Sum Based On Hundreds Of Conditions

Aug 3, 2012

I am tasked with making a matrix that I cant seem to solve.

I have solved it on a small scale using


The issue is that I need where {"One","Two","Three"} is to contain between 3 and 334 conditions.

Basically we have a data table that contains "channels" that have multiple affiliates under it. Then we have a data table by affiliate by country and revenue... I want revenue by Country By Channel...

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Convert Hundreds Of .dbf To .csv

Mar 9, 2009

I have hundreds of .dbf files that I am manually converting to .csv using Excel. Unfortunately, my .dbf collection is growing faster than I can convert them. Is there a way to convert all the .dbf files in the current folder to .csv? All the .dbf files are in the same folder.

The path to them would be the same as the macro file.

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Searching For 50 Combinations Of Something Out Of Hundreds

Aug 10, 2008

ive got table consisting of about 4000 entries. Below is a small example.


I want to be able to make a button through macro's, where when pressed, it shows only certain postcodes - the way i've been doing it so far is using a combination of If, And, and Or functions to return true or false if a postcode begins with either 'AH4, AH1' and has an order number beginning with 'W', for example. Then I'd record a macro where it shows the ones showing true, via data filter. The problem I've got is I need to search for about 50 different combinations of postcode, out of a list of maybe 300 types of postcode, and using my current IF,AND,OR functions, I simply run out of room in the formula bar! For example, I need find a postcode beginning with CB1-25 (i.e. CB1, CB2, CB3) etc..etc.. the only problem is if i use my current LEFT function, and i want to search for say, CB1, CB14, CB15, out of a list of 'CB1,CB14,CB15,CB16', it will still return a postcode beginning with CB16, due to the CB1.

In the link I've highlighted the postcodes I want to search for out of that small list, and hopefully any solution I'm giving here I could expand to up to 100 combinations out of 500 combinations of postcode, for example.

How do I get it to search for a massive combination of criteria?

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Combined Hundreds Numbers

Jan 24, 2009

I have hundreds of numbers in column A and I want to combined these numbers in call B1 with “ , ”


column "A"


Call "B1"


I am using attached sheet for this thing but I can’t use any other new sheet, is there any another way to do this. I need formula. So I can use any sheets.

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Converting Numbers From Hundreds To Whole $

Aug 29, 2012

I have this value in a cell 38761.8296804781 which is displaying as 38,762. I want to display it as $38,761,829. Is this possible without going through each cell and moving the decimal point?

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Shortcut With Multiplying Hundreds Of Cells

Aug 17, 2009

I have over 500 countries with unique shipping costs associated with each... each of them has the same mark-up price... 2.25. I am hoping to be able to insert a formula that will cover each country... i am currently entering each one indivdually (E10*2.25), then the next one (E11*2.25), etc.

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Method For Running Hundreds Of SUMPRODUCT Lines

Aug 22, 2012

I have a very large spreadsheet that included a large number of SUMPRODUCT formulas. Many of them are running formulas that have SUMPRODUCT layered.

I have most of the SUMPRODUCT lines running 2 arrays to check for the date field. It sees if the date is >= the start date cell and <= the end date cell.

It runs fine, and works great, from a data standpoint. However, I am already running into slowdown when altering the date fields. The workbook is still in the starting stages and is going to get MUCH larger.

I have attached a sample sheet showing a little bit of what I am talking about. The SUMPRODUCT functions on sheet 3 all point to the start and end date fields, and the data updates as they are changed.

I need to find a way to condense the SUMPRODUCT lines. Is there a way that I could run one SUMPRODUCT line in a cell and then reference that cell for all of the other lines? Or is this just the best way to do this?


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Excel 2007 :: Using Sumproduct (or Alternative) For Hundreds Of Criteria?

Feb 13, 2013

I have a some data where I need to sum some data based on date range, and dept id's. But the dept ids are parts of various groups. For ex, one group covers about 300+ dept id's. Some of them have ranges (e.g. dept 1000 - 1050) but for whatever reason some dept id's that belong to other groups sometimes fall into the same ranges.

My first hope was one big range, but the overlap issue nixed that. As I mentioned there are some ranges so maybe 100 of them could be grouped into a range but I'd still have 200+ independent dept id's.

