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Sort Combo Box By Ascending Order

I am trying to sort a combo box by ascending order...this combo box displays 2 columns of data which are populated from a spreadsheet. I would like to sort by the first column in the combo box which is numeric, but I do not want to sort the actual data on the spreadsheet.

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Sort Command - Custom Order Or Sort Ascending Or Descending
Is it possible to make excel sort ascending or descending but from mid way through alphabet and then loop through the alphabet again. for example. If Cell A1 had "A" in, it would sort as normal.

Cell A1 = A
Cell A2 = B
Cell A3 = C
Cell A4 = D
Cell A5 = E

If Cell A1 had "C" in, it would sort from "C" through the alphabet and then loop to the start of the alphabet as shown below.

Cell A1 = C
Cell A2 = D
Cell A3 = E
Cell A4 = A
Cell A5 = B

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Sort Ascending Order
I need values from column F in ascending order.

Also I need in column G only the values without formula.

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Automaticcally Sort Data In Ascending Order
Need code for automaticcally sort data in ascending order any time there was a change in score. The names column is b1:43 and the corresponding score would be in column c1:43. I can't seem to do it.

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Sort A Column Of Data In Ascending Order
I am trying to sort a column of data in ascending order but I am not getting the results I expect. An example of the data held in the cells is:


When I sort it in ascending order it sorts like:

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Sort Numbers Into Ascending Order Across A Row
Im totally new to excel and have some data i need to sort. how to sort numbers into ascending order across a row. ie, I have 34 2 45 79 102 63 etc, and I need them to start low and order to high. i have over 1200 rows, so it would be good to do the whole sheet at the same time.

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Combo Box In Alphabetical Order
if it is possilbe to get a combo box (from the forms menu) to list the names in alphabetical order? i cant sort the column where the information is taken from in alphabetical order as there is another column sorted in that range. i have a long list to go through and sometimes it can be difficult finding names.

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Sort This Combo Box Alphabetically
I have a combo box I populate with the following

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Dropdown Box To Change Sort Order
I am trying to do 2 things.

1) I want to make a drop down box with 3 differnent sort orders options in it.
- Sort by date
- Sort by Customer
- Sort by priority level

Once they select a view, it will then sort the rows to that view.

2) I want to do a filter box, so if I type a cutomers name, it will filter to only show the rows related ot that customer.

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Ranked Unique And In Ascending Order
1) List of 500 employees, each allocated an account number where the payroll should be applied, in cells N1 through to N500.

2) Account numbers contain many uniques, ie employees within same department / function

3) require a list of unique account numbers, ranked in ascending order with the budget value, in rows O510 through to Oxxx (depending on how many unique account numbers exist)

4) this happens for 4 companies over 20 spreadsheet tabs for each company for each type of employment cost (each tab has different account numbers)

I know I can do this by manually copying the account numbers to another tab, sort them, remove uniques and then copy the result back o the summary area, for sumif formula, but was hoping for something a little more 'automatic', as these spreadsheets will be provided to payroll staff in each company for completion.

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To Make A Combo Box In Excel That, If I Select It The Sheet Inside The Combo Box Will Appear
I want to make a combo box in excel that, if i select it the sheet inside the combo box will appear.


Inside of combox are: Sheet1

If i click combo box and i choose sheet3 the sheet3 will appear.

How can i do this? theirs a macro code to use?

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VBA Re-organise A Table In Ascending Order
I need now is to provide a separate filtered list to the side (Starting from column M.

In the quickest way possible (as the data is going to stretch to 2-3 thousand rows I suspect :s), I need to, after selecting a track of interest using a list box on the sheet (Eg Brands Hatch), and a season (eg 2006, 2007, 2008 etc or ALL), and a race class (Eg A, B, C or ALL), have a macro display the data matching the selected criteria to the left of my data from column M1. This needs to be ordered with the smallest lap times (from column F) at the top...

The idea is that I can select a track, and some filter data and display a history of the fastest recorded laps at that circuit from the long list of data I have. I can't use the filter function within Excel as I'm going to need to generate and copy this data for export to an output file later on.

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Arrange Numbers In Ascending Order Ignoring Value 0
Here I have some samples of data from row A1:V1 that I want to arrange in ascending order through A4:V4.

