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Sum Values In Column Based On Condition In Another

II want to sum the values under 'amount' column only if the corresponding value under 'Balance' column is "Paid"

NameAmount Start Date End Date No.of DaysInteresetBalance
Sat1 250 1-Aug-07 20-Aug-07 19 - "paid"
Sat2 550 4-Aug-07 20-Aug-07 16 -
Sat3 250 10-Aug-07 20-Aug-07 10 - "paid"
Sat4 450 6-Aug-07 20-Aug-07 14 -


For the above, the sum value should be 500. I have written the following function to calculate the same. On uncommenting the line 'paid = CStr(paidvar)' the value is displayed as '#VALUE!'. On uncommenting all commented lines, the value is displayed as 'Paid'.

Function PAIDAMOUNT(amountRange As Range) As Variant
Dim count As Long
Dim paidvar As Variant
Dim paid As String
Application.Volatile True
For count = 1 To amountRange.Cells.count
paidvar = amountRange.Offset(count - 1, 7 - amountRange.Column).Value
'paid = CStr(paidvar).................

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Sum Values From Multiple Worksheets Based On A Condition
I'm trying to sum across multiple worksheets based on a simple condition. I have a time sheet with a worksheet for each week (52 worksheets). I've gone back and added a column to code the type of work done, types 1 - 17. I want to sum the hours of each type across all worksheets. This is what I have that doesn't work:

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Sum Values In Column If Condition Met In Another
If possible, I would love for the answer to be a "formula" and not a macro, but if it must be a macro, then that's doable too:

Basically, I would love a formula that would add all the numeric values in "Column A", as long as "Column B" in that same row="YES".


7 NO

would mean 4 + 6 + 9 = 19

This will cover a variable amount of rows, but it will definitely be less than a few hundred.

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Sum The Values In Cells Based On The Values Other Column
I want to sum the values in cells E2:P110 based on the values column D. The
values in D are formulas resulting in something that appears to match D112 in
some cases. I'm using the following equation:


My problem is that D2 :D10 have a formula in it and it's not matching. If
I enter the result of the formula, all is good. How should I deal with this?

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Sum Values In Column Based On Dates In Another
I'm try to lookup a range of dates in a table, and sum up the data values that is equal or less then the specified dates.

Please view the attached spreadsheet for example.

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Sum Of 3rd Column Values Based On Nested If On 2 Other Columns
I have three columns as follows:

ItemsWeekEnding Count
a14/7/2007 10
a34/7/2007 3
a14/14/2007 11
a14/7/2007 5
a44/7/2007 6
a24/7/2007 6

I want to Sum Count values (column 3) for matching WeekEnding (Column 2) and Items (Column 1), example:

a1 4/7/2007 15
as a1 for this weekend is occuring twice.

I need the formula to do it in excel.

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Sum Based On Condition
I want to total column C, but only where column B contains certain data, like add column C where column b contains abd so that i get the answer 7, Hope ive explained it right.

abd 1
abd 2
bmr 3
abd 4
crc 2
crc 3
bmr 2

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Automatically Sum Cells Based On Condition
I am trying to Excel VBA for doing an AutoSum function in Excel.I am struggling as the recorded macro is giving me fixed ranges whereas the number of rows would be different each time. What I need that the Delivery Qty in Column C be a Total whenever there is a text "Results" in column B?This should happen for every row with Results as a text.In Excel the Autosum feature should take care of this but I am unable to write a VBA code to do this.

DeliveryAct.goods issue dateDelivery Qty

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Multiple Condition SUMIF: Sum The Values Between Q77:Q176
I want use the formula sumif...something like that! =SUMIF(I77:I176;AND(>F1092;<F1091);Q77:Q176). I want sum the values between q77:Q176 if the value in i77:i176 is >F1092 and <F1091 But the multiple criteriun donīt work in the sumif.

