Setting Up The Range In The Criteria Section Of Sumif Formula?

Feb 17, 2014


17-Feb 5.00

19-Feb 12.00

22-Feb 7.00

26-Feb 10.00

I would like to see the sum of B given it is in the range from 17-Feb to 23-Feb. My estimations so far:

=sumif(A:A,????, B:B)

How do I set up a criteria which would take values from 17-Feb to 23-Feb?

I also tried =sum(sumif(A:A,{17-Feb;?;?;23-feb}, B:B) but it wouldn't let me.

Particularly the problem is in entering the date in the array.

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Formula- To Pull Cell Values Similar To A SUMIF Function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range))

Oct 25, 2007

I am trying to pull cell values similar to a SUMIF function (SUMIF(range,criteria,sum_range)). For example, in A1 I use a data list created from data elsewhere on the spreadsheet. In the data I created elsewhere, there are 2 columns being used. The 1st column is the information that is being used to create the list and the second column contains specific values (number or text). In the dropdown menu I select an available value (text or number) . When I have selected that value I would like cell A2 to show what the cell directly to the right of it shows from the data I have elsewhere in the spreadsheet as mentioned. I have tried the SUMIF function however it seems to exclude certain values (number or text) and I am not sure what else to use.

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Setting Criteria In A Range

Apr 27, 2009

i would like to set a criteria bewteen a ranges. eg If A1 >0 but <100 then .3, Else If A1 >99 but <200 then .6, Else .9. How do i write this in the cell?

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SUMIF But Where Criteria Is Date Range?

Apr 28, 2014

I am trying to get a SUMIF formula to work where the following: - RANGE = Column N:N (These are all a list of dates) CRITERIA = Cell C20:D20 (These are the dates i want to look at) SUM_RANGE = Column P:P

Basically, I want to SUM all the numbers on Column P where the date in Column N falls between and including the dates in Cell C20 and D20

In attachement, I want to show in the YELLOW cells the SUM of Column P where the Date in Column N is between the Dates in column C and D.

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SUMIF Criteria Across Dynamic Range?

Mar 3, 2014

I'm looking for a way to write this:


as this :

[Code] .....

Where the criteria runs across a range (G to BG) that can sometimes have columns deleted, but the range must remain fixed.

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Sumif With Multiple Range And Criteria

Oct 10, 2007

I am trying to do a sumif function where it only sums when a different criteria is met in several different columns.


sumif b:b shows portsmouth d:d shows calais f:f shows night then sum range g:g

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SumIf Formula For Two Different Criteria

Dec 28, 2013

I need a formula which can sum the mode of payments separately occurring on different dates.

See the attachment. It is like

table 1
date cash credit card

table 2
product booking date booking amount payment date payment amount form of payment

a 1-1-14 100 2-1-14 100 credit card
b 1-1-14 150 3-1-14 150 cash
c 2-1-14 200 3-1-14 200 credit card

I want to add value in table 1 from table 2. In front of date CELL Both cash and credit card amounts should appear separately.


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Sumif Formula With 2 Criteria

Jul 24, 2009

is there away to do the sumif formula with 2 criteria? See attachment

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SUMIF With Year As Criteria And Date As Range?

Apr 2, 2014

I am trying to do a sumif off all dates that fall into a specific year. I know I can do it by either adding a column in either of the sources to get the translated data but I was wondering if I can get this to work by it recognizing the format within the formula only.

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Sumif Several Sheets And Using A Variable Criteria Range

Oct 23, 2008

Currently Im using several formulas to acquire my result; I know it can be abbreviated to a more compact formula.

I have four Sheets. One summary sheet and SheetA, SheetB and SheetC containing Data.
All sheets are documented in an equal format, e.g.: in column A: Date, column B: Code (A, B, C or D) and Column C: values.

Criteria are located in the summary sheet e.g.: A2: 1-1-2008 A3: 2-1-2008 and B2: A, B3:B
The data sheets are listed in H1:H3.

The results should cover a sum of col C over the sheets by using the critiria listed in summary sheet.

The criteria range is variable; sometimes I only want to use one criteria and sometimes more.

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Sumif Formula Multiple Criteria

Jan 27, 2010

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with the formula on page 1 cell F56? it is not adding the 666 gallons at the end of column F for 426 - cc. Any ideas?

