Moving And Deleting Entire Rows Between Tabs In Workbook And Moving Them Back If Needed

Sep 23, 2013

I have an excel work book with 6 tabs. I would like to have Excel move an entire row from one tab to another tab (removing the row and inserting it in the other tab). I.e. Example I have a tab with items that are marked as "Open Actions" so if I were to change the drop down to close. Excel would move that entire row of actions to the tab with the "closed actions" and insert into the next available row. Now if someone were to come back at a later date say no it should be reopened than I would change the drop down to open and excel would move that row back to the open actions tab into next available row. I tried a PIVOT table and no good I played with few macro and not.

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Name Of Workbook When Moving Data Back And Forth

Jul 9, 2012

I am having some trouble writing a code for a macro that moves data between documents.

The document that I transfer data from is an excel extract from a survey, so everytime I have to run the macro, it is with a new document with a new name.

I can get so far as to move the first cell information into the other specified workbook, but I cannot get the macro to return to the the first document (the one where the name changes with every use).

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Deleting Rows And Moving Data..

Jul 26, 2009

I have created a spreadsheet with 4820 rows of data (4821 for computational purposes, the last row being blank) with 5 columns.

1. every third row is blank and it needs to be removed (3, 6, 9,...4818, 4821). Once this is accomplished,

2. I need to move the data that is now found in the even rows, column E moved to the above, current odd row, column F. (ie. E2 to F1, E4 to F3, E6 to F5,...E4808 to F4807...,E4820 to F4819 (however it won't go this high). then

3. I need to delete all the current even rows, as the data I need will be in the odd rows.

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Moving Data And Deleting Rows, Part 2

Jan 7, 2010

This is similar to a previous post, in July, which was masterfully solved. I have tried to adapt the previous script, without success. Therefore,

I have copied data from a screen and entered it into Excel 2007, which is attached as 'snohomish sample.xlsx The data starts out (sheet 1) in 8 columns (A-H), and only in the odd rows (1, 3, 5, ...) What I wish to do is the following:

Move 'sheet 1 column B' to 'sheet 2 column A'. This is a date which needs to be in mm/dd/yyyy form.

Move the last 14 digits in 'sheet 1 column F' to 'sheet 2 column B'. This needs to be text so that I don't loose any of the zeros.

Move 'sheet 1 column E' to 'sheet 2 column C'.

Leave 'sheet 2 column D' blank as I will be entering a currency amount after running the module.

Move 'sheet 1 column A' to 'sheet 2 column E'. This also needs to be text as I can't loose any zeros or have it in scientific format.

The rest of the data on sheet 1 is not needed on sheet 2.

I will be entering data in 'sheet 2 columns F-K' after running the module.

I am attaching 'snohomish results.xlsx' which shows what I hope the results to look like (note the sample results are on sheet 1 of a different file).

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Lock Cell From Moving When Adding/Deleting Rows Or Columns

Jun 16, 2008

Will excel allow text to be permanently be positioned in a specific cell even if rows or columns are added?

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Moving Back And Forth Between Files

May 12, 2007

I am developing a macro where I need to open a file, copy a value from a cell in that file and paste it in a cell of the original file. I need to do this several times from the same two files. My problem is that I don't have a command that moves back to the newly opened file to copy another value and paste it, again, in a cell of the original file. I can't use a specific file name to move to the newly opened file because the new file name changes every day. Here is the command that I use to open a new file:

Dim fn As Variant
fn = Application. GetOpenFilename("Excel-files,*.xls", _
1, "Select The Previous Day's Borrowing File To Open", , False)
If TypeName(fn) = "Boolean" Then Exit Sub
' the user didn't select a file
Debug.Print "Selected file: " & fn
Workbooks.Open fn

I need to move back to file fn several times, but, as I stated above, the file fn changes every day.

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Radio Buttons Macros Hyperlinks And Moving Back?

