Merging Two Graphs

Jun 15, 2006

I have two seperate graphs in two different workbooks. Both graph's are identical in the setup, they have the same X axis and Y axis value. They are identical in every way except for the varying in percentages. This graph was originally setup in that it would calculate the results for a period of a week at a time. Is there a way to merge the two graphs thereby showing the results for a two week period?

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Multiple Graphs On One Screen And Moving Graphs

Feb 12, 2014

i have attached a sheet where I have 4 graphs on one sheet. I prefer this to an overlay. I would like to add a 5th graph but it would make all the the graphs too small. Is there a way to make the graph background longer. For instance, extend the length of this so that I can put multiple graphs on it and then just scroll from top to bottom to review them? Also, how do I copy and paste these individual graphs into a newly created graph. copy/paste doesn't work on these?


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Batch Changes To Graphs

Mar 20, 2007

How can I make batch changes to graphs in the same excel workbook (but on different worksheets?)?

In particular, if I have a bunch of graphs, how can I make bulk changes to color, size, axes titles, etc.?

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Seriation Graphs

Nov 21, 2008

I'm currently struggling with Excel 2007 and I need to produce a seriation graph. I've searched the web and did a search here and no luck.

Is it even possible to graph data using the a seriation graph in Excel?

If so, How?

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Updating Graphs

Dec 7, 2009

I have created a series of numbers using a column 'n' and 3 cells for Start value, End value and increment, this is thwe formula: .....

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Only Showing Certain Graphs?

Dec 18, 2011

I am creating a spreadsheet system for storing school grades, and I have a sheet on my system which shows graphs of the students data, and on this sheet there are rather a lot of graphs, and its sort of a visual overload to see so many graphs on one sheet. Im just wondering if there is any thing which I could insert which would give the person using the system a choice of which class's graph they want to show.

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Column Graphs

Mar 16, 2007

how do i size column graphs equally? so one graph doesn't look bigger then another... or out of place compared to the other column graphs i have...

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Words Into Graphs

Feb 23, 2008

I have sort of a weird request. I've got a chart with data on a patient with a sleep disorder and was hoping to create some charts based on the information I've gathered. For example, I've got a column with the amount of time before she falls asleep and another column with a type of food listed. I want to see if there's any correlation between these two variables. What would be the best type of graph to do this, and what formula would I use?

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Dynamic X Vs Y Graphs

May 3, 2006

I am making an excel program that performs a series of complex calculations then produces several charts of the output. I have the output in a table of a known lenght and width. The problem comes when attempting to create the graphs, I first delete all the old graphs and make new ones. Then I try to add the series to the graphs. I want the graph to be one column vs another column but I have only been able to get it to graph a column vs 1, 2, 3, ect.

how to set the x-axis source data for a given series.

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Automating Graphs

Jun 30, 2006

I'm trying to make alot of graphs(400) and I'm not really sure where to start but here with what I've got so far.

Sub macro2()
Dim x As Long, t As Long, y As Long, z As Long
y = 3
z = 5
x = 4
While x < 1000
With Worksheets("cabernet (2)")
t = Cells(x, 1).Value
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineMarkers
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("cabernet (2)").Range("By:Hz"), PlotBy:=xlRows
ActiveChart.Location where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Cabernet (2)"
ActiveWindow.Visible = False
ActiveChart.HasTitle = True
ActiveChart.charttitle.Text = " " & t
Windows("complete Favorite Genes.xls").Activate
y = y + 3
z = z + 3
x = x + 4
End With
End Sub

I don't really know if putting a variable directly into a range works, so far it doesn't.

As you can tell I need a line graph of the range B3:H5, then the next is the those same columns but 3 rows down, so the next graph is at B6:H8. I'd also like to through in a title here, but I may just be playing with fire. The title is located in column A starting at 4 and corrosponds with each graph, so it too goes is increments of 3, i.e., the first title is at 4 the second at 7 the third at 10. Somebody help me out this isn't working very well at all.

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Graphs Using Start And End Times

Jul 8, 2014

I have a data which has a start time, end time, Stay Time(End-Start) and # of subjects. I am trying to create a graph, line, bar or histogram which shows how many subjects were there at a specific time. So the horizontal axis would have time from 00:00 to 24:00 and vertical axis would have the total # of subjects or the %.