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Calculate The Average Of A Group Cells In One Column Based On The Condition Of Another Column
I'm trying to figure out if there is a formula I could use that will calculate the average of a group cells in one column based on the condition of another column. It's hard to explain, so I will show an example. All the data is on a one worksheet and I'm trying to show totals and averages on another worksheet. Location, Days

17, 4
17, 3
17, 5
26, 4
26, 8
26, 10
26, 7

On a different worksheet I would want to know what the average days are for each location. So is there a formula that I could use that will look at column A for a specified location number and then average all the days in column B for that location? I'm using Excel 2003 and have tried using the Average(if) but with no success.

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Condition Paste Formula In Column N Based On Column A
I am wanting to paste formula from N1 till N X (X = varaiable row) where X reliant on Column A Row X. If Column A Row X has character "=====" it should paste N1 Formula all the way down till N Row X which is equal to A Row X containing "=====" .

I might be sounding complicated over here but it is a simple equation.. I have tried to approach this in the capacity i could by condition if Column A row x is blank delete the row.

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Column SUM Produces #N/A (Vlookup To Find Values That I Want To SUM)
I have a column using Vlookup to find values that I want to SUM.

Some of the look up values produce a #N/A and result in a total sum of #N/A.

How do I get the SUM of a column of numbers when all of the cell values are not in fact numbers.

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Find & Replace Values Based On Condition
I have a simple problem I am trying to find a set a values on a column and what to replace once found with the first 5 most left characters. Example:

in column A I can have text and numbers; the numbers that I want to find are in the following format xy:zw / xy:zw on each case the values can be from 0 to 9 so this is tons of posible combinations, I been trying to use **:** ? **:** but I don't get none. This is what I am doing

Set target = Sheets("Sheet1"). Range("A1:A9000")
For Each cell In target
If cell.Value = "**:** ? **:**" Then cell.Value = "00.00"
Next cell

A example would be 02:47 / 03:15 the next row could have 03:15 / 04:09
and so on however I could have text in some rows. In reality I would like to find and replace the cell.value with the Left 5 characters if the cell contains ANY value maching that format. Text in that column will never have that format combination

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Finding The Maximum Value In A Column Based On A Condition
This should be simple to do but I can't figure it out. I have a database that lists operating room numbers in one column and the length of the surgeries performed in those rooms in another column.

I need a formula that will give me the longest OR time for a given room. For example the room numbers are in column A and the OR times are in Column B. I've tried something like

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Selecting Rows Based On A Column Condition
I have a worksheet which is created monthly by one of our company's employees which reports results for that months operations and successful audits. These audits are separated into various service lines and on the report which is submitted it takes on the following format:

1|Service Line|Data A|Data B|Etc.
2|___CR_______| Data | Data | Etc.
3|____________| Data | Data | Etc.
4|____________| Data | Data | Etc.
5|____________| Data | Data | Etc.
6|___DD_______| Data | Data | Etc.
7|____________| Data | Data | Etc.
8|___MS_______| Data | Data | Etc.
9|____________| Data | Data | Etc.

What I want to do is use a macro from another sheet that has the effect of: While ServiceLine = "CR" copy the row of that line and move it to my monthly summary workbook, sheet 1. Then when the Service line changes to DD have the macro copy that information to the monthly summary workbook sheet 2, and so on. The problem is, if I test the Service Line column each time it will be an empty string the majority of the time and I'm not sure how to combat that with my If, Do, For, and While statements. As I've thought about it there are two solutions that I can think of: someone knows of a way to test the row only if it has information in it, or if there is a way that I can copy the service line information down until the change in service line so I can test Service Line on each Row.

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Delete Rows Based On Condition Of 1 Column
I would like to Use my Excel VBA program to search each row in a csv document for a name (located in a cell ) if the name exists then I would like to delete the entire row.

Whenever I try to do the above in excel, even when I save in csv format the file formating or something gets changed and the file which has to be procesed through another program then process incorectly.

Is there a way to do what I need while retaining the formating which must obviously be changed when the file is opened in excel?