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Sumif Formula The Meets Five Different Criteria

Feb 15, 2010

I want to create a sumif formula that will sum the data if it meets five different criteria. I tied to do an Or statement in the formula, but it doesnt work. For example, I want to sum all the rows that contain: Apples, Bananas, Cherries, Pears, and Plums. How do I write the sumif formula so that it will do this?

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SUMIF Function But The Sun Range Is On The Left Side Of The Criteria?

Aug 19, 2014

I am trying to SUM the total task done per date. The problem is, (for the sake of this problem) the DATE is in Column B and the Task Total is in Column A. I know that SUMIF is not possible because the SUM RANGE should be always on the right side of the CRITERIA.

My question is, is there other formula other than SUM IF to figure this out? or I have no choice but to Interchange the data in a matter that SUMIF function will run.

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SUMIF OR SUMIFS Functions With Criteria As Formula?

Apr 28, 2014

SUMIF and SUMIFS formula, where in I want to set criteria in the formula as greater than or less than or equal to value derived from another formula. I am inserting the following formula but excel is not allowing me to enter the formula.


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Setting Range.Formula With Custom Function

May 18, 2009

I recently set up some functions based on Chip Pearson's tutorial for referencing worksheets from Formulas. (

The problem I'm now having is that I can't use VBA to set these functions in place; it returns a syntax error.

For example, I want I37 on most sheets to have the same formula. So I have the following:

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Macro: Section And Closed/fixed Section

May 25, 2007

I'm trying to create a macro to help me with a running issues list. I what to be able to have an issues column and a fix coulumn. Then I'll have an open issues section and closed/fixed issues section. all issues that do not have any Information and date in the fix colum will stay in the open section unitl the fix is entered and then when I run my macro it will move any open issues that have data in the fixed column to the closed section)

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Excel 2010 :: SUMIF With Multiple Criteria - How To Add INDIRECT To Formula

Aug 11, 2013

Excel - 2010

I have the following formula:

=SUMIFS(FEB!TRANS_Cost,FEB!TRANS_Cat1,CAT_Main3,FEB!TRANS_Cat2,"Computer Items",FEB!TRANS_Status,"Paid")

TRANS_Cost = B:B on FEB tab
TRANS_Cat1 = C:C on FEB tab
TRANS_Cat2 = D:D on FEB tab
CAT_Main3 = "Everyday_Expenses"
TRANS_Status = E:E

In short the formula adds the total cost of anything 'tagged' as Everyday_expenses, computer items, paid. I want to adapt it so that it takes the value from a defined cell such as Month, so that data can be pulled by month.

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Populate Section With Information On Top Row Of Section

Apr 2, 2014

Refer to the "Example" file I have uploaded. Basically I want to turn table on the left to something similar to the table on the right by adding an additional column to put in card number related to the transaction in each row, so I have information of the transaction and its corresponding card number in the same row.


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Checkbox In One Section Triggers NA In Other Section?

Jun 3, 2014

I have a checklist that I need to have do some different things.

I have two "sections" - not really sections but paragraphs so to speak. On each first line I have a checkbox. Now if the user checks "section" 1, I need the checkbox to change to NA for the "section" 2 first line.

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How To Input Date Range For SUMIF Formula

Mar 24, 2014

I have a column of hours spent working on a particular task, but I only want to add the hours that fall within a two week reporting period.

Is it correct to use the SUMIF formula? If so how do I write the formula to include the date range desired? Would it go under 'criteria'?

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Changing Section Of Link In Formula?

Jan 20, 2014

It's a new year, which means new tables and lists. I have a list of 450 People with a reference to their own individual file. They all receive a new file at the start of the new year that I Need to be able to reference in a new list. Here's an example

Joe Bloggs has a cell next to his Name referencing

[Code] .....

In 2014 Joe will have 'Bloggs 2014.xls' as will 449 of his friends, each named individually. The only part that changes from 2013 to 2014 is the date in the Name of the file. Can I somehow just Change that one part of the link without having to manually relink everything?

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Cut And Paste Of Data Alters SUMIF Formula Range

Jan 25, 2007

I have a time entry spreadsheet where I total hours worked based on the time code entered in the cell next to the hours. I use a formula such as the following: =SUMIF(F11:AS19,"=AN",E11:AR19) which checks cells F11 thru AS19 for the timecode AN and when found, takes the hours in the cell before the code and adds them to the totals way off to the right.

