Sort Ascending With Formula

Dec 20, 2008

For input I have in column A:

- (empty cell)

I want for output in column B:


Can I do something like this using a function?

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Formula To Sort Numbers In Ascending Value Into New Column?

Feb 14, 2003

I have three columns of values that are in no particular order that need to be sorted in ascending order in another column.

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Sort Command - Custom Order Or Sort Ascending Or Descending

Oct 8, 2006

Is it possible to make excel sort ascending or descending but from mid way through alphabet and then loop through the alphabet again. for example. If Cell A1 had "A" in, it would sort as normal.

Cell A1 = A
Cell A2 = B
Cell A3 = C
Cell A4 = D
Cell A5 = E

If Cell A1 had "C" in, it would sort from "C" through the alphabet and then loop to the start of the alphabet as shown below.

Cell A1 = C
Cell A2 = D
Cell A3 = E
Cell A4 = A
Cell A5 = B

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Rank & Sort Table: Unique Numbers Sort Ascending, But The Non-unique Numbers Sort Descending

Oct 5, 2007

I have a list in rows where I have a ranking formula =COUNT($G$5:$G$81)-(RANK(G5,$G$5:$G$81)+ COUNTIF($G$5:G5,G5)-1)+1 When I sort the rank, ascending. All of the unique numbers sort ascending, but the non-unique numbers sort descending

ex) 1.751

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Sort Ascending Order

Feb 10, 2009

I need values from column F in ascending order.

Also I need in column G only the values without formula.

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Sort Ascending Button

Dec 12, 2009

I have never recorded a macro before and what I want, I think, is pretty simple but I can't figure it out. I want a sort button that sorts all information ascending by column B. See attached spreadsheet.

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Sort - Not Ascending Or Decending

Oct 16, 2008

I have data in a spreadsheet with approximately 100 rows. In column F, the following values are allowed:
Transfer In
Transfer Out
Switch In
Switch Out

way to sort them in this order, rather than ascending or descending? (I want all of the Subscriptions together, then the Redemptions, and so on...)

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How To Sort ListBox In Ascending Order

Jun 14, 2014

I have 2 listbox (List1 and List2). List2 get populated when the user select a value in List1 and based on the value selected in List1. My issues are:

1- Values in list2 are not sorted in ascending order especially when the list2 grows over 32.
2- When the user selects "None" in List1, it should clear List2 (onclick)

I worked on this code for a while with no luck trying to get it to work. Is that doable?


Option Explicit
Dim ufEventsDisabled As Boolean
Function SelectedString() As String
Const Delimiter As String = ","
Dim i As Long

[Code] .....

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Sort Numbers Into Ascending Order Across A Row

Nov 5, 2008

Im totally new to excel and have some data i need to sort. how to sort numbers into ascending order across a row. ie, I have 34 2 45 79 102 63 etc, and I need them to start low and order to high. i have over 1200 rows, so it would be good to do the whole sheet at the same time.

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Sort Ascending Order Not Working

Sep 25, 2012

In the below code, when I want to sort on Column "A" it is not working. Anything stand out that would prevent my code from working?

Sub Delete_Duplicates()Dim LastRow As LongWith Sheets("SAP Raw Extract")    
LastRow = .Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row    'Create ID Column        
.Columns("A:A").Insert Shift:=xlToRight, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove        .Range("A1") = "ID"       
 .Range("A2").FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[5]&RC[6]&RC[32]"        

[Code] .....

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Disable Sort Ascending/Descending

Apr 13, 2006

Is it possible to allow Autofilter but disallow Sort Ascending/ Descending for an excel list in sheet? I have data set up as an Excel List (Excel 2003, with Autofilter turned on) so all formulas, formatting etc copy down when a new row of data is added, however if I just Protect worksheet and disallow Sorting, the List features don't work. I also tried putting the following in the Worksheet Activate event

ActiveSheet.Protect AllowSorting:=False

But this doesn't seem to disable the Sort option in the Autofilter, only the Data Sort function.

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Sort Combo Box By Ascending Order

Apr 4, 2007

I am trying to sort a combo box by ascending order...this combo box displays 2 columns of data which are populated from a spreadsheet. I would like to sort by the first column in the combo box which is numeric, but I do not want to sort the actual data on the spreadsheet.

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Sort A Column Of Data In Ascending Order

Sep 1, 2009

I am trying to sort a column of data in ascending order but I am not getting the results I expect. An example of the data held in the cells is:


When I sort it in ascending order it sorts like:

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Sort Ascending For Variable Report Length

Feb 10, 2009

I'm trying to sort a report using case number in Ascending order, this report varies in length and data begins in cell B2 down the whole report. It needs to include the fields on either side ie. expand the selection.

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Toggle Sort Macro: Ascending/Descending

Jun 20, 2006

I would like to call a macro which would sort rows 4-23 from the highest to the lowest, or if it is already highest to lowest, then sort from lowest to highest. This is how I am doing the current sort(High-Low):-

Selection.Sort Key1:= Range("E4"), Order1:=Range("e1").Value, Header:=xlGuess, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom, _

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Sort Ascending/Descending Based On Criteria

Aug 2, 2006

I have an Overview worksheet that is pulling info from all other sheets in the workbook.