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Match Column And Colour Based On Condition
i am trying to do is match 2 columns data based on a condition ie i have data in column "b" of sheet called "balance" data is variable this column has unique indentifiers i want to look at another column and match the uniques identifiers in another sheet if the cell value in column "D" = "please investigate" otherwise do nothing, the (column f) it will be looking up too is in sheet called "hi- port" so if cell value in column "d" of sheet"balace"= "please investigate" match values that are same from colum "b" of sheet "balance" to that of column (f) sheet called "hi-port"

i would like to colour only entire row of sheet called "hi-port" when the data matches to other sheet ie from columns "f " too " b". colour can be any colour
igonre my ranges they are wrong just used as example

Sub start()
Dim oWs As Worksheet
Dim oRngCheck As Range
Dim oCl As Range
Dim cCola As Range
Dim cColb As Range
Dim rngIRd As Range
Dim rngACs As Range
Dim Match As Boolean
Set rngIRd = Range("a1", Range("a65536").End(xlUp)) 'define the rang
Set rngACs = Range("b1", Range("a65536").End(xlUp)) 'define the rang
Set oWs = Worksheets("balance") 'change to suit
'starts at b2 to llow for header row.......................

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Exclude Rows Based On Condition In 1 Column
I have a worksheet that I want to export to a csv file. However, there are multiple rows that I want excluded in the export. These lines are recognized by the word "No" in column E. Is this possible?

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Copy Multiple Cells Based On Condition In Column
I need the macro that looks in to say Column H sheet1, if value ="true" then copy cells in column A, B, D, F to Sheet2.

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Finding The Sum For Values In One Column That Are Connect To A Value In The First Column
I have two columns. One column has UPCs - some of which are duplicates. The second column just has number values. I'm trying to add the sum of all of the numbers in column two which are attached to their respective UPC. For example,

COL A///// Col B
11111111111///// 10
00000000000///// 15
11111111111///// 10
11111111111///// 4
00000000000///// 2

So, I need a third and fourth column to give me the total value for a single SKU(col A) of all the values in col B. In this example the Third column would contain the SKU, and the fourth column would contain the sum of all values in column B that are associated with the single SKU in column three. The third and fourth column would look like this:

COL C///// COL D
11111111111///// 24
00000000000///// 17

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Sum Of Cummalative Values Of Several Column Values.
I have 2 columns of data. The following code compares the values in 2 cells from each column. If the value in column A cell 1 is higher than that in column B cell 1 then the function returns the value of column A cell 1. If the value of column B cell 1 is higher then the value of column A cell 1 then the function adds the following cells in column A until the cummalative value of the values in column A is higher than the value in column B cell 1.

Function sumofA(valueA, valueB)
AddValueAcounter = 1
ValueBcounter = 1
sumA = 0
sumofA = 0
cummalativeValueA = 0
finalValueA = 0
If valueA(AddValueAcounter) > valueB Then
sumA = ValueA(AddValueAcounter)
AddValueAcounter = AddValueAcounter + 1

The above example compare column A, cell 1 and column B, cell 1 and then add column A, cells 2, 3 and 4 to give the cummalative value of 16. As this is higher than 15 (cell 1, column B) the function ends. I need it to contine until the end of column A. So, in this example I need the function to begin again with column A, cell 5 and column B cell 2 and so on. I need the cummalative values of A for each time the function is run to be added together, along with the values in the A cells should the value be higher than that in cell B to produce one overall value.

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Function To Sum A Column's Entries Based On Another Column
Let's say I have a dataset with blank or X in column A, and a dollar value in column B. I want to sum the dollar amounts for column B only if there is a corresponding X in that row in column A. The way I currently do that is by creating a new column C, making a if statement to display the value of B only if there is an entry in A, and then doing operations on that new range. I figure there has to be an easier way. I don't know how to use VLOOKUP, despite trying to read the helpme a bunch of times. Is that relevant?

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Sum Based On Corresponding Values
would like to sum certain cells in a column based upon a specific value in a nearby column in the same row (e.g. 1, 2, or3). is there a formula for this?

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Sum Row Based On Condition Refering To A Different Row
I have a problem with bringing up the data I need to cells in one row.

In row 1 I have dates:
23-Nov 24-Nov 25-Nov 26-Nov etc.

In row 2 Quantities:
2000 1500 250 750 etc.

