadsheet system that imports data from an .mdb including a memo box, but the limit on excels displayed and printed data (1024 characters i think) is causing issues!

is anyone aware of a method using VBA that i can use to ensure i can see all the text that is in the memo box not just the 1024(?) characters?

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Sort Column Of Variable Length Alphanumeric Characters?

Aug 2, 2012

I'm trying to sort by a column with one to four digit numbers, any of which may be followed by a single letter, i.e. 1,2,3 4A,5, 10,11A,75,101A,600,705,1010B,1011A.

I'd like them to sort in the above order. I am only able to have excel 2003 sort all of the numeric cells first, followed by the cells with the alpha character.

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Sort Column By Count/length Of Cell Characters

Dec 30, 2008

Ive written the macro below to sort Column A according to the length of the cell values in Ascending order. Ive done this by writing the length to Column B for each value and then sorting on column B. Surely there is a more elegant method, perhaps using arrays.

Sub SortIt()
Do Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = Len(ActiveCell)
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Columns("A:B").Sort Key1:=Range("B1"), Order1:=xlAscending
End Sub

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Fixed String Length

Dec 1, 2009

I am trying to create a string of text that grabs info from other cells, which is easy so for example


would grab all the info from the 3 cells and merge them to create a string, but what I want to do is create a prefixed length.

Lets say A1, A2 and A3 would equal 10 characters in total but B1, B2 and B3 would equal 7 characters, these would be different lengths. so for a visual description I would like them to appear like this

At the moment


Would like


This would make both strings the same length and would make it easier for me to export to a custom file that needs a certain length prefix.

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Average Length Of A String?

Apr 8, 2013

I have a row of 1's and blanks, where there might be 10 consecutive 1's, followed by four consecutive blanks. I want to calculate the average length of a string of 1's in the row -- how this might be accomplished?

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How To Extract Variable Length String

Feb 9, 2014

i just wanna extract the date shown(last data until meet the first comma) in first column to another column.

column 1
abcde, 1234
abcd, 12345
abcdef, 123

column 2

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Editing String Based On Length

Sep 1, 2009

I get all my results from a CSV file. This isnt a problem except for the first nine days of the month where excel cuts off the first 0 so 01012009 reads 1012009 and cannot be properly concatenated.


What I would like to do is have VB read the contents of the date cell and if it is less than eight characters, edit the cell by adding a zero at the beginning of the string. This needs to be a one off process for all cells. Can anyone come up with code that might make this happen?

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MSQuery - Return Length Of String

May 21, 2012

I have an ODBC connection to a db2 database in MSQuery. I want to return the length of a string. I've tried Len(string) but it says its not in the library.

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Length Of String Changes When Passed To Function

Sep 28, 2006

The following afterupdate procedure for my txtStart1 text box sends the value to the FormatTimeValue function that is coded in a module.

Private Sub txtStart1_AfterUpdate()
MsgBox Len(Trim(Me.txtStart1.vaue)) '<= outputs 1
Me.txtStart1.Value = FormatTimeValue(Trim(Me.txtStart1.Value))
End Sub

As you can see from the bolded text, the length of the value is 1 when outputted from the forms code.

However, when I pass it to the following function in a module it outputs 2 as the length.

Function FormatTimeValue(vTarget As Integer) As String

Dim TimeStr As String

If IsNumeric(vTarget) Then

MsgBox Len(vTarget) '<= outputs 2

Select Case Len(vTarget)

Case 1 ' e.g., user entered 1 so time should be 01:00
TimeStr = "0" & vTarget & ":00"

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Maximum Length Of Variant Or String

Aug 10, 2007

I have looked into the maximum length of a variant/string in vba and it appears to be 250 characters. I am running a macro which first lists all excel files in a folder, returning them to a sheet, then using a loop statement opens each one in turn extracting the information to a second summary sheet before closing it. The file path to the folder is ridiculously long and the macro stumbles. I used the =LEN(A1) formula to check if the file names were too long for the string, but the maximum file name length was 226 characters. I've tried both String and Variant to collect the file names but both have the same effect.

