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Specific Cells Are Formatted To Start With A Capital Letter

Is there any way of writing a macro so that specific cells are formatted to start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Can you also write a macro to automatically spell check specific cells?

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Convert Lower Letter To Capital Letter Automatically
When I type a single lower case letter into a cell, what formula or conditional formatting should I use to always convert it to a capital letter automatically?

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Mid Find First Capital Letter
I require a formula which finds the he first capital letter within a cell and returns the text, but I need it to ignore blank cells and the symbol *.

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Convert First Letter Of String To Capital Without Altering Formatting
Convert the first letter of a string to a capital without altering the rest of the strings format.

example: the activecell contains the string a1st (lowercase a, superscript 1st)

how can i achieve this in VBA?

Additionally, is it also possible to convert all of a string to capitals except the superscript characters

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Sort Values Which Has Numeric, Spaces And Capital Letter Characters
I would like to sort words or data which has the First capital letter, words which has spaces and words which contains number... i have attached a sample file.

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Alphabetically Start From Letter
If i type some word (first 4 to 5 word) or more.

if I m start letter from AK …….

possible to display in side popup window which letter start from ak in our previous record i.e. akashwani or akshare like that. I dont want through vba or access because i m not use before. I want same excel sheet.

We have attach sample sheet.

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Seach For A Specific Letter In A Cell
Does anyone know the VBA line for finding a specific letter in a cell?

Say cell A1="B"

Say cell C3 contains a word, and I want to know if that word contains the letter shown in in cell A1 (ie. contains the letter B).

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How To Delete Specific Signs Or Letter At The END Of A Column
I need a macro, which removes spaces, symbols, letters, numbers or combination of them from the end of all cells in a column. The symbols should be chosen before the macro starts its work.

For example:

Before running the first macro:

Column A

After running the macro the end of the cells should be cleaned from chosen symbols, spaces or signes. (in our example if a cell ends with sign ";" then these signes should be deleted).

Column A

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Return Data Infront Of Specific Letter In Cell
ColA contains Purchase Order (PO) numbers and I want to return the department number or project number (which is contained within the PO) in ColB eg.

PO # Department/Project #
AP001234P1234 Want to return everything before the 'P'
PR004444P4444 Same as above
TR2008-1234 No need to change
6501P1234 Want to return everything before the 'P'

I was using IF function but there are too many variables then I thought about the 'P' but not sure how to go about it?

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Find And Replace A Specific Letter/number Combination
I have a column of references I wish to standardize. Contained within a general text description there is also an order-specific reference number, which is not relevant for my purposes. I wish to find all of these numbers and replace them with nothing (i.e. retain the rest of the description).

The reference numbers are always in the format "P#####/##". Unfortunately these references are in the middle of the text field, not at the start or end, so I can't use a LEFT or RIGHT formula to delete them.

Once these reference numbers have been deleted I will then be able to filter for unique records only. When I do this at the moment the filtering has no effect due to these specific reference numbers.

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IF Formula: Assign A Specific Letter To Each Rating, Depending Of The Obtained Number
I have some delivery ratings from suppliers, and I want to assign a specific letter to each rating, depending of the obtained number. Criteria is:.........

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Updating Only Cells Formatted As Currency
I am trying to write some code that will loop through the workbook (selecting all cells formatted as currency), updating the cell value and rounding to 2 decimal places. The updated price must be rounded as these prices are used in calculations.
The prices are not in a contiguous range and are in different cells on each sheet, but all within the range (“B1:V200”)
I need the user to enter the required increase I,e 1.05 (5%) in Price update sheet, cell “F6”, then run the code from this sheet (which will be the only sheet I do not want to run the code on, which will be the active Sheet)
This is the code I have so far
I don’t know if it will work yet as it errors out (Type mismatch) on this line.
cell = cell.Value * Sheets("PriceUpdate").Range("F6").Value

Sub UpdatePrices2()

For Each Ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets
If Ws.Name ActiveSheet.Name Then
For Each cell In Ws.Range("B1:V200")
If cell.NumberFormat = "$#,##0.00" Then
cell = cell.Value * Sheets("PriceUpdate").Range("F6").Value
cell = WorksheetFunction.Round(cell, 2)
End If
Next cell
End If
Next Ws
End Sub

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Vb Code To Find Formatted Cells
I currently have a spreadsheet that i am using to track invoice pages when I receive them. I have added a conditional format on the worksheet that turns the Date red when each invoice is due and i manually shade each cell grey when the invoice is received, however as i have many invoices due on the spreadsheet its a bit dificult to track all of them... i have been told that a VB code will help. (I am new to this)...

