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VBA - Advance To Next Cell Below

starting on A5, I have to entered 10 digits code. I would like to put a VBA code that after I entered the 10th digit it will jump down automatically to next column (A6) without hitting the ENTER key..and so on...

Then once I click on Save button, it will save it as a CSV file based on what I put in A1. ie: if I put in zzz on A1 it will save it as zzz.csv (pure csv).

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Auto-advance To The Next Cell
Is there a way to make excel advance to next lowest cell automatically once a number of a specifed length (e.g. single digit integers in my case) is entered in a cell? I have large volumes of data to enter--usually integers from 0 to 9--and the extra "enter" keystroke becomes very tedious and increases errors.

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Advance Filter For Not Equal To Zero
Here is a copy of my code and I am Having a problem trying to get it to filter zero balances out. There are positive and negative numbers and I need to post them to a seperate sheet and exclude all zeros.

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Auto Advance Cursor
Excel Sheet Description:

My Excel sheet is a check list inventory and is arranged in three, two column matrix.

The cells are expecting an integer rating (1-5).

Problem Description:
What I would like to do is enter my integer rating in a cell in a column and then automatically have the cell selection advance once to the right and then down to the next row until all the cells have been filled with there integer ratings.

I would like to do this without having to hit the enter or tab key.

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Advance Variant Array Without Loop
Is it possible to use an array without looping through it? I have code that has two loops: One that is just for the array and the other that loops through the data. It would be nice if I could get it down to one loop, but I'm not sure if it's possible. For example, if you have
Dim varArea As Variant

varArea = Array(1,2,4,6,8,12)

For x = LBound(varArea) To UBound(VarArea)
Do While Not C Is Nothing
Code here
Is there a way to advance to the next item in the array without using the loop.

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Mark Up In Advance The Dates Where I Get Paid
I'm trying to mark up in advance the dates where i'll get paid. I get paid monthly on the 2nd last working weekday of the month. So because we have the 30/11/2009 falling on Monday of next week, my pay day for this month is Friday 28/11/ December it should be the 30/12/2009.

I'm getting all tied up in Networkdays, EOm and weekday function!

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Advance Filter Duplicate Headings
I just came across an error in one of my workbooks where I had duplicate headers on a few columns

So When I used AdvancedFilter to " cut" the data into several workbooks for end users, the data in the first column was pasted 2x and the second columns was ignored altogether.

Headers since changed and that fixed the problem.

I'm just curious why the second column was ignored altogether

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Advance Filter Dates Seen As Text
I have a excel sheet auto generated by a process in which there are 4 columns and 150 Rows. One column has dates data in DD-MMM-YYYY (15-May-2007) format..but the datatype of that cell is not Date. When I click on any date let say I selected 24-Mar-2007 in formula bar instead of displaying 3/24/2007 it displays as it is 24-Mar-2007.

But when i double click on this cell it shift to right alignment and display date format 3/24/2007 in formula bar. I have to create a formula using which I can see only some rows of define date range. Means if i define range in two cells 01-Jan-2007 and 01-Jun-2007. The sheet will display only rows having this criteria. But due to this datatype problem before putting the criteria I have to double click each of the row to convert it to Date. RightClick Format cells option is also not help full in this.

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Advance Filter Criteria - Blank Cells
This is a sort-of bizarre query I have.

I have a large array of data which I'm filtering out and copying to a new spreadsheet using an advanced filter. I have 2 filter criteria, one works... the other doesn't.

The second criteria is supposed to filter out rows that have blank cells in column C or D. I tried various things:

a. at first I tried following:
Column header: Name |Surname
Criteria: <>"" |<>""

b. since it didn't work I tried that
Column header: Name |Surname
Criteria: =<>""""" |=<>"""""

I also tried <>0 and <>null with absolutely no joy.

c. once I figured out that doesn't work either, I tried:
Column header: (empty)

now, the last one did have some effect, most of the empty-celled rows have been filtered out. However the filter persistently picks up ONE row that has blanks in column C2 and D2. I checked the data to check if the cell is really blank and it's as blank as it gets.

Obviously, I need help. It's been 3 days and I still can't figure out what's wrong with my filter. Is there a way of fool proofing the criteria, so that it will filter out all cells that are or appear to blank?

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Advance Filter Statistical Array Formula
I have many large arrays of climate data. I am trying to find an array criteria formula that would filter out those years from a variation around a given year. Like this example, to filter out those years B10 (47.8) plus or minus B12 (3.339).

21870 44.78

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Ques: Advance Filter, Multiple Criteria
I need to filter out data which displays only a few categories of information at the same time in the same column. For example, column A: David, Susan and William. After filtering the data, it will show David, Susan and william information. I have tried custom filter, but it only allows 2 conditions. I need to show more than 2 conditions of data. I have tried working out using office assistant guide on Multiple Criteria in one column to no avail. Only shows a single cell.