In row 3 I have dates again (I need to start working towards these qty's): 20-Nov 22-Nov 25-Nov 25/Nov. I would like in column A of 4 row to sum all the qty's (row 2) if the date in row 3 is the same or smaller than in row 1 column A. But in column B and forward I want cells to sum qty's if the date in row 3 is the same as the one in row 1. I have tried : =sumproduct((A3:D3<=A1),(A2:D2)) for cell A4

and: =sumproduct((A3:D3=B1),(A2:D2)) for cell B4 and consequently for others. It comes back as zero value even if I see matching dates/qty's. Does anyone know what shall I change in my formula to make it right?

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Sum Values Based On Text
I need a formula that will calculate the sum total of 6 and a longer formula to cope with 12 letters in a range. The third value in both ranges is worth double points.

The letters and their corresponding values are:

F=0, P=2, M=4, D=6

Some 6 letter examples to illustrate:

in A3:D3 the letters D,D,D,D,D,D return the value of 42 in E3 (6+6+12 (third letter is worth double)+6+6+6
in A4:D4 the letters P, P, F, F, M, M return the value of 12 in E4

Some 12 letter examples to illustrate:

in A3:L3 the letters D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D,D return the value of 78 (6+6+12+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6)

If the range is empty the formula should leave the cell blank.

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Sum Up Values Based On Date
I am looking for a way to sum up values segregated on specific dates.

I like to sum up values from column C based on dates in column A. Data I have to look at are based on groups of 7 weekdays. Data to be sum up always goes from Monday too Sunday

Example: If date is equal to or lower than 31-12-2009 then sum values C2:C5 and if date is equal to or larger than 01-01-2010 then sum values C6:C8.










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Sum Values Based On Department.
From the example data of my previous post i would like to continue further to sum all the amounts based on department.My requirement is to sum the amounts in the next column down the department column. i had splitted the actual data into two categories based on departments "CNN" & "CNN-IN".

I had many departments like this in my data which i want to display them in different categories based on departments and the sum of the amounts in the next below cell of department. i got an idea on this that solution can be achieved if i apply Filters & Auto filter.But i m not perfect with the code and syntax.

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Sum Based On Corresponding Values In Another Table
I am trying to calculate a sum based on an If - say I want to perform the calculation in A1, if the values in column B match any one of the values in a separate table, then in A1 it needs to sum the corresponding values in column B.

I'd like it to be as simple as possible, preferably not using an Array formula although if that is the only possiblity then I will use that.

Please see the attached file. I dont' really know which is the best way to lay out the table at the top (highlighted in yellow) until I know what the formula would work best based on. Any suggestions welcome!

I would like to perform the calculation in cell C76. It needs to add any values between G18 and G71, if the cells to the left in column F match any of the consultants' iniitials under the heading London at the top. Then I'd like to be able to do the same in cell C77 for Bristol etc.

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Sum Column Based On Input From Another Column
This has to be easier than I am making it out to be!

I have column C as my selection basically if they would like to see any items in rows 7-60, they can put an X in Column C and see an aggregate of those items.

What formula would I use to do the aggregate that is determined by input into column c?

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Sum The Values In Column
Lets say that I have these values in Column A:

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Sum First X Values Of Column
I have a column in a worksheet with different values. How can I sum the first 10 cells of that column, making reference to the entire column? And how can I sum intermediate cells on the column, for instance cells 20 to 30? Which function should I use? The attached file makes my doubt more understandable.

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Copy Values From Column A Based Upon Values In Column B
If values in column B are alike or if only one value exist in column B, I would like to copy values from column A over into columns D and all other columns to the right of D,

Before and after examples are below....