I want to put a Command button on the spreadsheet that will take me to the next cell that has the text highlighted as red and the background color is white i.e not shaded.

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Sum Conditional Formatted Cells By Color
I'm trying to use the SUMCOLOR function found on your website to sum cells which have conditional formatting (background colors with bold writing) applied to them, but it doesn't work.

I'm attaching the code found on the website as a reference.
I read some content on Cpearson but it's way beyond my understanding.

Function SumColor(rColor As Range, rSumRange As Range)


'Written by Ozgrid Business Applications


'Sums cells based on a specified fill color.


Dim rCell As Range

Dim iCol As Integer

Dim vResult

iCol = rColor.Interior.ColorIndex

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Conditionally Formatted Cells Which Turn The Text In Them To Red If The Value Is Less Than 40
I have a series of conditionally formatted cells which turn the text in them to red if the value is less than 40. This works fine.

Occasionally however a value of less than 40 will need to be entered along with the letter 'v'.

ie. 39v

I'd still like this to be coloured red, but it's obviously coming out as black.

Is there a way to sort this out?

edited to add : Im actually using a separate cell to enter the value 40 (as the value can change).

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Nested If Statement Using Time Formatted Cells
I am trying to build an if statement to test variables that are in time format and then perform a calculation.

I was able to get an example working if I convert the start times to integers rather than time values. However, the data won't be provided to me as integers.

So, I need a nested if statement (using "and") that will test for two situations using cells in time format or I need to write a macro to convert the time data to integer format. I've been working on the former most of the day and have hit a brick wall.

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Percentage Of Cells That Start With X If Corresponding Cells Have Data
I need to calculate the percentage of cells in one column that have data in them compared to those that do not. This is easy enough to do by itself but here's where it gets tricky for me. I need this percentage calculated only when cells in a different column contain data.

Here's the specifics. All of the row and column references are exactly what I'm looking to have in my worksheet. If A5:A200 contain any value then I want to know the % of the cells in F5:F200 that have a value in them compared to the same number in F5:F200 that contain no value. I would like the answer to show up in B2.

Part of the issue is that cells A5:A200 already have a formula in them so I think that would count as a value. The one thing that might help is the fact that A5:A200 values that I'm looking for ALWAYS start with TN so that could be used as the search function. The reason why I need to base it on a value in A5:A200 is that the sheet is blank until I enter data in the rows. I can't have the blank rows below the last data that I've entered on the sheet count towards the percentage that I'm looking for.

Basically it's a sheet that I enter installations and service calls on. The information always has a TN# associated with it. Which through a formula is automatically populated in the same row in the A column. I track the installation or service call and when it's completed I enter a completion date in the F column in the same row.

I am trying to be able to keep track of the percentage of jobs completed (completion date entered in column F) compared to incomplete (cells in column F that have no completion date) but it has to only look at rows that actually have information entered in them which I think should be done by column A. column D5:D200 is where I enter the main information and there is no formula entered in the cells in column D so if it's easier to base it on that column then that's fine.

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Capital Letters
I have a validation drop down box type thing... when I select the drop down, the lower-most option is highlighted as a default. How do I make it so that the upper-most option is highlighted first?

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Macro To Copy Specific Cells From Row From Source & Stop When Next Row Cell = Specific Value
I have a protected template and unprotected source worksheets - - - what I would like to happen is for the macro to start and if the source worksheet cell B3 equals "Report Total" then stop - otherwise copy template worksheet then copy 6 specific cells from the source to paste values to specific cells on the newly created worksheet (B_ to C7, D_ to I7, E_ to C9, F_ to K9, A_ to C11, M_ to K11 and then K13=F13-30)

After that then start all over again unless the next row’s cell (B4, B5, B6, . . .) is "Report Total" then stop - - - the row count could be from one to a couple hundred.

Here is what I have so far but I know that with each copy the name will change and as it goes down the source file each row will change and I also need help with that.