For that Iím using the formula below in cell A4 across V4


Sample data

But I want to arrange them leaving zeros as shown below in A4:V4


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Rank & Sort Table: Unique Numbers Sort Ascending, But The Non-unique Numbers Sort Descending
I have a list in rows where I have a ranking formula =COUNT($G$5:$G$81)-(RANK(G5,$G$5:$G$81)+ COUNTIF($G$5:G5,G5)-1)+1 When I sort the rank, ascending. All of the unique numbers sort ascending, but the non-unique numbers sort descending

ex) 1.751

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Values Of Combo Box Dependent On Selection In Another Combo Box
The first combo box is on a userform so that a subject can be selected

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Sort Ascending With Formula
For input I have in column A:

- (empty cell)

I want for output in column B:


Can I do something like this using a function?

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Sort - Not Ascending Or Decending
I have data in a spreadsheet with approximately 100 rows. In column F, the following values are allowed:
Transfer In
Transfer Out
Switch In
Switch Out

way to sort them in this order, rather than ascending or descending? (I want all of the Subscriptions together, then the Redemptions, and so on...)

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Sort Ascending Button
I have never recorded a macro before and what I want, I think, is pretty simple but I can't figure it out. I want a sort button that sorts all information ascending by column B. See attached spreadsheet.

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Disable Sort Ascending/Descending
Is it possible to allow Autofilter but disallow Sort Ascending/ Descending for an excel list in sheet? I have data set up as an Excel List (Excel 2003, with Autofilter turned on) so all formulas, formatting etc copy down when a new row of data is added, however if I just Protect worksheet and disallow Sorting, the List features don't work. I also tried putting the following in the Worksheet Activate event

ActiveSheet.Protect AllowSorting:=False

But this doesn't seem to disable the Sort option in the Autofilter, only the Data Sort function.

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Sort Ascending For Variable Report Length
I'm trying to sort a report using case number in Ascending order, this report varies in length and data begins in cell B2 down the whole report. It needs to include the fields on either side ie. expand the selection.

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Sort Ascending/Descending Based On Criteria
I have an Overview worksheet that is pulling info from all other sheets in the workbook.

What I want to do is order that info in ascending order depending on the worksheet name.

So I want all the worksheet names that start with 'AB' say sorted in ascending order and all worksheets that start with 'BC' in ascending order.

Now this I have at present working by a macro I created which once the info is loaded onto the sheet I just selected the info and ordered it in ascending order. The thing is though the next time I enter this Overview sheet I might have an extra worksheet that starts with 'AB' and this will not be included in the order, I will have to adjust it everytime so I need a more automatic ordering process.

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Toggle Sort Macro: Ascending/Descending
I would like to call a macro which would sort rows 4-23 from the highest to the lowest, or if it is already highest to lowest, then sort from lowest to highest. This is how I am doing the current sort(High-Low):-

Selection.Sort Key1:= Range("E4"), Order1:=Range("e1").Value, Header:=xlGuess, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _

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Months To Be Sorted In Ascending Order In Pivot Table, Want To Use Multiple Colors In Pivot Charts
My input data for Pivot table has a column named "Month". The month values are like April 07, April 08, Nov07 in random order for period between Jan 07 to Aug 08.

When I create a pivot Table, this column is sorted alphabetically (April 07 is followed by April 08) but I need it to be sorted in the ascending order with respect to month (April 07 is followed by May 07).

I further use this data to plot a Pivot Chart. There is another issue here. I want to use separate colors for each series. I do not know how to achieve above 2 things.

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Sort In Ascending Sequence, A Range Defined As RTrainRow Which Is A Row Of Text Data
I want to do is sort in ascending sequence, a range defined as rTrainRow which is a row of text data. Each cell in the row can contain space, blank, one Alphabetic character or a special character such as $, %, (, +, etc.

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Lookup All Values In Ascending Order And Return All Corresponding Values.
I have a problem with the formula that lookup all values in ascending order and returning all the corresponding values. eg: I was intended to lookup for the value in ascending order under the Total Occurrence and returning all the corresponding value under the Nos Group but encountered the same Nos Group was returned when there is same value appeared under the Total Occurrence.

