Populate List Box Depending On Valid Range

Jul 6, 2012

I'm trying to make a listbox that contains a list of items from ranges that differ depending on the contents of one cell.

In other words, say the contents of the cell in question is 'flower' the listbox will be populated with the range of cells containing flower names; if the cell was 'shrubs' the same listbox would be populated with the range of cells containing shrub names.

I've scoured the site, but can't find an exact query that matches mine (though I've probably missed a bunch of them).

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Auto-Populate Data Depending On Selection From Dropdown List

Jan 21, 2013

How to populate MTD data linked to the other spreadsheet file (monthly data) to the table on the left, depending on the month selected month from the dropdown list.

Attached files for reference :
Dropdown Month.xlsx‚Äé

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List Box Depending On Combobox And Add Or Delete Items To Range

Jul 4, 2009

i had a user form with a Combo box,list box,text box and a command button. I need the code that works upon selecting:

1)An Item from the combo box should display the list in the list box.

eg: If Country is selected from the combobox then the list box should contain all the names of the countries from the country Column

2)An item should be added to the list in the worksheet when an item is entered in the textbox.

Like wise, when an item is selected from the combobox from "Delete Items List" all the items relating to the item selected from the combobox should be displayed in the list box and a choice to delete the items relating to the combobox item should be provided.

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Populate List Box For Visible Range

Apr 12, 2013

Is it possible to populate a multicolumn listbox while excluding the hidden rows?

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Checkbox To Populate List / Range Of Customers

May 4, 2014

I have sheet 1 a1:a3 with 3 check boxes.

In sheet 2 i have 3 ranges green = a1:a20, red = b1:b20, orange = c1:c20. (in each range there is a different list of customers) What i would like is on sheet 1 to click check box 1 and the values from range green (on sheet2) are dispalyed in sheet 1 @ d1

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Drop-List: Populate Dates In Cell Range On Same Sheet

Oct 8, 2006

I'm need to add a droplist with periods 1,2,3,4 etc... that references a cell then populates that same reference in a cell raange. Example: cell E1 contains the droplist with periods 1-4 as choices to select from, when you select period 1 it populates the dates jan 15 in cells E4:E7, if you select period 2 it populates dates jan 31, etc. how to add the droplist, how to expand the list, show the formula and how to expand it as I will have more data than this short example.

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Populate Field Depending On Date Specified

Aug 12, 2009

I need to complete the 'cost field' in Table A, from Table B, but the 'cost' value must be selected from Table B based on it's ' date completed', as per my example attached...

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Define List In Workbook States Not A Valid Name

Jan 8, 2009

I have been working on creating a dependent drop down list and have been able to create lists (Insert > Name > Define) and it has worked for all the lists except 2. It will not allow me to create a list titled C or R. I get a pop up stating "that is not a valid name". Why is that?

I have a list for each letter of the alphabet except the letters C & R. No matter what I seem to do I just keep getting the pop up window stating that it is not a valid name. I also tried closing the workbook and restarting the pc and then trying but the same thing keeps happening.Thanks!

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Populate Textbox Depending On Selection From Combobox

Nov 8, 2012

Attached is my sample data.

In sheet "support data" I have two columns.

One column is a client reference and the one next to it is a client name.

On my form the combo box is populated with the client references.

When i select a reference in the combo box I would like to populate textbox1 with the corresponding client name from "support data"

(as an advanced feature it would be good if the textbox1 kept changing as the mouse was hovering over the list of client references in the combobox)

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Cell Populate Verbiage Depending On The Total

Feb 27, 2008

I am trying to have a cell populate verbiage depending on the total % of the cell to it's left. I have created this formula but it's not working.

=IF(F25=100,"Meets Expectations")+IF(F25>100,"Exceeds Expectations")+IF(F25

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Populate Cells/Table Depending On INDEX Result

Feb 7, 2007

I am trying to populate a table (a7:c27) in the attached sheet with data.

First, I must enter a number 1-16, which uses index function to return either "series" or "base"

If it is base, i want the number in the corresponding table filtered down - i.e. if 1 originally picked then h7 is (40) is entered into each month as base = constant.

