Shortcut With Multiplying Hundreds Of Cells

Aug 17, 2009

I have over 500 countries with unique shipping costs associated with each... each of them has the same mark-up price... 2.25. I am hoping to be able to insert a formula that will cover each country... i am currently entering each one indivdually (E10*2.25), then the next one (E11*2.25), etc.

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Multiplying And Subtracting Within Cells

Feb 5, 2014

I have a total number of hours I want to subtract from. Example in cell e3 I will have 800 hours. In cell f3 I have the number 2 (to represent 2 workers at 40 hours, so that should total 80). I then want f3 to multiply by 40, then that total subtract from the 800 hours in cell e3. Basically I want to be able to put 2 workers in a cell, have that multiply by 40 and minus from the 800 hours in cell e3. I want that to carry on for cell g3, etc.

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Multiplying All The Cells In A Column By 1

Dec 22, 2008

This is about my misformatted download again. It considers all the numbers to be text. Naturally, I need them to be numbers. I discovered a page on the Web that says if you multiply all the numbers by 1, suddenly Excel gets a clue and figures out they are numbers. I've tried this (as the page recommended) by using Paste Special, and it works. I know the command I need to use to get it to Paste Special:

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Merging And Multiplying Cells Using Criteria

Oct 12, 2012

I want to merge some cells using a criteria. To be more specific, let's speak on the file attached.

Beginning with the P5 cell I want to merge to the right groups of 4 cells for each name from the column J. Therefore the first group of merged cells will be P5:S5, the next group will be T5:W5 and so on until reaches 11 groups of 4 cells. The last group will be BD5:BG5.

I tried a script like this but it says that there is a syntax error on the "Else" instruction:

Range(Range("AB5").End(xlToRight).Offset(0, 1), Range("AB5").End(xlToRight).Offset(0, nrCat)).Select

Dim i As Long
nrCat = Range("O2").Value
For i = 1 To nrCat
If Range("AB5") = "" Then

[Code] .....

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Multiplying And Adding Multiple Cells To Get A Sum

Feb 18, 2014

I have a spreadsheet with 4 columns.

A, B, C, D

I want to multiply A*B and then add that to C*D


However, when I dont have a value/number in A or C I get a #VALUE in the total cell. It will only calculate properly when I have numbers in all 4 cells.

Is there a way to set it up so it will calculate if cells A or C are empty? I dont want to have a zero in these cells - just leave empty if no value.

Also - when the total cell is empty I want it blank.

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Shortcut Key For Sum When Column Contains Blank Cells

Jan 8, 2007

I know that "Alt + =" (Alt + Equal Sign) is a shortcut key combination that will sum a row or column of numbers. The problem is that it stops when it encounters a blank or empty cell and won't sum the entire row/column. I know I can create a macro to get around this, but is there a standard shortcut key or option setting that will quickly sum the entire row/column even when it contains empty cells?

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Convert Hundreds Of .dbf To .csv

Mar 9, 2009

I have hundreds of .dbf files that I am manually converting to .csv using Excel. Unfortunately, my .dbf collection is growing faster than I can convert them. Is there a way to convert all the .dbf files in the current folder to .csv? All the .dbf files are in the same folder.

The path to them would be the same as the macro file.

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Searching For 50 Combinations Of Something Out Of Hundreds

Aug 10, 2008

ive got table consisting of about 4000 entries. Below is a small example.


I want to be able to make a button through macro's, where when pressed, it shows only certain postcodes - the way i've been doing it so far is using a combination of If, And, and Or functions to return true or false if a postcode begins with either 'AH4, AH1' and has an order number beginning with 'W', for example. Then I'd record a macro where it shows the ones showing true, via data filter. The problem I've got is I need to search for about 50 different combinations of postcode, out of a list of maybe 300 types of postcode, and using my current IF,AND,OR functions, I simply run out of room in the formula bar! For example, I need find a postcode beginning with CB1-25 (i.e. CB1, CB2, CB3) etc..etc.. the only problem is if i use my current LEFT function, and i want to search for say, CB1, CB14, CB15, out of a list of 'CB1,CB14,CB15,CB16', it will still return a postcode beginning with CB16, due to the CB1.