Sep 6, 2002

I'd like to insert some radio buttons in a worksheet that activate a hyperlink to a web page and then be able to go back to where I started (ie the radio button)

I can link the button to a macro which was a recording of clicking on a hyperlink. The trouble is when I hit the return arrow to return to the sheet from the web page I go back to the location of the hyperlink not where I started from.

Is there a way to do this with the buttons.

If I can rearrange the sheet to allow for more narrow columns I may be able to just use the hyperlink friendly name argument and do it that way but I'm not so sure I can insert more narrow columns without messing up the layout of the whole sheet. With a button I can float several of them over an area regardless of the width of the columns.

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Moving To Certain Tabs

Jun 21, 2007

I have created a simple button that I want to take me to a certain number of tabs.
I have about 24 tabs. I can't see them all. I create a button that will take me to a specific tab from my main page. This works fine till I rename the tab. I want the code to read a sheet number or something like that instead of the specific name.

This works till i change the name "JobList"

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Vlookup; Moving To Tabs

Mar 20, 2009

There are 4 tabs titled: xy,xx,yx and ss. On tab ss; in cell A1, there's a formula that gives the sheet name of one of the remaining 3 tabs (so depending on a few conditions that are not important for this problem, its value is going to be xy, or xx, or yx.)

what I want to do is (say on cell A2), create a vlookup formula whose table array should go to one of the 3 tabs depending on the value of A1. So, if A1=xy , then, I want the table array to be ,xy!a1:b90, ..

However, I cant use an if clause (say: if(a1="xy",vlookup(..,xy!a1:b90,2,false),if(a1="xx",vlookup(..,xx!a1:b90,2..........) because I actually have 20 tabs and I dont want to go nuts with a bunch of nested expressions.

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Shortcuts For Moving Tabs To Different Files

Mar 5, 2013

Shortcuts for moving tabs to different files. A copy of the tab, I mean.

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Moving Data From Several Columns To Tabs

Jul 24, 2007

i have data that has several bits of information for each different account number.
is there a way of writing a macro to transfer the information from the main sheet onto different sheets automatically titled for each of the different account numbers?

ie. Account Cost
E1 100
E1 200

i want different sheets for the info next to each of the account numbers

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Moving A Cell And Deleting The Blank Row

Jan 13, 2010

I have a large spreedsheet like below and want to move "the "anytown, US" to the right of "1 Main Street" and delete blank rows. [I know a few ways to do the latter]

John Smith1 Main StreetAnytown, USJohn Smith1 Main StreetAnytown, US

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Moving Entire Row To New Sheet When Date Is Entered

Jun 22, 2009

I want to move an entire row in spreadsheet A to the next empty line in Spreadsheet 2 if a date(any) is entered into column J.

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Moving Entire Row To Another Sheet When Column Shows Closed Value

Feb 22, 2014

As I am at work, it does not allow me to upload the file due to restrictions on uploading. However, the spreadsheet is fairly simple so should be able to describe it.

The main sheet is called "Investigation Court Apps". An entry is made into each row and the status shows as "Open" in Column A, until a final closure date is input in Column Z, at which point the entry in Column A changes to "Closed". This is achieved with the following IF statement in Column A.


So that part is all automated. What I need is some VBA coding or macro (might be same thing but completely new to all this) that when the value in Column A changes to "Closed" the whole row moves over to "Sheet3". Once the row has been moved over, I want to ensure there are no blank rows also.

I have tried the following amongst others:

Sub MoveToSheet3()
Dim C1 As Range
Dim RowNum As Integer
For Each C1 In Sheets("Investigations Court Apps").Range("N1:N" & Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row)
If Cll = 0 Then


I know to open VBA its Alt+F11 and to close Alt+Q, but thats about it.

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Moving Information From One Workbook To Another?

Aug 15, 2014

I have to copy a column from another workbook and past in to the column in this workbook. However the column i am copying are all referenced from other cells. Is there a way to just copy the numbers and move them into this workbook to avoid double data entry?

I am attaching the 2 work books.

1. Is MSP commissions Structure that is where the data needs to be pasted
2. Grace - this is an example of what we will need to be copying from.

