Moving Data With VB Code

Jul 24, 2007

I have a workbook with 5 Tabs. One of these tabs is "Completed" (for completed work) The other tabs are names of Managers and the tabs contain information about who is doing what work for the Manager and information about it.

What i would like to do is in column F on every sheet is the "status". I would like when the "status" is changed to completed, to have VB code move that entire record to the Completed tab.

I think its possible i just don't know how to do it.

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Code For Moving Data From Row To Template Invoice Format - My Worst Nightmare

Jan 22, 2010

I’m looking to create an invoice-type format from data in a row but only when the client requests it.

So, if there is a Y in column R. i.e. the client wants an invoice format then.

I have been given a “template” format by the team manager that I have to use. Its far from ideal, well for me anyway, for moving things around and I’m struggling to get anywhere with it.

I’m trying to take the data from the row in the source / client worksheet, which will be created via a code from here, and transpose it to a copy of the “template” worksheet which sits within the same workbook. This is made more complicated because in some cases the data for the invoice will be in two or more rows, because there will be a few items on the same invoice, but they will still be on the same worksheet.

The source / client worksheet has data from columns A to T with a header in row 1.

The details will need to be transposed from the relevant row from each column to the “template” worksheet as follows
From column in source / client worksheet To cell in copy template worksheet.

From - To

This is where it gets messy, or more messy should I say


For each of the six sections M to N above there may be more than one relevant items which will be on rows 3 onwards of the source /client worksheet.
So, ideally I’m guessing based on if there is data in column A of the source / client worksheet then M to N above will need to copied downwards, i.e. below itself on the template worksheet say from column A and B rows 33-45 copied to A and B rows 47-59 until all the data is copied over.

Blinking eck ... this is a nightmare… a real nightmare. This more than one section above is really bad… I’m at a complete loss.

Although if its really not possible they may have to have another template worksheet with the second, third etc items on as I just can’t see this working.

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Code For Moving Between Workbooks

Apr 8, 2008

Workbooks.Open "E:Prep2008" & "" & Format(ActiveSheet.Range("C6"), "ddd dd-mm-yy") & ".xls"

is code I use to open a workbook (workbook b) based on the date found at cell c6 of workbook A.

Question ... how do I divert activity to to the newly opened WB B from WB A?


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VBA Code - Creating And Moving Shapes In Excel

Mar 9, 2014

1.) Create shapes (customize oval shape), I was able to create one but I think the code needs improvement to have the shape a fixed name. - see attached excel file.

2.) Move shapes into corresponding cell. Example: (Oval shape1, should be in cell g6). - see attached excel file.

Customize Heatmap creation.xlsm

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Moving And Deleting Entire Rows Between Tabs In Workbook And Moving Them Back If Needed

Sep 23, 2013

I have an excel work book with 6 tabs. I would like to have Excel move an entire row from one tab to another tab (removing the row and inserting it in the other tab). I.e. Example I have a tab with items that are marked as "Open Actions" so if I were to change the drop down to close. Excel would move that entire row of actions to the tab with the "closed actions" and insert into the next available row. Now if someone were to come back at a later date say no it should be reopened than I would change the drop down to open and excel would move that row back to the open actions tab into next available row. I tried a PIVOT table and no good I played with few macro and not.

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Excel 2007 :: Moving Data From One Worksheet To Another Keeping Data And Formatting?

May 5, 2014

I am working on a project that has 5 worksheets. I have been able to figure out everything else I need to do but this has me stumped. I have data in Sheet1 A6, that i want to place in Sheet2 A6, Sheet3 A6, Sheet4 A6 and Sheet5 A6 and keep data and formatting(BOLD AND UNDERLINE). So I change Sheet1 A6 and the other 4 sheets change also. I'm using Microsoft Excel 2007.

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Data Validation Rules Not Moving With Data

Feb 24, 2014

creating a spreadsheet for work which is almost working a treat Unfortunately, when a row of data moves from one sheet (Queries) to another (Archive), data validation is lost. Initially I thought I daidn't have it set up on the Archive sheet, but on moving it back to queries (by use of a macro) the validation is still not working. how to keep validation rules WITH data when it is moved please? I will upload my file when I get home from restrictions prevent me doing it here!

