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Merging Two Graphs

I have two seperate graphs in two different workbooks. Both graph's are identical in the setup, they have the same X axis and Y axis value. They are identical in every way except for the varying in percentages. This graph was originally setup in that it would calculate the results for a period of a week at a time. Is there a way to merge the two graphs thereby showing the results for a two week period?

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Updating Graphs
I have created a series of numbers using a column 'n' and 3 cells for Start value, End value and increment, this is thwe formula: .....

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Batch Changes To Graphs
How can I make batch changes to graphs in the same excel workbook (but on different worksheets?)?

In particular, if I have a bunch of graphs, how can I make bulk changes to color, size, axes titles, etc.?

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Words Into Graphs
I have sort of a weird request. I've got a chart with data on a patient with a sleep disorder and was hoping to create some charts based on the information I've gathered. For example, I've got a column with the amount of time before she falls asleep and another column with a type of food listed. I want to see if there's any correlation between these two variables. What would be the best type of graph to do this, and what formula would I use?

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Seriation Graphs
I'm currently struggling with Excel 2007 and I need to produce a seriation graph. I've searched the web and did a search here and no luck.

Is it even possible to graph data using the a seriation graph in Excel?

If so, How?

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Column Graphs
how do i size column graphs equally? so one graph doesn't look bigger then another... or out of place compared to the other column graphs i have...

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Dynamic X Vs Y Graphs
I am making an excel program that performs a series of complex calculations then produces several charts of the output. I have the output in a table of a known lenght and width. The problem comes when attempting to create the graphs, I first delete all the old graphs and make new ones. Then I try to add the series to the graphs. I want the graph to be one column vs another column but I have only been able to get it to graph a column vs 1, 2, 3, ect.

how to set the x-axis source data for a given series.

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Automating Graphs
I'm trying to make alot of graphs(400) and I'm not really sure where to start but here with what I've got so far.

Sub macro2()
Dim x As Long, t As Long, y As Long, z As Long
y = 3
z = 5
x = 4
While x < 1000
With Worksheets("cabernet (2)")
t = Cells(x, 1).Value
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineMarkers
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("cabernet (2)").Range("By:Hz"), PlotBy:=xlRows
ActiveChart.Location where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Cabernet (2)"
ActiveWindow.Visible = False
ActiveChart.HasTitle = True
ActiveChart.charttitle.Text = " " & t
Windows("complete Favorite Genes.xls").Activate
y = y + 3
z = z + 3
x = x + 4
End With
End Sub

I don't really know if putting a variable directly into a range works, so far it doesn't.

As you can tell I need a line graph of the range B3:H5, then the next is the those same columns but 3 rows down, so the next graph is at B6:H8. I'd also like to through in a title here, but I may just be playing with fire. The title is located in column A starting at 4 and corrosponds with each graph, so it too goes is increments of 3, i.e., the first title is at 4 the second at 7 the third at 10. Somebody help me out this isn't working very well at all.

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Change Graphs To Pictures In VB
My macro suppose to loop on every charts in the workbook and change them to pictures , I'm using the Pastespecial method to do it but sometimes I'm getting a 1004 error in the line that do the paste command. Is there is a better way to do it? ..........

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Macro To Update Graphs
I have multiple graphs that read from rows varying in length from 2 to 60 columns long, depending on user input. I need help in creating a macro that readjusts the graphs to read from smaller/larger data set.

I created one that said: If user input = 1, then set graph to (A1:A1), If user input = 2, then (A1:B1), but this is really inefficient. Is there a better way?

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Macros For Multiple Graphs
I currently have a 70 page spreadsheet with similar data that needs representing in pie chart format. All the column headers are the same and I only need 2 columns (A and T).

There are however different numbers of rows. Is it possible to write a macro to detect the number of rows before it draws the relevant pie chart (I've managed the pie chart bit!!)

See attached example, same concept but cant post real data.

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Conditional Formatting With Graphs
I have a document that is a question and answer (an audit check sheet). Based on how the questions are answered, I need to have a bar within a graph change colour.

Is this possible ? Im not sure if we can use conditional formating or programming to amend a graph.

Would i need to use conditional formatting or vba/macro ?????

I have attached the document with a more detailed outline.

