Track Date And Time A File Is Opened

Aug 5, 2007

I found some vba codes in this forum which record the date and time in column A when a file is opened.

Can the codes be modified such that when someone opens the file the second time on the same day, the date and time are recorded in column B?

Attached file for your reference.

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Automatically Open File In Specific File Path When Another Sheet Is Opened

Mar 20, 2014

I want to open a specific sheet and refresh only said sheet when i open another sheet for example x.xls

So opening x.xls will automatically open y.xls

I've tried this in the workbook code area but it doesn't do anything.

[Code] .....

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Track The Time From 1-NY To 10-Lukket

Jul 2, 2009

So if we take first line the defect id is 10. The date entered is 21-08-2007 and the status is 1-NY ( means new)
NExt line the defect ID is still 10 the date is changed to 22-08-2007 and the previous status is was 1-Ny and the new status is 03- under vurdering (to be
Third line the defect ID is still 10. The date is changed to 04-01-2008. The previous status was 03- Under vurdering ( to be evalueted). The new status is 10-lukket.

I want to be able to track the time from 1-NY to 10-Lukket.

Now the even more tricky part. As you can see other defects go over different statuses e.g defect number 1000 here.

The sheet I have is 13000 rows and I have a total of 2300 defects

1021-08-2007 10:491-Ny
1022-08-2007 15:381-Ny03- Under vurdering
1004-01-2008 13:4703- Under vurdering10-Lukket
10029-08-2007 10:051-Ny
10003-09-2007 14:121-Ny04- Afventer tilretning
10012-09-2007 15:2204- Afventer tilretning10-Lukket
100006-02-2008 11:2901-Ny
100012-02-2008 15:0501-Ny04- Afventer tilretning
100015-08-2008 08:5304- Afventer tilretning10-Lukket
100015-08-2008 22:1310-Lukket04- Afventer tilretning
100004-02-2009 14:0404- Afventer tilretning10-Lukket

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Get Time Application Was Opened

Dec 4, 2007

I need to know when excel opened. Is there a way to tell this?

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How To Create Log To Track Time To Second Column

Dec 20, 2013

Time. What formula do I use?

10:00Before Lunch
11:00Before Lunch
12:00Before Lunch
13:00Before Lunch
14:00Before Lunch
14:30After Lunch
14:45After Lunch
15:00After Lunch
16:00After Lunch
17:00After Lunch
18:00After Lunch
18:30After Dinner
18:45After Dinner
19:00After Dinner
19:30After Dinner

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A Formula To Track Breaks In Time

Mar 7, 2014

I need a formula that places a "T" next to values where the current cells time is greater than 15 minutes than the previous cells time. The times start in column D3 and I want the formulas to start in column E3.




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Log Of Who Has Opened File

Jan 7, 2009

Is there a way to create an outside log of who has opened an excel file and when?
I am looking to add some accountability to a project.

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How Do I Save A File With Date And Time

Apr 24, 2008

Is it possible that each time I save a file it saves the filename along with date and time as the version of the file in a specific path

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Return To Certain Tab Each Time Workbook Is Opened

Nov 10, 2009

I have an excel file on a share site which is accessed by several people. The first tab is set up as a home page which directs the person to the relevent part of the work book that they need. My problem is that as the person saves their updates it also saves the location of the workbook they were in. I want it to return to the " homepage" automatically each time it is opened.

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VBA To Count How Many Time A Workbook Is Opened

Oct 27, 2010

Just wanted to ask all the VBA gurus if they would know how to put the number of times (i.e. in Sheet 1, Range A1) a Workbook is opened.

I then want to basically have the code delete every sheet if ithe count is > 50.

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Track Number Of Occurrences During Particular Time Range?

Jun 15, 2014

I have a data with phone number, date and time.I want to track how many number of calls came on a particular date and during a particular time. formula which would work in excel and track the same.

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Calculating Time To Track Work Hours

Jul 24, 2009

I can't figure out how to do a proper formula for calculating time. For instance I have one column that says "Time In", the next is "Time Out" and the other is "Lunch Time". My calculation needs to be this:

Find the total hours between the Time In and Time Out and then Minus the lunch time to get total hours worked for the day. The only way I can get this to work is using 24 Hour time format. Is there another way?

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Track Time Spent Active In Workbook?

Aug 26, 2013

My team and I are attempting to track how much time we are spending in each Excel workbook we create (all workbooks are created from a single template). The problem is that we are often jumping back and forth between different workbooks throughout the day so manual entry methods are neither accurate or practical. Is there a way, with macros or formulas, to embed a time tracker in the template workbook that would only record active (when workbook is selected) time in the workbook?

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Track Crew Members Daily Time

Apr 29, 2009

I am trying to make a workbook to track crew members daily time.

I would like to be able to track time by Tag # and by W/O # for daily hour totals.

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Use Opened File In Formula?

Aug 18, 2014

Is it possible to insert the filename automatically in formula after the input from the user?

