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Petty Cash Spreadsheet

i am trying to set up a spreadsheet for petty cash so will have a description and an amount on the left of screen and numerous columns on the right for the transactions to be split between ...... Is there any way for me to tell it that if A2=fuel truck then the amount in column B2 needs to also be in column G2?

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Building A Cash Register
I want to build a cash register from excel.

I want to put many buttons, but lets say one on A1 that says $2 dollar item and name and lets say this $2 doillar item button is pushed(clicked on), it will add $2 to lets say the total say A15.

Now I can't even get a Macro to add $2 dollars to A15(or any macros to run at all, anybody have code I can copy, what I understand is you create macro name(give it letter, so yo can press letter and Ctrl to start) then start recording, then you do key strokes or mouse? Then press stop recording and you have macro?).

To get buttons to be viewed I have to go to Tools - Macros - script editor, and drag and drop(button on coding) or double click on button tool bar then File - View in Browser - . I get button but can't get it to do anything.

How do you put say A1 in code to A1=A1+5 or make a memory location out of A1. Now you can go to(while A1 is selected cell) "Insert" then "Name" then "Define" and give A1 a "Name". I can't get this name to work in coding(but I can get the name to work in cells like "Name" +5, will add cell 1 and 5, if you do it in different cell than A1).

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Filter For CASH NOMS And Keep Everything Thats In The Criteria
i have rec data in which I need a macro that will filter for CASH NOMS and keep everything thats in the criteria but delete everthing else in cash Noms

criteria is named range "Criteria" (I5:K10)

So from this


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Debug Selection & Cash Register
I'm working on a sheet where I can specify sales by selection of month (Sheetname= ZoekenMaand).

Everything works fine for the months "januari" and "februari" (yes, it's in dutch ) but from "maart" it doesn't seem to work any more.

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VBA Code To Open A Cash Drawer!!!
I have Created an Excel Spreadsheet to work as a EPOS system. The only Problem i am having finishing it off is getting the cash Drawer to open at the end of a sale.

I have my Cash Drawer connected via a Rj 45 in the Back of my Receipt Printer. The Printer i have is a Star Tsp-600. I have Found out that the Open Drawer Codes are 7 or 27,7,10,50,7. I am not entirly sure what they mean though. The code that i have at the moment doesnt work it brings an error "53" file not found. This is my code

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Cash Flow Distribution Modeling
I am trying to model the distribution of cash flows from a real estate investment. This is a bit complicated, but basically A1 through A37 are a series of cash flows after payment of debt service from month 0 (closing) to month 36. The real estate project has two investors, the Institutional Investor and the Developer. In this case, the Institutional Investor contributes 90% of the required project equity and the developer contributes the remaining 10%. The cash flow is distributed according to a set of parameters specifying cash flow percentage allocations and IRR targets, collectively known as a "cash flow waterfall"." As with all for-sale residential development deals, the early cash flows are negative and then turn positive as unit sales occur. The order of distribution of the cash flow remaining after debt service is paid is as follows (the waterfall):

1. Both investors receive the return of their invested capital from cash flow distributions.
1. Hurdle 1 (after the return of equity to both investors), the Institutional Investor receives 90% of the monthly cash flows and the Developer 10%, proportional to their respective overall equity contributions, until both investors achieve a 12% IRR (all IRR's to be calculated from deal inception/first dollar invested).
2. Hurdle 2, (after Hurdle 1 is satisfied), the Institutional Investor receives 60% of the monthly cash flows until the Institutional Investor achieves an 18% IRR.
3. The Final Split (after satisfying Hurdle 2) allocates monthly cash flow 50% to each investor.

On an overall project basis, the Developer should realize a disproportionate share of the cash flow after the second hurdle is hit. This is what is known as the "promote." The most recent 36 month (37 including Closing) projected cash flows are as follows:

($1,315,567) - Closing
($113,697) - Month 1

I realize this is complicated, but this structure is quite common to real estate, private equity, venture capital and hedge fund investments (along with most any joint venture deals with multiple classes of equity participants). The canned software that is out there that performs this type of anlysis is both expensive and rigid, and doesn't typically enable the required sensitivity analysis in structuring a deal.