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Advance Filter For Multiple Criteria In One Column
I'm trying to use the advance filter for multiple criteria in one column. It works fine if the criteria is ="*10*" (ie where the cell in the range has 10 in the string) plus other = criteria. What I cannot get to work is where the range doesn't equal 10 in the string. I've tried ="<>*10*" and other variations to no joy.

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Advance Filter - Filtering Blank Cells
Is it possible to use an advance filter to detect blank cells? Or can the criteria be set to detect all cells that don't contain a letter e.g. "Y"?

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Copy Advance Filter Results To Another Sheet
I recorded a macro to perform an Advanced Filter. I then adapted the range to & LastRow. My question is, can this now be adapted to remove the Select so the sheets are not selected when this is run.

Sheets("CIT Results").Select
Sheets("Open Calls").Range("A1:I" & LastRow).AdvancedFilter Action:=xlFilterCopy, _
CriteriaRange:=Sheets("Open Calls").Range("N5:V8"), CopyToRange:=Range("Q50"), Unique:=False

Moderators, can you please edit the Thread title. It should be "Advance Filter From and To Non Active Sheet"

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Advance Filter With Dynamic Criteria & Range
I bring in data with these same columns A thru J. I do not know how many rows will be comming in. I have create a macro that uses the advanced filter. I have a criteria range set up on sheet 2 with 6 variables, the main data is on sheet 1. This works fine if I use all 6 variables. I wish I could select from a list box which of the 6 or all variables I need(I might select 2,3 or more variables), & have that information populate the criteria range. I only filter in place(no copying), there is only filtering on column B, the label for the criteria range will always be "Name" it will be located on sheet 2 D:1. Is this possible or should I be trying some other function? Here is the macro that uses all 6 criteria. I have searched and could not find what I was looking for.

'add criteria range
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "Name"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "e11*"
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "e12*"

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Advance Filter Check Unique Column Entries
How do you remove entries from a column such that only unique entires are left?

Say the spreadsheet contains only a single column:


I tried an "advanced filter" with "unique records only" checked. It gets rid of one david, but not 2 (there are originally 3 of them, and we want to leave 1)

This is the result.

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Add Advance Filter Criteria For Unique Records
I have a folder which has 200 files. I have extracted data from these files based on autofilter criteria. But there are many duplicate records extracted for the criteria. I need only unique records . Below are the codes. Where to I add the criteria for search records:

Sub ExampleSearch()
'Note: This example use the function LastRow
Dim basebook As Workbook
Dim mybook As Workbook
Dim rng As Range
Dim rnum As Long
Dim mnum As Range
Dim FNames As String
Dim MyPath As String
Dim SaveDriveDir As String

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Advance Filter Isn't Working - To Remove Duplicates
I'm having an issue where advnace filter isnt working and I need to get all of the unique entries.

I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I got some erros saying the numbers were being pu as text so I changed the cell tpe to a custom with 00000000 because the unique number I need to filter is 10 digits long.

As another alternative I would paypal some one a few bux if they can help me just compare two lists and make a report with the number of netries that show up in one list and not the other and vice versa.

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Calculate Amount Of Days Paid In Advance And Apply Percent Discount
Part of the assesment task is to write a formula, to work out how many days in advance the customer paid, and then apply the needed discount. I have tried several basica variations to the formula, and keep getting the same Err message.
give point me in the right direction to how i can calculate amount of days paid in advance and apply a % discount?

attached is the start of the assesment question.

You should create and enter formulas to calculate the No. of Days paid in Advance, the Discount and the Course Fee Paid.

Use a VLOOKUP function in your template to determine the discount rate to be used for the calculation of the Discount. Your template should include a separate discount table containing the following information about the discount received:
If students pay the course fee less than 7 days prior to the course commencing then they receive no discount.
If students pay the course fee 7 to 13 days prior to the course commencing then they receive a discount of 5%.
If students pay the course fee 14 to 20 days prior to the course commencing then they receive a discount of 8%.
If students pay the course fee 21 days or more prior to the course commencing then they receive a discount of 10%.

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Cell Address In VBA :: Reference A Range In VBA
I have a variable which contains the column number. How do I then reference a range in VBA using that column number, as opposed to the letter? I know how to convert the number into the letter, but I also know there has to be something more simpler. For instance, a form of the ADDRESS function, but in VBA?