If the result is series, then the data in i7:z7 is entered into the the 18 month table.

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Add A Named Range And It Says Name Not Valid?

Jan 23, 2014

I try to add a named range and it says name not valid!! I'm putting in jan13. Why would this not be valid. There are no other named ranges in the workbook

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VBA Runs Only Valid URL Addresses From Range

Mar 10, 2013

Website has a URL where the last element is a number within a range (e.g. 1000 - 4000).

But the numbers are not sequential (e.g there are 100 pages, first URL ends "1001", last one ends "6000".

As shown below I set the code to cycle through every possible number:


For i = 1001 To 6000
With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(Connection:= _
"URL;http://(whatever)" & i _
, Destination:="(Whichever cell the output starts in)"

Not the most constructive use of the national grid.

Is there a VBA that can check whether the URL "number" is genuine before doing anything else - and move straight to the next "i" if it doesn't exist?

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Check For Valid Named Range

Dec 10, 2007

I have this formula =COUNTIF(WallA,D35) which works great unless the named range is deleted. Is there a way to check to see if the named range is valid in formula?

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Automatically Populate 12 Month Calendar With Result Depending On Start And Finish Dates

Mar 26, 2014

I've just started working on an FTE calculator and wish to populate a 12 month calendar with FTE depending on the start and finshed dates.

FTE Calculator non nursing.xlsx

I've attached the file. In Column D the user would select the month the staff start and in the Column E the month the staff will finish. I would like the fte that is calculated in Column Z then to populate in the 12 columns AB:AM (Jul to Jun) with corresponding month start and finish.

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Count The Number Of VALID Dates In Range

Oct 12, 2007

I did a search in google and found this formula that's supposed to work:
(Please see the following)

To count dates within a range (inclusive):

B1 = start date = 1/1/2006
C1 = end date = 7/1/2006


Then it should be:


But this only counts the number of cells that has the date, but not based on the range, why it doesn't work?

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Collect Valid Range Address From User

Jun 27, 2008

I'm getting a cell address from user. I need to check whether the cell address is a valid cell address.. How do I do it.

Dim s As String

s = InputBox("Enter a valid cell reference")

If (S Is a valid cell reference) Then
MsgBox "success"
MsgBox "Failure"
End If

I tried doing this using Left and Right string functions. But thats going very complex.

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Function Is Not Valid On Dynamic Named Range Chart

Apr 20, 2007

I have seen one of your posts in which you make a graph update based on dynamic named ranges. Here is my problem, I already defined the name of my ranges as:

ChurnDiario =OFFSET(Clientes!$E$25,0,0,1, COUNTA(Clientes!$E$25:$AH$25))
Ejex =OFFSET(Clientes!$E$8,0,0,1,COUNTA(Clientes!$E$8:$AH$8))

The issue is that when I tried to enter the values and category (x) axis with:

Values: =offset(ChurnDiario,0,0)
Category (X) axis labels: = offset(Ejex,0,0)

On both, excel replies ďThat function is not validĒ. Iíve tried, but still canít make it work.

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Dynamic Range For Pivot Table :: Error : Reference Not Valid

Apr 26, 2009

I am trying to create a pivot table on a new sheet names as 4x4

I am getting following error:

Error : 1004
Reference Not Valid

I am not sure where is the problem. I have generated this code by using macro recorder and just changed the source and destination of the pivot generation code.

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Validation List Change Depending On What Is Chosen In Another List

Mar 19, 2009

i mtrying to get a validation list change depending on what is chosen in another list. I have attached an example, Yellow box is my validation and weather List 1 or List 2 in chosen I want the red box to be a choose of the list attached to those options. I've tried to put an If in there but Iím al a loss.

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Creating A Dropdown List Using Matching Data From 2 Columns To Populate The List

Jun 11, 2013

I'm creating a spreadsheet to keep track of my costs of production in an online game. Within the game there are a range of spawned resources that appear for only a short time before being unobtainable these resources have specific types that is shared between multiple spawns of the resource but each resource spawn has a unique name.

