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Select/Tick/Check A Checkbox Via Vba Code

How do i check a checkbox on an excel worksheet?

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Tick/show The Check Mark On The Checkbox
I received a spreadsheet form containing some checkboxes that I need to tick. The problem is I dont know how can I tick/show the check mark on the checkbox. everytime I double click it, macro vb screen appears.

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Check One CheckBox To Select All
I am trying to write a macro for an option button, that when selected it checks to see if another option button is selected then continues to automatically change the value of 5 other option button within in 5 other group boxes

Sub SetFilter()
'check to see if filtering is required
If Sheet1.Shapes("Option Button 54").value = True Then
'set non-specific filtering
Sheet1.Shapes("Option Button 28").Value = xlOn
Sheet1.Shapes("Option Button 38").Value = xlOn
Sheet1.Shapes("Option Button 44").Value = xlOn
Sheet1.Shapes("Option Button 52").Value = xlOn
End If
End Sub

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Using Cell As Checkbox (add Tick Mark)
I need to click on a cell and when I click on it, it should change colour and insert a tick (or other symbol).

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Multiple Checkboxes To Tick 1 Checkbox
I have 4 checkboxes: a, b, c, and d. if all three check box a,b, and c is checked, then check box d is checked. if any of a, b, or c is unchecked, then check box d is unchecked.

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Plot/Chart Tick/Check Marks
Is there any way in which I can map the tick mark labels on either the x-axis or the y-axis to different values other than the ones that are being plotted for.

For example, lets say the data is:

1 5
2 6
3 10
4 15
5 8

I want to plot these in a chart but instead of displaying 1,2,3,4,5 on the x-axis, I want to display a different column, say,


The answer is not as simple as plotting the required x-values with the y-values. I have just used a simplistic example but the thing I am trying to do has dependencies involved so I cannot simply plot the chart with the required column.

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Check All Check Boxes With CheckBox
I am creating a userform with 10 checkboxes. The first 9 checkboxes are user options. I want the 10th check box to be a "Select All" option i.e. if the 10th checkbox is checked all the other 9 options are deemed to have been selected.

The way I want the display to work is that if the 10th checkbox is ticked all other checkboxes are cleared. Also if the 10th checkbox is ticked and any of the other check boxes is selected then the 10th checkbox should be selected.

I have tried coding this up but the checkboxes don't seem to operate as desired. I placed some code on the click event for the last option button to set the vlaue for all other buttons to false. This works but the 10th check box doesn't get ticked itself. When I try to code up the other bit I get similar issues.

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Restrict Tick Cell Upon Selection To 1 Tick Per Row
I was reading your Tick Cell Upon Selection article and it works great. I'm just wondering if there is a way to modify it so that they can only select one of the cells in a row.

For example, in this spreadsheet, the cells I have marked for "tick upon selection" are N8-Q8. In this worksheet, though, I only want the user to be able to select one of the four options. Is there a way to format the code so that they either cannot select another cell until they have deselected the first one, or the first one unchecks itself and the new click ticks that cell?

Example: Person selects N8. Person then selects P8. Can it not allow P8 to be selected (and give a warning message) or can it uncheck N8 when P8 is checked?

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Check The Value Of A Checkbox In VBA
I'm trying to check the value of a checkbox that I created in my workbook, but both of the if statements below say "Object does not support this property or method"

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Select All Checkbox
I have 20 check/tick boxes on my worksheet (CheckBox1-20), each of the 20 tickboxs has its own linked cell A1-A20 - I wish to have another checkbox (checkbox21) that, when ticked will tick all of them.

Also, if unticked it will untick the 20. I'd like this to be a kind of "onclick" command - so that if I wanted to tick 5 of the 20 on their own, the "master" tick box won't interfere with this. If a command button is easier to code than this is just as good.

I've been looking online on on here for the last 2 hours with no joy, not even getting close.

I am using Form Controls rather than ActiveX controls.

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Check If Any Checkbox Is Selected
I have a spreadsheet that I use for people to make requests.

They can only select from the dropdown menus or the check boxes in the spreadsheet. Some fields are required.

I have a button that they click on to save the workbook.

When they click on it a macro checks if all required fields are completed. If they aren't, The user receives a Message box asking them to complete all required fields.