The problem is that when someone does a cut and paste to the time data within the range of F11:AS19 and pastes it somewhere else, like to the next employees data (no formulas are being cut and pasted, just the detail data), the formula for that new line automatically changes to exclude the cells that were pasted over. It is as if Excel thinks that you pasted over that data so it is no longer of interest to you.

It is odd because you can cut and paste smaller ranges within that range with no effect to the formula but if you include the first column or the last column of the range in your cut, then the formula gets altered. If you cut and paste the entire range, the formulas all change to #REF!

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Insert Total Formula Using SUMIF And Named Range

Jul 21, 2006

I am trying to put a SUMIF formula at the bottom of the data. Doing it manually is fine, but I want some vba to automate it, and my vba doesnt work.

Sub balance()
'adds journal line so journal balances in each month

Dim Rga As Range
Dim Rgb As Range
Dim Rgc As Range
Dim Rgd As Range
Dim Rge As Range
Dim Rgf As Range

This code just inserts text into the formula, rather than the range of cells.

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Multiple Criteria SUMIF Using Column As Negative Criteria?

Mar 24, 2014

I've attached a sample workbook to show what I am trying to do. I would like the formula to say "if Sheet2!A:A is "MON" and if Sheet2!R:R matches Sheet3!A:A, and if Sheet2!I:I doesn't match any of the values from Sheet1L:L, then I'd like the sum of Sheet2!F:F. It seems pretty simple but I've tried a million different variations of SUMIFS, SUMIF, IF, AND, etc. and I can't figure it out.

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Setup Sumif Statement With Two Criteria Where If Second Criteria Is True

Nov 25, 2013

I am trying to set up a sumif statement with two criteria where if the second criteria is true, the total in the sum range returned is divided by two.

I currently have this:


I want to add in "digital/creative" as a second criteria (from the same criteria range) but I only want 50% of the result of these to be totalled.

is this possible?

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Setting Criteria For Rows In Pivotttable

May 30, 2007

The attachment contains a small extract from a database, and an associated PivotTable. In the database certain cells contain 1 and are coloured, others contain 0 and their font colour is white. In the original these cells all contain formulae. I want my PivotTable to pick up only cells with a 1 (or more). So, in the example, only nine of the rows are useful and I don't want the other six. The rows I want of course depend on the year I select.

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Selecting Column And Setting Criteria To Delete

Feb 15, 2012

I'm trying to delete a column based on a simple criteria. If the column contains no data it has to be deleted, but I really couldn't do it.

With Sheets("Test")
If Columns("AH:AH") = "" Then
Selection.Delete Shift:=xlToLeft
Exit Sub
End If

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SUMIF With Criteria

Feb 6, 2009

I am trying to take a census by date and name for every half-hour using the attached data. So for example, I would like to know how many people Roger had that walked-in and walked-out for each date on the spreadsheet and during what hours. The census would be every half-hour and not double count times. I could actually deal with just the min and max time for the day (by date and name) and having some indicator (say a one or an X) in the cells when Roger had at least someone anytime between walk-in and walk-out. It's kind of like getting a "time worked" based on the data that's provided to me. So I know how many hours Roger worked by day.

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SUMIF 2nd Criteria

Jun 15, 2009

Im using a formula to identify a job description then add up the quantity which works fine. =SUMIF(Master!A1:A10,"Bread",Master!C1:C10)
But my problem is, I have a second description in column 'B' for example called 'White'. I've been trying to get the formula to look at column A & B and if they match criteria in formula, then add up C. But can't seem to get it to work with the second criteria.

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SUMIF 2 Or More Criteria

Aug 23, 2009

I have a workbook with several different worksheets. I am attempting to pull data from a worksheet, I will name it sheet1. Sheet1 has 6 columns. The data I am interested in is in B and F. Column B has account numbers ranging from 1 - 1,000,000 and column F has the total account balances. What I am attempting to do is to sum the data in F that falls between a criteria in B. For example I want the sum of F that correspond to accounts 4999 thru 7555.

I have tried several variations of the same formula from my online search and am still unable to get it to work properly. I have tried using ">=4999" "<=7555" and I cannot get it to work properly. It seems fairly straight forward, but I am perplexed as to what I am doing wrong.

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