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Offset Function For Cash Flows In Different Years
I have got three period like this

Period: 2010 2015 2018
Cash: 100 200 300

I would like to use a function (i am thinking offset will do the work) to put these cashflows on a timeline i.e. 2010,2011,2012 etc...

The three periods described above will be changeable, so the cashflows will adjust accordingly...

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Cash Register With Keyboard Numerical Keypad
With reference to Cash Register example that I downloaded from Roy Cox; is it possible to link the numerical keypad that is created in the file to the PC Keypad.
I realise I would need to use keypress functions but am unaware of the ascii for these keys. Also; how do I limit that the keypad writes it to the label? Otherwise, would I need to create a new userform instead of what was created by Roy.

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Projection Spread Sheet For Cash Flow Purposes
I am trying to put together a projection spread sheet for a client for cash flow purposes. I have it laid out but I cannot wrap my head around the formula and I've tried a few. Here it is.

A1: Client Name B1: Invoice Date C1: Projected Due Date ( I have 45 days added to B1) D1: Invoice Amount E1: Jan F1: Feb G1: March H1: April I1: May J1: Juneetc...

I am trying to forcast out the invoice collection date (C1). So basically in the month of June column I am trying to say if C1 falls between June 1 & June 30th then it should equal D1 (the amount due in that month). So if the invoice has a due date (C1) that falls in that particular month than I am forecasting the cash flow in the month it's collected.

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Payback & Discounted Formulas For Uneven Cash Flows
formula in excel to calculate payback and discounted payback periods with uneven cash flows.

0 ($2,000)
1 160
2 200
3 350
4 395
5 432
6 440
7 442
8 444

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Spreadsheet That I Have A Lot Of Macros That Are Attached To A Customized Toolbar Saved In The Same Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet that I have a lot of macros that are attached to a customized toolbar saved in the same spreadsheet. I saved this is a read-only file. When I open as read-only and run my macros (testing), I save it as another file. When I then open the "template" to do the same thing, the toolbar/buttons now reference the file I previously saved as something else. Help please? Is there a macro that would delete all macros before saving the file as something else?

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Multi-Spreadsheet Formula Down To Populate The Other Cells In The Total Spreadsheet
I have attached a document paralleling a document I am working on. The dollar amount in each spreadsheet represent sales. I have entered in values into the candy, soda, and chips spreadsheet. I have also linked values for candy into the total spreadsheet. My question is can I somehow type something or drag the formula down to populate the other cells in the total spreadsheet?

The idea I am thinking but which I don't know how to implement is to list all the items (as in column G) and list all of the relevant cells (e.g. B1 in the Candy spreadsheet) as in columns H and I (Note that all items will have the same cells but the cells will have different values...e.g. all three items have a cell B1 and B2 in their spreadsheet but these cells contain different values). I then try and fail to create a formula in cell B3 of the Total spreadsheet. I am trying to create a formula of the following nature:

='(Spreadsheet Name From Column G)'!(Cell Name From Columns H and I)

The Second half of the formula doesn't really concern me (i.e. the cell name from column H and I). However I am perplexed as to how to achieve the goal in the first parentheses above.

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Copy Certain Cells From 1 Spreadsheet To Other Spreadsheet Depending On Condition
I have noticed that the basic problem I have is a common one on this forum with different varibles for different people. I have attached a dummy copy of the spreadsheet that I am using.

I need to copy cell information for one spreadsheet to one of 2 other spreadsheets depending on a dropbox condition. The master spreadsheet is the Issues spreadsheet, and depending on whether the user chooses Transferred Complaints or Transferred Offences (in Column K) I need to transfer certain cells to the Complaints or Offences spreadsheets.

The information I need to transfer from Issues is: .....

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Merge Files? (add Data From One Spreadsheet To The Appropriate Places On Another Spreadsheet)
Often I need to add data from one spreadsheet to the appropriate places on another spreadsheet. For example:

Sheet A has 10,000 records with these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment.

Sheet B has 5,000 records these fields: id#, GPA, college major, type of degree.