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VBA To Move Shape From Current Cell Position To Cell 1 Row Up
I require a macro to enable a selected shape to be moved from current cell location to relative position but 1 row up. eg topleft address = A4 and shift shape to topleft address = A3

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VBA Code To Color Cell When Certain Criteria Fills Cell
In column "L" there is the possibility to have one of the following characters entered as a key for that specific row;
They all have a unique color assigned to them. There are too many for conditional formatting, so I think the way to resolve this is to use VBA. Can I ask for some assistance to get me started?

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VBA Changing Color Of A Cell Using Clicking On Another Cell
i want to click or roll over a cell with the mouse, to change the color of another cell, or another multi cells.

another question.
Is it possible to change the color of a pic i put in the excel using a function or VB.

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Input Cell Address In Vba By Clicking That Cell
Is it possible to input a cell address in a VBA macro by clicking in that cell?

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Copy In Vba (from A Top Cell To A Last Cell)
I want to copy a formula from a top cell to a last cell and the adjacent cell will always contain data. For example a1 is 1, b1 is 2, c1 is the formula (=a1+b1) = 3 and etc... I would like to copy c1 to c5 but sometimes I can have over 3,000 rows. Every time the number of rows are different.

1 2 3 2 3 5 3 4 7 4 5 9 5 6 11

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Checkbox Vba: The Amount From The Subtotal Cell Will Auto Go To The Cell Next To The Checkbox
I have been using different keywords to find what I need. I have 3 checkboxes: cash, amex, other. I have a subtotal cell. When the appropriate checkbox is checked, the amount from the subtotal cell will auto go to the cell next to the checkbox. Is this VB?

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If Cell Starts With 74 In VBA
i am trying to write this piece of VBA which is part of a bigger VBA project.

Here is my code at the momment

Sub Macro8()
' Macro8 Macro
' Macro recorded 22/09/2008 by SIDDIR

Dim AccCol As String
Dim breakdown As String
Dim reinscode As String

AccCol = Range("A2").Select
breakdown = Range("AC2").Select

reinscode = "74"

If Left(AccCol, 2) = reinscode Then breakdown = "Reinsurance"

Exit Sub

End Sub

Basically trying to check if cell in AccCol strats with 74. If it does, it gives me the answer of "reinsurance" in cell in Breakdown.

This loops each cell

Can't get this working. I know i can do this in a formula, but in need to incorporate this in a bigger VBA project.

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Cell Clean Up Using VBA
I have a spreadsheet that has data in columns A through AE. I have built a VBA that deletes all columns except 2 (columns C & AF), and brings them over to columns A & B.

Column C contains a 10 digit number and column AF contains text similiar to "ASSIGNED ON 10 CALLS BOLDI". My VBA deletes all unneeded columns, but I am having trouble getting it to do 2 additional functions. I want it to delete the verbiage of "Assigned ON" in the cells under column AF, and delete the last number of the account number under column C, so that the account number is only 9 digits long.
Here is my VBA:

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VBA If/Then Copy Cell Value
I want to create a macro that goes down column B of a spreadsheet and checks to see if each cell has a value or is empty. If the cell is empty, I want to copy/paste the value from the previous cell. This action needs to be repeated until the last row of the spreadsheet

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VBA To Do 2 Validations On A Cell
On a tab, i have one column where information is entered. what should be entered is based on a dropdown list (which i have setup on a validation). the other thing that should be allowed to be entered is a an 8 digit number. when something else is entered, i need to have a popup message appear to tell the user to fix the error.

I have no idea how to effectively enter in the restriction in VBA for this.

Below is the VBA i have started:

1. The problem is that if one of the drop-downs is chosen, then i get this error message (because the dropdown list has text that is more than 8 characters in length).

2. The one other problem is that if the cell is left blank, i still receive the popup message. how do i avoid this from showing up.

3. I am also looking to do something like this for a range of cells (from F5:F100).

Private Sub Worksheet_Change()

Dim stue As String
stue = "f5"

Application.EnableEvents = True
If Len(Range("f5")) 8 Then
MsgBox "there is an error in cell " & stue & " "
End If
End Sub

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GoTo Cell Vba
I want to find the cell location of the largest value in a specific column.

for example: column C has 5 rows of different values : 5, 12, 4, 7,9 and I want to find the cell reference of the largest number which is 12.

I know that I need to use "Large" function in order to find the largest number, but what do I have to do in order to find the cell location of it?

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Worksheet Name From Cell VBA
I need to take the contents of a cell and use it as a variable in a mcaro. For example: If the Value of Cell B1 is "Outback", the Macro will select the Outback sheet, but if B1 had a value of "Damon's", than I would want the macro to select the Damon's sheet.

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Flashing Cell With VBA
I originally posted this question with out the code I'm using. I am trying to make a specific cell flash to catch the attention of other dispatchers. The problem is when I we try to close the active page it will automatically open. The only way we can completely close the page is to close Excel completely. Doing this though also closes several other pages that we need to have remaining open.

