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Cut/Reduce Cell Text Length

I have a cell with 200+ character, I only want the 40 first character is there a function that will give me only those 40 first character or do I have to use a "=len" and manually remove the extra characters?)

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Cut Text Data To Length Down Column
I have a range of text data in a column and need to get the text lengths to no longer than 60 characters.

The remaining data then need to be copied in a cell inserted below the original.

I have been playing with the following code…

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Reduce Length Of List ....
Let's take the following dataset:

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Reduce Worksheet Scroll Bar Length/Height
I used to have cells in the extremes of my worksheet filled which resulted in the scroll bars being stretched very thin. Since then, I am only using the top-left part of the worksheet but it is difficult to scroll through since the scroll bars are still stretched. How do I bring them back to normal?

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Validate Cell For Text Length & Characters In Text
I have a cell (B2) I would like to apply multiple data validations to.

I know I need to use the custom formula option but don't know how to write the formula.

I don't even know if it is possible, but here is what I'm after

I need to make sure the cell is 4 digits long

I need to make sure the cell starts with a zero (Because the cell starts with a zero I have it as a text cell)

I need to make sure the 2nd number is not 0 if A2 begins with 5 (A2 is also a text cell).

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Pull Varying Length Text From Cell Text
I need to find text within middle of a string.
Character before required text is say AAA
Character after required text is say BBB
Text required can vary in length.
Extract text and place in another column.

All text in a single column, required text not in every line. but
does repeat.

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Limit Cell Entries Text Length
I think it's an easy one but for the life of me I can't get around it. ccasionally while re-typing data in fields with the intention of saving-as a new file, an error message appears saying "no more than 20 characters" This happens even when the number of characters is LESS than 20! I have tried clearing cell contents, copying & pasting, re-setting conditions/parameters for columns/rows etc., and nothing seems to work with any consistency. Instead of looking for a work-around solution I'd like to find the actual corrective action.

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Cut Off Numbers From Cell Text
I've got two spreadsheets one with a load of names and a blank column I need to put mobile numbers into, and a second with a column with names and numbers and a second column with mobile numbers.

About 90% of the people have their mobiles listed in the second spreadsheet, so I've done a VLookup to match their names and if it does match, stick the mobile number into the spreadsheet.... however...

A big proportion of the cells have a name and a user number in the same cell, separated by a comma ie

John Brown, 1048456

So when Vlookup tries to match the above with 'John Brown' in the second spreadsheet it fails.

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Cell Text Wrap Cut-off
how I can get the text that is reflected in the Edit bar for cell A1 of the attachment to display fully within the cell boundriesof A1? I've reseached Qzgrid and found no previous answers. Is it an Excel 2003 bug that I just have to live with? You will see I've set the Text Control under Format Cells > Alignment to "Wrap text".

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Give Cell A Value Based On Length Of Row (variable Row Length)
My worksheet contains data with the reaction times on a psychological test. Each respondent in the test has 280 rows in my excel sheet.

The 'perfect' length of the row, is from A to M. When an error is made in the test, the length of the row will increase. So the error length can be A to AA.

For me it is important to analyse the error. So I would like to give a perfect row length, the value 1, and an error row length a value 2.

So, in conclusion:

Cell length = A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B Cof that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 1

Cell length >= A1 - M1? --> Copy A1 B1 C1 (A B C of that row) to Sheet3, and give D1 in sheet 3 the value 2

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Text Box Length Limitation
i have tried to create a userform thru which data is to be entered. so that the data will be printed on a worksheet. here there are few text boxes, in which the number of digits should be equal to 14. after filling the userform when i click the print button if it is less than or more than 14 a pop up msgbox should be displayed with OK button and the cursor should go back to that particular text box. i have written the following code, but it has a problem. even if the total no of digits are 14 the msgbox is displayed.

say the text box name is Roll no

If txtRollNo.MaxLength 14 Then
MsgBox "Roll No should be of 14 digits", vbInformation + vbOKOnly
Exit Sub
End If

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Maximum Text Length With VLOOKUP
I use VLOOKUP with text (to return comments made by people that I have copied in another sheet). The problem is that sometimes, it doesnt copy the whole comment.
Apparently there is a limit for the amount of text VLOOKUP can copy: after a LEN() test I have found that I cant copy texts longer than 255 characters.

Is there a simple way to make the VLOOKUP work even if the text is more than 255 characters long ?

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Formula To Select Text Length
I am having difficulty with creating an IF formula that will only show 9 digit numbers. If the cell the formula is looking at has less or more than a 9 digit number in it, or the cell ha no value, the result will be blank.

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Text Getting Cut Off
I have an excel form that I created for work that gets emailed out for employees to fill in fields with text. Half of the people have no problem, the other half, when they fill in the fields, the text is cut off and can't be viewed, like this -

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Extracting Text From A String With Variable Length
Hey I got a long String like this "[...] increase of x.xx% [...]".