Some of the records in B contain information for the same id#'s as sheet A. I want to add this information together so that a Sheet C will have these fields: id#, name, address, place of employment, GPA, college major, type of degree.

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Spreadsheet To Note Book And Back To Spreadsheet
It also renames the CommanBarPopop with the new filename.This allows the user to open both Projectworkbooks/files (If required) and load each CommandBarPopup for different filenames .Therefor opening the Userforms and worksheets for the CommandBarPopup clicked ...

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Importing Data From Spreadsheet To Spreadsheet
I need to write a macro that will import data contained in another spreadsheet, but am unsure how to do this. I have several (about 15) spreadsheets that contain data. I need to import key bits of this data into one central spreadsheet that will be used for reporting purposes. I only need 2 cells worth (values) from each source spreadsheet, to be pasted into the destination spreadsheet, into designated cells.

The source spreadsheets are usually closed down and kept on a file server, which my PC has access to. Ideally I want to activate this macro with a control button - i.e. I press the button once and the macro goes off and collects/updates each field with the latest data stored in each of the source spreadsheets.

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Open Second Spreadsheet Minimized On Open Of Spreadsheet + More
I have a spreadsheet that on open needs to open a 2nd spreadsheet minimised and delete 2 named sheets in the 2nd spreadsheet.

On close of the first spreadsheet it should then copy 2 sheets with the same name from itself into the 2nd spreadsheet.

This is to start a spreadsheet that will track project risks and issues that I will post further details for as other functions are required.

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How Many Formula's Are Being Used On A Spreadsheet
I have a rather odd question, is there a way to count how many formula's are being used on a spreadsheet?

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Recognize #N/A In Spreadsheet
I am trying to write a macro for excel, deleting columns of #N/A generated in a text file. I'm having a hard time identifying the #N/A in the cell. I've tried

If Cell.Value = "#N/A" and tried if IsError("A1").

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Get Info From One Spreadsheet To Another
I want to be able to connect two spreedsheets.

I have a "surplus inventory" sheet and a "inventory shipped" sheet. How can I input how much I shipped in the "inventory shipped" sheet and make it take away from my "surplus inventory" sheet automatiaclly?

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Spreadsheet Do Not Change The Old Value
I have a row of cells named B1 and B2.

Today I want the value in B1 to be the product of A1 times A2.

Tomorrow, I will create another row of cells named C1 and C2. I will change
the value of A1 and I want the value in C1 to be the product of the new A1
times A2.

I do not want the old value in B1 to change from what it is today.

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Slow Spreadsheet
My spreadsheet is chugging through the following code. The data being filtered is rows A:AC, rows 10:193 (so not an absurdly large amount of data). It takes about 15 seconds to complete the filter. Ideas?

Private Sub EuropeButton_Click()
HeaderRegion = "Europe"
ActiveSheet.AutoFilterMode = False
Range("A2:A8").Value = 0
Range("A2").Value = "TEG"
Range("A3").Value = "TUK"
Range("A4").Value = "TEF"
Range("A10").CurrentRegion.AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterInPlace, CriteriaRange:= _
Range("A1:A4"), Unique:=False
If Columns("E:F").Hidden = True Then
Columns("E:F").Hidden = False
End If
End Sub

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Text (spreadsheet)
In certain cells of a spreadsheet I have long text entered but it shows a series of hash signs instead.

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Output From Sub To Spreadsheet
I have a function which either looks up a value on a spreadsheet or runs a sub. If it runs the sub, it should generate a list of figures which are output to a spreadsheet.

My function keeps crashing but I have found by stepping through it that is correctly decides whether to lookup a value or run the sub. It starts the sub correctly but when it comes to outputting information to the spreadsheet it crashes. I have lx_calc set as an array and I am using the following to output to a spreadsheet (lx_calc(20) is defined as 10000 and ImpFac and qx have already been calculated):

For i = 21 To 120
lx_calc(i) = lx_calc(i - 1) * (1 - (1 - ImpFac(i - 1)) * qx(i - 21))
Workbooks("Macro Ann Addin.xls").Worksheets("Mbr").Cells(i + 1, 1) = lx_calc(i)

I can't see why this doesn't work unless it is just that it doesn't like the fact it is looking at an array.

