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Unable To Use Filters

I have a worksheet that is unprotected but I am unable to apply filters to it. The option is greyed out if I try and select autofilters.

Another strange thing is that on one of the worksheets when I select Data, Filters there is a tick to the left of Autofilter but it is also greyed out, so in effect I cannot turn it off even tho I can't see the filters!

I have tried to popst a screen shot but unsure how to do it. I think maybe a screen shot would help to explain my issue better so if anyone knows how to do this......

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Advanced Filters - Having Multiple Filters And Conditions (Unique Count)
I have a problem with the attached spreadsheet. I have certain letters (A,B,C etc.) that are shipped to various regions. I would like to have a count on top to count the total number of orders, but one that also counts the total number of unique orders. However, this unique count has to be dynamic and must be able to adjust accordingly to the filters (by default, if no other filters are applied, should be 15). For example, if I apply the "Ship To" filter to Canada, the total number should be 19, but the unique count should be 12. If I change the "Ship To" filter to US, the total number should be 9, and the unique count should be 7. I've tried to use the advanced filters but if I apply the unique entries filter, it is only a one time calculation. Also, the advanced filter gets rid of my other filters.

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Filters The VLOOKUP In Vba
Let's say that A1:C5 looks like this:

Square Red $5
A2 is empty Blue $6
A3 is empty Orange $2
Circle Puple $10
A5 is empty Black $18

A2 and A3 could say "Square" and A5 could say "Circle" ... this is just how I have it set up right now.

In C1 I have a drop down list ... a list of "Square" and "Cirlce".


Is there a way for a user to select "square" from the drop down list and in D1 have excel populate a list of all the Squares colors and prices?

Example of what excel would populate in D1:E3:
Red $5
Blue $6
Orange $2

The thing is that I don't think filters is the answer. The reason being is that I want the user to be able to select the item from the list and have excel automatically populate the information. The user should not have to filter the list manually.

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Filters And Criterias
I'm trying to modify this code in order to do the following.

I want to choose first column and then the criteria for filter, then i want to choose a second column and criteria to filter the remain values from the first filter.

Here is my
Sub Filter()
Dim Myrange As Range
Dim CriteriaVal As Variant
Dim CriteriaVal2 As Variant

Dim KillColumn As Integer
Dim KillColumn2 As Integer
Dim ActiveColumn As String
Dim AC
Dim LastRow As Long
Dim rng As Range

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Filters With OR Function
In my Sheet I have AutoFilter on multiple columns.
I want to view all rows where in different colomns there are values.

For example
Colomn D, Row 6 has a value
Colomn E, Row 6 has no value, But Colomn E, Row 7 has a value.

I want to view then Row 6 and 7, by setting an OR filter 9 or something like that .

by setting filter on Colomn D with ( not empty Cell ) and Filter on Colomn E with (not empty Cell ) it is only a AND function.

How can I get an OR function. ( Colomn D OR Colomn E )?

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Using Pagefields Like Filters
I have several pagefields. Once something particular has been selected in one of them, I would like the remaining options in the other pagefields to be updated or refreshed showing only those where there is a correlation with the selected pagefield. In other words, exactly how your typical Excel filter works.

I assume there is no option to change the way pagefields interact to be like filters. How could this be done in VBA?

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Summary Fields With Filters?
I'm creating a spreadsheet with data I've exported from a survey.

My data begins column headings on row 10 and spans across several columns. I've applied filters to the headings.

Above column 10 I have some summary data using the countif and counta functions. Is there away to have my summary fields change as I apply my filters to the main body of data in different ways?

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Drop Downs & Filters
First post so please excuse me if this has been covered before but I am trying to get the results of a dropdown menu in one worksheet to become the criteria for a filter in another worksheet (both in teh same workbook).

I thought I could just add a reference to the dropdown cell into the autofilter (in VBA editor) but it doe't seem to be that simple.

Any ideas?

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Filters Across Multiple Sheets
Are there any events associated with filters?

If I have two sheets of data, where column A is NAME and column B is GRADE. Sheet1 is MATH and Sheet2 is ENGLISH. The same students are taking both classes.