On Grace - copy Column G, Rows 65-81... The paste those numbers into MSP commissions structure column D, Rows 9-25......

We will have a file similar to Grace for EVERY deal closed....FYI so this process if possible needs to be replicated many times.

MSP commisson structure.xlsx
File Type: xlsx Grace.xlsx

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Moving Data From One Workbook To Another

Jan 18, 2014

I have two workbooks and wish to extract data from the first workbook (second tab), and insert certain cell data into a specific cell in the second workbook (first tab).

The first workbook has this info:
Customer 1
Customer 2
Rec Month

Customer A
Customer B
Block 10

[Code] .......

This is a very large data set. The S/N will appear multiple times. The rest of the data will change with each entry, but there are some exceptions where it may be the same.

The second workbook has this data:
Date Rec
Ship Date
Customer 1

1 thru 14
Yes or No
Customer A

[Code] .......

This too is a very large data set. What I need to do is to find the S/N in the first table "based on the month" and replace the entry under Customer 1 with the associated Customer 2 data entry. The VLOOKUP function can't seem to handle the multiple S/N entries.

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Moving Workbook With Macro

Jun 4, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that is finally working great. I made a custom tool bar with 5 buttons and each tied to a seperate macro. On my laptop ( where I developed it) it works great.

I put the whole sheet on on a thumb drive and moved it to another computer. When I load the sheet on the new computer , the tool bars are there but they error saying something about they can not find it.

I went into each button and changed it to put the macros in this workbook, saved it and when I put it on the other computer I had the same issue. I reloaded the original sheet and it went went back to all open workbooks.

I think what I did is saved them to all workbooks and they must be stored on the original computer. I thought just changing the button link would do it but I guess I am wrong.

My question is how do I get the 5 macros to follow the workbook? I need to move this to another computer in the morning.

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Moving Information From A Closed Workbook For Use In Another

May 6, 2008

I am working with two files, both files have multiple worksheets. File A has a worksheet that is filled out almost entirely by equations. I need to move the information from that worksheet into file B. In file B i will process the information further. Also, I will print it and it has to look exactly the way it does in file A. I want all this to happen automatically so I am looking for some sort of function or script that will perform this task.

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Moving A Workbook With External Links

Nov 23, 2009

I want to move the workbook I have created to a different folder on the same drive. The workbook is pretty big and has loads of links to other workbooks. If I move it will all of these links fail and if so will I have to manually reset them all? I guess I am asking if there is specific method of moving workbooks which will automatically change the links to the cope with the new location?

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Moving Data To A Closed Workbook

Jan 29, 2010

I have tried to move data from my active WB to a closed one with the following

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Macro To Copy Rows Based On Moving Date And Paste Rows Into Identical Sheet

Jan 28, 2014

I need to build a macro which copies 3 rows every day and pastes the row data into an identical sheet. The three rows will have column "D" as =today(). As the days progress the three rows will change accordingly ( tag to the today's date)

e.g. 28/1/2014

I need the macro to recognize the date when pressed and copy the corresponding rows of data and paste them into an identical sheet with the same date. The second sheet is an archive sheet. The date will tick over as per the calendar.

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Macro Optimization And Moving Text From One Column To Another And Deleting Previous Column

Nov 7, 2009

I am running Win XP and Excel 2003.

I have a macro I found here on the boards written by Lenze to delete an entire row based on what is found in column A. I would like to delete any row where Col. B contains 10 or less characters and I have modified it to do so (or at least I think it does). My problem is that it takes about 12 minutes to run the macro (I have about 50k lines to run through). I was wondering if this is the fastest method or if it examines things other than just column B.

Sub Test()
Dim i As Long
LR = Cells(Rows.Count, "B").End(xlUp).Row
For i = LR To 2 Step -1
If Len(Cells(i, "B")) < 11 Then Cells(i, "B").EntireRow.Delete
Next i
End Sub
After this runs, I am left with Columns A to somewhere around AH. The columns are generally in the format of text followed by a numeric column. An individual text column has the same name through all of the rows. The numeric columns have varied values whether negative or positive.
Ideally what I would like: If a given cell (ie. C2) in Row 2 is numeric, then copy the cell to the left (ie. B2) into (ie. C1) and then delete Column B. I need this to work for multiple columns from B to C, skip D and E, and then from F to AG (and maybe beyond).