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Spreadsheet Search
I have a spreadsheet with 28 sheets and I want to be able to list out a string on each sheet (eg search for the vakue of MPP** on each sheet).

The information I need is in column B and I wold need an output showing the search string and the sheet name. Please note there are multiple instances of the search string on each sheet.

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Cricket Spreadsheet
I am trying to set up a cricket spreadsheet

I cannot work out how to set up the 'Overs Bowled' column.

I somehow need Excel to recognise a figure in another format other than decimal.

There are six balls in an over so when I enter '5.5', this means 'five overs and five balls' rather than '5 and a half overs'.

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Spreadsheet Row Spacing

aaa hhh
111 222
ww lllmm

between here there are about 50 rows

zzz 222

I need code that would reduce the spacing too about 10 rows between the "ww" in column A and the zzz in column A.

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Function- Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet that looks like this:

### ###
### ###
### ###

I am trying to figure out a function to find the median of Column B of the ones that have a column C greater than 1.

I need (some how) to filter out the column C that are greater than 1 and then take the median of those left.

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League Spreadsheet
We have an archery league that is getting very popular, and very time consuming. We have a spreadsheet now that works, but so much of it isn't annomated that it's not saving a bunch of time for us. It is, however, very accurate, so we keep using it, but I think there is a better way out there to do it, and I bet one you excel pro's know the answer.

Here is how it works:

We have three man teams. Let's say we have 20 teams again this year (we did last year). These teams will have their own unique schedules of other teams that they will play against. We have ten weeks of head to head team matches.

Every week, every shooter's average is computed. So, week one their average is whatever they shot. Week two is the average of week 1 and week 2 combined, and so on. This revolving average keeps shooters from sand bagging.

The team head to head match ups are handicapped. Let's say that team 1 is up again team 2 in week 1:

Team 1 is consisted of bill, bob, and barry. Bill's average at this time is 300, bob's is 290, and barry's is 295.

Team 2 is Larry, Leonard, and Louie. Their averages at this point are 290, 280, 300.

The head to head team match up is consisted of three individual head to head's. The shooters with the best averages, at this point in time, face off, the middle averages face off, then the lowest average shooters on each team also face off. You get 2 points for winning your head to head match. You get 1 point for tieing. Zero points for losing.

The handicaps kick in like this. Bill is the high average shooter on Team 1. He faces Louie since Louie is high man on Team 2. Since their averages are both the same, this match is a head's up, scratch, match with neither shooter getting spotted points.

The middle shooters are Barry with his 295 against Larry with his 290. We use a 80% handicap. So, Larry gets "spotted" 80% of 5 points, or 4 points. The same goes for the matchup of Bob against Leonard. Leonard gets 8 points in his match (80% of the ten points that his average is lower).

Shooters shoot their games, scores are taken, points are spotted points are added in, then winners are declared. Then, the points each shooter wins is added into a team total for that week, then on to the next week's match.

My biggest problem is that the #1, #2, and #3 shooter on each team, each week, changes sometimes. In my previous example, lets say that in week two, lets say louie blows it and shoots a 270. So now his average isn't the highest on his team, so the pecking order of the team changes.

So, my challenge to this board, if you wish to accept it, is how do I set this bad boy up? Lots of issues here. The biggest one is how to get the teams to self rank themselves each week?

I'd love to have a tab where I enter each shooter's score in, and excel takes it from there giving points to winners of adjusted matches.

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Search For Name Within Spreadsheet
I am looking to have a front page in my workbook which has the function to search for a name with in the workbook. the Tab will be named after a person and on searching, i would like the tab(worksheet) to appear.

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Data From Another Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet with approx 60,000 lines and 14 columns. Col N is month (June to July).

In another spreadsheet, I want to return the data for a specific month. Is this possible?

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Spreadsheet Naming
We utilize a shared spreadsheet in our department named "Arrangement Requests".
From time to time and seemingly very random the sheet renames itself. When this happens anyone adding information to it becomes unable to save since the original "no longer exists".