Sheets("ee template").Copy After:=Sheets(3)
ActiveCell.Offset(0, -11).Range("A1").Select

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Specific Cells Populate With Specific Numbers When A Value Within A Range Is Entered
Here is what i am trying to achieve. If the date 2/20/2010 is located at F53 & the cell next to it at H53 is populated with a number between 1 & 16, then i want the cell at J11 (42 rows further up) to auto populate with the number 1. When this occurs the cells beneath this, from J12 to J52 should also auto populate with the with consecutive numbers from 2 to 42. Would also like to see the cells with numbers 1 to 28, automatically format to orange & the cells containing numbers 29 to 42 automatically format to yellow. I plan to have this condition repeat several times later in the year, at dates that are to be decided. When these dates are decided i want to be able to enter a number from 1 to 16 & next to the date & all of the above automatically occurs.

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Using ' In Cells: Add A ' To The Start
I currently have a number of spreadsheets with number data in it. I need to import it into a third party program. Unfortunately when this program imports it it counts numbers such as 1 as 1.0. This third party program says the only way around this is to put a ' before the numbers and this seems to fix the problem. My problem is that I have so much data I cannot go through ever cell and add a ' to the start. IS there a quick way to add ' to the start of certain cells?

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Name Cells With Same Letter But Different Number?
Is there any way to name cells with same letter but different number?

e.g i need to name the first row A1 to A100.

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Pull 1st Letter From Cells
I have code I am writing where each cell contains 1 of 2 words in in various places of that cell all within column E. I need something to state: If E3 contains "apple" then write "A" in the cell. If E3 contains "Orange" then write "O".

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Return Column Letter Based On The Letter In A Cell.
For the below formula is it possible to replace the B's (column location) with a cell Say Z146 which contains the letter B (or a number if thats easier and someone can tell me the numbers for each column).

When the formula is dragged into the next cell (down) it takes its column reference from Z147 and then my life becomes so much easier.


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Allocating Capital Expenditure Across Months
I have project's start date and end date and total cost. I want to spread the total cost across month on top using the total number of days[calculated using the end and start date] that project will run and the number of days that project is in that month. I have highlighted the area in yellow where I want formulas to work.

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Add Cells With Letter & Numbers In The Cell
I'am trying to add a row of cell that contain a letter befor the number
I need to add-up the numbers and ignore the letter

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Conditional Formatting With Capital/small Letters
I just want to conditionally format some columns with different colours. The problem is that I have some cells that have the value 'a' and others that have 'A'. These should be different colours, but I can't seem to get Excel to detect between the two forms.

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Create Space Between Two Consecutive Capital Letters
How to create space between two consecutive capital letters?

like i have....

i want...
R Perry
R C Cox

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Force Text To Capital/Upper Case
Is it possible to make a spreadsheet so that everything that is typed into it is in CAPITALS? I have a need for that for a spreadsheet that I am using at work, but I remembered that in the title box above it only capitlaizes the first letter. I thought if it can do it with the first letter can Excel do it with all of the letters.

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Find All Cells In Col A That Start With A Given 2 Letters
In col A I have various text codes in no particular order: i.e.cell A2 is PM-A01, cell A3 is BTC05, cell A4 is PM-B00, etc. The first two positions are always alphabetic. I want to sum all the numbers in column B whose adjacent column A text starts with "PM".
I tried =IF(match("PM*",A2:A100,0),b2,"") but just get "NA"

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Use Cells For Start & End Formula Reference
I'm using this formula (in Cells D4:D10) to tabulate hours being spent on various testing activity categories (N,O,R,E,U,A,D). Is there a method I can use to permit me to change the range of cells being tabulated using Named Ranges or some sort of substitution?

= SUMIF($C$15:$C$89,C4,OFFSET($C$15:$C$89,0,4))

for example I would like to use the value I present in cell A2 as the starting point (for the range) & B2 as the end point (for the range) of cells being evaluated. In other words the improved formula would look like this.

=SUMIF(A2:B2,C4,OFFSET(A2:B2,0,4)) -or something like that-

See attached for reference!