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Moving Rows Of Data Into 1 Row

May 20, 2014

I'm essentially getting a lot of data at the moment, which has a few orders people have made on my website.

Essentially, think order id, address etc and then all the products the customer has ordered.

However, the part which includes what the customer has ordered creates multiple rows of data, with the order ids etc duplicated. What I need to do is consolidate this into 1 row. So to add additional columns instead of rows.

The reason fro this is I want to mail merge the data into an invoice and mail merges work of 1 line of data at a time. I've attached an example, any way to do this?

(Attached to this post / or linked here: [URL] ....)

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Moving Rows Between Sheets

May 22, 2008

I have a dropdown list with names of different people: Bob, Jane, Joe, et cetera. I also have tabs at the bottom (sheets) for each of these people. Is it possible that when a name is selected from the dropdown box in column D, say Bob, the whole row (row 10 or whatever) is cut from main sheet and put into Bob's sheet, then the row is deleted from main sheet? If this doesn't make sense (because I stink at making sense), just let me know and I will try to clarify

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Moving Specific Rows

Aug 17, 2009

I'll try to be clear on what I need to do and hope I can find a solution.
I've found similar threads but I can not edit them for my use so I had to ask again. What I have is a lot of cows, calfs, heifers.

When a calf turns 12 months old , (ex: =IF(A3>11;move_row(sheet_heifers);"")), I need the entire row move to other sheet (heifers). and when the heifer gives births the first time (ex: column- =IF(A7<>"";move_row((sheet_cows);"" ) the entire row needs to move to other sheet (cows). I can do age calculating and the rest well.

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Moving Duplicate Rows

Dec 2, 2012

I have a workbook called "Data"

In column "C" I have a part number
In column "F:H" I have a description

5432345 3445rt4 er4445ty ddews6789
4352345 sdwe33 dew345e jjkiii567899
1234566 qwert5 ertyu777 uiopl88888
1234566 eedrf44 yuikj776 ggggt44444

When I have a duplicate part number i want the second description to be populated in rows "I:K"

1234566 eedrf44 yuikj776 ggggt44444 eedrf44 yuikj776 ggggt44444

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Moving Rows Based On Key

Nov 20, 2008

I have data as follows:

id | name
0 | axe
1 | sword
3 | pencil
4 | fist
5 | hammer
7 | gun
9 | rifle

Is it possible to move the rows to the row# shown in the ID?
- e.g. pencil gets moved from row#2 to row#3

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Moving Rows Into Columns

Jul 13, 2009

I am trying to move row data into column data. Here is visually what I need.


After (one row of data only):

We are trying to import data into our accounting software but we can't until we get it into the right format.

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Moving Rows To A Specified Location

Jun 16, 2008

I am trying to do work on a sheet and am getting very frustrated. I have a list of several different data entries that contain a row of information. I need to have the excel sheet move these rows to a different sheet in a specified location. For example, in the first column of the data I have the list of commodities, (sugar, cotton, yen, euro, and copper). Then in the second column I have the price and then the quantity. I want to move them automatically from sheet 1 (where they are entered) to a specific location on Sheet 2. I want Cotton to be in A2, Sugar to be in A20, Yen to be in A30, Euro to be in A40 and copper to be in A50. I would like the data to be cut from sheet one and inserted into sheet 2 so that the sheet can move them every day.

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Moving Information Within A Workbook And Inserting In Sheets

Oct 29, 2009

Can someone help me i have a few columns of information i need to move over to a another sheet, but the problem is the information i need to move is the end result of a formula and when i move it the answers are gone how do i fix this,,,,, and both sheets are on the same work book as well
is there a vlookup formula to use,,,im not experienced in Vlookup up formulas

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