This causes problems because everything we do is in real time and expected to be viewed by all as soon as save has been indicated.

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Add A User Name To Spreadsheet
I have designed a spreadsheet in the office where I work, and think it would be quite flashy (gimiky) if I could have the spreadsheet show the name of the user logged on.

At the minute if I try and access a sheet currently open by another user it will come up with the standard message 'workbook1.xls is currently in use by xxxxx' then you open a read only copy until they have finished.

I was thinking there must be some way of importing this information to excel to display something like 'welcome (xxxxxxxx)(user currently logged on)'

The other part of my problem is that the excel sheet will only display the network uername of the user, but I have seen spreadsheets that cross reference this to the Microsoft Outlook global address list on the MS Exchange server, and display the users actual name.

In a nutshell, I just want to know is there anyway the excel spreadsheet can display the username currently logged into the shared spreadsheet.

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Warehouse Spreadsheet
I have a 1046 line spreadsheet that I need to enter 8 additional lines after each current line. I would like to do this for the entire spreadsheet at one time. I also need to lable each of the 8 lines from the name of the org. line. For example, the org. line product name is 1234 and I need to lable the 8 additional lines under that product 1234-A, 1234-B, 1234-C, etc..

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To Formulate The Spreadsheet
I have managed to formulate the spreadsheet so that it looks up to exchange rates for particular days automatically, but I am now trying to make a macro which allows users to insert a new expense into the form.

I require the macro to move a selection labelled TOTALS down a row, and then copy the formulae from other rows down to the new row below. That's not particularly well explained.

Basically i have one row which is formatted correctly with formulae etc, and i want when the user clicks the macro button for the totals (which are two lines beneath) to be moved down a row, and the formatted row with formulae to be copied to the next row below. The important formulae in cells have labels attached so if i can use these it may be easier?

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Spreadsheet Compilation
Would anybody have a copy of Visual Baler kicking around that could get me a copy as the company that developed is has been long defunct and the former owner since has gone the was of its predecessor.

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Compare The Spreadsheet.
I have tried google, but not 100% sure of exactly what i am looking for, well how to describe it to google at least.

I have 2 spreadsheets for an online store, 1 is the CSV update with all active store products on it, the other is the suppliers main price list.

What i am trying to do is get some application or macro code to compare teh 2 sheets.

Update File has 4 fields, SKU, Product Name, Price, and Availability.

Suppliers sheet has many more Starting with SKU, Price incl, Price excl., Product Name and Descriptions.

What i would like to do i have is compare the SKU and Price inlc between the sheets and the if differences are found update it on the csv file.

The supplier sheet also has separations for different product categories on the 1 page, totalling about 60 000 rows. The separation rows just break the product areas and are not merged do the resulting scrip or application would need to search and replace not just flow down the column.

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Emailing Spreadsheet ...
Does any want know how to do the following:

1. In the same Workbook, I have one sheet with email addresses.
2. On Sheet 1, in Cell D3, I have the actual email address I want to send(Used data validation drop-down to get email address)
3. Ive used many codes and it sends very well, however it does not send the email as a fully functioning workbook.
4. The recipient gets the following message "This book contains links to other sources"

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Highlight If Same Value Is In Spreadsheet
i have a spreadsheet with loads of info.

In this info, should include something i have produced.

So the best way to check is by reference number.

So my spreadsheet has a column with references.

So lets say from A2 downwards, i have data like (But 1000's more)


Now, the data below produced from a different speadsheet, should be in the above


Whats the best way of doing this?

I have put both sets of data in the same spreadsheet, with the second lot below the first lot.

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Spreadsheet Formula
I am creating a spreadsheet and have run into a brick wall. Row 1 contains a list of dates Mon-Fri as far out as I could go. Rows 4, 5, 6, and 7 contain a code. Using those, I want to figure out an if statement that will place a 1 in the cell if the date in row 1 falls between a start and finish date. The data sheet looks like this:

A2- Code
K2- Start Date
L2- End Date

This is the formula I tried, but it does not work completely for me:


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Spreadsheet NOT Display A #N/A, #NUM, #VALUE, #NAME
Is there a way to have a spreadsheet NOT display a #N/A, #NUM, #VALUE, #NAME error just because of an empty associated cell in the formula? I know I can do it with qualifiers (eg. if(true, then, else). But is there way to have the sheet just not display the error. I'm just trying to make the sheet look better without writing the qualifying formulas.