I read for 2003 the max criteria for sumproduct is 30 and for 2007+ it's 255. So maybe 2007 might cut it but this doesn't seem like the right way.

Btw, I'm doing this in VBA but I mention sumproduct because I've used it a few times within code via evaluate. Otherwise do I just have a massive string in vba (If deptid = #### or deptid = #### or deptid = #### etc)?

Again, it seems like there should be a better way. I thought about making a master list of all the dept's and sumproduct each one individually and then sum from the ones that fall under group but even then I have to identify the deptids I need for a particular group.

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Excel 2010 :: Print Hundreds Of 6 Column Charts Using Maximum Page For Printing

Apr 28, 2013

I am using Excel 2010

I have over 800+ pages of chart that only takes up 6 columns and around like 9000+ rows.

I wanted to print this chart on paper and need hardcopies. However, the chart in its current setup prints only on the left half of the page leaving the right half empty.

How do i make use of the full space properly? Each chart has a "page number" on it so I want the chart to print continuously from one half of the page onto the next half and then the second page, third, etc.

Here is a visual demonstration of how things currently are and how i'd like to get them to be:

As you can see, This is the first of many charts and its numbered Page 9 and next one is page 10.


How this looks when i try to print, it's only on the left side. right is all blank

How i want it to look like upon printing

As you can see in the last picture, once page 14 chart has no space it automatically continues chart on right side of page and then moves on to print rest.


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Sum Based On 2 Conditions

Dec 1, 2007

I want to have SUMIF and IF functions to be combined. i tried using the formula SUMIF( Timesheet!D2:D55,B2,Timesheet!F2:F55) but i want to edit the range everytime.
Can i have formula like if name = Ant merce and prj = Implementation support, then the sum will be 15 for the sumrange of Timesheet!F:F (entire F column)

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VLOOKUP Based On Two Conditions?

Aug 16, 2013

My challenge is pulling in a data element from a file to an exisiting file based on two criteria.
Example: give me the value in cell e1 if cell b1 matches AND

File 1
1 H12377 03/05/2013 123
2 H12377 03/27/2013 276
3 H32389 05/03/2013 335

File 2
H12377 03/27/2013 _________

how do I get C2 value from file 1 (276) into file2 since column A is not unique but column A plus Column B is unique?

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Average Based On Conditions?

Jul 1, 2014

I have attached a file where there is information in the sheet Weekly with the first row showing the same month for several weeks. add a formula in the sheet Monthly which would calculate average for each month based on the first row in Weekly sheet. Plus the grouping in the Weekly sheet is done by shops and in the Monthly sheet by food, which would I imagine make the formula more complex.

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Lookup Based On A Few Conditions

Mar 13, 2008

I am wondering if I can do a formula that would tell me if the name that appears in column J or K appears more than once at the time/date slotted in columns A and B. Basically, I want to make sure that the name(s) in column J and K aren't assigned 2 different places at the same time slot (column B) on the same say (column A).

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Sum Based On Multiple Conditions

Aug 28, 2009

I am trying to sum numbers based on three counditions.

My problem the third condition needs to use a wild card. I have attached a sample file, in the last condition I am only wanting to sum numbers where the characters in the last column begins with bd*

The yellow cell contains the formula I am using.

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Sum Based Conditions In Different Sheets?

Dec 11, 2012

I'm creating stockportfolio's based upon historical stock data. I have 300 stocks with monthly observations. Stocks are assigned to a portfolio based upon their return in the previous 6 months. I need the top 10% stocks in terms of return in previous 6 months (so 30 stocks) in one portfolio and the lowest 10% stocks in terms of returns in previous 6 months returns (so again 30 stocks) in another portfolio. Each portfolio is just a sum of the returns of the stocks that are in there.

First sheet: rows contain the return a stock had in the 6 months before the month in the left column (so january 2006 contains the return a stock would have had from july2005 -december 2005). This is done for 300 stocks. Second sheet: contains the return the stock had in that actual month (so january 2006 just contains the january 2006 return) The third sheet is where I want to create the decile portfolio's. This means that for every month i am creating 10 portfolio's: Each month "portfolio 1" should contain the sum of the returns of the stocks with the 30 highest returns in the past 6 months. "Portfolio 10" should contain the sum of the returns of the stocks with the 30 lowest pas 6 month returns. (30 is 10% of 300: that's why it is called decile portfolio)

So I should sum things from sheet 2 with the condition referring to sheet 1 where the returns of the past 6 months are displayed. I am trying formula's like =SUMIF(RANK...) but am getting no results. Somehow excel should select the right stocks and sum the 30 returns. I'm totally lost after a lot of trials.