Is there a way to make it so that when I filter by GRADE in tab 1, tab 2 is ALSO filtered by the same selection?

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Sum Revenue After 3 Filters And 1 Criteria
I made 2 sheets: the first one contains the database and in the second one i want to analyze it. Now i am looking for a special sum- function. I want to sum total revenue for a particular company (criteria 1), in a filtered country (criteria 2), month (criteria 3) and class (criteria 4). I'd like to first execute the three filters (country, month and class) and then be able to total revenue of that particular company. Note that after the filters still several companies are visible in the database. Does anyone know how to calcalate this in cell B9:B12 (Analyze sheet) of my attached file.

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Macro For Filters With Exceptions?
I am using Excel 2007. I have a list of 100 names all ranked from 1-100. Is there a way to create a macro that can filter out the top 20, a specific name and also any names with the cell colours blue and yellow?

At the moment using an advanced filter based on criteria I can filter out the top 20 and the specific name I want but can't work out how to leave the coloured rows in as well.

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Subtotals In Groups Vs Filters
Subtotal doesn't add cells hidden under a filter column but it does when grouping. How can I get groups to change a subtotal based on whether they are hidden or not. What I'm really trying to do is use conditional formatting to change the format when a group is expanded vs collapsed.

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Multiple Auto Filters
I am trying to get a simple auto filter on 3 tables in the same spreadsheet.

I have seen this in other documents but have never been able to figure out how to do it.

Cells that need the auto filter are

C8 (Range C9 to C24)

C29 (Range C30 to C45)

C50 (Range C51 to C66)

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Clear Filters From Inactive Sheet VBA
In VBA, is there code to clear all filters from an inactive worksheet or does the worksheet need to be activated?

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Data Filters Running Very Slow
I have an excel sheet with about 3,000 products listed; there are 26 items of data listed against each.

I've been using Data Filters to manipulate the info, but my worksheet has suddenly started running incredibly slowly - up to 7 minutes to implement a simple filter selection.

There was no problem until I made a couple of changes last week:

1. Adding a simple pivot table

2. Using an Index column plus some linked formulae to extract a list of suppliers from the product list.

I assumed that it may be the INDEX and related formulae or the pivot table that were causing the Data Filters to run slow, so I deleted them, but to no effect. I've even gone so far as to copy the raw data into a new sheet, but it's still running incredibly slowly when I try to filter. I am convinced that the problem is related to some hidden legacy of the table or functions, as it only started once I'd added these, but I don't know if this is plausible in reality and if so how to get rid of it.

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Filters The Fastest Way To Access Data
I currently have almost 20,000 rows of data and I am filting down to a particular value in column D. However, as the filter runs you can see that after it finds the fields it keeps running like it should to the end to make sure there are no additional values. Is there some faster way to search this many lines? Would it be faster to sort the worksheet first and then do something with a sorted worksheet or what are my other options?

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Formula: Filters On Two Text Strings
I am trying to write a formula that filters on two txt strings. The table consists of only three columns an ID number, a subject field and a date&time column but the number of rows will change every week as new records are added.

What I would like to do is search for the start of text string then the end txt string compare the ID number to make sure they are the same then work out the number or work hours the call has been open for. This then needs to be repeated for all entries in the table. The table will contain many other txt strings that need to be ignored.

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Clearing Filters And Returning To Cell A1
I am not sure if this is doable in VB or if there is an excel function to do this but I am using a rather large worksheet that is shared amongst my staff. I would like to have the sheet clear any filters that have been used by one member and for the sheet to save with the cursor in the home cell (A1). This way the sheet is ready for the next user. Can this be done with VB?

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Sheet About 160 Rows Which Contains Subtotals And Filters
i have an excel sheet about 160 rows which contains subtotals and filters and the problem is taht when i insert the row in it it's speed will become very slow and i am using only one sheet in this file which contains data it takes about 30 to 40 seconds to get back on its normal speed and also sometimes when i insert data in it the speed problem is happen.

i use this file on two computers and the speed of both the computers is very good but this file showing same speed problem.

