Select Consecutive Options Within Filter Dropdown Box

Mar 21, 2014

how to select, for example, 10 consecutive options that follow each other within the filter drop down box? (instead of individually clicking/checking each option) for example, clicking a cell A1, pressing and holding shift, and clicking cell A10, which highlights cells 1 - 10...

Is something like this possible within a filter drop down box?

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VBA Code To Select Multiple Options From Dropdown

May 14, 2012

correct below code?

Private Sub WorkSheet_Change(ByVal target As Range)
Dim rngdv As Range
Dim oldval As String
Dim newval As String
If target.Count > 1 Then GoTo exithandler
On Error Resume Next
Set rngdv = Cells.spcialcells(xlCellTypeAllValidation)


i would like to select multiple options from dropdown... but it is not working...

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Dropdown Box Options

Jul 7, 2007

i am currently designing a userform which has a drop-down box for user to choose from the options given. However, i would like to have in the box fields such as "--Subjects", "English", "Maths", "Science". In this way, the user will be shown a list of options of the different subjects for them to choose from as well as to clearly identify to them that these are the subjects available therefore the heading "--Subjects". I would also have to make sure that the user can only select "English", "Maths", "Science" and NOT "--Subjects".

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Dropdown List Options

Feb 10, 2009

I have created a drop down list, but when selected the text is really small. I know this is because I am zoomed out, but if there any way for the text to be larger so that I can zoom out and still read what the options for the dropdown list are?

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Filter Options

Sep 5, 2008

How do I filter the options in column A to bring up results in Column B. I want to do a one-many filter where if the user selects an option in column A then the results/values in column B should be based upon the the user selection.

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Dropdown Lists - Use List Options Only

Jul 21, 2006

I have dropdown lists in a form and i want to make it so that the user can not input a value other than the ones in the list, how can i do this?

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Hiding Previously Selected Options In Dropdown List?

Jul 25, 2014

I wanted to hide/remove the already selected options in a dependent drop down list so that the next time i am left with only the remaining options.

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Submit Options From Dropdown Menu And Get Data From Website

May 26, 2014

I am trying to get data from this site in excel. I need to select options from drop down menu (like bank name, balance sheet and date).

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Filter Options Displayed On Separate Sheet

Apr 4, 2014

I have a report that works fine, but I'm trying to simplify its usage. My challenge is that I want to show the filter options from the "SCORE Data" sheet (in cells B2 and C2) on the "SCORE Output" sheet. I attached a sample spreadsheet with explanations, for illustration.

Broker Scorecard_04-04-2014_SAMPLE_v1.xlsm‎

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Deleting Rows Based On Multiple Filter Options?

Aug 3, 2012

I need to review a 400,000 row spreadsheet and remove all records where 5 columns are populated with data so I am only eft with records that are missing information.

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Userform And CheckBoxes - Filter Data According To Options Chosen

Jan 29, 2013

Have got a userform with four checkboxes representing specific salary bands. What I have tried to do is to filter the data according to options chosen, but the code seems not to be working.

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
With Me.CheckBox1
.TextAlign = fmTextAlignLeft
End With
With Me.CheckBox2
.TextAlign = fmTextAlignLeft

[Code] .........

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Select Case Multiple Options

Apr 5, 2007

I have a Case Select statement I just learned how to use yesterday (kind of) What I am wondering is can I have multiple arguements or conditions to each case? For example: my sheet is a "Job Cost Estimate" for construction sales people. The section I am working on is "Fasteners"

I have 2 drop down boxes per line. The first box selects the fastener type, (Screw, Nail, Auger) the next box selects the size in inches and half inches (16 different sizes). Currently the select statement is set up for screws and says if this size then this price. I want to say if this type of fastener and this size then this price.

Additionally, when I select a size in my drop down box, I have to click somewhere else to get it to calculate. Is there a way to select the option and it auto calculates?

Here is my statement in my Worksheet selection change section:

Select Case Range("AZ21").Value ....

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Excel 2007 :: How To Create Dropdown List But Options Reducing After Every Selection

Aug 17, 2011

Is it possible to do a drop down list that allow user to select pre-defined selections but everytime when a selection is chosen, the list reduced?