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String Parsing With Variable Length Strings

Mar 28, 2006

I am trying to split up a cell into numbers and charachters and place them in
separate columns, but the lenght of the number part varies as does the
content of the character part.

For example, one cell could be 5#, 10Tins, 4 lb, 100Pcs, etc.
I would like to be able to pull out the #, Tins, lb, and Pcs in to their
own column.

I have found this formula:

but it assumes some level of consistency, the "-" in the cell.

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String In Column A To Be Divided Into 2 Strings If Length > 50

Apr 8, 2013

I have a set of data in Which in column A is the name of organisation.

If string in col A is longer than 50 I need to split in and put in col B.

That would be simple however I need to do it in a smart manner: i.e. cut it to the nearest full word.



Incorrect; length = 98

Correct; trimmed down to 48.

My question is about formula that can detect spaces and depending on those trim the string down adequatly:
to 50 if 50th char is preceeded by space; if not then check where is the next space going towards left. Once you find it cut the string there.

What formula I can use to get desired effect?

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Extracting Text From A String With Variable Length

Jan 13, 2009

Hey I got a long String like this "[...] increase of x.xx% [...]".

I am trying to extract only the percentage number which can be of variable length, so maybe 900.99% or 9.99%.

I tried this formula:
but this one doesnt bring the right results as the percentage figure is often not exactly 5 characters long.

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Index Function - Limit On String Length

Jun 23, 2006

I have a spreadsheet with 2 sheets. The first just links to another file and pulls in the contents of a particular sheet, cell for cell. The second sheet is a formatted report that I'm creating to put that data into a different format for presenting to others. I'm using the Index and Match function along with range names. All is fine except where the string that should be returned is very long. When that happens, I get "######" all the way across the cell. It doesn't matter how wide I make the column or how tall I make the row, the "#s" do not go away. Is there a limit on the number of characters the Index function can return?

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Extract Number Of Variable Length From Text String

Jan 25, 2007

Imagine that I have this list of thousands of customers, who are listed in column B in the format "customer no+space+customer name".

Now I want to extract ONLY the customer no from the text string in column B and insert it as number value in column A on the same row.

Would have been easy with "Left" command, but as the customer numbers have variable length, I have a problem.

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String Length Too Long For Single Cell On Imported Data

Sep 13, 2013

I have a google earth KML file that I have converted to text, and through a bunch of manipulation have been able to pull a series of GPS coordinate strings into a single cell string. Unfortunately, the string data is beyond what excel 2007 can handle for a single cell. so my thought is to have excel pull each coordinate string into a separate cell with which i can then run a macro to develop a new KML dynamically. (changing multiple attributes based on a query to a database)

Each string of coords actually maps out a single region (path) on the KML, truth be told it is telecom rate center data, and each rate center will have numerous other variables applied to it depending on my company's voice network capability for a given rate center. Currently my only desire is to depict differently any rate centers that I'm able to deliver VOIP services to by showing them in a different color...but these change very often so it will support to be able to auto generate the map from time to time.

the raw data from the KML looks like this:





[Code] ..........

After doing my data import, i extracted via various manipulations, the rate center name (a common lookup value that stays constant across multiple databases), and the string of coordinates. this is where i run into trouble. i need to pull each coord into a separate cell assuming i won't run out of cells in the x coordinates to gather this data OR find a way to grab the data via another lookup to another document...not desireable.

I want my output to look like:


[Code] ........

First off, my import was jacked up by missing some comma's...this i can fix easily with the string importation and manipulation HOWEVER...i still run into the issue of string length OFTEN.

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Getting A String Of Hash Sign Because Character Length In A Cell Is Too Large

Apr 10, 2007

Is there a way to stop getting the error of a string of poind signd (which look like ################) whenever I'm trying to copy and paste information from another worksheet, or trying to link one sheet to another?