In the link I've highlighted the postcodes I want to search for out of that small list, and hopefully any solution I'm giving here I could expand to up to 100 combinations out of 500 combinations of postcode, for example.

How do I get it to search for a massive combination of criteria?

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Combined Hundreds Numbers

Jan 24, 2009

I have hundreds of numbers in column A and I want to combined these numbers in call B1 with “ , ”


column "A"


Call "B1"


I am using attached sheet for this thing but I can’t use any other new sheet, is there any another way to do this. I need formula. So I can use any sheets.

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Sum Based On Hundreds Of Conditions

Aug 3, 2012

I am tasked with making a matrix that I cant seem to solve.

I have solved it on a small scale using


The issue is that I need where {"One","Two","Three"} is to contain between 3 and 334 conditions.

Basically we have a data table that contains "channels" that have multiple affiliates under it. Then we have a data table by affiliate by country and revenue... I want revenue by Country By Channel...

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Converting Numbers From Hundreds To Whole $

Aug 29, 2012

I have this value in a cell 38761.8296804781 which is displaying as 38,762. I want to display it as $38,761,829. Is this possible without going through each cell and moving the decimal point?

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Keyboard Shortcut To Highlight All Cells In A Column From Bottom To Top

Jul 7, 2009

What is the best way to highlight all cells in a column from bottom to top?

For example, if I'm in column O, row 138, what keyboard shortcut would I need to select ONLY and ALL cells from the row I'm currently on, (in this example, 138) to row 1 and ONLY in that particular column?

Keep in mind that the next time I may be starting at row 1,200, it could be different everytime.

I tried everything I could think of..


and nothing worked to select everything in that column from the row I'm currently on, to row 1.

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Custom Keyboard Shortcut To COLOR FILL Highlighted Cells?

Jun 20, 2013

I copy/paste a good enough information and i like to separate these automated information into different colored rows using keyboard shortcuts. I can't use Conditional Formatting, because i have to investigate each piece of information before I color it a certain color.

For example: Color Purple, Green, And Red

Press Ctrl+1 = Color Purple
Press Ctrl+2 = Color Green
Press Ctrl+3 = Color Red

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Method For Running Hundreds Of SUMPRODUCT Lines

Aug 22, 2012

I have a very large spreadsheet that included a large number of SUMPRODUCT formulas. Many of them are running formulas that have SUMPRODUCT layered.

I have most of the SUMPRODUCT lines running 2 arrays to check for the date field. It sees if the date is >= the start date cell and <= the end date cell.

It runs fine, and works great, from a data standpoint. However, I am already running into slowdown when altering the date fields. The workbook is still in the starting stages and is going to get MUCH larger.

I have attached a sample sheet showing a little bit of what I am talking about. The SUMPRODUCT functions on sheet 3 all point to the start and end date fields, and the data updates as they are changed.

I need to find a way to condense the SUMPRODUCT lines. Is there a way that I could run one SUMPRODUCT line in a cell and then reference that cell for all of the other lines? Or is this just the best way to do this?


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Excel 2007 :: Using Sumproduct (or Alternative) For Hundreds Of Criteria?

Feb 13, 2013

I have a some data where I need to sum some data based on date range, and dept id's. But the dept ids are parts of various groups. For ex, one group covers about 300+ dept id's. Some of them have ranges (e.g. dept 1000 - 1050) but for whatever reason some dept id's that belong to other groups sometimes fall into the same ranges.

My first hope was one big range, but the overlap issue nixed that. As I mentioned there are some ranges so maybe 100 of them could be grouped into a range but I'd still have 200+ independent dept id's.

I read for 2003 the max criteria for sumproduct is 30 and for 2007+ it's 255. So maybe 2007 might cut it but this doesn't seem like the right way.

Btw, I'm doing this in VBA but I mention sumproduct because I've used it a few times within code via evaluate. Otherwise do I just have a massive string in vba (If deptid = #### or deptid = #### or deptid = #### etc)?

Again, it seems like there should be a better way. I thought about making a master list of all the dept's and sumproduct each one individually and then sum from the ones that fall under group but even then I have to identify the deptids I need for a particular group.

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Excel 2010 :: Print Hundreds Of 6 Column Charts Using Maximum Page For Printing

Apr 28, 2013

I am using Excel 2010

I have over 800+ pages of chart that only takes up 6 columns and around like 9000+ rows.