I have can choose Apple, Orange, Durian and Mango.

The drop down can only select these 4 fruits.

So there are 4 cells in Column A1, A2, A3, A4.

A1 selects Mango and then A2 will only have 3 options to choose. So until the last cell, he can only choose the last fruit left.

A1, A2, A3, A4 are not selecting in descending order thus it could be A3 selecting first, then A2 and then A4.

I'm using excel 2007

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Making Dropdown List In Two Consecutive Columns

Jun 26, 2013

I have a table where I need to make a drop down list in two consecutive columns (G and H). The list in column H will depend on the Option chosen in Column H.

Column G


Column H

Savings Box

Update Information General PAYROLL

Payment Inquiry Update Information Severance Pay

As shown above If you select Compensation in G you will have those three options in column H and the same for Payroll.

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Filter By Consecutive Cell Values Or Colors

Jul 25, 2013

I was wondering if it would be possible to filter by two consecutive cell values or colors. For example if I have in "A"

X1 (red fill)
X2 (blue fill)
X1 (red fill)
X3 (xx fill)
X3 (xx fill)
X1 (red fill)
X2 (blue fill)
X4 (aa fill)

I want to be able to filter so that the consecutive cells for x1 and x2 show up or red followed by blue.
So when I filter it will only show rows 1 & 2 and 6 & 7.

and there would be many of these values in the spreadsheet.

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Filter Many Columns With One Dropdown Filter?

Mar 19, 2014

How do I filter multiple columns of information with the use of one dropdown arrow?

see the attached picture (jpg.) for a visual representation of exactly what I am trying to achieve. Excel Filtering.jpg

I have also attached an Excel Filtering Example spreadsheet for use in explaining how to create this type of stacking filter. Excel Filtering Example.xlsx

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How To Filter List Using Dropdown Function

Jul 11, 2014

I have two sheets open in Excel, the second sheet contains a huge list of data. I am trying to make a workbook that lets any user select from several dropdown lists and in the end, displays the (in this case) recommended material to use (and if possible the 4 best choices). The user will select from dropdown lists what the environment the material will be exposed to, the minimum required temp, and the maximum required temp.

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Dropdown Menu Respects Filter?

Jul 27, 2014

I have a normal validation dropdown menu/list. (say it is based on the cells B1:B20)

When i use a filter and the results are cell B1,B5 and B8 the dropdown menu still shows cel B1:B20

How can i make it only show cell B1,B5 and B8?

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Adjusting Dropdown Filter In Table

Oct 11, 2013

I've got a Table with 3 columns. (Goods, Amounts, Type). Every column has similar filter. Can I from the second and third filter remove the single item selection (red square below).

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Dropdown Value Select In IE Using VBA

Dec 3, 2013

I have a web application where i want to select a drop down value based upon the input provided in the excel file. I just cant seem to make it work.

Here is the source code that shows the different values of the drop down:

HTML Code:
<td width="170px" style="font-weight: bold">Role:</td>
<td width="10px"></td>
<td width="200px">
<table class="dxeButtonEdit" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" id="ctl00_body_ASPxComboBoxRole" border="0" style="width:200px;border-collapse:separate;">


How do I select an item?

I tried this code (a portion of the code is given below) but doesnt do anything :-S


Set objCollection = ie.document.getElementsByTagName("input")
ElseIf objCollection(i).ID = "ctl00_body_ASPxComboBoxRole_DDD_L_VI" And objCollection(i).Name = "ctl00$body$ASPxComboBoxRole$DDD$L" Then
objCollection(i).Value = "Relationship Manager"

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Excel 2010 :: Sorting / Filter Dropdown?

Mar 25, 2014

I'm trying to add a sorting filter dropdown on some columns in a sheet. If I select the column, then use Data -> Filter, it adds the filter. on that column. But then, if I select another column, the "Filter" button in the tool menu is already selected, even though there is no filter for that column. If I click it, the filter on the other column disappears. Then, clicking it again adds a filter for every single column. It seems I'm not able to select f.ex. 3 different columns and add a filter to only those. It's either all or none. Is this how it's supposed to work?

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Dropdown Based On A Filter In Initial Table

Mar 8, 2012

I need to create a drop down menu where the contents are based on a separate table that has been filtered dependent on a choice made in the initial table.

