Replace End Of A String Only In Strings Containing Names

Apr 23, 2014

I have a VBA find and replace question

I have a spreadsheet with cognitive tests (approx 300) that have been given names like


What I need is a VBA macro that replaces the _e only at the end of the string to _ss for those strings that begins with w3_, w4_ and DKEFS_ (e.g. from w3_th_e to w3_th_ss)

Likewise I want to replace only the _e at the end of the string on all other names (e.g. pegboard_eh_e) with _t (e.g. from pegboard_eh_e to pegboard_eh_t) Is this possible?

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Replace Bad Names From A List Of Good Names

May 14, 2009

create a script that will replace the names in column A on sheet1 from a Master sheet in the same workbook?

The problem is that different users are entering data on sheet1 col A in different ways example someone may enter Johnc or John C Or John What I want is for something to run down col A on sheet1 and look for the like name on the master sheet if the name matches then do nothing but if the name is like another name on the master sheet then replace the name if they are almost alike.

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Searching Names In Text Strings

Oct 22, 2013

I receive a spreadsheet with over 400 lines of data every month. One row (J) contains information from companies with account details. The problem is that the info uses different formats, so the data strings within the cells can be quite long (sometimes over 100 characters, including spaces, dashes and slashes). The one identifier within each data string is a name, usually somewhere in the middle.

So for example a reference to JOHN SMITH might be "123456-01-smith/john-01/01/10-London-Edinburgh" or "2010-01-01-123456/SMITHJOHNMR/123456". I have a list of names (Column Y) and what I need is some way (probably VBA) for Excel to look down the list of references and compare them to the list of names, and if one of the names appears anywhere with in a text string, to put the name in column K. So if 4546/JohnSmith-01/08/13 or Leeds-London-123SmithJohn789 appears, put John Smith in column K, if 0123-MrFredBlogs-0321-5 appears, put Fred Bolggs in column K.

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Find And Replace Or RegEx - Remove Symbols From Column Of Strings

Sep 27, 2011

I have a find and replace function that removes + smybols from a coloum of strings. How can I remove the first instance of a space (if it later contains a +, too?


Before: [ +Test +Test]
After: [+Test +Test]

Selection.Replace What:="+", Replacement:="", LookAt:=xlPart, _
SearchOrder:=xlByRows, MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False, _

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Pulling Out Single Names From A String Of Names

Sep 1, 2009

I have a list of names in a single cell. They are all seperated by a comma, then a space. Example would be: John Smith, Steve Wilson, Wallace O Malley, etc. What formula could I use to pull out the names individually, starting from the farthest right?

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Excel 2010 :: Replace Function Missing Strings In Merged Range?

Jun 11, 2014

I've recently been making a macro in visual basic that loops through all my excel files and replaces an old company name to a new company name and It's working great, well except for one thing... It always misses one string in the file and it leaves me with 90% of the file corrected. I think that the string might be a part of a merged range so Range.Find is not able to find it. I was suggested to use this code:

[Code] ......

Because that's the code that is generated when using the replace function in MS Excel 2010, but I keep getting syntax errors?

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Check Whether String Contains One Of Many Sub-strings

Nov 11, 2010

I'd like to write a formula that check if a string (contained in another cell - say A1) includes at least one occurrence of one of a set of 5 sub strings. If the substring is included then it should return which one.

For istance, say that the cell A1 = " The colour is BLACK" then I'd like a formula in cell B1 that check if any of the following strings is included in A1 (RED, GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, ORANGE) and that tells me which one.

How to do this with a one cell formula ?

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String Parsing With Variable Length Strings

Mar 28, 2006

I am trying to split up a cell into numbers and charachters and place them in
separate columns, but the lenght of the number part varies as does the
content of the character part.

For example, one cell could be 5#, 10Tins, 4 lb, 100Pcs, etc.
I would like to be able to pull out the #, Tins, lb, and Pcs in to their
own column.

I have found this formula:

but it assumes some level of consistency, the "-" in the cell.

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String In Column A To Be Divided Into 2 Strings If Length > 50

Apr 8, 2013

I have a set of data in Which in column A is the name of organisation.

If string in col A is longer than 50 I need to split in and put in col B.

That would be simple however I need to do it in a smart manner: i.e. cut it to the nearest full word.



Incorrect; length = 98

Correct; trimmed down to 48.

My question is about formula that can detect spaces and depending on those trim the string down adequatly:
to 50 if 50th char is preceeded by space; if not then check where is the next space going towards left. Once you find it cut the string there.

What formula I can use to get desired effect?

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Break A Long Text String Into 10 Character Strings

Mar 27, 2008

I have a spreadsheet that has a column of text that is always 10 characters long. There are 10 rows of text so there could be 100 text characters if all rows are filled. The rows usually will not all be filled. There will probably be blank rows between used rows. I have been able to capture the text and put it into one cell as one long text which is ok but I want to be able to break it up into the 10 character strings again, separated with a comma and space between each 10 characters.