What I want to do is order that info in ascending order depending on the worksheet name.

So I want all the worksheet names that start with 'AB' say sorted in ascending order and all worksheets that start with 'BC' in ascending order.

Now this I have at present working by a macro I created which once the info is loaded onto the sheet I just selected the info and ordered it in ascending order. The thing is though the next time I enter this Overview sheet I might have an extra worksheet that starts with 'AB' and this will not be included in the order, I will have to adjust it everytime so I need a more automatic ordering process.

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Automaticcally Sort Data In Ascending Order

Apr 11, 2008

Need code for automaticcally sort data in ascending order any time there was a change in score. The names column is b1:43 and the corresponding score would be in column c1:43. I can't seem to do it.

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Excel 2007 :: Data Sort In Ascending Order

May 23, 2012

Excel 2007.

The first part of this code is fine and completes all the borders.
The second part is to the all the workbook by Data Sort in ascending order starting with

Column C
Then Q
Then column V

But also knowing to search to the last line. I think i might be close but not close enough for this to work.

Sub Macro2()
Dim LR As Long, i As Integer
Dim mysheet As Worksheet

LR = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
With Range("A9:AD" & LR)

[Code] .......

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Sort In Ascending Sequence, A Range Defined As RTrainRow Which Is A Row Of Text Data

May 14, 2007

I want to do is sort in ascending sequence, a range defined as rTrainRow which is a row of text data. Each cell in the row can contain space, blank, one Alphabetic character or a special character such as $, %, (, +, etc.

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Formula To Produce Names And $values In Ascending Order

Oct 18, 2012

I would like to find a formula that produces Names and $values in ascending order.

Example :-
Cell a1 =John Cell b1 = $70
a2 = Bill b2 = $100
a3 = Jane b3 = $25
a4 = Frank b4 = $10
a5 = Mary b5 = $60
a6 = George b6 = $30.

ANSWER to be
Frank $10......Lowest price
Jane $25
George $30
Mary $60
John $70
Bill $100.

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Return The Top 10 Ascending Text?

Aug 21, 2014

There is a list that contains provinces, a name, and a number.

How can I find the top 10 names in descending order (highest num to lowest) for a specific province?

Eg. Column A

Column B
Mary, Jane, Jack, Rudy, Hank

Column C
8,3,15, 20, 5

Column D
Top 3 for BC: Rudy, Mary, Hank

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VLOOKUP With Table Not Ascending

Oct 13, 2011

I'd like to carry out a VLOOKUP on a list of product. The product numbers contain numbers and letters, some start with several 0's. If i were to convert these product numbers to an actual number, the 0's are removed.

So, when I attempt to place the list in ascending order, it's not really in ascending order - it will start with the part numbers that Excel has defined as a number with everything else afterwards.

Is there anyway I can run a VLOOKUP without having to place the lookup table in ascending order?

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Sorting But Not Ascending/descending

Jan 20, 2009

I've sorted it by column A. However, sometimes the date is the same and then it doesn't always go right... see f.ex. 17 dec, where the ship arrives in the harbour and then is at sea again and then departs Not exactly what happens. I had the same problem on 28 dec, but there it disappeared when I told Excel to sort secondly on column B.

However, this doesn't work for 17 dec.

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Import Bulk CSV No Going Through The Ascending

Feb 16, 2010

I'm using this code to import bulk *.csv files

Sub ImportCSVFiles()
Dim sh As Worksheet, sPath As String, sName As String
Dim R As Range, fName As String
Dim sh1 As Worksheet

But I've noticed that on import run, the macro mixing the ascending order of the files.
An example:
Inside my_folder I have 3 csv files:
adwords keyword tool.csv

When the macro runs, it takes advertise.csv as the 1st. (Thats Ok) then adwords keyword tool.csv data
before thaking adwords.csv

(I have over 100 files to import, so you can imagine the mess I'm facing..)

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How To Sort Dates By Using Formula

Sep 21, 2013

i have dates in column "A"


in column "B" i want the dates to be arranged in accending order using formula not by normal sorting method.

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Sort A Array Formula

Sep 27, 2009

On from a solution I am using in the sheet which uses very well an Array Formula.

In the attached book I have a sheet with a bunch of tables called Site Table. In the sheet called Working Sheet I want to get the text Site Names and list them in Column A. Sorted would be nice not required but I can't think of way to avoid blanck rows without a manual sort. I tried many versions of Find without a solution as well.

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How To Put Non-repeating Text In Ascending Order

May 6, 2014

how to ascendantly sort groups of numbers within a cell?

For instance, in a cell I have the numbers "5417" and after sorting it would come out as "1457"

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Ascending Order Of A Price List?

Apr 8, 2014

formula getting an ascending order from a long list of numbers.

I use excel for mac, 14.3.9

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Lookup And Return Ascending Values

Feb 4, 2010

I have a column of values for example:

I need to be able to search this column and return the first instance only of each number in a different column in numerical order - which in this example will result:

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How To Create Column That Gives Ascending Values

Jan 16, 2014

How to create a column that has ascending values ie: increment of 1 eg. 1,2,3,4,5,6 ......

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