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Moving Rows Of Data Into 1 Row

May 20, 2014

I'm essentially getting a lot of data at the moment, which has a few orders people have made on my website.

Essentially, think order id, address etc and then all the products the customer has ordered.

However, the part which includes what the customer has ordered creates multiple rows of data, with the order ids etc duplicated. What I need to do is consolidate this into 1 row. So to add additional columns instead of rows.

The reason fro this is I want to mail merge the data into an invoice and mail merges work of 1 line of data at a time. I've attached an example, any way to do this?

(Attached to this post / or linked here: [URL] ....)

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Moving Data To Another Cell

Dec 11, 2009

I have 3 columns Z, AA, AB. The heading for Z1 is “A”, AA1 is “B” and AB1 is “C”
In column Z2:Z2000, there is a mix of A, B’s and C’s. I want A to stay in Z1 column, B’s to goto AA1 and C’s to goto AB1, also I want this added to a macro that I previously created, so everything happens with one push of a button

Now for save, not sure if this is possible or not, if I can have this added to the macro as well that would be great. When I push my macro button, the file saves to “Dec (today’s date) DB (81).xls” The number 81 is the total count of A, B’s C’s, this # will change depending on how may A, B’s and C’s there are. I really hope there is a way of doing all this




----- B.....

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Moving A Row Of Data Into One Cell

Dec 13, 2012

Essentially, there are two columns I am dealing with. One is "Sales Rep" and it lists all of the sales reps employed by the company. The other is "Zip Code" and that will list all of the zip codes that sales rep is responsible for.

Now, I have a row of data, all of those zip codes listed out, that each rep is responsible for, but my supervisor wants all of the zip codes listed in one cell, in that second column. Example: (02018, 34098, 16711).

The commas are not necessary, but is there any way to get this done other than manually entering them?

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Macro For Moving Data

Sep 1, 2007

I need to move a lot of data from what was originally a txt document into an easily readable form.

I have used Macro's before but only for very basic routines (so please treat me as a bit dumb when it comes to Macro’s).

I have Include Screen shot of the data highlighted in a colored box and the relevant colored cell I need to move it into.

This needs to be repeated many times with data that is consistent in its layout.

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Moving Matching Data Into The Same Row From Different Ones

Jul 21, 2009

what im basically trying to do here is to move XYZ from column B and 123 from column C to match up with XYZ in column A ....

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Moving Data Between Two Userforms

Aug 6, 2009

I am trying to do what I have quoted below. In particular,I have the two userforms set up so that I open one and then click a checkbox that opens the second userform. I would like the data I enter into a texbox in the second userform to populate a text box in the first.

Originally Posted by dominicb
Good evening scott92

Sounds like you want to dump the contents of textbox1 into a public variable and force textbox 2 to pick them up from there. You might have a problem deciding exactly when textbox2 is to update - ie what event you're going to hang it from. Are both userforms visible on the screen at the same time? is the updating to take place in real time?


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Moving Data From Spreadsheet A To B?

Jan 31, 2012

i need to move data from a speadsheet (that is open) to

P:SharedAgentsAdmin TeamAvrils TeamSamuel Kinver-WrigleyEscalations ManagementSIOXTeamNew SIOX beastFOR GRAPH PURPOSES.xls

So all the data in the open workbook is in a sheet called "move sheet".

So first to move:

A1:D13 to the workbook address above in sheet "admin" but it needs to look for the next available row in col. A to paste the data.


A15:D27 to the workbook address above in sheet "Outgoing (Cust.)" but it needs to look for the next available row in col. A to paste the data.

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Moving Data From One Sheet To Another

Jul 11, 2012

What vba code would I use to move data from rows a and b in sheet 1 to sheet 2. preferably with a button if possible.

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Moving Data From One Workbook To Another

Jan 18, 2014

I have two workbooks and wish to extract data from the first workbook (second tab), and insert certain cell data into a specific cell in the second workbook (first tab).

