Return A Specific Value From Three If Criteria

Apr 1, 2007

I have 3 named range columns to query and a fourth from which I wish to return a value

Column 1 is called DateOE, column 2 is called NameOE and column 3 is called RunOE. The column from which I require the value is named ConcOE.
I have the following formula:
=IF(AND(DateOE=28,NameOE="Wayne",RunOE=1),ConcOE,"No Data")

My logic dictates that the formula should return whatever was run by Wayne on run number 1 on the 28th day from the values within ConcOE or return the value No Data.

The run numbers are unique, which is the identification key.

Every time I try it out, I have a #Value returned and if I convert to an array, the value no data is returned, despite the fact that I know what value should be retuned.

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Lookup 2 Criteria And Return Info In Specific Column

Feb 8, 2008

I've got a database that is sorted by date...

I need a formula that will look for 2 criteria and once it finds those 2 matching criteria, I need it to return the information on that line that's in column 6, let's say.

so in one column I have the date, the next column I have the sales persons name, 4 columns over I have their order number.

In cell a1 of worksheet 1, I have a drop down ready that has all my sales persons listed. In cell a2 I will manually enter the date that I need to reference.

I need the formula to then look for cell a1 and a2 in worksheet 2 where I have my spreadsheet with the info I mentioned above, match that criterium in worksheet 2, and return the info in column 6.

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IF Function Return Specific Criteria For True And Then For False

Mar 5, 2008

I need to check one column to see if it is less than another one
If it is I need to have the IF function return specific criteria for true and then for false but then I also need it to rely on the results of another question from another column if the result of the first query is less than the figure in another column again I need to return specific criteria for tur and then for false
An AND function requires both to be true but when one isnt what do I write?

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Return True / False If Specific Criteria Met Between Worksheets In Same Workbbok

May 28, 2014

First one: The thought process is that inbound inventory data is logged on one sheet; outbound inventory data logged on another within the same workbook. When specific data from the inbound sheet (LPN column) is 'shipped' and entered on the outbound sheet, that specific data needs to be verified against the order number it was intended to ship against and if everything lines up, to have a TRUE value returned, or FALSE if not.

Second one: same type of thing - I'd like to look for the same specific criteria (LPN) between the inbound and outbound worksheets and if the same LPN is found on the outbound sheet, to return a value of "SHIPPED".

Third and fourth - same deal again except this time, would like to tie back the outbound Destination and ship date data from the outbound worksheet to the inbound worksheet.

A copy of the workbook is attached for reference with cells that require formulas highlighted in yellow on the inbound sheet and data cells from which the formulas will verify data in green on the outbound sheet.

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For EACH Cell In Specific Range Meeting Specific Criteria - Call Sub

Jul 1, 2014

Looking to have a macro call a subroutine every time it finds a cell meeting specific criteria.

Code in plain english would look like this:

For EACH cell in range A1:BZ500 meeting the following criteria:

Cell value is a date


Cell's date is at least a week or more in the future


Cell background (Fill) = RGB color code: (R:191 G:191 B:191)

DO the following:

Call repeatingsub

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IF 3 Variables Then Return A Specific #

Apr 1, 2009

I've attached the example spreadsheet.

I have 3 columns with multiple variable rows.

The 4th column is the specific result for those 3 variables.

I need a formula/s that will give me the correct 4th column # based on the previous 3 columns what would be input using dropdown lists I believe.

So for instance the final end result would be an HTML web page with 3 drop down boxes representing the first 3 columns and then based on what is selected in those 3 dropdowns the correct 4th column # would be shown.

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Return A Specific Value Into A Cell

Jul 31, 2009

In the attached document i need to work out the following solution for a formula but im baffeled! In the completed column i need to show 'ongoing' if there are any 0's in the 101 - 104 columns and 'completed' otherwise.

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Return Value Of Specific Column?

Mar 6, 2014

if I wan to get the value of specific column, how should I use it by vlookup?

The formula for vlookup is like is =vlookup(lookup value,table array, col_index,range lookup)

If the col index range, can i specific any column, example of I lookupvalue from A, then get value from CH?

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How To Return One And Two Words Before And After Specific Word

Apr 14, 2012

I am in need of a forumula. I am trying to extract one word before a keyword, one word after a keyword, 2 words before a keyword, and 2 words after a keyword.

For example:

The keyword is blue:

birds are blue today - 1 word before=are; 1 word after=today; 2 words before=birds are; 2 words after=today

blue is my favorite color - 1 word before=(null); 1 word after=is; 2 words before=(null); 2 words after=is my

see blue colors in the sky - 1 word before=see; 1 word after=colors; 2 words before=see; 2 words after=colors in

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Look Up Specific Text In Row Then Return Its Grouping In Another Row

Jun 19, 2014

I have a list of names, and each name belongs to a particular group

I want the group number to auto populate in row 2, so when Andrew adds his name on the bottom of the list, row 2 returns a value of 1, Barry, group 2 and so on.