In Sheet "Bookings" I have a list of lesson times for a riding school.

One of the columns is labelled "Customer experience" and contains either "Advanced","Intermediate" or "Novice"

A second column is designed to assign the name of the horse used by that rider during the lesson.

Horse details can be found a second sheet called Horses.

The horses are rated "Advanced" can only be ridden by Advanced Customers, whilst Intermediate ones can be ridden by both "Intermediate" and "Advanced" customer. Novice horses can be ridden by anyone.

Ideally I would like to be able to include a drop down in the Bookings table that contains the name of available horses.

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VBA - Filter On Next Line In Autofilter Dropdown List

Oct 16, 2008

if anyone knows some VBA code to filter on the next line down in an autofilter list.

My spreadsheet has a column with the names of people, which can appear multiple times in no particular order.

I have a macro that I run several times -- once for each individual in the column. The way that I currently do this is by manually using the autofilter on that column to select a person from the autofilter dropdown list. After I've manually filtered on a person, I click a button which runs the assigned macro. I then manually select the next person in the autofilter list, and click the macro button -- over and over until I've done this for everyone in the autofilter list.

I'd like to add some code at the end of my macro so that the macro ends by automatically filtering on the next person (line) in the autofilter list.

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Filter Pivot Table Dropdown According To Selection

May 6, 2007

How to filter one of the Pivot Table Combobox, according to selection of another Pivot Table Combobox?

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Select A Value In A Range Using A Dropdown.

Jul 3, 2009

I am trying to do is (see attached) have a dropdown with rating of 1 to 5, Col C. A Salary is in Col B. When a perfomance rating has been selected, the increage %age must be picked up according to what salary ragnge the salary falls into, Col D.

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Using Dropdown Menu To Filter And Rank Off Raw Data Sheet?

Jun 19, 2013

I have one worksheet that has a list of accounts with various attributes. On a separate worksheet within the file I would like to have a drop down menu to select one attribute (i.e. category) and then once selected, have ALL the accounts with that attribute populate in a descending order based on another attribute (i.e. volume).

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Dynamic Dropdown List Based On Column Filter?

Jun 9, 2014

I have a spread sheet that has three sheets, PROJECTS - TIMES - LISTS Time sheet.xlsx PROJECTS contains a list of 'In Progress' and 'completed' projects for work, with relevant other data, I.e. PROJECT No. / STATUS etc This will grow to 1,000's of rows TIMES will contain the amount of time a person spends on a PROJECT on a daily basis. This will grow to 10,000's of rows LISTS contain basic validation list for the first 2 sheets.

Part A
I would like to have a validation drop down list for the PROJECT NO column in the TIMES sheet that only lists the PROJECT NO from the PROJECTS sheet where STATUS <> COMPLETED. I.e. I only want to display the PROJECT NO's for current projects.

Part B
Even though I only want the PROJECT NO used, can the drop down list also contain other column's data for reference information only before one is selected.

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Increase Font Size Of Filter Dropdown Menu

Aug 7, 2013

How do i increase the font size of the filter drop down menu?

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Controlling Date Filter On Pivot Table With Dropdown

Apr 22, 2014

I have a table with business data such as units sold, revenue etc. entered by date (1/1/14, 1/2/14...) for 4 different business units. I have this data summarized in a pivot table. The pivot table is set up with the date filter as a row label. I would like to have a consolidated report on another worksheet with a drop down menu being used to control the date filter on my pivot table.

The following items would be on the drop down:

Yesterday, Month to Date, Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, Quarter 4 and Year to Date.

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Select Chart Content With Dropdown

Jan 3, 2014

I am trying to make a dynamic chart with a drop down/cell selection. I have a table with names vs. months. Each name/month has an associated value. I want to display a bar chart that I select with a drop down. i.e. If I select January, the chart will show january's data. If I select February, february's. Etc.

I tried to set my series values as: =indirect($C$1) where C1 is the entry cell for the month and the value corresponds to a named range. I get an error that says "That function is not valid."

When I try to put just the named range, excel highlights the correct range but then tells me that "the formula you typed contains an error. Try one of the following..."

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