This is the code I used to collect the 10 character text strings and put them all together as the variable "result". I used & ", " after ... Cells(r,17) which worked fine unless there was a blank row. If the row was blank it put in a comma and space anyway so I ended up with duplicate(triplicate) commas and spaces.

Private Sub test_Click()
result = ""
For r = 5 To 32 Step 3
'If Cells(r, 17) "" Then
result = result & Cells(r, 17)
Next r
Range("r5") = result
End Sub

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Names Replace By One Singular Name

May 27, 2006

I want to be able to have a set of names replaced by one singular name, e.g.

Hilton monkeys
hilton monkeys on top
Hilton Power
Hilton jimmy
Hilton jimmy on top
Hilton jimmy on top with bananas
Marriott jimmy
Marriott jimmy on top

(ofcourse these are made up!). What I would like is to group the names to simply 'Hilton' and 'Marriott'. There must be a way of doing this, so I don't have to select all the separate cell numbers. Is there a simple way. I have tried using replace in Excel and that doesnt allow me to do it. Macros must do, but I'm trying to avoid having to write 5000 scripts selecting each particular cell. Is there any way of doing this?

Surely the 'replace' function should do it with some key character like replace hilton * with Hilton??? Thats all I want, but there doesnt appear to be that option.

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Select Multiple Names In Column And Replace?

Dec 18, 2013

I have an email list that I email. Sometimes I get some that doesnt exist anymore. So my program sends email out and respnods to me that says these emails do not exist and gives me the emails. So I manually have to go and find them one at a time on my list to delete by CTRL F. Is there a way to submit all email names to find at once instead of doing one at a time.

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How To Replace Or 'copy Over' Names To Unique Identifiers

Jan 20, 2009

Have a long list of patients with visit details recorded - over 3 years worth

Many patients are seen multiple times, there is an age recorded also to ensure the same names can be 'set as distinct for different ages'

Need to replace (or add another column) the name field with a unique identifier so that we can ensure the same person has the same identifier.

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Replace The First Or The Last From String

Jun 24, 2009

I need a code which replaces the given letter or sign combination at the first or at the last position of a string. User should be able to chose from which end the replacement should be done, what should be replaced and in which column. Maybe throug a messagebox!

For example (1):
Column B:
[trn][m1][c blue]$ [/c] = Dollar. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of USA[/c][/m][/trn]
[trn][m1][c blue] [/c] = Euro. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of EU contries[/c][/m][/trn]

Result of replacing the first "[/c]" with "" should be:
[trn][m1][c blue]$ = Dollar. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of USA[/c][/m][/trn]
[trn][m1][c blue] = Euro. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of EU contries[/c][/m][/trn]

Result of replacing the last "[/c]" with "" should be:
[trn][m1][c blue]$ [/c] = Dollar. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of USA[/m][/trn]
[trn][m1][c blue] [/c] = Euro. [/m][m2][c green]Currency of EU contries[/m][/trn]

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How To Replace String In The Cells

May 20, 2014

In one of my worsheets in the excel document, I have data as shown below:

Name Description Minimum Values Maximum Values
ABC test desc {0.0, 0.0, 0.0} {1.0, 1.0, 1.0}
DEF test desc {{0.0, 0.0, 0.0},{0.0,0.0,0.0}} {{1.0, 1.0, 1.0}, {1.0, 1.0, 1.0}}

Basically for a 1D array, the minimum and maximum values are within one set of brackets, whereas for 2D array (as shown in the second row), there would be nested brackets with comma after every closing bracket being a row separator.

My requirement is to write a macro to replace the minimum and maximum values in every row of the worksheet (I do not know the exact number of rows as it could vary) with just one value instead of repeated values depending on the size of the array. In other words, I am looking at the below output:

Name Description Minimum Values Maximum Values
ABC test desc 0.0 1.0
DEF test desc 0.0 1.0

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Replace Characters In A String

Feb 11, 2009

Replace characters in a string. I have this macro:

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Replace Second Word Of A String

Dec 9, 2007

I need to replace the second word in a cell with another,

eg in cell AI1 I have Black Box.

Which formula would retain the first word, before the space and replace it with another, eg

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Replace String Within A String

Aug 24, 2007

How to extract out the (M) from a string and convert (M) in that string to another value? Example: I want to extract out the (M) from a string and convert the (M) to "Medium". The data is: Burger (M) with french fries. How to exract (M) from the data and convert the value (M) to "Medium"?

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Macro To Find Replace Specific Text In Multiple Sheet Names

Sep 13, 2010

I need a macro that will look for a specific text string in the tab names of the workbook and replace it with a new specified text string (leaving the rest of the existing tab names). In other words, a simple find/replace but applied to all tab names in the workbook rather than cells. Ideally, I'd like it to pop up something and ask for the text to find and the text to replace it with, so I don't have to edit the macro itself each time I want to use it, but editing the macro each time is fine. Either way will be wonderful.