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Range Of Number Sets Filters
I've got a range of number sets that i would like to filter. I want to be able to remove sets based on whether they have sequential numbers in them. i.e remove all sets with 4 consecutive numbers within the set. eg. 1,2,3,4,15,34 or 5,6,7,8,12,17 if you get my drift.
I've attached a sample file.

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Filters Mess Up Combo Boxes
I have an excel database with comboboxes. I want to be able to filter the data, therefore I am using the autofilter function.

1) When I filter, the comboboxes above a data section that is to be viewed end up at the first row, and comboboxes below end up in the first row following the viewed data set. Is there any way in which I can hide comboboxes when their rows are hidden? Today I use the form comboboxes, but I can use the control toolbox ones if necessary. Also, I can use some other function than the autofilter function if necessary.

2) Is there any way to make the filter function take information in comboboxes into account as well? For example, if I filter by weight and one option is available in three different weightes (displayed in a combobox) I still want that to be seen following filtering (can I perhaps write information in the cell under the comboboxes? If so, can the filter function take several data in the same cell into account?).

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Linking Filters And Copying Results
what i have is a workbook with 4 worksheets. each is a list of tapes that i use for back ups.

each worksheet has a auto filter so that i can filter by the day i need to use the tape. i.e. when i select monday it displays mondays tapes only.

what i want to do is take the result from this and copy it into another sheet so when i select tuesday it copys onto a 5th sheet in a specific area.

i would also like it to change the day on all sheets filters from a single drop down. i cant put everything on one sheet as there are duplicate tapes and days.

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Using Advanced Filter In Combination With Other Filters
I am having some problems trying to filter a list to display exactly what I want to see. The list has one column of part numbers, a second with due dates, and then another with quantity.

I want to use an advanced filter on the part numbers to only look at unique entries. Then I want to filter that list using a custom filter on the due dates to only view those due within a certain period. So ultimately I want to view only unique entries due during a given period.

I am able to apply one filter, but when I go to apply the second, the second filter removes the first. For example once I have filtered out duplicates, when I try to filter based on date all of the duplicates return.

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Pivot Filters Show Old Information
To minimize the amount of time I spend building reports each day I consistently reuse existing pivot tables for my daily reporting by deleting the data a pivot table is based on and inserting new data. When I refresh the pivot table the new information is shown.

However, I have noticed that the drop down filters in all my pivot tables are showing selections that existed in previous data but are not in the current set of data.

Is there a way to update the pivot so that the drop down filters only show selections that are pertinent to the current set of data?

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Outputting Files Based On Filters Vba
I need to be able to create a series of files based up data which is needs to be filtered.
1st of all i need to import data from another spreadsheet, so i am cprrect is assuming i can do this by using the

Applications. GetOpenFilename

method, and copying the data accross into a temp spreadsheet.

Stage 2 of this i need to extract anything which is displayed "JOB" in column D, and create a new spreadsheet called "JOB_(previousWorkingDay).xls" e.g. JOB_010507.xls

Stage 3 is the tricky part.
In column A is a currency and column D a Account.
I need to create a new file for each Account and Currency.
so if there is 1200 rows, but only 3 accounts, with 4 currencys in each, the files that output would look like this, and each file would contain that data.

for example.....




i think i could do the filtering, but i'm a bit unsure on how to tell it to output the data into the appropriate files.

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Automate Advanced Filters With Macro
I need to use the Advanced Filter tool to allow the user to filter (in-place) the Guests worksheet while providing the following summary stats: total revenue, ave. revenue, max/min revenue and total number of tours ie the user should be able to enter any criteria below the database to to show only those records (and summary stats) that satisfy the criteria.

To automate the operation of the advanced filter tool, I need three macros. "SelectRoom" and "SelectGuest" macros should prompt the user to enter a value through an input box to filter the data according to a client's name or language tour. The third macro, called "ShowAllGuests" should clear the criteria row and dispay all clients in the database.

The first two macros should include an error message to prompt the user to rerun a macro if no clients satisfied the criteria while the "ShowAllGuests" macro should include a message box statement at the end to display a short message giving credit to the macro author. These macros also require a button each (three in total) in the Guests worksheet!

