Multiple Users In Excel File At One Time?

Aug 1, 2013

I was wondering if it's possible for several users to be working in an excel file at the same time? I know that 1 person can be working in a file & other users can look at it in Read-only, but is there any way for more than 1 user to be WORKING in it at a time?

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Multiple Users In Excel File?

Aug 1, 2013

I was wondering if it's possible for several users to be working in an excel file at the same time? I know that 1 person can be working in a file & other users can look at it in Read-only, but is there any way for more than 1 user to be WORKING in it at a time?

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Excel 2007 :: Macro To Send File As PDF From Outlook To Multiple Users?

May 13, 2013

I currently have a spreadsheet setup on a Macro to send & distribute a message from an 2007 Excel file to multiple users through Microsoft Outlook 2007. It is currently setup to send as an attachment. I need to find a way to have this file be sent as a PDF file. I know you can save Excel as PDF's so there must be a way to send them & attach them to as a PDF.

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Multiple Users On Same Spreadsheet But One Tab At Time?

Jun 13, 2014

Is it possible to allow access to multiple users on one spreadsheet but they can only access one tab at a time each?

prevent multiple changes for the same thing.

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Create Master File With Macro Built In That Will Allow Multiple Users To Use It At Once

Feb 7, 2014

I am trying to create a master file, with a macro built in, that will allow multiple users to use it at once. The macro is to open a dilouge(sp sorry) box showing the contents of a specific folder, allow the user to selct one of the sheets, then copy and paste the set details from the hidden tab on this sheet (All sheets will be the same barring title), append the details to the master list in the first empty row.

I've got this far thus
Sub Macro1()
' Macro1 Macro
' Modify this folder path to point to the files you want to use.
FolderPath = "My Folder name here"

' Set the current directory to the the folder path.
ChDrive FolderPath

[Code] .....

So I can copy the row, but I can't get the first part to open .

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Outlook For Multiple Users Or Excel?

Apr 23, 2013

I'm trying to identify a way of setting up a booking system for some meeting rooms we have at work. Always looking for a way of simplifying something that soaks up one of my colleagues time.

I read this post about a golf booking system and it looks like it could be adapted to suit, I can imagine a different worksheet for each room and the fields for entry on choosing the timeslot being the meeting title, who booked and a contact number and the slot showing the meeting name when hovered over possibly.

I noticed a similar thread about Outlook, I know nothing about this sort of stuff within Outlook and not sure it may be possible. I am just in my infancy with hyperlinks and macros and do not feel confident enough to start there as I do not know where to begin. Keen to learn and would love to figure out and play around within a program; learn best this way.

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Any Way To Have Multiple Users Edit Excel Spreadsheet When On Company Server?

Sep 25, 2013

Not exactly what year of Microsoft Excel we have at work buts its between 2007 to 2010.

Doing our weekly KPI on a friday is super stressful and if there is a way so multiple users can edit the excel spreadsheet at the same time?

Because with our excel spreadsheet only one person can edit the document at a time very frustrating at the end of a day on a friday.

Is it just Microsoft not allowing more than one editor at a time?

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Making Excel File Accessible For Few Users But One User Should Not See Other User Entries

Jul 11, 2012

I have an excel file with multiple sheets. I want my HR team to update that file, but one user shouldnt see the entries of other users. I want to make a consolidated file out of three files. This excel template is for salary input.

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Function To Be Added On Timestamp Macro To Align Time Of Users From Different Time Zones

Mar 28, 2014

I am looking for a function to convert time given by my computer (Local time) in EST (Eastern Standard Time). We are several users of a same file (with timestamp macros) and all time need to be aligned to one time zone (EST), even if all users are working in different time zone (EST, CST and IST).

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Saving Multiple Workbooks At One Time/file As A Text File

Mar 16, 2007

found the following code which works for 1 workbook at a time. I am trying to save 7 workbooks at 1 time. Is it possible?

Sub SaveAsCell()
Dim strName As String

On Error Goto InvalidName
strName = Sheet1. Range("V77")
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs strName

It will work on the first sheet but none after that. I need to have each workbook saved with the value in cell V77. Also if that is possible, is it possible to change where the file is saved as well?

Right now I have a master workbook that will open the 7 other workbooks, paste data onto several pages in each workbook. I would like the macro to save the workbooks. The workbooks are named: 02 Tuesday, 03 Wednesday, 04 Thursday, 05 Friday, 06 Saturday, 07 Sunday, 08 Monday.

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Excel 2013 :: Separate Time From Date To Sort Time Frames Over Multiple Days?

Jun 17, 2014

I have a time column (A) that when looked in the cell only shows AM & PM times, but the cell itself (not showing) contains dates too, keeping me from be able to do a sheet wide sort of time or time frame occurrences.