I've already tried resizing the rows and columns to their respective maximums but it doesn't seem to work.

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Validate Cell For Text Length & Characters In Text

Mar 13, 2008

I have a cell (B2) I would like to apply multiple data validations to.

I know I need to use the custom formula option but don't know how to write the formula.

I don't even know if it is possible, but here is what I'm after

I need to make sure the cell is 4 digits long

I need to make sure the cell starts with a zero (Because the cell starts with a zero I have it as a text cell)

I need to make sure the 2nd number is not 0 if A2 begins with 5 (A2 is also a text cell).

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Bring Data From Sheets Of Varying Length To One Main Sheet

Apr 17, 2012

I have a workbook with several sheets of varying length (amount of columns). The length of each sheet changes every week. I want particular data from the sheets to come together on one sheet in as organized a fashion as is possible. I'm currently losing my mind copying and pasting every week when I need to update the thing.

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How To Extract Substring From String Based On Substring Length

Jan 16, 2008

(I need to do this using VBA so that it can work as an excel macro and/or a vba function in access.)

How can I extract the first occurance of any substring over a certain character length from within a string ?

eg. My string may take any of the forms given below (or something similar), how can I extract the first set of characters that is at least (say) 4 characters long ? i.e. always get the 'Phillips' out of the below...

Phillips Homes Ltd
Mr T A Phillips
TA Phillips Homes Ltd
T A Phillips Homes Ltd
T. A. Phillips Homes Ltd

The names used are only an example (Phillips could be any name whatsoever).I am familiar with Search, Len, Left, Right, Mid, Instr etc. but just can't figure this one out.

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Do Hyperlink That Exceeds 255 Characters?

Mar 28, 2011

Say I want to create a proxy hyperlink like this:

=HYPERLINK(""&B3&...ctive","Search Google")

but the URL address I'm going to use is way too big for the cell (I think max is 255 characters).

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How To Shorten Conditional String Construction

Feb 10, 2014

I'm developing a spreadsheet that is generating relatively simple source code. As far as excel is concerned, based on columns of data in the first sheet, generate other sheets - conceptually straightforward, but the formulas are getting stupid long. For example, suppose I have 4 columns:

Needs A, Needs B, Needs C, and Needs D.

If there is a "Y" in any of these columns, I need to generate corresponding text that is concatenated together:

=if(a1=="Y") use "Field1[if1]"
=if(b1=="Y") use "Field2[if2]"
=if(c1=="Y") use "Field3[if3]"
=if(d1=="Y") use "Field4[if4]"

The result in some other column could be (samples):


a couple of notes:

- you can have field 2 without field 1, etc.

- if there is a trailing field, then I need a period separating the two.

Needing this separating period between some of the columns is driving me bat crap crazy. My approach to this point is to build work sheets that feed the main page, thus isolating the logic complexity. This seems to be the only way to segment the processing into something one can edit.

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Shorten String And Convert To Upper Case?

Mar 7, 2013

I got a list of counties in Texas, but the list is in mixed case and always has a " County" after each one. I got it converting to upper case, and have tried removing the " County" but no luck. Below is the code I have:

For a = 1 To 254
R = "D" & a
i = "a" & a
ActiveSheet.Range(R) = UCase(ActiveSheet.Range(i))
Next a
End Sub

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Cell Name Length

Feb 23, 2010

Is there any length limit for the cell names? is there any lenght after wich it makes VBA or the spreadsheet unstable or clumpsy? Im using Excel 2003

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Length Of Service

Jul 17, 2006

I would like to create a formula that would calculate the length of a person's employment, i.e. hired 8/14/94 till today, for example.

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Hide Row Where Length Of A Is 9 And C Is 0?

Oct 8, 2013

I am struggling with a macro that is supposed to hide a row if length of cell A =9 and the value of cell C =0. The error I get is "object required".

Sub hide()
Dim cntA As Long
Dim rng As Range


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