The problem I'm having is with 5 checkboxes each linked to a cell (B11:B15).

The user can check any or all of the boxes but they need to select at least one.

how I can check if the user selected at least one and if not then I would display a Message box asking them to select at least one?

Here is my code ...

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Check Value Of Checkbox On Worksheet
I have a problem to check the value of a checkbox when I write the code in Module1. I have several worksheets, and in each worksheet there is a CheckBox1. I want the macro (in Module1) to perform a given code when the CheckBox1.value = true and visa versa.

The code I'm using is as follows:

Option Explicit

Global ws As Worksheet

Application. ScreenUpdating = False

For Each ws In Worksheets

If CheckBox1.Value = True Then
'Do code1
'Do code2
End If
Next ws

Application.ScreenUpdating = True

End Sub

When the Macro is run, an error msg is showing "RunTime error '91'.

Does anyone know how to make this macro function? I've searched the forum, but couldn't make any of the codes suggested to work.

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Automatically Check A Checkbox Depending On Source
It might be very simple, but all I need is if I have data on A1, and i have 3 check boxes labeled: NEW, EXISTING, and ARCHIVED. I want it to automatically check the corresponding boxes. So if "NEW" is typed under A1, it'll check "NEW" box. "EXISTING" will check "EXISTING" check box and so on.

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Value To Cell On CheckBox Check & Clear On Uncheck
I have created a checkbox which places a "TT" on a master sheet when checked on the NEW8 sheet. What I want to know is how do I get the "TT" to delete from the master sheet when unchecked on the NEW8 sheet. Below is what I have...

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Using A Checkbox To Select Valadation List
I have a checkbox linked to cell F2, True=LH (Left Hand) and False = RH.

If I select RH I want to use the valadation list O3:O9, If I select LH I want the list to be Q3:Q9. Is this possible without using code? I am now using two other cells, one for each list RH & LH but it would be more convienant to ckeck the box and have the correct list available.

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Copy Range On CheckBox Check & Clear On Uncheck
I have a check box that when checked needs to take information from multiple cells and copy into multiple cells and then when uncheck remove the data from the cells.

I have attached a sample.

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Macro: Check CheckBox Is True, Current Date For Day/Month, Then Sum TextBox & Cell
I am trying to allow the Command Button when clicked to go through multiple conditions before making a decision. So, when someone clicks on Command Button 3 the code should look to see if CheckBox1 is true, then it should check today's date, and if it is between a range of days, or even months, then it would add the number in TextBox1 with the amount already in cell H18. This event will happen every time someone clicks on the Command Button.

The end result is to have several sheets (4 total) for each quarter in the fiscal year, and if the dates are within those parameters, the clicking of the command button will update the correct sheet.

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Code To Deselect Checkbox
Can code be written to deselect a checkbox.

Something like:
Deselect.checkbox1 = TRUE
Or maybe execute code using code

If Range("C1").value = TRUE then
I have the MakeWide Macro attached to checkbox1

Will this actually physically change the checkbox? to select/deselect?

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Run Code Only IF Checkbox Is NOT Checked
I have a code in my workbook that Runs another ceo on close. It is:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)


End Sub

What I would like to do is have a checkbox that if checked then this code will NOT run. Can this be done?

In a perfect world what would happen is that once an e-mail was sent once then the checkbox would automatically be checked so that there is no possibility of OFA being e-mailed twice with the same info.

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Checkbox Creation - Vba Code
I just realized that after create 1200 checkboxes using VBA then excel will prompt an error. Something like object automation bla...bla....bla. What Is the shortest code with VBA to create 2000 checkboxes? I run copy paste function with VBA but seems not working well.

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Check Box - Select All
I have about 1500 check boxes and I don't know how to select all and deselect all. Check boxes are on a user form and I really need them all because each on of them represent one daily activity which I use for prediciting future activities.

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Creating A Checkbox On Userform Initialize And Then Using It In A Later Code
I have a userform that creates labels and checkboxes for those lables on the initialize event based on an if statement. I would keep getting an error on a line where I try and use the name of one of those created checkboxes of "variable not defined" as if it hasn't been created, but it was.. Here is the code for the creation:

'Option Explicit
Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
'dynamically add the tickers and funds based on if there is any data inputs for them.