Can I do some thing to sort these cells with their corresponding rows based on time only disregarding dates?

I am trying sort out all rows that in column (A) is time equal to or greater than 4:00 PM OR even maybe sort all rows that column (A) shows a time between 4:00 PM & 7:00 PM. The date in the cell is the problem, I think. Excel 2013

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Using Workbook By More Than One Users At Same Time

Jan 8, 2012

can we use excel workbook by many users at same time ?.

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Use Of On Time To Kick Inactive Users

Apr 16, 2014

I use the 'on time' function to kick users out of a shared workbook after 30 minutes of inactivity (i.e. no cells updated). Technically it works, as it does kick out the users.

However the time after which it does so seems to bear no relation to the time I have instructed. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer! If it is was always longer, I would be happy that there is an error in my code somewhere (i.e. the time value is resetting on an unexpected event that I need to find and alter).

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How To Let Users Select A File

Mar 28, 2014

I am looking for a code to let users select an excel file like File Manager.

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Excel File Takes Long Time To Save

Jan 20, 2014


Excel takes about 10 minutes in the saving process. When I say 10 minutes, I mean, the excel screen freezes (says not responding) for about 10 minutes, then it actually saves at the very end in the normal time any other file would take as you watch the progress bar go forward.

I know many of the common answers and have tried. reducing the calculation time (which in turn reduces the saving time).

But in my circumstance, the calculation takes a very reasonable amount of time, and you see the progress % going forward.

- I would say I have about 2000 rows, and 15 columns.
- They have sumifs formulas.
- They link to a different workbook.
- The workbook I am working on saves to the network
- the source of my sumifs are also in the same folder on the network
- the recalculation takes about 10 seconds at most
- i have turned off recalculate before saving, it is all on manual calcs

- when i hit save, there are no calcs being performed
- there are no macros in the workbook
- there are only about 2 names in the name manager
- then it freezes for about 10 minutes.
- then the progress bar starts moving then it saves.

What is it doing in those 10 minutes?

1 more item to note, when I break the links to the workbook and thereby removing the sumifs formulas, its a snap.

Why does the existence of the sumifs extend saving time? I would completely understand if it elongated calculation time, but if calculation is off, then why does it even worry about it when saving?

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Auto Start Excel File On Specific Time?

Aug 15, 2012

I have a delivery time programm (clients to be delivered the next day) which I would like to run every night at a specific time. Is there any MS tool to trigger the Excel file? Or do we have to use the "old" batch file ( if yes, pls send example)?

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Stop Users Changing Computers Time/Date

Aug 31, 2006

I am creating time sheet application , obviously i need to store the time when the user logs & logs out .. The issue is, the user can "Cheat" by changing the system time ...

Any alternatives?? Is it possible to store the time from a particular server etc or some other source.

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How To Implement Real-time Stock Price(s) Into Excel File

Aug 1, 2014

Currently I am using MS office 2000 premium. I would like to implement real-time stock prices (i.e. ticker MSFT) from the Nasdaq website (NASDAQ Stock Market - Stock Quotes - Stock Exchange News - into a single cell, so that this cell shows the current stock price only.

By a click on the hyperlink symbol in the excel sheet I entered the following information... Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Real-Time Stock Quote - and clicked the OK button.

Instead of receiving the real-time stock price information directly into the single cell, a new window opens with the Nasdaq website and all kinds of information that is not needed.

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File Gets Locked By Users That Only Have Permission To Read

Feb 11, 2013

A user in our company has a document on a shared drive in our domain. It's using the protect feature which means that you'll have to type username/password before you're allowed to edit the document. The problem is that users who only want to view the document will cause it to lock, and then you can't edit it before they close it.

I thought that sharing the document would solve this issue, but when I tried to it said that Visual Basic features would not work which basically makes the document useless so that's not an option.

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Unprotect Password Protected File For Other Users

Aug 12, 2013

I have a master file that generates a new file every time the master user run the macro. The macro is pasted here:

Sub NewWorkbook()
ThisWorkbook.Unprotect ("Password01#")


I want the new file to be opening without asking for any password at all. What am I supposed to include in the code for that?

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Calculate The Total Time Users Spend On A Spreadsheet Per Month

Aug 10, 2009

I have a simple VBS script that puts the username & current time in columns. When the user saves that time is also placed into a column.

I would like to be able to calculate the amount of time a user has spent on the spreadsheet for the current month & if possible the total time all users have spent on the spreadsheet this months.

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Shared File Prints Differently For Different Users - Autofit Wrapped Cells

Apr 16, 2014

Here's the details:

Same file shared by many users in the office. File is maybe 2200 rows long and 20 columns wide. Last column is a text field where users can explain variances. Cells in the last column are wrapped and the rows auto-fit on the height. Zoom is set at 100%.