I am trying to extract only the percentage number which can be of variable length, so maybe 900.99% or 9.99%.

I tried this formula:
but this one doesnt bring the right results as the percentage figure is often not exactly 5 characters long.

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Measure The Length Of Text In 10 Boxes Consecutivly.
I am trying to use a For loop to measure the lenght of text in 10 text boxes on a user form so I can run a check but can't think of a way to do it. This is the best I have so far...

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Extracting Date From Text Strings Of Different Length
Am trying to devise a formula that will allow me to extract a date (not stored in date format or recognizable by excel as such: "DEC1/09") and then manipulate it so that excel can recognize it and change it to a "1-Jan-01" form. Problem for me is that functions such as LEFT MID and RIGHT are very specific and sensitive obviously to any additional characters. some of my dates are preceded by "CAN BND 4.25/09"; "CANB BND 4.25/09"; "BC BND 4.25/09" and so on, you get the idea im sure that they are of differing lengths. The dates are equally strewn around as some (these are bond maturities) are 1st of the month while others may hold dates in the middle-end...15th, 30th, 31st etc.

is there a formula that will recognize the dates in the text strings regardless of string length and then a subsequent formula to manipulate the date to proper format?

i.e. "CAN BND 4.25/09 DEC1/09" and "CANB BND 4.25/07 JUN15/07"

Converted into: "01-Dec-09" and "15-Jun-07"

Not that the other parts of the string don't matter, already have macro that can recognize and rip bond coupons.

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Sort Cells Based On Text Length
I need to write a Excel VBA (2003) code that can arrange the cells of one column based on the character length. An example is this:

Column Data before Running VBA

(Column A)

Column Data after Running VBA

(Column A)

I been doing this manually by using the LEN() command in an adjacent column (Column B) and sorting Column A. based on Column B. However, I wish to do this all in a VBA code that does not rely on how many rows are in Column A. I have dozens of excel sheets with various number of rows for Column A. Therefore, the VBA code has to also figure out when the last non-empty row is in Column A. Can anyone offer their suggestions to my problem?

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Determine Text Length Of Lookup Result
i need a formula that looks up a range on sheet 1 coloum a and returns the value in column b, unless the value in column c is less than 5 letters long/ or not equal to a time format if this is the case it should return the value in column c
=IF(LEN(VLOOKUP(A6,'look up'!A6:C18,3,FALSE)>6),VLOOKUP(A6,'look up'!A6:C18,3,FALSE),VLOOKUP(A6,'look up'!A6:C18,2,FALSE))

this is my effort but it returns value in the the middle every time

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Set Font Size Depending On Length Of Text
When a number is entered in cell S3, it triggers formulas throughout the worksheet to populate the it with information from another sheet. If the length of the text in B6 is greater than 80, the font size for B6 only should be 8; if the length of the text in B6 is less than or equal to 80, the font size for B6 should be 10. Regardless of the length of the text in B6, the font size for the rest of the sheet should not be changed.

I tried the following
Option Explicit
Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Address "$B$6" And Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub
Dim cnt As Long
cnt = Len(Cells(6, 2).Value)
If cnt > 80 Then Cells(6, 2).Font.Size = 8
ElseIf cnt < 80 Then
Cells(6, 2).Font.Size = 10
End If
End Sub

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Using Data Validation To Control Text Length W/Vlookup
Can anyone provide a formula to be used in data validation that will control text length (6 digits) and restrict duplicate entries. The best formula will prevent anything other that 6 digits, but question the user regarding a duplicate entry.

For example: if the user enters 123456 no problem, but if 12345 is entered, Excel validation would not allow. If the user enters 123456 again, Excel's validation window would allow but the window will pop-up and ask to confirm.

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Extract Number Of Variable Length From Text String
Imagine that I have this list of thousands of customers, who are listed in column B in the format "customer no+space+customer name".

Now I want to extract ONLY the customer no from the text string in column B and insert it as number value in column A on the same row.

Would have been easy with "Left" command, but as the customer numbers have variable length, I have a problem.

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Change Case Of Cells Based On Text Length
Is there a way to change the text in a cell to proper apart from 2/3 letter words which I want to keep as upper? Basically can it ignore all words that are 2 or 3 letters long, but change all other words to proper text?

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Extract Strings From Range Of Variable Length Text
I have the following issue. I have a list of strings. Each string contains certain characters that are exactly the same for all strings, some characters are different making the string longer (in some cases). What I need to do is extract some combination of characters from each string. The strings look like this:

AB & CDE & FG & I mmmm yyyy.HIJK
AB & CDE & FG & II mmmm yyyy.HIJK

The part "AB & CDE & FG & " (incl. spaces) is the same for each string. The next part contains a roman count from I to VII, causing the length of each string to vary. The "mmmm" part contains the current month spelled in full e.g. December. This part differs as well, for each string. The "yyyy" part contains the year in four digits, e.g. 2007. The part after the dot is the same for each string again.