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Lookup Multiple Same Value And Return Multiple Corresponding Value In Ascending Order
I have a problem with the formula that look up multiple records with the same values and return multiple corresponding values in ascending order. I am using Excel 2003 and it is a bit complicated to explain so I have attached a sample spreadsheet to show what I mean.

What I want was after I have sorted the occurrence value in column E based on column B and I want to correspond the Rank in column D based on column A in ascending order for the same occurrence value in column E.

Eg: There is two occurrences for number 1 at E3 and E4, and three occurrences for number 2 at E5, E6 and E7 in column E. Then the Rank for the first occurrence for number 1 in D3 should be ranking 6 and the second occurrence for number 1 in D4 should be ranking 7, so the Rank for the first occurrence for number 2 in D5 should be ranking 3, D6 should be ranking 4 and D7 should be ranking 9 based on column A and B, etc.

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Combo Box Should Trigger Another Combo Box
I have to create two combo boxes and when a user selects a value from one combo box, the values should get changed in the other combo box.

For example : if one combo box has values like "c/c++ programming" "java programming" and so on.. ... i would like to display the authors recommended (corresponding to combo box1) in the combo box 2.

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Add Drop List Box Or Combo Box In Yearly Time Sheet
how to add drop list box or combo box in this yearly time sheet so every employee has his own record in this time sheet so when ever i select name from drop list all info changed, i did include table in sheet 1 as an example.

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Text Box To Display Info Related To Combo Box Change
I have a combo box named Combobox5 and a text box named Textbox7.

Should this code go in the Userform Initliaze or where? I have tried placing it in both the ComboBox5 Change evnent and no luck so far.

Range("G22:J28").Value = TextBox7.Text
Again this code is dependant upon the user making a choice from ComboBox 5.

I have also tried:

Range("G22:J28").Value = TextBox7.Value
I am using Excel 2003. Any ideas??

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User Form - Select From Combo Box And List Box Should Populate
I've created a user form (click button on 'main page' to display). Combo Box called 'Last name' gets populated with all second names from the sheet 'Staff'

When a user selects a second name from the drop down list, I would like excel to automatically update the list box 'First Name'. Also, If a user changes the first name or Last Name, this should be saved

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Activate A Macro From Combo Box / List Box
I'm trying to figure out how to activate a macro from combo box or list box.
But no success.

I have a list of names:

That I can view through the combo box.

I have created a list of macros, that carry the same names,


The Q is: how can I link each name to its own macro?
so when chosen, will activate the macro?

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Add Combo Box Item To List Box
I use ComboBox to add items to the ListBox in userform

I am tring to loop through the ListBox to check each name in the ListBox, so ifthe name chosen by the ComboBox exists in the ListBox then donot add it,
but both codes do check the number of the item in the ListBox.

I need to check the name of the item?

With ListBox1
For i = 1 To ListBox1.Value
If i = ComboBox1.Value Then MsgBox "u cannot add this item"
Exit Sub
Next i

For i = LBound(ListBox1.List) To UBound(ListBox1.List)
If i = ComboBox1.Value Then MsgBox " u cannot add this item"
Exit Sub
Next i

.AddItem tot.Value
.List(.ListCount - 1, 1) = ComboBox1.Value
End With

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Combo Box To Change The Properties Of A Text Box
i am trying to use a combo box to change the properties of a text box. i think i can do this by having it look at the cell link that i sent and then changing the text box appropriately with something like this:

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Drop Down Or Combo Box Instead Of Input Box
I currently have the following user inputbox that asks the user to enter the company name, of which it then copies the entered name to Cell E1 on the active sheet

Dim strName As String
strName = InputBox(Prompt:="You name please.", _
Title:="COMPANY NAME", Default:="Enter Company Name")
Range("E1") = strName

However, I would prefer it if there was a drop down list to select one of five pre-set company names without having the user to type the name out every time.