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Updating Cells Q1 And R1 With Start And End Dates Selected In A Userform
I need some assistance taking dates entered in a userform and applying them to the sheet 'Completed_Report' cells Q1 and R1. The userform code that stores the input values is:

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Splitting Continuous Text Into Two Cells Using Uppercase Letter As Delimiter
I have names that look like this:

SmithJohn and i want to seperate into two cells so it looks like

Cell 1: Smith
Cell 2: John

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Fill Number Series Based On Start / Stop Of 2 Cells
I have a excel sheet of data numbers which blongs a packet of inventory where i found number series like this:

Start Range End Range Qty
2101200 2101499 300

I have to draw this onto a series like 2101200 then 2101201 then 2010202 etc.
but some time these numbers are in qty 30000 or more. I have questions

1- If any macro colud fill series suppose if write number in A2 and qty in B2 so it reads the qty of b2 and fill the series in A. If i write 1 in A2 and write 50 in B2 so the series should be auto fill 1 to 50.

My Second question is opposit of my above question.

2- if i have different number series in column a and i want them to be as start number in column b and end number in column c and qty in column d based like mentioned below example.
Series [b]Start Range End Range Qty
1 1 1 1
3 3 3 1
5 5 7 3

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VBA Change Font Size Of A Character Or Letter Within Any String In Selected Cells
Looking for VBA that can change the font size of "•" char(0149) within any string in selected cells.

Also looking to delete the last "•" char(0149) within any string of selected cells.

What would the syntax for these two functions be?

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Highlight Specific Cells In Row If >1 Contains Specific
I'm trying to use a conditional format on a range of cells so that if there is more than 1 "A" contained in any given row, the cells containing the "A"s are highlighted (e.g. red)

I've tried:

but it doesnt work & now I'm stuck.

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Forcing Cells To ALWAYS Find MIN And MAXIMUM Values From A Specific Range Of Cells
I'm working on a project for my company. We make plastic tanks and for quality control we want to start recording the thickness of the tanks in different areas/zones of each tank.

Attached to this message is an Excel sheet that I've been working on. From "Sheet 1", it records inputted thicknesses into WorkSheet "1098". On the top of "1098", it shows all of the recordings, and just below that are the "10 Most Recent Entries".

Right below the "10 Most Recent Entries", there are formulas to calculate the Min and Max Values. Whenever a new entry is recorded, the selected cells for the Min and Max formulas change. Is there a way to force the cells to always stay the same?

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Data Validation Format Letter Number Letter Number Etc.
I want to apply Data Validation to a cell, so that only the following combination of letters and numbers can be entered.

Letter Letter Number Number Number Number Number Number Letter.
e.g AB123456C.

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Copy Certain Cells Upon A Row Onto Specific Cells On Another Tab
I am seeking a formula which can be “dragged” which will copy certain cells upon a row onto specific cells on another tab, when i drag at present it skips rows from tab 1?

Tab1 B12 to Tab2 C8 & Tab1 E12 to Tab2 C12 & several others
Tab1 B13 to Tab2 K8& Tab1 E12 to Tab2 K2 & several others
Tab1 B14to Tab2 S8& Tab1 E12 to Tab2 S2 & several others

Example spreadsheet attached

Simple for all you Excel genius’s, I am only just getting to grips with excel & cant wait to know as much as all of you!

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Inserting Formatted Row
I'm working with a line of code I can't seem to get right. I've got this string that will put breaks in, but I've realized it would make my life easier if the code, along with inserting a break, then inserted a formatted gray divider, it would make it easier. Here's what I have:

Sub BreakSections()
'This macro breaks the new data on sheets into their individual groups, inserting a blank line_
'which will need to be filled with a gray dividing line
Dim i As Long, j As Long
Application. ScreenUpdating = False
With Sheets("Contract Manufacturers")
. Cells.UnMerge
i = .UsedRange.Rows.Count
End With
For j = i To 2 Step -1
If Not IsEmpty(Cells(j, 5)) And Cells(j + 1, 5) <> Cells(j, 5) Then Rows(j + 1).Insert
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

I've tried then to put this code in after the Insert:

Range(ActiveCell, Range("AJ" & ActiveCell.Row)).Select

and then the formatting code.....

But I end up getting a whole mess of gray rows, displacing a lot of data. Is it possible to do these things together, or I should write another macro that just looks for the blank spots? It seems like it would be easier to do it all at once.