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Copying And Pasting Graphs
I have a graph, that I would like to be able to copy from one sheet and paste into another, is there away of doing this without dropping the data i.e. every time I copy and paste the graph clears, I don't want to copy the spreadsheet data as well as the graph is purely for a visual

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Generating Data For Graphs
I'm knocking up a spreadsheet that deals with expense claims for a small company. Under the Reason column you pick an expense type from a drop down list. What I'd like to be able to do is to set up a graph or table that can identify how much is spent on the different things. As there is a drop down menu system I'd like the worksheet to be able to differentiate the expense types and generate a total balance for each. Enclosed is an example of the spreadsheet.

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Macro For 3000+ Graphs
I need to create a macro to create 3000+ graphs (maybe not necessarily all in the same worksheet or workbook). I have code for what I would like the graphs to look like:

Option Explicit

Sub OzgridExample()
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLineMarkers
ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Sheets("Data Sheet"). Range("C7:G7"), _
ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(1).XValues = "='Data Sheet'!R3C1:R3C7"
ActiveChart.Location Where:=xlLocationAsObject, Name:="Data Sheet"
With ActiveChart ..................

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Conditional Formating On Graphs
if its possible to run conditional formating on graphs, I can do this fine on the actual data

i.e. Have a bar chart with a number of bars all the same colour and just wanted to have the bars change to red if they drop below a certain percentage.

only running excel 2000

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Grouping Worksheets With Graphs
Is there a handy way to group worksheets withing a workbook, other than hiding them? I'm building a workbook at the moment and am constantly adding worksheets and expect a lot more when producing graphs. I have in mind a tab that would say for example "graphs" and when selected it would free up or open all the graph worksheets and when not in use all those worksheets could be grouped together behind that one tab.

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How To Link Droplist Options With Graphs
I am working on a project that people can use for documenting their actions at work.

I would like to know how after you produce a dropdown list of options, when a person selects a choice, it will add a numerical value of '1' on a graph.

For example:

What is your favourite colour?

droplist options (red, green, blue)

[person selects red]

-> on a graph next to it, the bar for red increases by 1, while green and blue remains at 0.

The droplist will automatically reset after every selection, awaiting retabulation.

PS. Ideally, I would have a button next to it saying "add", so after the option is chosen, the person would click on the button to add the increase on the graph.

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Create & Copy Multiple Graphs
I'm pretty much a novice at Excel so obviously my knowledge is fairly limited. Basically I have created 2 sheets called 'Week 1 - By Day' and 'Week 1 - By Campaign'. The first sheet (By Day) contains data which supplies graphs to not only that sheet but also to sheet 2 (By Campaign). Sheet 2 (By Campaign) only contains graphs sourced from data within sheet 1.

So, I need to copy both of these 52 times (for every week of the year). Thatís 52 x sheet 1 and 52 x sheet 2.

I have been able to copy sheet 1 easily enough by holding down the Ctrl button and dragging the sheet. This works fine and the formula and graphs within the sheet change automatically. However, the major problem at the moment is sheet 2(sheet 2 only contains Graphs which is related to data from sheet 1). When I do the same thing with sheet 2 (hold down Ctrl and drag) the graphs within the new sheet (sheet 4) are still sourcing the data from sheet 1 instead of sourcing the data from Sheet 3 'Week 2 - By Day'.

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Selecting Cells Between Blanks For Use In Graphs.
I'm trying to write a VBA code that'll select cells in column B that contains text until it comes to a blank row, the amount of data changes each time, i've tried two different approches but i'm unable to get it to hold the cell, it only moves down one cell each time i run the macro, no errors though.

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Macro To Create Multiple Graphs
I would like to create 2 graphs for each set of data in my worksheet. the first set of data that I would like to create a 2D line chart for is in cells AQ3:AS19 (not sure if that is the correct syntax??) and the second is AW3:AY3.

I would like to position the first chart (top right corner) at BA3 and re-size it so that it is 17 cells tall and 7 cells wide. the second chart should be positioned at BI3 and the same dimensions.

I would like to delete the chart legend for both graphs

then I need to repeat about 1000 times. Each new set of data starts 20 cells lower (ie. AQ3, AQ22, AQ41..). Or every time "Band" is found in column AP.