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Weird(?) Sort Order
I have a client with a list of books, and they are trying to sort a column in a sheet that has LC classification codes. When just doing a normal A-Z sort, it looks like this:

RJ 41 .D53 F54 2005
RJ 416 .L4 C52 1999
RJ 420 .D5T97 2003
RJ 421 .H385 2006
RJ 426 .H43 P43 2005
RJ 431 .M37 2003
RJ 436 .A8 R33 2006
RJ 436 .A8 T498 2001
RJ 436 .A8 T87 2003
RJ 45 .N4 2000
RJ 45 .N418 2006
RJ 45 .R92 1998
RJ 47 .E39 2001
RJ 48 .H37 2000
RJ 48 .H37 2002
RJ 48.2 .C537 2004
RJ 48.2 .P347 2005
RJ 48.2 .P385 2005
RJ 48.2 .R93 2003
RJ 480 .P34 2005
RJ 482 .R48 L448 2004
RJ 486 .C45 2000

What is weird about it is that I would think that the numbers after the RJ would be in numeric order but it seems to be treating them as codes. So, instead of RJ 41, then RJ 45, it goes on with a series of things that start with RJ 41. Is it normal for this to happen, or is there a way to change it so that it goes 41, 45, 47, 48, then 416, 420, etc.

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Sort - How Can I Order Then In B1:B60
i have A1:A60 filled with numbers. however, they are ordered incorrectly. how can i order then in B1:B60 in the following way?

1st cell
7th cell
13th cell
19th cell
25th cell
31st cell
37th cell
43rd cell
49th cell
55th cell
2nd cell
8th cell
14th cell
20th cell
26th cell
32nd cell
44th cell
50th cell
56th cell


until the 60th cell

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Custom Sort Order
I feel I've searched thoroughly and wasn't able to find the right answer. I've attached a daily report example that needs the "Product" field to be sorted in a particular order. The order should be JEX, Q3791J, YOO5, KLX9, GHT (all similar products need to be grouped together).

Since the report is run daily the number of rows changes daily: one day can have 50 entries and the next 10. Is there a way to dictate the sort order and insert a blank row between each product grouping?

Once the Products have been separated into their groups, how would I sort each grouping by the "Term" column?

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Sort Order And Text ..
I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but I can't seem to find an answer that works for my data. I have some data that is sorted by an ordered list (like a table of contents from an overly detailed book):


This list can be arbitrarily deep (although probably not more than ##.##.##.##), and because I'm using periods to separate the nested levels (can be changed), I've formatted it as text. This means when I sort the data using this column I get 1.11 before 1.2 (text sort order).

After lots of failed formula attempts I've resorted to using an additional column with hand-entered values to sort by so it will sort correctly:


but I'm hoping someone knows a more elegant way to do this, or at least to generate this column without typing so many zeroes!

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Automatically Sort In Descending Order
I'm using a table with columns from A to F and an unlimited number of rows. Note that there is a title at the top of each column.
-I'd like my datas in column F to be automatically sorted in descending order from top to bottom when I hit the enter key or when the number is entered in last column (column F).
-the the entire row of data needs to be sorted according to the sorting criteria of column F ( datas entered need to stay on the same row)
-the macro should validate that the number value entered in column F is the same as the number value entered in column A. (to make sure that there was no typing mistake)
-Result in column D must be the difference between the corresponding value in column B and C (B-C=D)
*The next couple of constraints are not absolutely required, i'd like to have them only if it's possible to add constraints with filling color:
-Whenever there is no value entered in column C on a specific row I'd like the entire row to be colored in yellow (fill color)
-IF a number is entered in column C, and that the result of B-C in column D is not equal to zero, I'd like this specific row to be filled in Red.
-when all the values are entered in a row from column A to F and that the result of B minus C is equal to Zero in column D, i'd like this specific row to be filled in a green color.
***in other words, the datas in each rows from column A to F will be entered on 2 occasions; on the first time, only the datas in column A,B and F will be entered (so basically after entering this set of values the row should be filled in yellow. the second time, the remaining values will be added to the rows, so at this time A,B,C,D,E and F will all be entered. when this is done there will be two options
1-the value in column D is equal to Zero then the entire row should be filled in green or
2-the value in column D is'nt equal to zero, then this specific row should be filled in red.

Keep in mind that the datas of a row should be automatically sorted only when the value in column F is entered or when the enter key is hitted to add a new row.

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Sort By Both Alphabetical And Numerical Order
I have a spreadsheet for work that consists of various columns of data. One important sorting column would be Job #. Inside this coulumn are data like 134-Q and 2355-P and 755-P for example. The sort now is like posted. I would like to be able to sort by both alphabetical and numerical order. ie, 755-P, 2355-P, then 134-Q.