The first workbook has this info:
Customer 1
Customer 2
Rec Month

Customer A
Customer B
Block 10

[Code] .......

This is a very large data set. The S/N will appear multiple times. The rest of the data will change with each entry, but there are some exceptions where it may be the same.

The second workbook has this data:
Date Rec
Ship Date
Customer 1

1 thru 14
Yes or No
Customer A

[Code] .......

This too is a very large data set. What I need to do is to find the S/N in the first table "based on the month" and replace the entry under Customer 1 with the associated Customer 2 data entry. The VLOOKUP function can't seem to handle the multiple S/N entries.

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Moving Data In A Database

Mar 15, 2007

I've "lurked" around the board for a few days now, and I've gotta say this is the most helpful excel forum by far. After wading through a tiny chunk of the thousands of threads on this board, though, I am still having trouble with coding a macro that will do what I need it to do. If it affects anything, I'm on Excel 2002 on Windows XP.

I am currently in a project where I have to go through a database, formatted as thus: ...

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Moving Data To A New Cell.

Apr 12, 2007

I have cut and pasted a large amount of data onto a spreadsheet. The problem is that I have two rows of data that is associated with one another, so lets say A1 has a name and A2 contains that person's age. This process repeats in the same way in A3 and A4 and so on.

I need to move the data from A2 to B1 without using a simple function like =A2 in B1. The reason is that I will need to sort just the Names in column A once I get the the data moved. I am not sure how to do this.

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Moving Data Between Sheets

Apr 9, 2009

I have one very large piece of data located in one worksheet that I use across ten other worksheets. I simply copy and paste this data into each worksheet each morning after the data has been refreshed. Is there any way to be able to simply have my master sheet update and then get coppied to all of my other sheets?

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Moving Old Data By Months

Sep 4, 2009

I have 6 rows of data with 12 columns. The first row of data consists of the 12 months and the order changes with the current month -1 listed first. The first column of data is updated from a separate sheet. When the first column is updated I would like the old data to follow the month it was originally listed under until that month becomes the first month again.

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Lookup Moving Data

Nov 9, 2006

I have a spread sheet made by a former employer, if i enter a charge code in I4 it give me a price, the fomula is =(VLOOKUP(I4,boq,4,FALSE))*H4 the 4 after boq is the row the price is in. h4 is the amount of that item I have done, the problem I have is that my client has now changed the way we charge them, if I do 1 to 5 of an item it is one price, if I do 6 to 25 its a lower price, if I do 26 to 100 it lower still. I have added the prices for 6-25 in line 5(e) and 26-100 in line 6(f), what would the formula be so vlookup looks in the line depending on the value in H4. ie if h4 = 1-5 look in line 4. if H4 = 6-25 look in line 5 & if H4 = 26-100 look in line 6.

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Moving Data To Another Sheet If

Jan 26, 2007

using visual basic on excel and im after some code for a macro to be assigned to a button in a workbook that will do the following task:

1. In sheet "Main Page" Select rows between A4 and D100 that have anything in column C.
2. Copy the data in these rows and paste them in sheet "Invoice Page" in rows below and including 4 without leaving any empty rows, although there might be rows that dont contain data in column C in the first sheet where they are being copied from.

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Automatically Moving Data Between Sheets?

Jul 20, 2013

I am working on a macro which transfers data from one sheet to another. The code starts by taking cells M1:P1 from sheet SL_Background and moving them to B9:E9 on sheet CreateSL. It then moves to the next set of four cells on SL_Background (Q1:T1) onto the next line down on sheet CreateSL (B10:E10). I am repeating this process about 180 times right now and it is all coded like this:

Application.CutCopyMode = False


So what I would like to do is to make something that automates this process and will eliminate more than 1000 lines of code.