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Summing Values In Column Based On Values In Other Column
I have a vba form with three comboboxes. The first combobox contains a list of employees, the 2nd a list of work activities and the third a list containing hours. As each employee enters the data for their name, activity and hours these values are saved to sheet6 starting at A10, B10 and C10. I want to be able to sum the hours for each employee who enters data. So the completed user form could look like the following:

HTML Employee (A) Activity (B) Hours (C)
Joe Swept 1.25
Raked 1
Bill Mowed 2
Cleaned 1
Joe Trimmed 1

So as you can see there could be a blank cell in column
"A" under Joe and Bill and Joe could come back later and
enter more info. What I want on sheet6 say starting at A30 the value
Joe would be entered and in B30 his total hours 3.25. In A31
Bill would be entered and in B31 his total hours 3 and so on for other

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Sum Values Based Between Two Dates And Another Varible
I want to sum values in column "C" based on if they fall between and equal to two dates, dates in "A" and a varible in "B"

Column "A" a2-a32 dates of each day in Jan 09 31 days.
Column "B" b2-b32 letters either X Y Z randomly through range some cells may have a letter.
Column "C" Dollar value

in cell D1 Startdate in cell D2 Enddate
Formula located in D3 is the sum of all values falling between the date ranges and by one of the letters X. D4 Y. D5 Z.

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Formula To Sum Values Based On 2 Cells
I have three columns of data. I want to give the average sales per person per year but I don't know how to combine two columns in the formula.


I want the output to be something like:

Average Sales Per Year


For example, I want to give 2006 sales for Sarah.

I know that I could add an extra column to my first table which concatenates the Manager and Year. HOWEVER, In my example it would be fine but in my sales report there is a lot more data with a lot more going on. I don't want to have additional hidden columns that people might stumble upon and change).

I want to use formula and NOT code as other people will be using the sheet and making changes to it. I want them to simply be able to autofill any additional rows rather than me having to update code.

I have attached my example.

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Sum Values Based On Cell Colour
Can you sum cells based on colour, and if so, how do you determine what code/number your colour is to input into the programming?

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Sum Results Based On Drop-Down Values
I'm trying to populate the Hourly Rate from 4 different Vendors based on 2 conditions.
What is the AREA and what is the Category.

The Area is a pick list (10 unique values) and the Category is a pick list (50 unique values)

If A2 is picked from AREA and B5 is picked from Category THEN populate the value of C5,D5,E5,F5 into the cells of J2, K2,L2,and M2 ...

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Sum Values Based On Two Date Conditions
I want to populate two cells (the yellow ones) with the start and end date values from the row where a match is found in the 'period' column for the value in the left-hand green cell and in the 'week' column for the value in the right-hand green cell. Is anyone else on the board firing on all/most cylinders today?

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Macro That Will Sum The Values In Column P From P8
I need a macro that will sum the values in column P from P8:?

The trick is that my # of rows will vary. I have the macro ending in the right spot.

So, if I have 90 rows of data my macro ends in P91. Now I need to be able to have it sum P8:P90. Like wise if I have 300 rows of data my active cell will be P301. I need P8:P300 summed.

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How To Get Sum Based On Column
I'm working on something that I believe is simple for most of the people here but I'm not really familiar playing with formulas.

I wanted to add a column which gets the sum of the row if column header is equal to a particular value.

I attached sample excel file to further clarify my problem.

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Count/Sum Unique Values Based On Criteria
I'm facing a big problem and I can't found a solution for days.

I'm trying to count/sum unique values in a Range, base on a criteria excluding Blank cells. Basicly I'm using the Formula Below:


Let me Put to you an example for you been able to understand my problem.

Example considering Range "C2:C20" exluding blank cells

(1) - To count unique values

(2) - To count unique values based on criteria in range "B2:B20"

(3) - To sum unique values on "E2:E20" based on same criteria

They all work fine. But I need to insert a merge at Row 10 for
better reading purposes and the (2) and (3) are returning (#DIV/0). The (1) formula still work's.
I just don't know what to do guys ....

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Sum Values With Names Based On A Number Prefix
How can I sum values with names based on a number prefix? For example, in the attached sheet, how can i sum all values that have the prefix 4.10.02.xxxx?

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Conditional Sum Based On Values Existing In Range
My problem may seem similar to "conditional sumif", but I could not solve it with that approach. The examples of sumif or sumproduct always use


notation, in my case I need a range on the right hand side of that comparison. I have several brands which belong to some producers. I'd like to sum the values of all brands belonging to 1 producer. The brands and their producers are listed on the same sheet. An example is attached.