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Sort By Reverse Order First Letter Of Last Name
I have to sort data on 3 criteria

The data is:....

At this time I sort by HOURS then Seniority so the sort would look like this:........

Here is the problem, RN HILLER and JA DOE have the same hours and seniority. It is our policy that when 2 or more names and seniority match, they must be sorted by reverse order first letter of last name.

So this would be correct. H in Hiller comes before D in doe when reverse sorting.....

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Sort By Specific Custom Order
I would like to sort my column A by "Urgent, High, Medium and Low". However, when I click on sort, it obviously sorts alphbetically. Need to code to sort all colums A:K.

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Create A Custom Sort Order
I am trying to create custom sort list. It works below when I define range as A1:A79.

Sub SortWS2()
Dim SortOrder As Variant
Dim sheetsorder As Range
Dim Ndx As Long
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
With Worksheets("Sort Order").Range("A1:A79")
For Ndx = .Cells.Count To 1 Step -1
Worksheets(.Cells(Ndx).Value).Move before:=Worksheets(1)
Next Ndx
End With
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

I have created a dynamic range called sheetsorder. If I revise my code it does not work.

Sub SortWS2()................

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Sort Numerical-Text In Order
I am trying to sort different SKU #'s for my amazon store on excel. I go to Data... Sort... Ascending and it comes out like this...

and so on...

i want it to be like this

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Sort By The Order Of Text Preference
I have a worksheet populated with text and values from column A to BG, and from row1 to row550. Column B contains only the following text and values:

TKM Kulim
zero bin (internal)
0.33 bin (internal)
zero bin (AMA)

I need help for VBA code to sort the worksheet by this order of preference in col B as follow. Appreciate your help.

TKM Kulim
zero bin (AMA)
zero bin (internal)
0.33 bin (internal)

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Sort Worksheets By Numerical Order
I am trying to sort worksheets in excel by numerical order. I have renamed each worksheet with a different zipcode that corresponds to data on that sheet.

I believe there might be two ways to do this,
1) by sorting numerically the worksheet names.
2) by perhaps referencing a cell on each worksheet (i.e. the zipcode) and sorting it that way.

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Combo Box Or List Box
I have a list box with a list of text. What i want is if the user selects one of these text values in the list it opens up a user form.

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Search Box Using Combo Box
I am trying to search one spreadsheet and return the results of the entrie row into the combobox for on partial queries many answer could be available. The data sheet contains three columns. I would like to have the results of all three columns listed in the combobox. I have attempted many variations however, with the code below, my results in the combobox only reflect column "A"-

Option Explicit
Sub Locate( Name As String, Data As Range)
Dim rngFind As Range
Dim strFirstFind As String
With Data
Set rngFind = .Find(Name, LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlPart)
If Not rngFind Is Nothing Then
strFirstFind = rngFind.Address
If rngFind.Row > 1 Then
ListBox1.AddItem rngFind.Value
ListBox1.AddItem rngFind.Row
ListBox1.List(ListBox1.ListCount - 2, 3) = rngFind.Value & "!" & rngFind.Row....................

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Sort Into Regular Part Number Order
i have a list of part numbers that all have prefixes and i need to sort them into regular part number order and can't seem to figure out why i'm having such a hard time. the order i need them is this example. i need after part number 1-1 to be 1-2 followed by 1-3 etc. not 1-10 followed by 1-100. i hope i'm explaining this correctly.

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Sort Data In Chronological Order Of Periods
I will need to sort the data based on some number entries being presented in Periods 1 ,2 ,3 in chronological order.. i.e. move the data of period 1 to the top , then period 2 and then period 3.

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Macro To Sort Rows By Date Order
Starting at E8 and going down the E column there is a list of non sequential dates that could potentially be very small or extremely large. These dates must be sorted in ascending order together with all the data in their respective rows so for example

John Ball 20/2/07
Mark Dunn 19/2/07
Tim Jones 18/2/07

should be sorted as

Tim Jones 18/2/07
Mark Dunn 19/2/07
John Ball 20/2/07

If anyone can write such a piece of code it'd be very time saving.

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