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Clear A Formatted Cell
I have a cell that I've formatted to dd/mmm/yy, It used to work, but now it doesn't. When I type in 1/2/03, the formatted cell shows 0-Jan-00, The formula bar shows =1/1/2. I seem to have a formula in the cell, but I can't get rid of it. I know it's most probably somethinmg I've done , but I don't know what. I've tried everything I know. I can't seem to re format the cell , and I can't delete the formatting in it. I'm stuffed.

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Copying Formatted Data
I have a cell that calculates an etch time, eg 41.88. The cell is formatted to give me whole numbers and quarters only so that the operators input is made easier, in this case 42.

When I use a macro to copy this to another worksheet, although it appears as 42, the actual cell data is 41.88. Anyway I can get the actual cell data to be 42?

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Columns Won't Stay Formatted
I have Excel 2008 for Mac (vers 12.0). On a basic spreadsheet, the first column is for date which I have formatted so I can type in 15/8/9 and it appears as 15-Aug-09.

However, each time I open Excel after having Quit it, I have to reformat the cells in this column again as they revert to converting my date input with something like 39,123.

My other columns are formatted to currency and are always okay.

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Entering A Barcode Without Getting +12 Formatted In
I'm trying to copy about 10,000 barcode over to a new spreadsheet, the prob is that when I copy them over they appear as XXXX+12 and then when I try and use them it doesn't like it. I can solve it if I format the column to text - and then double click it. This is ok for a hundred or so but fingers start to hurt after that!

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Sum Text Formatted Numbers
Is it possible to sum cells that contain numbers converted to text? I used TEXT function to convert them because I needed to format them (to display three decimal digits, if number < than 0.05, three digits otherwise). But now SUM Formula doesn't work.

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Formatted Date In Message Box
this code works fine on my desktop but on 2 of work's pc's it produces a error at the msgbox line

Private Sub Workbook_open()
Dim dDate As Date
dDate = Sheet16. Range("a1").Value
MsgBox "Today is the " & Format(dDate,"dd/mm/yy"), vbOKOnly
End Sub

i have changed the security settings in macro's and one of them was using office 2000, not sure about the 2nd one but i will check next time iam at the office and grab the error codes.

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Counting The Cells That Contain A Specific Value
I am doing a simple count and it returns a value of zero.

I am wanting column D that equals "Macro" to return the number of rows that column D has Macro in it? I used = Count and I used = sumproduct and =count returned me a zero value and there are several hundred rows that meet that criteria and =sumproduct returned a zero value as well????? What am I doing wrong? Is it so simple that I'm missing something?


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Sum Specific Cells Within 1 Column
I am trying to sum specific cells withing 1 column based on a character within another column. For instance:

A1 = X and H1=1000

A3 = null and H3 = 50

A5 = x and H5 = 100

I want to sum everything in Column H where column A only contains an "x". In this scenario the sum would be 1100.

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Colouring Specific Cells Using VB
how I might be able to colour certain cells in a row a specific colour when a specific value is input.

For instance:
The value "A" is put into row A1. A1 and C1 cell colours change to green
The value "B" is put into row A2. A2 and C2 cell colours change to orange
etc. (not sure how many colours yet)

I sort of have a script set up, but there are certain things I dont know how to do. Like target the specific cells that need colouring.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column = 0 Then Exit Sub
Select Case Target.Value
Case "A"
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 1
Case "B"
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 2
Case "C"
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Case Else
Target.Interior.ColorIndex = 0
End Select
End Sub

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Highlighting Specific Cells
this seems like such a simple thing to do but I just cannot suus it out. Basically I want to Highlight a cell depending on another cells value:

ie. I have a value in Cell A1 and a value in Cell B1, in Cell C1 I have an IF statement that dsplays the word 'NO' if the values in A1 & B1 are not equal. In Cell D1 I have the word Fault. I would like to highlight Cell D1 if the Cell C1 displays the word 'NO'

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Calculate Specific Cells
if there is a way (without using a macro) to calculate just a specific column or selected area in a spreadsheet. It is a colossal spreadsheet and takes a few hours to calculate even just one sheet. I know you can go through it hitting F2 then enter a lot but that is getting tedious!

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