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Duplicate Rows Based On SUM Of Cell Values
I have a number of rows that I want to have duplicated X number of times (and altered) where X is found by looking at certain cells within each row.

There are four numbers in each row, and I want to split them up into multiple rows each with three zeros and one one.

I would like to convert data from this:

Name W X Y Z
John 1 0 0 0
Doug 0 0 1 0
Karl 3 0 1 0
Mike 0 1 1 2
etc. this:

Name W X Y Z
John 1 0 0 0
Doug 0 0 1 0
Karl 1 0 0 0
Karl 1 0 0 0
Karl 1 0 0 0
Karl 0 0 1 0
Mike 0 1 0 0
Mike 0 0 1 0
Mike 0 0 0 1
Mike 0 0 0 1

You can see that the W, X, Y, and Z columns from the four new Mike rows sum to equal the values in the original Mike row (0, 1, 1, 2), but everything has been split so that each row just has a single one in it and three zeros.

Does anyone have an idea of how to do this? Thanks Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;I thought of another way of putting it that may be easier to understand.

Given an input row of "George, 4, 7, 3, 2", I would like the output to contain 4 rows of "George, 1, 0, 0, 0", 7 rows of "George, 0, 1, 0, 0", 3 rows of "George, 0, 0, 1, 0", and 2 rows of "George, 0, 0, 0, 1".

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Sum Unique Values That Exist In Another Column
I need to find the unique column values and sum the next column values. i,e

1 100
2 200
1 100
3 500
4 600
2 200
Total 1400

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Sum 1 Column, Based On 2 Variables
COL 0 1
COL 0 1

I need to add the number of 0's in column B if Column A is COL and C OR D is 1. correct function yields 3 for this example. I've played with =sumproduct(if)) and =sumproduct(if(and))) etc... can't figure it out.

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Sum Column Based On Two Variables
I have data in three columns. The first column contains the machine name (Robot 3, Robot 4, and Robot 5), the second column contains the paint color (1-20), and the third column contains the data that I need to sum. For example the data could be paint purges, the number of purges from each robot. Each row of data will contain a number of purges for each robot, for each color. The data is provided by day, so I will be summing the data weekly.

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Sum Based On Adjacent Column Value
I have a spreadsheet with a list of account numbers and values(sheet1) and on a seperate sheet (sheet2) a list of all unique account numbers that appear in the transaction data sheet.

What I am trying to do is get a total sum for the values of each account number. What I am getting well I'm not quite sure what I'm getting. The problem appears to be when the xSubtotal variable is reset to 0 at the end of calculating all the values for the account number.

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Sum One Column Based On Dates In Another
I have a cashbook in Excel, the first column of which (column A) has the dates of various transactions. What I want to do is sum another column (column J) where the costs of the transactions fall between two dates in column A eg. between 01/04/07 and 31/10/07. I would like to do this using VBA.

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Sum Based On Percent Of Another Column
I have two columns of numbers and want to write a formula that will sum any row in column A that is greater than 75% of the corresponding row in column B. I have tried using (SUMIF(D3:D89,"<0.75*(H3:H89)")) but am not getting any results.

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Looking Up A Sum Of Data In Several Columns For Specific Values Of Another Column
=(SUMIF($J:$J, "Player1",$K:$K)+SUMIF($L:$L,"Player1",$M:$M)+SUMIF($N:$N,"Player1",$O:$O))-SUM($I:$I)

This looks up if Player 1 was in the top 3 scoring zones and adds up the players total score.

I have another column in this table of data labelled 'Number of Players'. I was wondering how to lookup the total score for this player in the games he played under 6 players for example and the games he played in where there were other six players.

I've tried using that formula ^^ with variations of IF and SUMIF formulas to try and figure it out, but I keep getting formula errors or it just returns with the total score, and not just with the total score under 6 players.

I am also trying to create a graph of date on the x axis against score to date on the y axis - everytime I try, the x axis is always numbers instead of the date?

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