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Multiple Charts That Respond To Filters
I'm using Excel 2007 and my objective is to setup a trading log that tracks my performance with charts that dynamically update to applied custom date range filters. The link below shows screenshots of what I'm trying to emulate with Excel 2007.


I have all my trading data laid out in a tabular format simlar to what is shown in the top screenshot. My tabular layout differs in that it includes 4 additional columns. My chronological data layout I'm using seems to be troublesome for conventional Excel charting methods.

When I apply custom filters for open dates and close dates, my Excel charts do not dynamically react. What I have determined is that I need to bypass the conventional charting methods used in Excel and focus instead on using Charts that rely on a VBA script or a formula. My objective is to have multiple charts (like the ones shown in the screenshots link above) all using the same data nested in my tabular trading log.

Can anyone out there help me out with setting up Charts that are more robust? I would appreciate example VBA scripts and / or links that will show me how to setup charts that dynamically react to custom Excel Filters, and can group together matching data sets in a column and show such data sets as a single slice in a pie chart. Currently, I'm getting multiple pie slices for the same data set. I need a formula or a VBA script that will clump together all of the data that belongs in the same group and show it as a single slice in a pie chart.

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Import Data With Dynamic Filters
I m importing data and I have not seen anything remotely similar in any previous posts. I need to import data using an array for the different filter parameters. The size of the array will vary. The underlying problem is that VBE appears to limit the number of characters that are allowed across one row. If the array size is only one the code works fine - any larger and it crashes.

Sub ImportDataWeek()
Dim state As String
Dim Test As String
Dim NewStatement As String
Dim restate As String
Dim i As Integer
state = ""
For i = 1 To (UBound(TestType) - 1)
Test = "(qryDataRawValues.Test= '" & TestType(i) & "') AND (qryDataRawValues.Prod_ID= " & ProdID & ") OR "
state = state + Test
Next i
NewStatement = Mid(state, 1, Len(state) - 3)
restate = "WHERE " & NewStatement

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Search Cell That Automatically Filters Results
I am trying to find a way in which a used can enter text into a cell (effectively the search cell) and then that text is compared to text in 3 or so columns, if the text matchs any part of the cells in the those columns then the spreadsheet should filter out the rows that dont have a match and only leave rows that have a match.

Its like having a spreadsheet with a list of part an user can put in 55 or bolt in the cell at the top and the list would only then show all the rows that have 55 or bolt or whatever text in the table below?

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Hang Of Advanced Filters With Multiple Criteria
I can't seem to get the hang of advanced filters with multiple criteria. BTW, I have no problem solving for a single criteria. I've found many instructions on how to do it, but zero specific syntax examples, and I'm obviously doing it wrong. For example: ....

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Multiple Filters ,Advanced Filter And Autofilter
using VBA I have a control sheet which summerises variouse counts & totals of data held on a detail sheet. Bu using filters and counting the visable rows.

Statistics on 50 columns of data held in several thousand (rows) mixed around eight business regionsheld in first column.

I could determin the number of affected rows by using Tick boxes on the control sheet and applying filters to the detail records

A) checkbox indicates if I need filtering on the type of data in my detail sheet and apply the filter
Selection.AutoFilter Field:=XX, Criteria1:="Y"

B) Because I could not have more than two criteria on an autofilter column I resorted to using Advanced Filter on the column with the Business UNIT's,
I Create a range write the criteria of the records to be filtered into the range, then apply an advanced filter using that range.

Both of these work well indevidually, but I am getting inconsistant results when I mix them

using the autofilter route I can select multiple tick boxes and the output is correct, and using the advanced filter I can select any combination of business units and the output is correct, however I cant get them to work together

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Auto Filters - Refreshing List Results
I have a worksheet with an auto filter to display only non-blank rows. Each row is a ledger account, with a cost. The formula in each cell sums the total of its corresponding gl in another worksheet, but also takes into account the region I am asking it to search based upon another cell. So the cost in a specific can fluctuate based upon which region I am telling the rows to lookup. So it can be blank with one region and populated with another. When I change the cell that tells the row data to look up a new region, the auto-filter does not automatically update the list of non-blank cells based upon the new region being searched, but rather the old one. So what is happening is I am left with an incorrectly auto-filtered result.