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Using Line Graphs To Show Trends
I am trying to show some trends, from data taken on a monthly basis. The attached spreadsheet is an example of what I have:

The first two columns show data for Month1. The next two columns show data for the last 2 months (Month1&2). I was thinking of using a line graph, and showing Month1 and Month1&2 on the X axis. At time Month1, I'd have 4 different data points, for hw, sw, fpga and chip. At time Month1&2, I'd show the cumulative data for those same 4 categories. Over a period of time, we could see whether one area or another (hw, sw) keeps getting worse. How can I do this via pivot table?

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Copied The Graphs To A Word Document
I made some graphs in Excel and then copied them to a Word document. Everything seemed fine, but when I printed the document some graphs had a white square under the numbers and some hadn't. I can't find out where I can change this so that all of them would be without that white background under the numbers:

how can I change that so that all graphs will look the same (without that little squares behind the values).

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Named Range Graphs With Many Series
I understand that you can do dynamic named ranges for graphs, using one named range for each series and another for the categories. However, the graph I'm working on will have a lot of series'. Is there a way to do this cleverly? I'm trying to avoid making a named range for each one.

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Multiple Pivot Table Graphs
see attachment.

I am looking a macro that will create as many graphs as there are counties (column a) in the data range (A4:N89 for this example). There could be a maximum of ~3000 counties, which would place the data range at roughly excel's limit (A4:N65000).

In any case, the graphs would take data from column F and look like the 3 graphs i have provided in the attachment. The graphs are simply graphing share for the top 25 lenders in each county. So, for example, Texas contains 254 counties--I would like a macro that creates 254 graphs, one next to the other, starting at cell O4 through column IV4 and then repeating at O22 through column IV22 and so on, until all the graphs for each county in the data range are created.

Also, would it be possible, just as in the attachment, for the macro to change the color of the data bar associated with a particular lender, in this case JPMORGAN CHASE BANK? In the attachment, I made the three bars associated with JPMORGAN CHASE red. If there is a county in which this particular is not in the Top 25, then all of the bar colors in the graph remain blue.

Would it be possible to do the exact same (macro that graphs off the pivot table) but include the data for the Top 25 Totals, Non-Top 25 Totals, and the County Total?

In other words, the graphs would look exactly as they do now, but, for example, the first graph would contain data from F5:F32 rather than just from F5:F29. Furthermore, the graph's axis label would pull from C5:C29 AND B30:B31 AND A32.

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Create Dymanic Charts Or Graphs
I'd like to put a spinner button on a chart that will change the x-axis date range. The data is in day/month/year format, but ideally I'd like to have the spinner button move in 1 year increments. The most recent date should always be present and changes should just impact how far back in history to go. I have basically no experience with vba coding, so please be as thorough and simple with your responses/solutions.

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Auto Hiding Zero Date For Graphs And Charts
I've got 100's of different graphs the problem is i'm currently manually updating them all, a simple example of the data is: ....

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Put A Number Of Graphs On To A Work Sheet To Print Them
i want to put a number of graphs on to a work sheet to pringt them out to make it look good. How can i using a macro fix the size of that graph and the location of that graph on the worksheet

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Copying Lots Of Embedded Graphs In Powerpoint
Is there a quick was of copying lots of embedded graphs in powerpoint and pasting them into Excel?

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Printing Groups Of Graphs From Dynamic Range
I have a spreadsheet which uses dynamic ranges to produce graphs for individuals which are selected using a scroll box. I can't figure out how to print multiple graphs at a time without selecting each individuals name and then printing the page which is time consuming, also it would be great if I could somehow get the individuals name highlighted in the list so whenthe page is printed you can see who's data it is.

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Macro To Create Multiple Graphs From X Sheets
I am trying to use VB to create 50 charts each with 3 lines using data from 3 different excel spreadsheets in the same workbook. I am able to create one chart with 3 lines using data from the three spreadsheets, this is good. However I exprience problems when i try to insert a loop to create 50 charts that correspond the the rows in each spreadsheet. I am new to VB and am very inexperienced with VB. In each worksheet my data is arranged in rows. row 1 of each worksheet has the header information and rows 2 through row 50 have my corresponding data. for example A2 lists the name and F2 through T2 lists the data. I have tried a bunch of different things but nothing seems to alllow me to be able to create multiple charts which correspond to each row of data?