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Moving Columns So That The Data Matches

Jul 21, 2009

I need to line XYZ to XYZ as well as the information attached to XY&Z
i dont really know how else to explain it but i was hoping there was a macro or something out there that i could use to do this would make it a lot easier

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Moving Specific Data Between Worksheets

Dec 31, 2009

I have two worksheets. On one worksheet under column G I have hundreds of random numbers, but I only want to extract a specific half. In the second worksheet I have two columns A and B. Column A has the exact numbers that I want to extract from Column G. I would like to get the numbers from Sheet 1 under column G listed under Sheet 2 Column B in reference to Column A.

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Moving Data From One Cell To Another By Corresponding Date?

Apr 17, 2014

The attachment below is a basic example of what I am trying to accomplish. I am looking for VBA code to take data from E3 in "Historical1" sheets and move it to down into the table in column E that corresponds to the date in D3. The other "Historical" sheets will work the same way. Cells D3 and E3 in each of the "Historical" sheets equal back to cell on the "Entry" sheet. This is a very basic example of the ultimately bigger data base I am building. why I am utilizing a entry sheet to elevate the need to go to each sheet and enter data.

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Using Marco - Moving A Line Of Data?

Jun 3, 2014

I have a line of data (say from B6 - S6) in cell S6, when i put in the word 'complete' i want the whole line of data to move to say line 34 - clearing line B6

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Moving Table Data Between Worksheets

Apr 11, 2008

I am trying to convert a workbook that we commonly use from worksheet functions over to VBA. Looking to use controls (buttons and such) to automate the tasks which functions used to do.

Most I figured out on my own, but there is one that is giving me some problems.

I have a worksheet page that queries data from an external database. I need to take this data and move it to another sheet with the correct formating and calculations. (see attached sample workbook. Sheet 2 is the database info and sheet 1 is where I need to move it to.)

Since the database data will have a variable number of rows, I need to do the following with a button:

1. If a row from sheet 2 contains data,
- Move the 'wonum' value from sheet 2 to the 'W/O' column on sheet 1
- Move the 'description' value from sheet 2 to the 'Name' column on sheet 1
- Move the 'wopriority' value from sheet 2 to the 'Pri' column on sheet 1
- Move the 'laborhrs' value from sheet 2 to the 'Hrs' column on sheet 1

(here is where it gets tricky)

- If values for 'targstartdate' and 'targcompdate' on sheet 2 are the same, then insert the 'laborhrs' value from sheet 2 into the correct day of the week column (minus 1) on sheet 1

(for instance if a database record's start and end date are both '4/13/2008' and the 'laborhrs' value is 3.00, then place 3.00 in the cell corresponding to the column labled '4/12/08' on sheet 1)

- If values for 'targstartdate' and 'targcompdate' on sheet 2 are not equal, then the 'laborhrs' value must be equally divided by the number of days difference and placed on the date columns on sheet 2 that correspond to all of the days (minus 1) that fall in that date range.

I filled out 2 of the rows on sheet 1 to give an example of what I am looking for.

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Moving Data Automatically From One Worksheet To Another

May 22, 2008

We use work order worksheets in excel with basic information: Date in, work order #, account, date out, total # of days, work conducted by, number of samples, description of sample, etc. Each work order has an individual worksheet. The information in these worksheets eventually get entered into a work order log containing the same information in order to compile a quarterly report. We might have 400 work orders in a quarter.

My question is: How do I link the individual worksheet to the work order log in order to get the data to transfer automatically when a new work order is entered into a worksheet? I'm able to get the first work order to link to the log worksheet, but CAN NOT figure out how to get subsequent work orders to enter into the following rows, rather than just replace the first row over and over.

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Moving Data From One Row To Another And Inserting A Header Row

Apr 17, 2009

I need a bit of VBA code which will run automatically when a csv file is opened. The code needs to move anything after column F onto the next row and repeat until there is no more data. The data is generated by an external program but is put on the same row (not sure why it does this). I have included an example of the csv file (the data in it is garbage so ignore it) for you to look at. the header row which needs inserting needs to be:

B1=Job No.

Hope this is enough information for you. bear in mind the amount of data being generated could be quite large. it has to be run automatically in order to be used in seamless mail merge.

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