The list of names and groups will remain the same over time, but the list will be repeated each time that the individual inputs his name.

All information is in one sheet as below




[Code] ........

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Return Numbers With Specific Format

Dec 14, 2007

I am trying to return a number with a specific format. I need Excel to look in a particular column and when it finds the entry in the correct format to return it in a new column. I want it to repeatedly return the number to the new column until it finds another number of the same format in the original column.

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Sumif Return The Specific Value Based On The Lookup

Sep 21, 2009

I have attached an example. I am wondering how I can get [K2] to return the value 501 based on the lookup.

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Search Box / Dropdown To Return Specific Data

Nov 15, 2013

I have a workbook with several sheets of data - it's basically names with a series of assessment data. Each name and selection of data is in its own row.

I want to build an additional sheet with a search function/drop down box that wil allow any name to be searched for/selected and return that specific name/all/specific cells in that row. I believe this could be done either using VLOOKUP or a Macro but I am only a beginner with either of these things.

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SUM Until Specific Cell Is Reached And Heading Return?

Nov 18, 2013

I have a number of dates (columns) and under each date there is the demand value (Rows). Also, i have a column that has the current inventory. what im trying to do is to keep on adding the demand in one row (i.e multiple dates) until the sum just exceeds the inventory. After that, i would like to return sum the date at which we stopped adding. the point of this excercise is to see at which month will our inventory deplete according to the demand. Below is an example solved by hand.

Part #
month 1
month 2


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How To Return Data With Specific Date In Macro

Jun 1, 2014

I have my tracking data sheet in my master file.

I wish to create a macro code to only retrieve the data on the file last modified date with the specific date.

For example like this :

I wish when I click on the List button, it will pull out the file that is from 28/5/2014 till 30/5/2014 which I have input in B6:B7

I have my code like this but it will pull out all the file in the folder:

Dim iRow

Sub list()
iRow = 11
Call ListMyFiles(Range("C4"), Range("C5"))
End Sub

Sub ListMyFiles(mySourcePath, IncludeSubfolders)

[Code] ........

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How To Return Specific Chars In A Dynamic String

May 30, 2007

I'm using excel 2003 and I have have a dynamic string of data separated by 19 commas ",". I think 19 (the # of commas) is one of the few fix numbers...

What I'd like to do is from Right2Left return the 5 characters immediately to the right of (before) the 11th "," comma (i.e. 22.59 for the 1st string on Excel Cell A2) OR from the Left2Right return the 5 characters immediately after the 9th comma "," comma, which is also 22.59

Example of some of the strings I've been trying to work with...the list is much longer...but for example sake I've limited to 4...

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Return The Total Sum Of Values Between Two Specific Dates

Aug 14, 2009



Excel tables to the web >>" target="_blank"> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

And I am after a formula that will return the total sum of values between two specific dates.

So if my results table looks like the one below, the values the formula would return are shown in Cells E9:E11.


BCDE8ProductStart DateEnd DateTotal9A24/08/200914/09/200934110B10/08/200907/09/200918511C31/08/200921/09/2009225

Excel tables to the web >>" target="_blank"> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

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Specific Criteria To Be Blank

Aug 16, 2007

I created a database query in my Excel file that queries an Access database. The query has a few parameters and these are tied to certain cells that contain drop down lists for the user to select the parameters.

I am having problems though if the user wants a specific criteria to be blank. Instead of showing all the records that meet the other criteria, the entire result is blank. For example, if I query for Total Sales based on the parameters Building, Floor and City and I select the City, but don't enter anything for Building and Floor, my result is nothing. I would like the result to be the Total Sales for that City, irregardless of the Building and Floor.

I am not sure how to create this. I assume I would need to put something in the criteria field in MS Query, but I have no idea what.

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Filter A Row In Specific Criteria

May 5, 2009

I would like to filter a row using the following criteria: date should be < or = todays date.

I have tried the below but it doesn't work

Selection.AutoFilter Field:=11, Criteria1:="

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Finding Specific Row With Criteria

Feb 6, 2007

I have a very large database of quotes. I have created a user interface with several textbox inputs, combobox inputs, and checkboxes. When the commandbutton is pressed I need a list of quote numbers to be generated based on the criteria the user input. I found an example program from here that is for ADVANCED EXCEL FIND. It only uses combo boxs and goes to those rows on datasheet. I have text input and checkbox inputs as well and I don't want it to take the user to the rows, I want just the quote numbers from the rows to be sent back to a textbox. I also read over one based on filtering data in a listbox.

This is my first program in VB, but I did quite a bit in C++ before. I can pretty much understand what all the coding says, I just am overwhelmed with it being so large and not sure how to put it all together.

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Using Three Criteria To Return A Value

Jun 3, 2008

way to use three criteria - date, account, method - to identify values in a column of deposits to sum.

The spreadsheet consists of the following:

The first colomn is a mixed list of dates in different months deposits were made.
The second column is the account the deposits were placed in.
The third column is the method used to make the deposit
The fourth column is the amount deposited.

