Start Macro On Change Cell Value

Feb 16, 2012

I would like to run a macro when the value of a certain cell changes.I found the following code:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As range)

If Not Intersect(range("A1"), Target) Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "A1 has changed"
End If

End Sub

Cell A1 contains a lookup function. When the value of this cell changes, I would like to run the code. This code runs only when I change it manually.

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Automatically Start Macro On Any Change To A Specified Range

Jan 19, 2008

Within range Sheet1!D4:D423, how can I have a macro called RestartClock start any time the Enter key is selected within a cell for that range?

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File Browsing In Macro - How To Change Default Start Location?

Sep 28, 2008

I use an image analysis program ImagePro which can call Excel within it's macro language (which seems to be visual basic). I looked up on this site how the change the drive (ChDrive command). But still when the Excel section (after With oExcel) executes the default file location in the browser is in My Documents on the C: drive.

Prior to this code Excel has been launched by this ImagePro macro, and a file Cumberland Template has been opened from the C: drive. Now I would like to do a Save As, but have Excel start at the I: drive location.

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MACRO To Start All Sheets On Cell A2

Jul 3, 2009

I can't figure this out: I need a macro that will start all of the worksheets in a workbook (about 94) on cell A2.

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Start Macro Based On Cell Value?

Nov 8, 2013


Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Range("A1").Value = 4 Then


I am trying to create a script that will start a specific macro based on a cell value. I have a drop down menu with 16 options. so if cell A1 = 4 run one macro. if cell A1 = 6 run a different macro.

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Start Macro From Clicking In Cell

Oct 30, 2007

I have created a macro that autofilter values in sheet 2.

In sheet1 I have a cocpit of values from Sheet 2, 3, 4 and 5.

In the monitoring cells in Sheet1 I would like to doubleclick (or similar) in the cell where I have a value from ex sheet 2, and then trigger the macro which does the autofiltering.

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Can A Macro Start From Wherever Cell The Active Cursor Is On

Apr 5, 2006

Can a macro start from wherever cell the active cursor is on? or
perhaps from the cell that the macro button is clicked?

What I am trying to do is copy the data from F(whatever) to whatever
the last empty cell is in the row holds the active cursor. Or I can
create buttons for the macro to run, and it could copy the information
in that particular row.

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Excel 2010 :: VBA To Start Macro When Changing Data In A Cell

Jul 21, 2014

When a change is made in cell L11, cell N11 should be locked automatically for typing. This is true for the cells between L11:L25, and cells N11:N25.

I have been trying to come up with a code that will:

1 - start my macro when f.ex. L11 is > 0
2 - lock N11 when L11 is filled out
3 - unlock N11 when the input in L11 is deleted

This is my attempt so far to put together a code:

[Code] .....

I'm using Excel 2010.

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Weekly Chart With Ability To Change Start Date

Jan 8, 2009

I have a simple bike log that lists out each day of the month in rows with a summary row between months. Like this...

January Summary
Jan 1
Jan 2
Jan 3
Jan 31
February Summary
Feb 1
Feb 2
Feb 3
Feb 28

and so on. Each column has a data field where I enter in miles and distance and so on. I frequently add rows if I do two rides in a day so two rows may start with "January 23rd". I would like to have a chart that shows me my weekly ride summary. But I have some issues:
1. With the field summary I don't know the best way to do a chart that doesn't include the summary (the summary data would throw the chart way off)
2. If I have multiple rides in a day I don't know how to make the week include those days
3. I may want the week to start on Monday and not Sunday. Is it possible to have the user choose and have the chart change automatically?

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If Statement In Macro: Macro To Change A Range Of Cells Colours Based On A Single Cell?

Mar 16, 2007

1st - Need a macro to change a range of cells colours based on a single cell having a value greater than 0.001. ie. cells A1 - G1 need to change to grey based on cell F1 having a value greater than 0.001 entered in it?

2nd - Also a macro for deleting the text contents of cell C1 based on cell F1 having a value greater than 0.001. Therefor if cell F1 has a number greater than 0.001 it changes the colour of celss A1 - G1 and also deletes the text in cell C1?

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Using 1 Macro To Start Another

Jan 19, 2009

I have a macro, at the end of which I'd like it to jump to a second macro OR incorporate the second macro into the 1st. I've tried combining them in several different ways, but get an error 13 every time. So, basically, if I can't combine them into 1 macro, then perhaps I can get the 1st to automatically start the second. The 1st code is based on a previous solution (for a different problem!) I received from this forum

Here is the 1st

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Run A Macro On Start Up

Feb 5, 2007

I want my system to run a macro automatically every time its turned on.

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Change A Macro To From And Absolute Cell Reference To Selected Cell.

Feb 5, 2010

i am currently using the macro below to import text files into a spreadsheet. Currently, it begins the import in cell A1 which is what I recorded it to do. how do I change the code to begin the import on the active cell?

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Run Macro With Change In Cell Value

Oct 5, 2012

I have code which changes the worksheet tab names based on contents of a cell. I borrowed some very useful code from a previous thread. I'd like to modify the code so that the tab name updates everytime the cell contents change.

My code is below:


Sub ReNamer()
For L = 3 To 9
Sheets(L).Name = Sheets(L).Range("A1").Value
End Sub

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Run Macro On Cell Value Change

Apr 3, 2007

Is it possible to run a macro when the value of a partcular cell is changed? (and if so how!)

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Macro To Copy Row And Change Value Of Cell Based On Cell Value?

Oct 7, 2011

Basically, I need to reformat a set of data (see before and after). A specific column should only contain 1 value, if there is more than 1 value it will be separated by a comma. If this column contains more than 1 set of data then I would need to insert a row and duplicate the information based on how many different sets there are. All the copied data should remain the same with the exception of the "Key" column, it should only have 1 value and each copied row should contain the corresponding value in the key field.