Is there a way to get the auto filter list to automatically update for the refreshed list of rows?

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Number Of Lists That Act As Filters For A Range Of Cells
I am using a number of lists that act as filters for a range of cells. For the filters, I have a few selections for each and I also would like to have an all filter (no filter) but without the formula being too lengthy (or code). Is there an easy way to be able to not use a specific filter if a certain selection is made ("All" for example)?

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SaveAs Of Multi Sheet Workbook With Filters?
I have a Workbook containing seven or eight Worksheets. The first Worksheet is a data entry and options selection sheet displaying a selection of Textboxes, Option buttons, Combo boxes etc, the second sheet contains reference data, following these are a number of Worksheets that are calculated and filtered as a result of those options and inputs. A 'print' button on the input Worksheet then runs a Procedure that applies the relevant filters, assigns print areas and prints out the 4 or 5 filtered worksheets. I now want to expand this Procedure to take a copy of just these filtered Worksheets and save them as another Workbook (values only) for subsequent free editting.

I have started by selecting the relevant cells on the first filtered Worksheet, copying, opening a new Workbook, renaming the first Worksheet to match the one I'm copying, PasteSpecial formats, PasteSpecial the values, go back to the original Workbook, select the relevant cells on the next Worksheet, copying, opening the new Workbook, renaming the Worksheet etc etc. Now this seems to be a very labour intensive approach and I'm wondering if there is an easier way and how to do it. Ideally something like... taking a copy of the whole Workbook somehow changing all the cells to values only, rather than formulars then deleting the first two Worksheets (input and data ones).

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Macro/filters To Extract (copy/paste)
I have a mixed list of materials in column 'A'. I have two macro/filters to extract (copy/paste)... one for those ending in "[G]", and one for all others (those not ending in"[G]"), to columns 'B' & 'C' respectively. The code looks like this;

Sub Filter_G()
Range("B2:B" & Range("B65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1).ClearContents
Range("A2:A" & Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1).Select
Selection. AutoFilter Field:=1, Criteria1:="=*[G]"
Range("A2:A" & Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row + 1).Select

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Controlling Pivot Table Filters Via Specific Cell
I had 2 pivot tables running on the same page (sheet 2). They both draw data from the same source (Sheet 1).

The only difference between the two is that pivottable1 has a filter for "home team", and pivottable2 has a filter for "awayteam".

I have managed to link the tables using VB so if i select "Man United" on pivottable1 - as the home team, pivottable2 also selects "Man United".

Now my problem is, that i don;t want to select the teams from the drop down check box list on the actual pivot table. I want to be able to do this by typing into a cell (say Cell A1 on sheet 3 for instance) and this controlling BOTH pivot tables.

I did have some lengthy code which worked for one pivot table, but it did not operate both and it over rode my code i had in place which works for manual filtering.

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Macro- Filters Data And Copies To Worksheets Specified In Code
the following code filters data and copies to worksheets specified in code, can this code be shortened to make the macro run faster. Also in my second criteria how can I put "Contains "PT2" in the criteria as nothing happens when i run the macro, is *PT2?

With shtRec
.AutoFilterMode = False
.Range("A7").AutoFilter Field:=8, Criteria1:="LEHMAN", Operator:=xlAnd
With .AutoFilter.Range
On Error Resume Next
Set rng = .Resize(.Rows.Count - 1).Offset(1).SpecialCells(12)
On Error GoTo 0
End With
If rng Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "No data to copy"
rng.Copy shtLehman.Range("A6")
End If
.AutoFilterMode = False
End With

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Adding Sort Filters To Multiple Selected Columns
I have a row of sub-headings at row 12 that require Sort Filters. My problem is that I need the filters on selected columns only. It seems that with the standard filter button I get all or nothing.

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Macro/command Button To Reset All Filters In Pivot Table
I have a pivot table with over 4000 entries and about 12 columns which i filter to get the info i want.

Unfortunately with so many rows and columns in the table, if i do a macro that gets each filter back to 'show all' its really slow.