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Set Range On Spreadsheet
I am using Spreadsheet control on User form and i just want to set Range as we do for worksheets. but unfortunately it is not working here. and generates the error

Set rng = Spreadsheet1.Range("A2:A" & Spreadsheet1.Range("A" & Spreadsheet1.Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)

here spreadsheet1 is spreadsheet control and Error is "Type Mismatch"

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Universal Spreadsheet OWC
if there is some spreadsheet control for userforms that works in all excel versions (2000, 2003, and 2007 to be specific). Right now i have one that works in 2000 but not 2003 or 07, and one that works in '03 and '07 but not '00. If anyone knows about any 3rd party applications that work or if anyone knows of any ways to force the MSOWC.dll to work on '03 and '07 that would be awesome.

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writing a spreadsheet that interprets poker hands. I've finished, and it works. I have successfully dealt "Texas Hold Em" poker to 10 players, dealt 5 community cards, and then interpreted the best poker hand and declared a winner.

I did it by using separate tables testing whether certain poker hands existed or not, and I used completely intrinsic Excel functions, NO VBA. That's for those of you who said it couldn't be done! I may soon introduce VBA to slow down the calculations using buttons, and simple things, but Excel can do this.

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Spreadsheet Links
I've created a spreadsheet which pulls data from about 5 other spreadsheets via links in the formula.

Unfortunately I am having trouble with these updating. I have to open the 5 individual spreadsheets in order for the data to pull across otherwise I get VALUE in every cell in the amalgamated spreadsheet.

Any thoughts why this should be the case? I've tried it in the past and it's always worked fine.

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Spreadsheet Sorting..
I'm trying to sort this spread sheet so that each email address will have its own column assigned to it. Ie will alway be column C and will always be in D. The problem is I've around 1200 rows of infor and the email addresses are all over the place..

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Opens Spreadsheet Twice
When I double click an excel spreadsheet in windows explorer it opens spreadsheet then closes it then opens it again.

This doesnt happen if I have an instance of excel already running.

I thought it might be to do with file association and the open with option.

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Add A Counter To A Spreadsheet
we have a spreadsheet which we encourage our employees to use but not sure if they are or not. is it possible to put a counter onto the spreadsheet so we can see how many times it is being opened

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Gas Consumption Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet in my PDA that figures out my average gas consumption and it does fine, HOWEVER, it's made to do ONE calculation only which means I have to always re-enter how much gas I got NOW and how much the last time.

I would like to extend this formula/sheet so that it will keep a track of the TOTAL average consumption as well as after the last fill up.
Ie, how what was the odometer at last fillup 15,000 miles
how much is the odometer showing today 15,300
How much gas did you put in today, 30 gallons and so on.

Normally, I would have to go in and retype the values but I would like to continue and simply type in the NEW odometer setting and the gas I got this last time and so on and it should tell me what my average was TODAY and the total of ALL the entries.

I SUCK at math so a description will NOT do it, I will need the actual formula and so on or even better someone to e mail me the spreadsheet and I can then modify it IF needed.

Right now it says MPG=(Miles at this fillup minus Miles at last fillup) Divided by gallons pumped..

I'm thinking that if I play around with it enough, I can extend this, BUT, I was more concerned about figuring out how to do the running total so to speak without having to go in and do this manually somehow..

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Print A Spreadsheet.
I wanna print a spreadsheet. but i want the first 5 columns to be the header on every page.

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Add A Number And For It To Appear In The Spreadsheet
I have borrowed a user entry form from a tutorial which I want to use to enter data in a sheet. I have deleted the stuff I don't need and added 4 more fields that I want to use to add to the data. file attached. I just want to be able to add a number and for it to appear in the spreadsheet.

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