One person opens the file and it looks fine on the screen. Print preview also looks fine. File prints out perfectly.

Another user opens the file and it looks fine on the screen. BUT, print preview shows that the bottom line or lines of text is cut off. File prints exactly like the preview showed with clipped text.

Both users can point the file to the same printer, but that doesn't seem to change anything. Still prints with text clipped for one person and perfectly for another...

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Data Validation Dropdown Menu But At Same Time Allowing Users To Enter Free Text

Nov 15, 2010

Is there a way to have a data validation drop down menu but at the same time allowing users to enter free text as well.

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Username And Password Form - When File Is Saved By Any Users All Hidden Files Get Unhidden?

Mar 23, 2014

I have Excel Sheet that open with user name and password.

Like if it's open my Admin - he can view all Sheets

If open by any user - it opens only users sheet.

Problem is once file is saved by any users, all hidden files get unhidden and Admin Sheet is open.

Requirement: if User1 saves file other sheets should not get unhidden.

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Multiple Users To One Spreadsheet?

Mar 5, 2013

We have a place where all our documents are stored. We have a log where we all log in what we're working on. Our trouble is, if one person has it opened nobody else can add their items to it. Is there anyway to have multiple people be able to open and enter their work for the day, save and close it out?

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Add-ins & Multiple Spreadsheet Users

May 29, 2009

I've created a model that uses an add-in to calculate otherwise cumbersome formulas, and 4 or so people need to access this model at any given time. It's saved (along with the add-in) in a public folder on our network drive. Everyone is able to access the model, and is able to load the add-in directly from that folder, but the cells that use the add-in point to where the add-in is stored locally on my drive (C:Documents and SettingsmeApplication DataMicrosoftAddIns) and thus they are not able to use the add-in functions without redirecting every reference to me with references to their add-ins (basically just by finding and replacing every 'me' with 'them' in those cells at this point). So I guess what I'm wondering is how do I make it so the add-in is 'universal' (instead of local) such that as long as each user has the add-in loaded they can fire up the model and use the needed functions.

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Save Macro For Multiple Users

Apr 6, 2009

When saving a file, you get a popup with a suggested path. I need to find a macro that will either offer a suggested file name based on a cell's date value (a1) and a suggested path (to the desktop) for any user that uses the spreadsheet - or simply will save the file using the cell value as the name to the user's desktop.

Each user will have their own version of the file, to save to their own desktop. The macro will need to overcome the issues that each user's path to their desktop will be unique since each will have logged in to the window's session with their own profile.

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Multiple Users & Accounts Sheets

Jan 22, 2010

I’ve thought up a workbook with four sheets named “Employees Summary”, “EMP001”, “EMP002”, “EMP003” and a number of customer account sheets. Customer account sheets are named by their account numbers.

Now for the hard part. I will have three employees. All of us will have to login to the workbook with a username and password. Usernames would be. Administrator, EMP001, EMP002, EMP003. You should be able to change your password at any time.

All sheets will be visible to the administrator. Employees will only be able to see their respective “EMP” sheet and "Employee Summary" sheet. the rest is hidden. And the really hard part Every employee will enter all their transactions for the day into their respective sheets....

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Share Spreadsheet With Multiple Users

Sep 11, 2007

I have a speadsheet, and at the moment, another spreadsheet access it via a vb code. but i have 3 - 5 agents needing it sometimes at the same time. All that happens, is the agents excel sheet passes some info to the server sheet, so the vb codes opens and closes it. So only one person can do it at the same time.. but i need this so anyone of the agents can enter info via the vb code.

When i tested it, it asked me when i opened it, if i wanted to save what the last person did, I need that not to come up, so really its like the sheet is always open, but not... and lines are added. The info is added to the same sheet, and line by line.

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Error Log On Network For Multiple Users

Mar 13, 2008

I am creating an error log as a text file for my application. Since it is being used by many different users, I decided to keep it logged in a specific folder (that is protected) on our network.

I have tested the code and it works, even if I have the log file open when I run the module, it still writes to the log file and saves (as long as I don't save the opened log file after the module runs)

What I am worried about is when 2 or more users are trying to write to the log file at the same time. I wanted to add something that checks if the file is open, and if it is, wait a second or two and then try to write to it again. Maybe try it a few times?

Below is my sample code.
Note that I am using the log creation in another module.

Sub datatopass()

LogInformation Worksheets("Email"). Range("L2").Value & "|" & _
Application.UserName & "|" & _
Worksheets("Email").Range("M2").Value & "|" & _
Worksheets("Email").Range("N2").Value & "|" & _
"other things"

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