What I need to do:
- is to extract the month and assign it to a new string
- extract the year and assign it to a new string
- extract the roman number, translate it to a normal number (II -> 2) and assign to a string (or integer).

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Move-Cut First Word From Range Of Text
I have a text string in a cell. it is comprised of a series of numbers and text. i would like to " cut" the first part of the string starting from the first space and paste in the cell to the left. For example.

range("b11") has the following: "This is my example"

I would like to perform the following:

range ("A11") would equal "This"
Range ("b11") would equal "is my example"

(note the space has been completly removed as well)

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Sort Text By Character Length, Insert Spaces, Merge Cells
I have multiple columns with many rows of unique text in each. Here is an example of what the 1st few rows of column a and b might look like:


I would like to be able to sort the rows by the character length in a column. So, it would look like this (if sorted by 1st column):



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Cell Name Length
Is there any length limit for the cell names? is there any lenght after wich it makes VBA or the spreadsheet unstable or clumpsy? I´m using Excel 2003

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Cell Length Display
I have a worksheet in Excel 2007. I have "wrap text" turned on in column G and so long as the character count doesn't exceed 255 the text will wrap and display properly. However, when the number of characters in a cell of column G exceed 255 the display in the cell turns to all pound signs (#). The content of the cell is displayed in the URL line but it is all # in the cell. How can I fix this?

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Find The First Non Zero Length Cell In A Range
I have date in a range from a1 to cw.... this could range to the whole worksheet as it varries.

Now i started to write the macro by inserting three rows at the top of the sheet, no problem, now how do i make cell a5 become the new active cell so that i can freeze pane .

so i really need to do the "find the first non zero length cell in a range" code as I know it will always be a5. this part will not change.

I cant seem to find how to change the active cell from a1 to a5....

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If Date At End Of Cell, Cut And Paste In Next Cell
I have a column with messed up data. It is column A.

Messed up data says:
Stupid Text Here 02/16/2007

I do not want the date thier, i want it to be cut and pasted to column B. The year is always 2006 or 2007. I messed around but dont know how to look at certain parts of a cell for data.

Sub Test()
Dim cl As Range
For Each cl In Range("A1", Range("A65536").End(xlUp))
If cl.RightValue = "2006 or 2007" Then
cl.Offset(0, 1) = trim right 10 characters
End If
End Sub

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Sort Column By Count/length Of Cell Characters
Ive written the macro below to sort Column A according to the length of the cell values in Ascending order. Ive done this by writing the length to Column B for each value and then sorting on column B. Surely there is a more elegant method, perhaps using arrays.

Sub SortIt()
Do Until IsEmpty(ActiveCell)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = Len(ActiveCell)
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
Columns("A:B").Sort Key1:=Range("B1"), Order1:=xlAscending
End Sub

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Overflow Error: Checks The Length Of A Cell Entry
I'm trying to run a piece of code which checks the length of a cell entry and if it is over 100 characters long it deletes the value. The code is as follows:

Sub Macro1()
If Len(Cells(1, 1)) > 100 Then
Cells(2, 1).ClearContents
End If
End Sub

The string which is causing the error seems to be 255 or more characters long. Any ideas how to tackle the "Overflow" Error?

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Move/Cut Cell To Another Location
I would like to how I can move the words "Total List Price" over to column "C" rather than have it displayed in column "A". If someone can please advise me as to what part of the code I must change in order to have these changes take place

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Selection.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeFormulas, 16).Select
Selection. Subtotal GroupBy:=1, Function:=xlSum, TotalList:=Array(6, 9), _
Replace:=False, PageBreaks:=False, SummaryBelowData:=True
Application.Goto Reference:="models2" ....................

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Cut Last Word From A Cell And Paste In Another
I have a long list of addresses in excel. I need the postcodes to Georeference them but the addresses are all in one cell (seperate cell for each address). For instance:

Cell A1:
My house, Whalley New Road, Lancashire, BB4 9TP

I need to extract the postcode ( zip code) and paste it into a seperate cell. I then need to repeat this for every address. I have had a play around but am not getting far at all. From other questions asked like this they all seem to just want to trim!

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Getting A String Of Hash Sign Because Character Length In A Cell Is Too Large
Is there a way to stop getting the error of a string of poind signd (which look like ################) whenever I'm trying to copy and paste information from another worksheet, or trying to link one sheet to another?

I've already tried resizing the rows and columns to their respective maximums but it doesn't seem to work.

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Cut Cell If Adjacent Cell Blank
If a cell in collumn B is blank, I want to cut text from column C at the same row and paste to column B.