'declaring variables
Dim lbl As MSForms.Label
Dim i As Integer
Dim x As Integer
Dim newcheckbox As MSForms.CheckBox

'selects the summary page

For i = 7 To 65
If Cells(i, 3) "" Then..................

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Code For Simple Checkbox On User Form.
I really don't know how to code a checkbox correctly. On the sheet, I have a form with CheckBox1 and Checkbox2. I would like Checkbox2 disabled until Checkbox1 is checked. Also, when Checkbox1 is checked, display Image1, otherwise Image1 is hidden. When CheckBox2 is enabled and checked, display Image2, otherwise Image2 is hidden. I know this is real beginner stuff, I'm still a rookie.

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Check For & Select Visible Cells
I have the following code in my VBA


This throws up error when the selection does not has any visible cells. Is there a way to check the selection for visible cells before executing this command.

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UserForm To Select Pages To Print Using Check Boxes
I have a UserForm that I want to use as a “Print Selection Page” using check boxes to make selection or multiple selections of pages to print from different spreadsheets but same work book.

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Userform Listbox: Check Wether Range Have Negative Values Or Not If Yes Load All Negative Values In The Listbox1 By Clicking Checkbox
I have data in range J2:J365 , H368:H401 & J403:J827. i want to check wether this range have negative values or not if yes load all negative values in the listbox1 by clicking checkbox.

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Checkbox : Married, Widows, Single Checkbox Is Selected
married, widows, single checkbox is selected

macro solution
good work.

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Hide/Unhide Checkbox Using Another Checkbox
How can i hide and unhide one checkbox using another one? Can it be done using IF formula?
And also i am using this checkbox to function something else as TRUE/FALSE.

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Vba Code Using 2 Check Box Options
I have a userform with two check boxes and four textbox... and i have a command button... i want that when i check checkbox1, the value in textbox1 and textbox2 will appear on cell A1 and A2... and when i check checkbox2, the value in textbox3 and textbox4 will appear in cell A1 and cell A2.

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Code To Check If ADODB Exists
I have some code that will Kill a DB if it already exists, but I want to check if it exists and warn the user before this happens.

I am not that familiar with ADO, so I was fumbling through the Help topics trying to learn about ADO type names, etc. b/c i thought I could use something like:

If TypeName(MyDB) = "ADODB" Then . . .

but even if that ran, the argument in parentheses would be a string and not the actual DB object, so I am at a loss.

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Code To Check For And Create New Folder
I have a macro that creates a spreadsheet on a weekly basis and have been using it for quite sometime. Due to the large number of spreadsheets I would like to incorporate some code that would create a folder every month. I would assume that the code would need to include a check routine to see if a folder for that month exsists.

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Code To Check For Presence Of Worksheet
I want Excel VBA to check for named worksheets. Based on the return, I will have VBA either (1) delete the named worksheets and replace them or (2) refresh the pivot tables on the named worksheet. how to make VBA check for the presence of the named worksheets. My efforts are below and comments at the end of the Sub detail what I want to have happen.

Sub EnterProgram()
Dim Current_P As String, New_P As String
Current_P = Range("data!C2")
If Current_P = "" Then
New_P = InputBox("Which program?")
Do While New_P = ""
Prog = InputBox("Try again... Which program?")
Range("data!C2") = New_P
ElseIf Current_P = New_P Then
If MsgBox("Use the current program (yes or no)?", vbYesNo) = vbYes Then
Range("data!C2") = New_P
End If........................................

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VBA Code. Check Multiple Conditions
I want to create a user form in excel that auto calcs the discount depending on customer type and no. of books purchased. There are two types of customer’s one individual and the other schools, library etc. The discounts are below

More than 50 books - 30%
25 - 49 - 20%
15 - 24 - 15%
5 - 14 - 10%
<5 - 5%

>25 - 25%
5 - 24 - 15%
<5 - 0%

I have created a form with option and text boxes to capture data but am really struggling with this as in my head I understand a set calculation will need to take place once relevant conditions are met but am really struggling to put it into code (yes I am new to this).