Doing this manually using the "Show all" option in the filter takes a fraction of a second, so surely there must be a way to do this more quickly in VBA?

i can't understand why manually it takes no time at all, but automating it through recording a macro takes forever.

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Unable To Sort Correctly
I have a column with a value resulting from a fairly complex formula:

I will not include the formula, but basically what it does is a number of calculations including subtracting dates, that is

TODAY'S DATE - A GIVEN DATE (provided in a different cell)

That means that, either manually or automatically, those values are constantly recalculating (with every second that goes by, that value changes).

And the number of values/cells to update is not few: about 1100.

Here's the problem.

When I press SORT, Excel seems to be absolutely incapable of sorting that list correctly. The values are completely and randomly out of order.

I wonder if it could be due to the fact that given that those values would be constantly changing, there would be a conflict with the commands


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Unable To Figure Out Sumproduct
I've been unable to figure this out for the past few hours so I figure I better turn to.

I need to sum all "orders.price" on sheet 1 when,

1. SaleDate is within the two reference dates(basically monthly)

2. location field in sheet 1 contains the particular string of text

Using the filter function, I've narrowed down that the results of these are not correct at all.

The actual sales are consistent through the months, so each month should have a number in it, yet the worksheet results in almost all of the fields equaling zero.

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Unable To Use '?' In Custom Filter
I have a column named remarks (amongst many others) and want to apply a custom filter on my data so that all records which have a "?" anywhere in the text should be listed.

However I can't do that because in the filter dialog box, the use of "*" and "?" is for wildcards...

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Unable To Retrieve My Files
I recently formatted my laptop harddrive. I'm running windows XP Pro. I backed up all files to my 500GB WD external drive. All is fine except that I'm now unable to retrieve my excel files and no one has been able to really help. These spreadsheets are very important to me.

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Unable To Undo / Redo
I am unable to undo/redo in MsExcel. Have tried to uninstall/reinstall office, all updated are current.

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Unable To Link In Certain Cells
I have inherited a workbook and wish to link certain cells from various worksheets.On one work sheet I am unable to selct any cell (cursor does not change) to link in and on another sheet there are a just a range of cells I cannot access - everywhere else works normally. There are no macros and the workbook is not protected.

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Unable To Insert Columns
I am unable to insert columns on any worksheets. Even a blank worksheet. The insert column function remains disabled. Work sheets are not protected. What can I do to activate this function?

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Unable To Unhide Sheets
I have a workbook with several sheets that I created some time ago. I have hyperlinks on the main sheet which point to other sheets in the same workbook which can be viewed when using the hyperlink, however the linked sheets are hidden. Somehow in this workbook I removed both the horizontal scroll bar and the lsiting of sheet names. I can not figure out how to get them back so I can unhide and or add new sheets.

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Unable To Format Dates
I am trying to move the data from sheet1 column A to sheet2 column A while reformatting the data from its current format (dd/mm/yyyy) to format (mm/dd/yyyy). The data from sheet1 is provided to me by a client and is produced daily through their system which they have told me they cannot change the formatting on the reports. When i try to move data from sheet1 to sheet2 and reformat it only half the data formats into the correct date format. does anyone know how to get the data from sheet1 to format and move to sheet2 properly?

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Unable To Paste Data
One of my workbooks contains 6 worksheets. Quite often I need to copy a row of data from sheet 5 to sheet 1. I right click, copy, select sheet 1, right click and find that the paste options are greyed out and so unavailable. If I wanted to, all the other sheets would allow me to paste the data into them but not sheet 1. It did work until recently so I suspect that it is something that I have inadvertantly done. I have checked things like security, protection and the like but find myself now going around in circles.

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Unable To Use Autofilter On A Protected Sheet
i am uable to use autolfilter when protecting sheet via vbacode even though i have checked the autofilter box to be able to use it whilst protected, why does it work when i manually do protection but does not work via vba?

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Unable To Format Number Within Cell
Working on matching 2 column of numbers.

Unable to match as 1 column has format where number has a space in front of first character.

_425638 as opposed to

Not an underscore tough

Have tried text to columns - have tried editing cell and replacing space with nothing via edit/replace but no joy only way appears to be entering cell and deleting manually - there are thousands to update.

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