BTW - it could be on the same sheet or a different worksheet (doesn't matter)

Name Number KEY Date
Name1 1 a,b,c 12/1/2011
Name2 2 x 12/1/2011
Name 3 5 one,three 12/1/2011

Name Number KEY Date
Name1 1 a 12/1/2011
Name1 1 b 12/1/2011
Name1 1 c 12/1/2011
Name2 2 x 12/1/2011
Name 3 5 one 12/1/2011
Name 3 5 three 12/1/2011

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Macro To Initiate On A Cell's Change In Value

Nov 11, 2008

Three cells - A1:A3. If A1's value is modified, I would like to have some sort of event macro that recognizes the change and thus initiates and clears the values of cells A2 and A3. Basically I don't want to have to user-initiate the macro...but have the actually changing of A1's value initiate the macro.

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Running Macro On Cell Change?

Jul 31, 2014

I am trying to run a macro when any cell in a range changes. I have got this to run, but only on one cell, not any of the cells in a range.

Working code:


Non working Code:

[Code] .........

I am at a loss as to why the range code won't work, or why the first code won't work without makig the cell reference absolute.

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Macro To Change Cell Backcolor

Oct 16, 2009

I'm trying to make a macro that changes the backcolor of a cell when it's value is higher then 3. I could use some assistance with the code down below which is too long.

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Change Macro To Point To Different Cell

Nov 18, 2009

I've created a button that, when clicked, will give a time and date stamp. The issue I'm having is that when I click the button, it displays the information in the active cell. I've searched for an answer, but keep coming up blank. Here is my macro:

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How To Auto Run Macro On Cell Change

Jan 4, 2012

I'm trying to automatically change the names of the sheets in my workbook based on the contents of cell A1 in each sheet.

I found some code on some website and inserted it into the ThisWorksheet module:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim wSheet As Worksheet
On Error Resume Next
For Each wSheet In Me.Worksheets
if wSheet.Name = "SomeName" then
If wSheet.Range("A1") = "" Then
wSheet.Name = "Sheet" & wSheet.Index


This code appears to work properly, but only when the workbook is closed and then reopened. Is there a way to make this code run anytime cell A1 in any of the sheets changes? I've found several sample codes that purport to make a macro run automatically on a cell change, but I can't figure out how to incorporate the code above with the Worksheet_Change code to make them work together.

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VBA - Macro Running On Cell Change

Apr 17, 2012

I have following macro run when the given cell changes:

HTML Code:

Private Sub Case_Checkout(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim KeyCells As Range
Dim WS As Worksheet
Dim LkUpVal As Range
Dim LkUpRng As Range


It was working...and then just stopped working. I scan a barcode into cell A1 and hit enter. Can't figure out why is stopped unhiding the tab. I haven't changed anything...

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Macro To Change Specific Cell?

Mar 4, 2013

I have a spreadsheet which has a version number in it on a given cell. This cell is protected as is the spreadsheet.

I want to create a macro that will target the given cell and ask user to input new value and then change the cell value.

This macro will be attached to a button.

I already know how to disable and enable spreadsheet protection but have got no clue as to go about the rest.

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Change Cell Triggers Macro To Run

Nov 22, 2009

I have a macro that I would like to run everytime ANY cell is changed in a given worksheet. I've read some posts that explain how to do this when say ONE cell is changed, but I cannot figure out how to expand on that.

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Run Macro Based On Cell Change

Jan 7, 2007

I am working on a training scheduler. In which a sheet contains the details of the trainings that are scheduled now i need that if any training is canceled then a mail needs to be sent (Status is updated in cell). I have code to send mail however the problem that i am facing is that how can i execute this macro when training is canceled. I did a search and found the following thread

How to call a macro based on a value of cell?

but the code given in the thread uses a specified cell address to execute the macro. Where as in my case I can not provide a specific cell address as any training can be canceled.

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Start Macro At Workbook Open

Nov 14, 2008

I found an outlook plugin that saves any incoming emails as text. It also has an option to run an exe or bat file on saveing the email to text. I have a macro in a worksheet that will process the email to a database and send out a response.

What I am trying to figure out is how to run the macro in the worksheet whenever an incoming email is saved. So I have the 2 components that I need, I just need to tie them together so that everything is automated.

Does anyone know how to achieve this? Can I use a batch file to open an excel workbook and run a macro? Or can I create a standalone macro (outside of excel) that can open the excel file and run the macro.

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Trigger Macro At The Start Of The Month

Feb 18, 2009

is possible to trigger a macro at the start of every month. I have a fairly simple bit of VBA, but just want it to execute on the 1st of every new month.

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Macro Start When Data In Another Workbook Changes

Jun 10, 2009

I am brand new to using macro in excel. I have a report that is generated every month (looks like sheet 1) and I use that data to create an analysis report (sheet 2). Each month forecast is replaced by actual for the month that just finished, I have tried to use macro recorder to make this more automated as every month I copy the forecast down and the actuals in and then readjust my totals and add in the now 12th months forecast, but I have had no luck.

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Can I Pause And Then Start Recording Macro Again

Nov 17, 2006

I'm recording a Macro but I want to test certain section before I complete it, so can I pause the recording and then restart the recording again?

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Macro: Start Automatically Write

Oct 1, 2009

In First Part
I Have R1 1 -17
R2 20-22
I Want When I Write R1 1-17 in cells {B1:C1}And R2 20-28 In Cells {B2:C2}
Start Automatically Write From 1-17 in Column E and 20-25 In Column F in The Same Manner You See in The Pic He Ignores F18,F19 And Start Counting From F20
And Then Color The Common Area Which {E18:F19}

And Make The Same With The Second Part The Pic Which {G1:I2}

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