I wanted to print this chart on paper and need hardcopies. However, the chart in its current setup prints only on the left half of the page leaving the right half empty.

How do i make use of the full space properly? Each chart has a "page number" on it so I want the chart to print continuously from one half of the page onto the next half and then the second page, third, etc.

Here is a visual demonstration of how things currently are and how i'd like to get them to be:

As you can see, This is the first of many charts and its numbered Page 9 and next one is page 10.


How this looks when i try to print, it's only on the left side. right is all blank

How i want it to look like upon printing

As you can see in the last picture, once page 14 chart has no space it automatically continues chart on right side of page and then moves on to print rest.


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List And Multiplying By Value

Oct 2, 2013

I have a drop down list with 'Weekly', '4 Weekly' or 'Monthly' as the selectable values.

I want the cell below to calculate a number in an adjacent cell with either 52 for weekly, 13 for four weekly or 12 for monthly.

I.e 100 and weekly would display = 5200 ( 100 x 52 )
100 and monthly would be 1200 = ( 100x12 )

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Multiplying A Cell With A Row

Jun 8, 2009

I have been trying to multiply cells(6,3) of sheet 'Input2' with the 23rd row of next sheet 'Input' from 4th column in that row to last used column. Then I want this looping to go from 23rd row to the last used row in that sheet. But I am not successful. The code that I tried till now is:

Sub test()
x = Range("D23").End(xlToRight).Select
For j = 4 To x
m = Sheets("Input2").Cells(6, 3) * Sheets("Input").Cells(23, j)
Sheets("worksheet").Cells(j, 17) = m
Next j
End Sub

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Multiplying Values In Excel

Apr 7, 2014

Basically I have 1 value on 1 sheet and and multiple values on another sheet and I would like to know if it is possoible to mutliply these togther i.e

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

I would like to calculate (100*2)+(100*5)+(100*9)+(100*15)+(100*20).....

I know if sheet 2 only had a few numbers like above which I have used as an example I could link the sheets; however in my data, sheet 2 is about 75 numbers that change.

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Multiplying Formulas Together To Return A Value Of 14

Feb 9, 2010

I have these two formulas I am trying to multiply

=ROUNDDOWN(AK170/Sheet1!B3,0) Returns a value of 2
=ROUNDDOWN(AL170/Sheet1!C3,0) Returns a value of 7

I need to multiply these 2 formulas together to return a value of 14

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Multiplying Vlookup Tables

Jan 6, 2008

I have tried to put together three simple formulas for a very simple problem. I wanted to string together three vlookup formulas which were as follows;


The first lookup would work but as soon as I added another it would result in #n/a. I tried adding the suffix "false" after column no. but that did not work.

On the second lookup I did mix text and numbers e.g the first row in the column had a "G" in it and the rest were numbered 1-10. The second two vlookups were on a seperate sheet but in the same workbook.

I have checked the named ranges and they work fine when done individually but it seems to be the combining which messes things up.

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Multiplying Rows By Columns And Sum Them

Aug 15, 2006

I need to multiply the values of 10 rows by the values in 10 columns and sum then, akin to the sumproduct function, which only seems to work if the values are all in rows or all in columns.

In other words;

rows of 1 2 3.......10 & columns of


Expressed as (1*a) + (2*b) + (3*c) + ....... (10*j)

I can do it long hand and I can do it by transposing the data as an intermediate step, but I was looking to do it all in one formula.

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Adding And Multiplying Feet And Inches

Mar 21, 2014

I am creating a spreadsheet for some deliveries. The pieces I have are all in feet and inches and multiplied by a certain quantity. I need a formula to run this and give me feet as an answer.

I have 4 cells, in A1 I have feet without the foot mark (20) and in cell B1 I have inches without the " (5). In cell C1 I have 20. How do I write a formula to do the following:

20'-5" multiplied by 20 = Answer in D1 408'

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Multiplying Column Header With The Row Items

Jan 29, 2013

I would like to map each item in the row with the column header and the price for that item for the customer, similar to the below one, go through both the work sheets, i want the output in the rowitem view.