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Code To Check If File Is Accessible
i want to improve some of my application by testing if a folder is accessible to the user... i've got some code to check if a file is already is use which is useful... but before that we have folders in work that are only accessible to certain users for reporting and if the person doesn't have access to it within a macro it Errors out... i'd like some kind of macro to display a message box like windows does... Directory is not accessible, Access Violation... it has to check directly for the Accessible part and not just an error...

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Code To Select First Empty Row
What would be some code to select the 1st empty row in a sheet. I need to select entire row. To be easy it could be first empty cell in A, but would like whole row selected.

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Select Next Sheet Tab Code
Is there a simple bit of code which I can add to a button which will always select the next tab along?

Looking to add a 'next tab' button at the top of each sheet so it can be run through quickly, almost as a presentation.

I could just do


But that would involve doing a new one for each sheet, and would need modifying if I then re-ordered the sheets.

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VBA Code To Check Month And Give New Product
I hv following data in the excel.

I hope some one can help me to create code to do the following :-

1) if have last purchase date , but no last issue date = New Product.
2) if no purchase date , also no last issue date = None stock issue.
3) if have last purchase date , also have last issue date = cal the date between and put the month value .

For example :-

if last purchase date = Oct 07
if last monment date = Nov 07
then the stock duration = 1

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Check Active Cell Before Running Code
I have a macro that is intdended to run after the user has selected a cell in column A:A (any position except A1)

Once the user has selected their desired cell, they press a button and the macro runs.

Occasionally a user will press the button without selecting a cell in the proper column.

I would like a message box to pop up to tell the user "Please select an account in Column A" and bump the cursor (active cell) to A2 so at least it's in the right column to help get them started.

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Check If File Directory Exists In Code
I have some VBA which currently creates a directory when it produces an error. the code is as follows

Function create_year()

On Error Goto makenew
ChDir "I:Reports" & Year( Date)
Goto skipmakenew
MkDir "I:Reports" & Year(Date)

End Function

What I would like to do is have an IF statement which checks if the directory exists.

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VBA Macro Code To Check Spelling In Range
Is there any way to use formula or VBA to highlight cells which contain the correct spelling?

For example i have columns A filled with words in each cell but need to highlight which ones have the correct spelling, as there are more with incorrect so i need to visually see the correct spelling.

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Code To Select All Tabs In A Workbook
I have been recording different sets of commands then copying/pasteing them together to complete what I want. I have tried to clean it up as best I can but im sure it does things it does not need to. Is there a way to tell it to select all sheets in "Book2.xls" then remove the formatting (font color,comments,shading) rather than using the Array and naming each and every sheet?

What this will end up doing is openeing about 12 files, copying specific tabs from each of those files and pasteing them all to the same workbook (in this example it would be Book2). Then removing the formatting.

Workbooks.Open Filename:="F:123Book2.xls"
Sheets(Array("Sheet1", "Sheet2", "Sheet3")).Select
Sheets(Array("Sheet1", "Sheet2", "Sheet3")).Copy Before:=Workbooks("Book2.xls").Sheets(1)
Sheets(Array("Sheet1", "Sheet2", "Sheet3")).Select
Selection.Interior.ColorIndex = xlNone
Selection.Font.ColorIndex = 0

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Code To Select Actual Range
I have created the following code by recording a macro. The ActiveCells (“A1.A5203”) were based upon the actual number of records at that time. I wish for this macro to be used in a template and the actual number of records will vary from time to time. What do I need to add to this code to allow the AutoFill function to operate and fill only the actual number of records that exist.

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=LEN(RC[-2])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=ActiveCell.Range("A1:A5203")
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Range("A1").Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-1]=8,""0""&RC[-3],RC[-3])"
Selection.AutoFill Destination:=ActiveCell.Range("A1:A5203")

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VBA Code To Select Last Cell In Row With Data
I have a row of formulas that reference other sheets in my workbook (i.e. Cell A4=Sheet2!A1, Cell B4=Sheet2!B1, etc). I need to have VBA find the last cell in that row with data. I tried "End(xlToRight).Column" but it goes all the way to the end because all of the cells have formulas. I need to find the last cell that is empty of data or maybe >0 would work.