My first worksheet lists all the resources and their various qualities and the later worksheets are meant to allow me to choose from a list resources matching the requirements of the item I'm looking to craft. The example i have shown in the second picture requires Tatooinian Fiberplast and Lokian Wild Wheat to craft so in the Chosen Resource column I would like to have a drop down list allowing me to select the named resource type i would like to use - for Tatooinian Fiberplast the only thing on the list should be Omnitwixi and for the Wild Wheat it should show Fizi and Krad



I am aware there are people with more pressing problems than computer games and as such

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Populate Row Of Cells On One Sheet Depending On Value In One Cell On Other Sheet

Apr 27, 2014

with the attached spreadsheet?

I want to populate "selections" sheet with data from the previous sheet (it will be the date) depending on the value of a cell in column G. You will see I have already got the data from 27th April into my selections sheet but wondered if it can be done by a formula to save me copy and paste time?

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Macro To Change Range / Action Depending On Worksheet (range To Autofill)

Sep 17, 2013

Currently my Macro should: Turn off any filtersNumber column A from 1 to 1000 (starting in A14)Drags formula from K14-O14 down to last row of data shown in column Athen puts cursor in last empty cell in column B ready for user to enter data

On point 3 - I want the range to be K14-O14 if active worksheet equals "EXCHANGES" but if its on the "VALUATIONS" tab the autofill range should be L14-P14

I have found bits and pieces of macros on the internet and put them together so if my macro below is not the most effective for my needs but here it is in it's current state:

Here is my macro:

Sub AddNewEntry()
Dim wks As Worksheet


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Drop Down List Which Displays A Different Set Of Values Depending Upon The Value Selected By A Previous Drop Down List

Oct 26, 2009

I need to have a drop down list which displays a different set of values depending upon the value selected by a previous drop down list. ie. (drop down box 1)= x, y, z. (drop down box 2)= either x1, x2, x3, or y1, y2, y3, or z1, z2, z3. I can produce a single drop down box thats not a problem but linking several drop down boxes is beyond me .

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List Box Depending On Combobox

Jun 2, 2009

I would like to add a combobox and would like to add/delete items to the list box.

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List To Display Value Depending On Certain Columns

Apr 24, 2013

I am developing a workbook, one part of the book is to track discipline I have a page for this and a userform on the front page to enter data into it. I would like if you will a summary box (list box or whatever is best) displayed on the front page and I would like a line to appear in that box maybe saying john smith requires a warning. I need this to appear if john smith has been entered 3 times into the name column on the discipline sheet however only if the offence is the same 3 times for example 3 lates not 2 lates and 1 non attendance.

After it displays this line in the summary box I would like to be able to double click it where a small userform appears where a user can then select discipline received or something and for this lien to disappear in the summary and all 3 entries in the discipline sheet.

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Entering List Depending On A Cell Value?

Feb 6, 2014

i have 5 lists of names which i want the sheet to enter depending on the cell value of C1. C1 is a drop down of 5 different departments so when C1=department 1 for instance i want A4:A25 to automatically update the list of names that i have against that department.

im sure its fairly simply but i just cant get any formula i use to work!

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Creating Bucket List Depending Upon Value

Feb 19, 2014

Formula/function to put a set of values into a bucket, depending upon the value.

I've attached a spreadsheet with sample data for your review.

I'm looking to put the Ranking # into one of several Ranking Buckets based on the criteria below:

0, 450-499

I've tried using a LOOKUP function, but I think I'm missing something with it.


Excel Bucket.xlsx

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Use Or Not Use Dropdown List Depending On Another Cell Value?

Aug 18, 2014

I would like to use or not use a dropdown list in data validation depending on the value of another cell. The application is to be able to choose a state from the dropdown list only if the country selected in another cell is "US". If the country is not US then I want the user to be able to fill in free text and there be no dropdown list. I know it's possible to have a dropdown list and allow entries without it being on the list but I need the dropdown list not to appear at all if the value is not US.

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Third Dependent List With Last Two Lists Depending On First

Feb 21, 2012

How to do a third dependent list with the last two list depending on the first. The con textures site does not explain this.

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