11682Item 1Cust 1312.56
11682Item 1Cust 2411.27
11682Item 1Cust 3411.27


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Multiplying And Calculating Net Using VBA With Output Using MsgBox

May 30, 2014

I have to complete the following project in visual basic for Excel

direction quantity price
b 400 10
b 100 20
s 900 15

So the above is a small sample space of what i have(over 3000 rows in total) they are stocks. if there is a "b" in the direction that denotes a negative (short) and if there is an "s" (long) that denotes positive.

Two parts:
1) Write a traditional macro (with button) that when pressed, will give the total Net value in a message box.
2) Secondly, write the code in 'class module' that give me the over all net value in a message box.

I understand what I need to do but just don't know how to write the code for this in visual basic.

So for the above example the net would be -400(10) -100(20) + 900(15) = +$7500

But how can I write a program to do this and display the final answer in a message box?


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Multiplying If Number Is In Specific Cell By Its Corresponding Value

Sep 22, 2013

I need a formula for H2 to multiply the value if it is in any one of the cells in B2 - B6 by the appropriate value to calculate the annual total. Such as if the number is in weekly column it would multiply by 52, fortnightly 26, monthly 12, quarterly 4 and annually 1.

Ann Totals
Council Tax/Water/Sewerage

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Value By Summing Volume & Multiplying With Price

May 6, 2008

What is the SINGLE formula for getting Value by given volume and price individually for more then 2 products?

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Differencing Sets Of Numbers, Multiplying, And Summing

Sep 1, 2008

I'd like automate consists of entering 56 numbers (up to 3 digits, 000-999) and finding the difference between today's numbers and yesterday's numbers. Then multiplying each difference by a set number (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, or 25). These numbers may, from time to time change (i.e. the 32nd entered number may be multiplied by 3 for 2 months, then we might swap out a product and then need to multiply by 5, etc). At the end, I need all 56 differences multiplied by their individual respective multipliers totaled. This needs to be done daily using previous days numbers and be able to change the multiplier without effective previous data.

I was trying to to this myself by Column 1 = multipliers, Column 2 = yesterdays' numbers and Column 3 = today's numbers. The calcualtions are done by excel and a total is summed. This I can do. However, each day i'd need to make a new file and enter yesterday's and today's numbers. This is time consuming. I'd like a system where I can just entere today's numbers and any changes to the multiplier and it will spit out the total.

If anyone can guide me or point me in any direction to accomplish this automation. I would greatly appreciate it. I'm pretty computer savvy, but just have not had the time to dwell into Excel.

For those interested in what this is for: I have a small business that sells instant lottery tickets. Each day we have to figure out the number of tickets sold the previous day. We have a notebook and manually write down numbers, do the substractions by a calculator and total. The table in the notebook is seperated by ticket values (i.e. $1 tickets, $5 tickets, etc). However, certain tickets run out or occasionally we need to move tickets to a different spot, thus the MULTIPLIER in the automated system would need to change.

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Basic Math Sheet - Values Not Multiplying?

Jun 3, 2014

I am trying to put together a basic sheet with what I think is basic math, however, the multiplication does not seem to be working properly.

Field 1 is land value, field 2 is total acres. The math I have in field 3 is to give me a value per acre. Here is that formula: =Sum(B3/C3)
I have set the field to a number field with two decimal places.

Field 4 is Total Dry Acres field 4 is calculated to give total value for dry acres (here is where I am having problems) Here is the formula: =Sum(D3*E3)

Here are the numbers: Field 1 = 218702 Field 2: 1536.51 Field 3 (calculated): 142.34 Field 4: 1171.75 Field 5: 166791.54

It all looks good on the spreadsheet, however the field 5 number is not correct.

Break it out on a calculator: 218702 / 1536.51 = 142.34 (rounded)
Now 142.34 * 1171.81 = 166795.44

so working on the calculator, there is a difference of 3.69 between the two.

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Converting/multiplying Entire Data Table

Jun 4, 2006

I have a spreadsheet of measurements which i need to convert. In short, all of the numbers must be multiplied by 2.54. I can follow how to do 1 number at a time, but the sheer number of calculations makes this highly inefficient. I think my problem lies in settng up the formula properly. I am working with an iBookG4 with an excel program 11.2.3.

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