Start End Subject Stay
01:00 02:00 1 01:00
01:00 01:45 1 00:45
02:00 21:00 1 19:00
03:10 14:10 1 11:00

The data set is huge(27000 rows) and I am using excel to create a graph.

I have tried using line plots and bar charts(stacked) but couldn't. I am not sure if there is an easier way to do it .

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Macros For Multiple Graphs

Mar 6, 2007

I currently have a 70 page spreadsheet with similar data that needs representing in pie chart format. All the column headers are the same and I only need 2 columns (A and T).

There are however different numbers of rows. Is it possible to write a macro to detect the number of rows before it draws the relevant pie chart (I've managed the pie chart bit!!)

See attached example, same concept but cant post real data.

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Copying And Pasting Graphs

Feb 16, 2009

I have a graph, that I would like to be able to copy from one sheet and paste into another, is there away of doing this without dropping the data i.e. every time I copy and paste the graph clears, I don't want to copy the spreadsheet data as well as the graph is purely for a visual

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Generating Data For Graphs

Aug 12, 2009

I'm knocking up a spreadsheet that deals with expense claims for a small company. Under the Reason column you pick an expense type from a drop down list. What I'd like to be able to do is to set up a graph or table that can identify how much is spent on the different things. As there is a drop down menu system I'd like the worksheet to be able to differentiate the expense types and generate a total balance for each. Enclosed is an example of the spreadsheet.

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Macro To Create A PPT Of Graphs

Apr 24, 2014

I have this following code to create the PPT with a specific template. But in this, the first slide of the PPT are coming blank. How to remove those blank slides?

PHP Code: 

Sub CreatePowerPoint()Answer = MsgBox("Are you sure you want to continue?" & vbNewLine & 
"Clicking 'YES' will create the DU Dashboard PPT" & vbNewLine & "You may want to set the range & Update VOC graph",
vbYesNoCancel + vbInformation, "Warning: DU Dashboard graph")If Answer = vbYes Then Else Exit Sub 
'Add a reference to the Microsoft PowerPoint Library by:    '1. Go to Tools in the VBA menu    '2. Click on Reference    


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Add Graphs From Workbooks To Powerpoint

Feb 21, 2014

So I have lets say 3 workbooks and on each first tab of that worbook there is a (pivot)graph. Now what I would want is VBA code which opens these excel workbooks, then copy the chart and paste it into a powerpoint presentation each chart on a new powerpoint slide. So it can be rather basic. A loop which goes thru excel sheets and always takes the chart on the first tab. I see a lot of different code but not what I really can use for powerpoint thru excel vba.

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Pivot Tables With Graphs

Mar 13, 2014

I have a 8 pivottables with a graph for each. is there a way that i can have a dropdown menu to select which graph to display instead of having all these graphs everywhere....

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Macro To Update Graphs

Oct 11, 2008

I have multiple graphs that read from rows varying in length from 2 to 60 columns long, depending on user input. I need help in creating a macro that readjusts the graphs to read from smaller/larger data set.

I created one that said: If user input = 1, then set graph to (A1:A1), If user input = 2, then (A1:B1), but this is really inefficient. Is there a better way?

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Change Graphs To Pictures In VB

Mar 15, 2009

My macro suppose to loop on every charts in the workbook and change them to pictures , I'm using the Pastespecial method to do it but sometimes I'm getting a 1004 error in the line that do the paste command. Is there is a better way to do it? ..........

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Conditional Formatting With Graphs

Mar 20, 2009

I have a document that is a question and answer (an audit check sheet). Based on how the questions are answered, I need to have a bar within a graph change colour.

Is this possible ? Im not sure if we can use conditional formating or programming to amend a graph.

Would i need to use conditional formatting or vba/macro ?????

I have attached the document with a more detailed outline.

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VBA Copying Multiple Graphs

Jan 4, 2012

I am trying to copy a group of six graphs from one Sheet "Charts" and paste them in another Sheet "FinShots" in the same Workbook. I have grouped the graphs and named the group "FinShots1".

But I can't seem to write a code that will copy group "FinShots1" from "Charts" and paste in "FinShots".

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Multiple Graphs In Excel Using VBA

Apr 3, 2012

I am currently working through data received from several experimental runs I have done for my masters studies (In chemical engineering). I need to create a chart for every experiment but coding the macro to do that has been near impossible. I have the file with the first graph drawn but I dont know how to post it.