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Cut/Move Cell Values Down 1 Row
I got the following format of data which I need to copy the cell values to the next row if it's found.

Row 1 00185
Row 2
Row 4
Row 5 00123
Row 6

what i want is to copy from row1 to row2 & row5 to row6.

How am I going to code it in macro ?

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Windows Cut And Paste Interferes W/macro Cut And Paste
I have a macro that does lots of cutting and pasting, and to make sure it can run without interference from my normal work, I did add the line Application.Interactive = False. But seems while I am cutting and pasting in other windows while the macro runs, sometimes it crashes on the paste part. Is the macro and the Windows Operating system sharing the clipboard?

FYI, Windows XP professional, Excel2000.

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Cut Entire Row To Another Sheet Based On Cell Value
I have a range of data in Sheet1- if in column D the cell contains the word "Everyday" I need the entire row to be cut and pasted to Sheet2. Does anyone know of a way in which a macro could do this? I would need the entire row to be cut from Sheet1 and pasted into Sheet2.

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Copy/Cut Entire Row To Another Sheet Based On Cell Value
Based on the example and solutions from one of our friends post

i want to know the code with the same data as posted in THAT example,changing the data slightly like adding "TODAY" & "TOMMORROW" as other key words which will be Cut/Copied as seperate groups one beneath the other.

I had attached the worksheet with the actual data & the final Required format.

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Cut Entire Row To New Sheet If Cell Data Is Matched
Macro that cut entire row to new sheet if cell data is matched.

For example,

Column A Column E
001 AAA
002 BBB
003 CCC
004 AAA
005 CCC
006 DDD

From sheet 1, A & C matched criteria, cut entire row and paste in new sheet with same header.

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VBA Code To Cut The Last Character Of A Cell And Paste It At The Beginning
In any cell of a worksheet, the user can input a number followed by either a plus or minus sign. After the - or + key is pressed, the cell has to move the plus or minus to the front of the number, then move down one cell. So input in cell A2 would be 125+, that needs converted to +125 and then moved down to cell A3.

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Reduce File Size :; 50 MB
I have xls file size 50MB

I want to reduce size kindly give me some tips to reduce size.

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How Do I Reduce Calculation Time
I am a big fan of huge files (30MB+) all interlinked with array formulas ...and lots of them. The problem calculation take literally 5 hours. (I have one file I try to calculate since cca 4 hours's at 63%)

I keep getting extra memory with no visible improvement on the processing time. Is there a trick out there that I can use? Something is clearly wrong.

I feel I will soon have to give up Excel, or my formulas, or my job ...

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Reduce Sheet To Rows With Certain Value
I have a spreadsheet with 34K rows. I would like to reduce to only the rows that include a certain word.

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File Size - Reduce
I currently have an excel file with lots of formulas on quite a few pages and these are carried down for so many records - its sort of a template to generate information from/to certain sheets for many other purposes.

- is there any way to compress the file (without actually zipping it) as it must remain a working document?

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Reduce Numbers To X Digits
I have a column with numbers in about 500 rows. The entries are 5 numbers long and others 8. So I thought i could use one of the following: A macro code to tell a cell to delete the first 3 numbers if the entry is 8 numbers long?


A macro code to tell a cell to reduce itself to 5 digits long starting from the right? Attached is a small example

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Reduce File Size
My excel file has grown to 23Mb. It has around 10 worksheets and a similar number of userforms. Because the file is large, it slows down the VBA code when it encounters a save command. Is there any way I can improve this? Do userforms use alot of memory or is it the length of code? There are a few images on the userforms but the images are less than 1 Mb in total when all added together.

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Reduce Picture Memory
I got a CD with pricing and (high resolution) pictures (for printing). I've built the search/display macros for displaying a page on the net, so all I want to do is reduce the pics (Adobe Photoshop) to save memory - easy, right? Why can't I get the pics out of excel for work in Photoshop? I've done the tools>options>General tab>ignore other applications (clear) thing. I've done the "shift>edit>copy picture" or "right-click>copy" thing - but I can't paste anything anywhere. What's up? I didn't think I was this bad, but I guess I am; life is humbling.

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Cell Return All Matches From A List And Have The List Of Matches Reduce As You Type
is it possible to have a cell return all matches from a list and have the list of matches reduce as you type, then be able to select one item from the list? this is a typical feature on internet sites, but can it be done in Excel?

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Reduce File Size By Use Of Macros
I still cant figure out how to write macros. If someone could help me out with this I would appreciate it.

Currently I have a worksheet that is 20mb.

This file contains what takes up most of the space. I repeat this line many times throughout the worksheet.

Once again it is a zero eliminating code.

If someone could reduce the number of formulas for me, I think I could figure out how to adapt it to repeat throughout the sheet.

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