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IF Cell Contains String From Table Then Replace With?

Dec 23, 2013

I'm trying to get excel to check a cell against a table of numbers and if it finds any of them to replace it with the correct number.

Basically if the cell contains any of the numbers in the "Do Not Use" column then it should display the corresponding entry from the "Replace With" column?

see attached spreadsheet. Cells in orange are where I want the formula to go...


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Replace Empty String With Null

Apr 3, 2014

I'm working with some data exported from a database. Unfortunately, when data is exported to excel, cells that should be completely blank (i.e. ISBLANK formula would return TRUE) actually contain empty strings.

What is the fastest way to replace the empty string with a true null?

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Replace String In Over 250 Excel Files

May 27, 2014

I've been given the assignment to replace an old company name with the new one in an excessive amount of excel files. All the excel files seem to be some kinds of forms with fancy buttons and such. I've been trying to research this quite a bit but only found some shady programs which I'm not installing on company computers so I decided to write a batch script to try and accomplish this, if you have any other ways to do this do let me know. So far I've only got a basic skeleton of the batch script, like looping through all the excel files in a directory and then loop through all the worksheets within the file. Here's how it looks

[Code] .....

I just want some confirmation that this would actually work and how to replace all occurrences of a string in a workspace.

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Find Text / String And Replace It?

Jul 4, 2014

I have 4 columns in which is text combined with numbers (Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet t-shirt LPW01-B consectetur adipiscing.) I need to search every column and cells in them for a word/string which is written in R2 and replace the word in every cell by the word in S2

So for example, in R2 is "t-shirt" and in S2 is "potato"

The program finds the entry: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet t-shirt LPW01-B consectetur adipiscing." and replace it with "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet potato LPW01-B consectetur adipiscing."

P.S.: I am having a trouble with uploading the file directy here, so here's a link: [URL]

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Find And Replace String In A Formula

Mar 9, 2012

How do you replace a string in a Formula within a cell or several cells?

For example:


find and replace Monthly with Quarterly

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Remove / Replace Text From String?

Oct 18, 2012

provide a vba script to replace characters from a string.

I have the following script which has the cell address as the string and want to remove the dollar signs.

Dim C1 as string
C1 = ActiveCell.Address
With C1
.Replace "$", "", xlPart
End With

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Find And Replace Certain Pattern Within String Using VBA?

Apr 12, 2013

I created a vba procedure for a particular job but within that procedure I need to perform another task. I've been trying to come up with a regular expression but to no avail. I'm looking to loop through a range of cells for any string where there isn't a space before and after a hyphen. When occurance is matched, then replace with spaces. One exception to the rule would be if data is contained within parentheses, then ignore. There could be zero occurances in string to many.

abc - def ==> ok, s/b skipped
abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> ok, s/b skipped
abc-def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo)
abc- def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo)
abc -def (nnn-mmmm ooo) ==> abc - def (nnn-mmmm ooo)
abc-def ==> abc - def
abc- def ==> abc - def
abc -def ==> abc - def

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VBA Code To Find String Value And Replace?

Jun 27, 2013

I am looking for a piece of code and can locate the range of a specified string, and replace it with something else. For example, I need to find string "AA" and replace that with "BB", can this be achieved with VBA code?

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Replace All Spaces In A String With Underscore

Jul 18, 2013

I am trying to replace all spaces in a string with an underscore.

I'll be applying a loop to cycle through the whole column in that file. Should be pretty easy..

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VBA To Replace String That Matches Pattern

Nov 22, 2009

I have Userform1, Textbox1, Textbox2 and CommandButton1. Textbox1 is being manually inputted by users.

I would like that when I click Commandbutton1, that Textbox2 will be populated by whatever value was entered in Textbox1, except that the any string that matches any of the listed pattern below:


will be excluded. "?" here represent any 1 character.

So for example, if the user inputted "AA-90-088100ABC" in Textbox1, when CommandButton1 is clicked, Textbox2 should have the value:


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Find And Replace A Value In A String Of Text

Jan 23, 2008

I am trying to be able to input a value in column A and the string of text in column B will be affected by the value that I put in Column A. And i want to be able to do this with multiple rows with multiple values. Example:

My string of text in column B remains the same until the value of Column A changes. The find/replace will overwrite the "" in the string. This is my string of text in Column B: "^cCHT;all;;t;g;F1;F1;;all;;t;g;F2;F2;;all;;"

A1 value = "ABC"
Resulting Text in B1 = "^cCHT;all;;t;g;F1;F1ABC;;all;;t;g;F2;F2ABC;;all;;"

A2 value = "XYZ"
Resulting Text in B2 = "^cCHT;all;;t;g;F1;F1XYZ;;all;;t;g;F2;F2XYZ;;all;;"

I know that I can accomplish this by creating a button but I was wondering if there is a more automated way like a formula in a cell or something.

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