What I'm trying to achieve is
1. to sum all the deposits made in a particular month by the different methods into a summary cell for each month
2. to sum the amounts deposited into each account each month into a summary cell for each method

I did try to copy a section of the spreadsheet using the html maker but couldn't copy it.

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Using 2 Criteria To Return 1 Sum

Jun 16, 2009

I have a a stock list with the following headings: Location, Part Code, Qty this is the source data for my next spreadsheet. This is baically a total stock sheet.

I need to extract data into my second sheet looking by part code .

I would like the formula to lookup against my master stock sheet and bring me back a sum of the total stock for part code ABCD, which is in location 1.

My finished speadsheet will have 21 products over 10 locations, and the master stock sheet will be amended daily which will hopefully update this summary sheet.

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Return Column Number When Specific Text Is Found

Apr 29, 2014

I am looking for a formula to return the column number of the array when a specific text is found, in this case the text is "Yes"

The Array will only ever be 5 cells beside each other in a row

for example, M4:Q4, will be as follows - No No No Yes No

I want a formula to look at these 5 cells and return the number 4 as that is where the "Yes" value is

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Return Number Of Cells With The Most Consecutive Specific Values?

Aug 13, 2014

I have a range of say B1:Z2. In row B1:Z1 I have dates in the format dd-mmm-yy. In row B2:Z2 I indicate presence of a person by "P". This is at infrequent appearance i.e. p,p,p,blank,blank,blank,p,p,p,p,p,blank,blank,p,p,blank,p,p,p, etc. I am trying to find or workout a formula that would find the most repetitive Ps in row B2:Z2 and give me the sum thereof. I.e, from the above example it should be 5. It does not have to count specifically P. Something that counts the most non-blank sequence of cells in the range should also do.

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Return Value Of Specific Date That Is On The Calendar Into Respective Cell?

Dec 14, 2013

Basically, it is a scheduling of approving or rejecting of request dates. whereby, i will receive the request dates from Google doc form and then i will extract the data from web into the excel. The data i receive will include the ID, Date request and Remarks.

With the Information in hand, the data will then be "plot" into a schedule (which is a year calender that i have created on excel) base on the ID requested from the web and the ID in the excel.

After plotting, i also want to check if the number requested date exceed the quota set PER DAY, if it exceed, then i have to reject, if its not then approve.

So here comes the problem.. After all the dates have reflected on the calender, I want to get the information from the calender result(which is whether the date is approve or reject) back on to respective ID and Dates requested.

I have attached a example excel for clearer view of my explanation.

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Lookup Date And Return Specific Cell Value From A Range

Jan 31, 2014

I have a table that has a number of new starters and corresponding appointments offered, what I originally required was to lookup the chronological date after the new start date.

However this has now been scuppered by my boss who has requested that not only lookup the date, but also add who the appointment is with, but if I do this the first array formula stops working and to tell the trust I'm not to sure how to do it anyway.

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Formula To Return Specific Value If Cell Falls Within Range

Apr 6, 2012

I am looking for a formula that will enable me to determine which one out of five thresholds a percentage falls within and the retuns a specific value for the corresponding threshold. Here is an example of the data (only showing three thresholds):

1 ___0.0%_____50%_____$5.00
2 ___51%______75%_____$15.00
3 ___76%_____100% ____$25.00

Where the values in A1 and B1 are the low and high ends of one range. I would like the formula to determine which range the value falls within and return the value in collumn C (C1 for the A1:B1 range).

I can do this using multiple 'if' statements, but am looking for a much more streamlined way to determine the proper value in column C.

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Return Date Value Once Widgets Reaches Specific Quantity

Jun 15, 2012

I have a list:

Item Code - Description - Quantity - Date
02099 - Blue Widgets - 500 - Jul 1
02099 - Blue Widgets - 200 - Jul 2
02099 - Blue Widgets - 300 - Jul 5
02099 - Blue Widgets - 500 - Jul 9

What formula can I use that returns the date (Jul 5) once the Widgets reaches 1,000 pcs?

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Formula To Return (1) If Any Value In A List Exists In Specific Cell

Oct 24, 2013

I am looking for a formula which will allow me to return a value, 1 or True, if any of a number of words or phrases in a list exists in a specific cell. Per the below example, any formula which will achieve the result in column A

For Example:

Sheet 1
Column A
Fruit Salad
Fruit Smoothie


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Return Data Infront Of Specific Letter In Cell

Jul 14, 2008

ColA contains Purchase Order (PO) numbers and I want to return the department number or project number (which is contained within the PO) in ColB eg.

PO # Department/Project #
AP001234P1234 Want to return everything before the 'P'
PR004444P4444 Same as above
TR2008-1234 No need to change
6501P1234 Want to return everything before the 'P'

I was using IF function but there are too many variables then I thought about the 'P' but not sure how to go about it?

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