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Adding Based On Certain Conditions?

Mar 6, 2013

I am doing a financial analysis for a hospital. I want to know how to add something to a number based on conditions. Base pay is $300 for the first 10 patients. If more then ten patients >11-20 add 40 dollars per visit if greater than >21 add 50 dollars per patient

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Get A Result Based On Several Different Conditions

May 20, 2009

New to the forum and in need of a bit of help. Friend of mine is in here regularly looking for assistance and tells me this is the best excel forum around. Thought I would put it to the test with a problem that is doing my head in.

The following is a table which shows a salesmans sales. He or she has sold to 8 customers.

What I need to do is show in the commission column how much they should get paid for the additional products based on this criteria.

1. If the penetration is equal to or over 41%, and he has sold the additional product for max profit of 250 then he should get £40

2. If the penetration is less than 41%, and he has sold the additional product for max profit of 250 then he should get £25

3. If he hasnt sold the product for full amount then he gets 10% of the profit, regardless of the penetration ...

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Lookup Based On Two Conditions ...

Jul 13, 2009

I know that there are bunches of threads concerning lookups with multiple criteria, but I just can't figure out how to translate one to my situation. I want to return a value based on an item name which is in column A, and an operation which is in row 1.

The array from which I need to look up the value contains part number in column B, operation in column G, and the actual value I need returned in column H.

So I need to return something like this: ...

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Popup Based On Two Conditions

Sep 25, 2012

I have this vb script which basically states if a value in column G is less than 0 then show a message box as below.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Cells.Count 1 Then Exit Sub
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("G3:G371")) Is Nothing Then
If Target.Value < 0 Then
MsgBox "You have entered a negative figure - are you sure this is correct?"
End If
End If
End Sub

What I would like to do is extend this script so that another message box pops up based on two conditions

i.e. if a cell in column F shows string "accounts use only" AND value in the adjacent cell in column G is > 0 then MsgBox "you have entered a positive figure - are you sure this is correct?"

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Macro With If / Then Based On 3 Conditions

Aug 10, 2013

I'm trying to adjust my macro to fill the interior cell color of a row if there's a non-blank row above and below it (i.e. if there are 3 or more non-blank rows together, then fill the 2nd, 4th, etc. rows. If there are only 1 or 2 rows together, then don't fill the cells.

However, what I'm getting is filling ever other row, with this code. There seems to be an error in how I'm trying to use and If condition with 3 criteria.

Sub colorin()

Dim LastCol As Long
Dim r As Integer
r = 6
With ActiveSheet
LastCol = .Cells(5, .Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column

[Code] ....

Here are some sample results (pretend cells with red text are actually cells with interior color, black text is an unfilled cell).


Jones, Some

[Code] ......

What I'm trying to achieve is: (again, red text actually represents filled cells - can't get sample shot of actual filled cells to copy into forum post).


Jones, Some

[Code] ...........

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Display Value Based On 2 Conditions

Nov 6, 2009

I have a workbook with 2 worksheets. The first sheet provides a summary showing the last date a person attended a specific course.

The second worksheet is a list of all courses, attendees, dates, and status. I need a function that will match the attendee and course from the Master and display the date from the master in the corresponding cell on the summary sheet....

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Lookup Based On 2 Conditions

Dec 22, 2006

In the sample that I have attached. I am trying to compare Control ID and Business Date in Sheet[Test] and Sheet[Perform], If they are the same, then populate in Sheet[Perform] Column Test Status with the corresponding row in Sheet[Test]. note that Control ID and Business Dates are not constants.

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Add Sheets Based On Conditions

Dec 29, 2006

i am not able to solve this problem.

1- I have 3 tabs in this worksheet with the data - Tabs A , Master Data and refernce Table

2- Suppose column K in the tab " Master Data " has a record or number, they can be repeated as the new data us added every month.

3- Reference table has the list of the same data record ( numbers ) .