Sub Chart2PPT()
Dim arow As Integer
Dim acol As Integer
Dim StartPoint As Integer
Dim EndPoint As Integer
Dim rStartPoint As String
Dim rEndPoint As String
StartPoint = 2
EndPoint = 4
For arow = 2 To 5
rStartPoint = "f" & StartPoint
rEndPoint = "t" & EndPoint
ActiveChart.ChartType = xlLine 'Type of graph........................

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VBA To Create Charts/Graphs From Non Continuous Ranges
I have an excel sheet populated with loads of values. There is a space between each set of data. I need to draw a graph for each section and i cant work out how to do it. I have attached the sheet in question. The gap between each column has "space" written on row, which is needed to prevent it being deleted. The drawing of the graphs needs to be automated as there is going to be 100's of sheets containg lots of data. The column size of each section can change so it needs to be dynamic. I have attached an example sheet

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Compile Error After Editing VBA So Graphs Are Independent Of The Worksheet
From every sheet I want to create the same type of graph, so a macro could be very useful.

First I recorded a macro. The worked fine, but it could only be used by only one worksheet. Every time I used the macro it returned to the original worksheet where I created the macro.

With some searching I found out how to change the code so that the macro could be used for the active sheet.

But now I get stuck with the following error: "compile error: invalid qualification" (translated from Dutch).

With error tracking I get stuck at the first line "Sub grafiek()"

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Create Multiple Graphs/Charts From Data Groups
I need to make a macro that creates a specified number of graphs depending on the file's number of data sets. I know the number of sets that are in the data, and I know the number of data points that were taken. Here is what I have:

Sub Graphs()
Dim Startpoint As Integer
Dim Endpoint As Integer
Dim count As Integer
Dim xStart As String
Dim xEnd As String
Dim NumberSets As Integer
Dim yStart As String
Dim yEnd As String
Dim DataSet As Integer
Dim Data
Startpoint = 11 'The first set always starts in row 11
Endpoint = Range("L4").Value + 10 'Thefirst set always ends after the value of L4+10
NumberSets = Range("L7").Value 'number of times I need the loop to work
count = 1..........................

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Merging Macros
I've created a time sheet that we fill out daily. I currently have two macro buttons on the sheet. One "submits" the sheet by creating a .pdf, saving a copy and then emailing it to the boss. The other closes the time sheet without saving so that it doesn't carry over today's data to tomorrow. My question is, can I assign one macro to do both?

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Merging Cells ....
I have a column with data, the cells go data, blank cell, data, blank cell, data etc.

The row count will vary.

What I need to do is go through the non blank cells in the column and merge the them with the blank cells beneth them.

ie A2 = Apple
A3 = blank
A4 = Pear
A5 = blank

run the code to get

A2 and A3 = Apple
A4 and A5 = Pear

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Merging Rows
I am looking for some tips to merge the 2 rows into 1 row with all data transferred. I have tried the following:-

However, it returns "0" when cell is empty. Your help is greatly appreciated. Attached a file for better understanding.

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Merging Row Data
I collect data from a number of tools for our server and switch info. I don't have a problem merging that data. My problem is trying to get that data into a working format.

-- I have a server that has dual network connections.

-- This data resides in different rows, and each has slightly different data that I need to preserve.

-- I want to merge these two rows into one pre-defined output layout on a separate sheet without loosing any of the data.

Some other things of note. Not all of the servers have duplicate entries, but still want that data on the output sheet as well.

I have attached an example of what I have to work with and what the output sheet that I'm trying to get to looks like.

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Merging By ID Numbers
I have an excel file with the same columns of data for different years (each year's data is in a different sheet). Each of the columns corresponds to a different survey question asked to the same farmers year after year. These farmers have been identified by ID number in the first column and I would like to consolidate the information from all the years into a single sheet.

The problem is that there are many farmers who dropped out of the survey or were added to the survey over the years. So, for example, in year one you may have data for the following ID numbers: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 And by year 4 you may have data for the following ID number: 2, 3, 4, 5, 9.

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Merging The Sheets
I need help in merging sheets in 4 workbooks, meaning bringing the sheets in all 4 workbooks into 1 workbook.