I know it will be possible to draw every chart by hand but I am waiting on another 300+ data sets and then the amount becomes crazy.

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Matching Y Axis Of Graphs?

Jun 18, 2014

I have two graphs, graph 1 and graph 2.

The y-axis of graph 1 is set to Auto.

My question: is there anyway to get graph 2's y-axis to change to whatever graph 1's y-axis is automatically?

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Conditional Formating On Graphs

Jun 10, 2006

if its possible to run conditional formating on graphs, I can do this fine on the actual data

i.e. Have a bar chart with a number of bars all the same colour and just wanted to have the bars change to red if they drop below a certain percentage.

only running excel 2000

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Grouping Worksheets With Graphs

Jul 11, 2006

Is there a handy way to group worksheets withing a workbook, other than hiding them? I'm building a workbook at the moment and am constantly adding worksheets and expect a lot more when producing graphs. I have in mind a tab that would say for example "graphs" and when selected it would free up or open all the graph worksheets and when not in use all those worksheets could be grouped together behind that one tab.

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Macro For 3000+ Graphs

Aug 25, 2006

I need to create a macro to create 3000+ graphs (maybe not necessarily all in the same worksheet or workbook). I have code for what I would like the graphs to look like:

Option Explicit

Sub OzgridExample()
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineMarkers
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Data Sheet"). Range("C7:G7"), _
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "='Data Sheet'!R3C1:R3C7"
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Data Sheet"
With ActiveChart ..................

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Linking Graphs From Excel To PowerPoint (Only Once)

May 6, 2014

I have an excel that gets updated monthly for reporting. The goal is to get the graphs to update automatically by linking them from excel into power point. This is relatively easy but what when I go to update the report for the next month the data for the old power point changes as well. Is there a way to prevent this?

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Excel 2012 :: Bar Graphs With Two Different Axis

Jan 6, 2014

Excel 2012 user.

I am trying to create two vertical axis bar graphs with the Primary axis for period Q1 to Q4 and the secondary axis for FY. I have attached what I have done so far and have successfully converted all but one FY bar graph to secondary axis. Once I try to select the last one (dark gray bar called "2011 FY" on the very far right), the FY bars disappears.

My main purpose is to get both Q1-Q4 & FY on the same graph and the reason I plotted FY on the secondary axis is because I didn't want the FY $ scale to massively skew the entire graph.

Sample Report 06JAN14 - Bar graph with two axis.xlsx

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Change Graphs Automatically When Row Inserted

May 25, 2014

I want the 2 graphs in "Graph" worksheet to change automatically when a row is inserted in "Data" worksheet . Every time i have to change the graph manually to contain the latest 20 days value. I want some offset or something which can be put in the range provided below to do the work.

Chart Data Range =Data!$A$1:$A$22,Data!$F$1:$F$2,Data!$L$1:$L$20

Legend entries (Series) - Series Name =Data!$F$1 ( this will remain constant everyday as this is a header field)

Series Values =Data!$F$2:$F$22 ( this should contain last 20 days range, for example if a next row is inserted tomorrow then it should automatically change to =Data!$F$3:$F$23)

Legend entries (Series) - Series Name =Data!$L$1 ( this will remain constant everyday as this is a header field)

Series Values =Data!$L$2:$L$22 ( this should contain last 20 days range, for example if a next row is inserted tomorrow then it should automatically change to =Data!$L$3:$L$23)

Horizontal (Category) axis series -Axis Label Range =Data!$A$2:$A$22 ( this should contain last 20 days range, for example if a next row is inserted tomorrow then it should automatically change to =Data!$A$3:$A$23)

Sheet attached : Devicess.xlsx

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Using Line Graphs To Show Trends

Oct 19, 2009

I am trying to show some trends, from data taken on a monthly basis. The attached spreadsheet is an example of what I have:

The first two columns show data for Month1. The next two columns show data for the last 2 months (Month1&2). I was thinking of using a line graph, and showing Month1 and Month1&2 on the X axis. At time Month1, I'd have 4 different data points, for hw, sw, fpga and chip. At time Month1&2, I'd show the cumulative data for those same 4 categories. Over a period of time, we could see whether one area or another (hw, sw) keeps getting worse. How can I do this via pivot table?

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