Now the situation is if there is a new record in the column K of the master data sheet the Macro should do the following.

a- Check for the record in the reference table , if doesnt exist then add the record in the reference table

b- create another sheet same as the sheet " A" (duplicate of
A) and name it the new record number

b- Plug the new record number in the cell B2 of the new sheet

c - Copy the row 8 from ( D8 to O8 ) in the new sheet from (D8 to
O8)from sheet A

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Extract Certain Data Based On Conditions?

Sep 25, 2012

I created a master data sheet to enter data manually to analyze. It contains 20 columns, and rows(continue change, because we enter data all of the days). I need to extract data to another sheet, when the user enters data in the master data sheet, but with some conditions, when the column 6 contain the word ASQ, and then extract all of the data, but the new sheet do not contain 20 columns, because the data that contains the word ASQ have only 16 columns.

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Extract Certain Data Based On Conditions

Sep 28, 2012

I need to create a macro to extract data from sheet1 to sheet2.

The sheet1 contains 15 columns, and the data starts at row 5.
The sheet2 contains 15 columns, and the data starts at row 5.

We enter data all of the days, so we have like 500 rows in the sheet1.

Only 2 conditions to extract data from sheet1 to sheet2:

if the column9 of the sheet1 contains the word "NO" and column11 of the sheet1 contains the word "ASQ".

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VBA To Set Cell Value Based On Multiple Conditions

Jan 4, 2013

I am creating a document log that tracks all excel files sent and received.

I use RDBmerge to get the filenames and data from the file batches.

My current macro edits the data down to the last stage of data needed to create the log.

My example workbook shows the final stage of the RDBMerge Data "Rough_Data" and then the final data formatted needed for the Log "Final_Data"

Included on the "Rough_Data" worksheet is the Code log used to complete the "Final_Data" worksheet.

I have highlight the cell range on the "Final_Data" Sheet that I need to complete.

filenames can occur multiple times from the RDBmerge, so only one occurance of the filename is place in column B of the "Final_Data" worksheet.

The criteria is this:

A column on the "Final_Data" worksheet as been Named for Each of the possible "Record Types" from Column G of the "Rough_Data" Worksheet. ("A,B,C,D,E,I,O,P,Q,T,V,W,X,Y")

I then must look through the "Rough_Data" worksheet for the first occurrence (if any) of that record type for each filename on the "Final_Data worksheet. If an occurrence is found I then must look at the "Unique ID" & "Program" Columns of the "Rough_Data" Worksheet. The key (on the "Rough_Data" worksheet) is used to determine the code that is written to the corresponding cell.


[Code] .....

I would very much like to automate this process, as sometimes I am dealing with over a hundred files with 30 plus rows of data each.

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Hide Rows Based On Two Conditions?

Apr 3, 2013

I'm trying to hide rows in an excel sheet based on two stipulations. I want to hide the row if it finds a particular value in column B and a different particular value in column K, otherwise i want it to do continue looping until it has hidden all rows that meet both stipulations.

Sub hide_loop()
Dim bl As Excel.Range
Dim blrange As Excel.Range


Currently I have tried different approaches, like a Do Loop, but I could not make that work, and this seems closer. The problem I'm having right now is that with this loop it hides everything found in column B regardless of what is in column K. I suspect this is because of the code following the if statement.''

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Count Occurrence Based On Two Conditions?

Sep 24, 2013

I'm trying to create a calendar overview of transactions from a raw data list. the result should be an amount, based on the number of occurrences of a specific transaction type at a particular date. Thus, the counter shall be based on two conditions. I've tried COUNTIF, INDEX, MATCH and VLOOKUP combined but I don't seem to "go all the way".

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Finding Next Value Based On Conditions In Formula?

Jan 6, 2014

Current simplified situation:

Department A
(empty cell)
Department B
Department C

With the VLOOKUP function, I have looked up the row numbers of the departments. Subsequently, I'd like to find the last employee of that department, based on the department's name and/or the department's row number.

A department-typed cell is non-empty and never contains an underscore. An employee-typed cell is non-empty and it always contains an underscore.

The simple and non-sufficing formula is the VLOOKUP of the row number of next department minus one. But with adding, moving and subtracting departments rapidly, this is not an option.

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Conditions Based On Today Date.

Jan 18, 2009

I'm using 2007 but I need this to work with Older versions so I tried to combine the condition for red

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