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Merging Cells ...?
I have data in two separate cells as follows:

Cell A1 = 7890
Cell A3 = 1

In Cell A4 I want to merge the figures as following figure:

What type of formula would I need to create for this to work for me?

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Merging 2 Sheets
I have 2 sheets

1st sheet data

Job_idHost_NameOutcome STEP_INDEX
742762Blank success Null
742762QCTCRMBLD07success 0
742762QCTCRMBLD02success 1
742762Blank skipped 2

2ND sheet data

Job id RunTime QueueTime

742762 52 .4562 0.12365

Now i have to insert the 2nd sheet data into the first sheet whereever the step index is NULL

So Basically my output should be like below:

Job_idHost_NameOutcome STEP_INDEX RunTime QueueTime
742762BLANK success Null 52 .4562 0.12365 742762QCTCRMBLD07success 0
742762QCTCRMBLD02success 1
742762BLANK skipped 2

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Merging First And Last Names
I have an excel sheet with first and last name and I have another column called username.

The username will be "firstnamelastname" all lower case and no spaces.

I know I can use C1=lower(&A1""&B1)

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Merging Two Files
merging two Excel files. 2009 Item List.xls file has two columns Part number and Description. Price.xls file has two colums: part number and price. I need to merge them into a file that whould have three colums: part number, description, price. There 6712 rows in 2009 Item List.xls and 4743 rows in Price.xls file. So I need them matched based on the part number, and have the cells blank for the part numbers for which the price was not assigned.

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Merging Two Columns
i would like to merge two columns as explained below

for ex

the 1st column is:

the 2ed column is:

the merged columns should be:

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Merging Two Worksheets..
I have two worksheets in the same workbook that need to be merged into a third worksheet. I need to take all the data in worksheet "On Hand" and bring in from the worksheet "Transactions" the data in columns E & F (into the new worksheet "Excess Inventory"). There will be item numbers (Column B in both sheets) that will only be in the "On Hand" sheet. I have entered data in the sheet "Excess Inventory" to show what I am trying to do.

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Merging Outocme After Looking Up
I have given an example of below of what i am trying to achieve. I am seeking to match up the region name with the project id and to have the outocme put into expected output. i have done two examples below. The problem that i am facing is that "Asia" as you will see has more than one project info. (the list is quite long)

ProjectInfoProjectIdRegionRegionNameExpected Output:
CW28915NL - Netherlands
CW28915HK - Hong KongNL - Netherlands ; HK - Hong Kong
CW30695Middle East / Africa
CW30695EuropeAsia ; America ; Middle East / Africa ; Europe
CW32739Middle East / Africa

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Merging The Data
I'm compiling data to be transfered into a report program but the programe can't deal with any Excel Formulas so the data has to appear 'as is' so to speak. I have 2 columns of data (roughly 1200 rows) and I need to merge the two together but i can't have the formula in the merged cell......

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Datasheets Merging
I need to merge two spreadsheets....

1 spread sheet has 1500 filenames store in Column A and the another spreadsheet has all filenames(Near 3500) in column A and their properties in the next three columns.

Can anyone teach me how to automatically match the same filename and merge together the data and put to sheet 3?

so in sheet 3 I can have the following
Column A = Filename | Column B = Property 1 | Column C = Property 2 | Column D= Property 3

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Merging Two Worksheets
There is no unique common key to relate records in two work sheets of same workbook. Therefore, the first step in generating this report is to create a common key that can be used to match records in worksheet 1 to worksheet 2 records. Common key is generated by concatenating few of the columns common in both the data sets (say something like brand + Site + End Date + Last name + First name)
The matching run should match the pseudo keys in the two datasets, and merge the records into one file using the following criteria
Event.key1 = ECB.key2 and Event.act_psrv_amt = ECB.folio_amt

Used Vlook up function but it takes really long time to return matching record (note that I want to return whole of the matching record) as we are dealing with huge data.
attached is the sample data

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Merging To Different Tables Into One
I have 2 tables in excel that i need to merge into one, Table 1 has 10 colmns and Table 2 has 7. Both tables have as column 1 a heading of Material, this is the column i need to compare as table 1 does not contain a material description field, but table 2 does, the bold headings are the key ones, but other column information is required. I have attached a sample ss to show what i am trying to do.

Table 1 Col Headings
Created on
Created by

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