I want to ask the user to input a filename and afterwards, call that filename in an Index-Match

I have the below formula with the sample filename:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _

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Csv File Different When Opened Manually And Via VBA

Jan 21, 2009

Opening it manually the dates in column C are all consistently date numbers. i.e. using the =ISNUMBER() function to test them, they all return True
However when I include the VBA instruction:

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Massage Box When File Opened

Jan 6, 2012

I would like to have a message box pop up when a file is opened requiring a user to enter information (Name), that would then put this name into a cell for later use when they are printing.

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Disable The Vba In A File Being Opened Using Vba

May 20, 2007

I have excel vba code to open .xls files on my server. Files to open are chosen by the user via a UserForm within my app, it shows them all their files in their directory on my server. How can I open their files (.xls) that they select but DISABLE the VBA from being able to run/execute, if they have any attched to the file?

I now have all code in place to open the file no problem, I just need to know how to disable the VBA part from being "turned on" when the file opens.

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File Crashes When Opened

Jul 14, 2006

I run a macro which runs saves the active file to a different location to ensure that I retain the original like so -

If ActiveWorkbook. Name = "KEY_DATA_CFT77" + ".xls" Then
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
"H:HOME imcEXCELKEY_DATA_2006KEY_DATA_2006_01KEY_DATA_CFT77_01.xls", FileFormat:= _
xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False _
, CreateBackup:=False
End If .................................

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Find File Create Date And Time

Nov 11, 2007

I have the following code,

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Save File Name With Date/time Stamp

Mar 13, 2007

I've got a simple save macro below and was looking for a way that when this macro saves the file can it add the system date and time to the name.

'ChDir "C:
' ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="C:
ashfinchNFC-ORDER.XLS", FileFormat:= _
' xlNormal, Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False _
' , CreateBackup:=False

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VBA Script That Saves Opened Workbook On Time?

Sep 17, 2013

I need an vba code that if my workbook is open say at 14:00 that it automatically save and close the workbook.

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Increment Cell Each Time Workbook Is Opened

Apr 11, 2008

Below the code allows me to get the last modified, but I want to get the last time the file was access. How do get the "Last Accessed" Date/Time?

If CurrentTime < ActiveWorkbook.BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Save Time") Then
MsgBox "Date Moved"

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Track Computer Lock And Unlock Time In Excel?

Jun 26, 2014

I want to make break tracker. When i press Windows + L Or CTRL + ALT + DELETE (Lock computer) Automatically lock time upload in my excel sheet. Then when i unlock pc then automatically unlock time will upload in my excel sheet.

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Working On File Opened With GetOpenFile (VBA)

Jan 23, 2013

the small code i'm writing just needs to do the following:

1. open an .xslx file selected by the user
2. copy 2 worksheets from that file to the current one
3. close the selected file without saving it.

This is my code:

Sub GetData()
MsgBox ("Please select a file"), vbOKOnly
Master = Application.GetOpenFilename(FileFilter:="Excel Files (*.xlsx), *.xlsx", Title:="Please select a file")


Opening the file works, but the last 3 lines don't because i don't understand how to declare "Master": however i dim it (workbook, object, variant...) i get an error on the GetOpenFilename line. If i don't declare it, i get an error while trying to copy the worksheets.

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Closing A File Opened Via GetOpenFilename

Oct 6, 2009

The Macro asks the user to point at the location of a report, it then copies information out of that report and pastes it into a master sheet. The part I am having trouble with is closing the file that data has been copied from.

I have tried different things to close it such as

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Group All Opened File In 1 Tab Instead If Many Tabs

Jan 23, 2010

can group all opened file in 1 excel tab instead if many tabs?
open thru window the file u want...

right click on task bar > properties > under Taskbar Appearance, select Group Similar taskbar buttons > is not my answer

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2nd Excel File Trying To Open When 1st Is Opened

Apr 26, 2012

While opening one Excel file I get an error message saying that a 2nd file could not be opened because it cannot be found. I do not want this 2nd file to open. WHere do I find the "command" that is telling this 2nd file to open.

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Open Userform When File Is Opened

Dec 15, 2008

I have a Userform in Excel.

My requirement, is whenever I open the Excel file, it should open the userform and should not show the excel file at all. And the form is closed, the excel file should be saved and closed.

Also, I need the minimize button on the form and in the taskbar, it should not display the Excel file, it should display only the Userform.

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Corrupt File: Filename.xls Cannot Be Opened

Apr 18, 2006

I was working on a tax file yesturday, just a long long list of receipts. and the file is password protected. However, I went to open it today, and I get a message that says: "Filename.xls cannot be opened. the file may be read only, or you may be trying to access a read only location. Or, the server the file is located on may not be responding."

It's on my USB Drive. I've tried copying it to my HD so I can play with a copy, but no dice. When I try that, I get another error message, : Cannot copy Filename.xls. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. I've tried the various fixed suggested in the excel help files to no avail. I did a search on the forum, but didn't find anything that seemed to apply or help me. The computer I'm trying to open it on has Office 2003, the one I most recently worked on the file on has office XP. Not sure if this was a source of the problem. Doesn't seem like it should be. Hasn't been in the past. I'm not even getting to the dialogue box asking for my password yet.

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