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Code To Select Cell At End Of Data
I am trying to copy/paste the same data range from many sheets into a summary sheet.

Specifically, I'm attempting to copy (B697:G710) from 100 or so sheets into the summary sheet, one after another

I don't know much about VBA and am using the macro recorder. Unfortunately, when I attempt to paste the data from the next sheet to the summary sheet, it overwrites the info from the prior sheet. I have attempted using the down arrow and Ctrl downarrow but the recorded macro continues to select the same cell in the summary sheet into which it pastes the data.

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Select Range Macro Code
I have made a sheet where the user can insert/delete rows in a certain intervall of rows. The upper row is 17, that is I have named the cell "First" and then the last row "Last" and then I am using integers:

Dim intStartrow As Integer
Dim intLastrow As Integer
intStartrow = ActiveSheet.Range("First").Row + 1
intLastrow = ActiveSheet.Range("Last").Row - 1

So it is only possible to add/delete rows if the markerer is in between the above rows.

Now I would like to select the rows, from first to last. Since the rows are never the same, users add and delete rows all the time, I can not use


Can I somehow make a range selection using the Integers, somethimg like

With ActiveSheet
End With

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Code To Select Unlocked Cells Only
I have a macro which when run firstly unprotects the worksheet, makes a change,then protects the sheet again with line of code below.

Sheet.Protect Password:="whateveritis"

What do I need to add to that to ensure that it allows selecting unlocked cells only.

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Getting Rid Of Tick Marks
Some sent me a large spreadsheet with random rows throughout the spreadsheet highlighted in diffierent colors. I have a module that will sort the spread sheet by Color - however it doesn't work on this spreadsheet because - for whatever reason - every cell starts with a tick mark.

I tried to do a replace all - and excel just told me I was crazy.

I even tried going through and manually removing the tick marks - still no luck.

If I export the sheet in to txt and then re-import it I will loose all the highlights...

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Tick Box In MsgBox
I have this piece of code that shows a popup box when the excel spreadsheet loads up.

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
MsgBox "This spreadsheet can design both single-leaf and cavity walls." _
& Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "If only a single-leaf wall is to be designed:" _
& Chr(13) & "Deselect the cavity wall option and complete only the outer leaf input sheet." _
& Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "If a cavity wall is to be designed:" _
& Chr(13) & "Select the cavity wall option and complete both input sheets." _
& Chr(13) & Chr(13) & "All designs satisfy criteria within BS:5628-1:1992 Structural Use Of Unreinforced Masonry", , _
"Spreadsheet Information"
End Sub

Is it possible to place a tick box in the message box that says, "show this message again on startup", then if the user unticks the box the message is not shown again and if the box is left ticked the box will load up again on startup of the workbook????

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Select Case: Formatting The Code Properly
I am adding shapes with text (msoShapeOval) to an image on a worksheet but I cant get the size of the "ShapeRange" to work dependant on the value assigned to "sTxtlen".

I had msgbox's within each Case but none were triggered allthough using another msgbox to show the length of sTxtLen is correct prior to the Select Case.

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Using VBA To Select A Row And Colour Code It Based On Conditions
I've had a look through the forum and can't see an answer, so apologies if I'm duplicating something!

I have a spreadsheet where column O has five conditions:
1 PO in
2 High Probability
3 Medium Probability
4 Low Probability

I need to colour code the whole row based on the value in the cells; if there were four conditions, I could do this with conditional formatting, but with five (with white as the fifth condition), I need to look at VBA.

However, I'm having difficulty colouring the whole row; how do I do this?

e.g. what I need to do is:
If O2 = "1 PO in"; Select A2:T2; Colour green

In addition, I need to ensure that if there is no data in column D, but column O is "1 PO in", it is highlighted in a separate colour. I have a macro for that, but don't know whether in needs to be put into the code before or after the macro needed above...

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VBA Code: Select Records From Drop Down List
I have a spreadsheet that contains multiple rows per user. I need a combo or list box that pops up asking them to select their name from the drop down list. The list would be based on column A and would only include their name once.

When they select their name, the macro would then open the Form option from the Data menu, the Criteria button would be pushed and their name entered into the form, to return the first record their name appears on, then they could forward through the records, and update using the Next record button.

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