Public NextFlash As Double
Public Const FR As String = "B3"
Sub StartFlashing()
If Range(FR).Interior.ColorIndex = 3 Then
Range(FR).Interior.ColorIndex = x1ColorIndexNone
Range(FR).Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End If
NextFlash = Now + TimeSerial(0, 0, 1)
Application.OnTime NextFlash, "StartFlashing", , True......................

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Add Value To Cell With VBA
I have done a calculation in VBA and came up with an answer, ie "X= 12." I did this using a button in Excel that takes you to a user form. Now I want to take the value of X and post it back in a sheet in excel. What is the command to do this?

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VBA To Allow Select Cell
I'm working on a UserForm where the user is prompted to select a cell, which will then be used to create a Row reference before code is run to change cell format settings over three Columns.

I'm thinking that a way to do this is to get them to click a button which hides the form, then click a cell in the required Row. This seems to work fine, but not sure how to get the UserForm back and/or what event needs to trigger it coming back

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Refresh Cell Value Using VBA
I want to refresh a cell by triggering an event using VBA code. I have tried to refresh cell range value using this below code.

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Format Cell Using VBA?
Is it possible to change the border and color of a cell using VBA?
Also I need to know how to change the cell's font to Bold.

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Cell Partial, VBA
I have a cell that contains a string which is always formatted the same. "Dated between Date1 and Date2" I would like to put Date2 into a variable; however, I don't know how to get just that part of the cell.

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VBA If Cell Changed
If the value of any cell in in column D is changed to "Closed", a message box will appear that says "Others must be notified when item is closed". In that message box, I want two buttons: Button 1 One is cancel and will undo the change. Button 2 will open MS Outlook with pre-filled email addresses and will attach the open worksheet. After the email is sent, to return to Excel.

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Find A Cell Using VBA
I want to be able to use a macro that will take the value in a cell, find it in a list and leave the cell as the current cell for pasting data

i.e. value in A1 is 54
find this is column B
copy data from E3 to E5
paste onto cell found in B

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Vba: Msgbox When Value In Cell Is Value Or N/a
I have a formulae in cell C1 (looks up A1, B1). I want to have a msgbox come up when the value in cell C1 is either #VALUE! / #N/A / any other error. So: if error.type in (1 - 7), want error box. Else if error.type = #N/A, no error box!

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Copying A Cell To Another Workbook (VBA)...
I am trying to copy a certain cell from one workbook to another.

ActiveSheet.Cells(1,1).Copy Destination:=Workbooks("c:directoryfilename.xls").Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(1,1)

What I am trying to accomplish is to copy the contents of A1 from the current worksheet and paste it in A1 in the other workbook.

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Hide Columns With VBA When Cell Value Changes
I have a list of 24 columns (12 months each for forecast and actual data). I want to put VBA code in the worksheet that will hide a column based on a cell value in each column. On line 4 there is a formula that returns either "show" or "no". The columns are AS:BP. The code needs to run on a change in any of the cells AS4:BP4.

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Copying Formula From Vba To Cell
I want to copy the following function via vba to a number of cells

=countif(i10:ah10,"does not comply")

i basically want row to do a a comparison from i10 to ah10, row 11 to do a comparison from i11 to ah11 and so on.

i tried this as a first step
Workbooks(WorkBookFileName).Worksheets(TabID).Cells(m, fc + 8 + 1).formula = COUNTIF(I97:AH97,"does not comply")

but i got the error

"compile error: expected: list seperator or)

and i tried this one

Workbooks(WorkBookFileName).Worksheets(TabID).Cells(m, fc + 8 + 1).text = "=COUNTIF(I97:AH97,"does not comply")"

and got the error compile error: expected : end of statement

i read some place to ensure that the reference is copied, one can use the following
wks.Cells(i + 13, 7).FormulaR1C1 = wks.Cells(i, 3).FormulaR1C1
but cant get through the first step, where i actually use vba to make the first entry

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Testing For Blank Cell In VBA
I working on a loop that would find blank cell. These cells have a formula in excel, but if certain conditions are met, the cell is left blank. What property in VBA checks for blank cell? I don't thin it's the "empty" property?

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Using Cell Values In A Formula With VBA
how to use a cell value in a formula with VBA.

For example, I have the following
FinalRow = Cells(65536, 1).End(xlUp).Row
CYGP = Cells(Final Row, 11).Column
Cells(FinalRow + 2, CYGP).Select

I now need to be able to use the value that's located in the selected cell elsewhere in the spreadsheet. I've tried the following:

ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=R[FinalRow]C[CYGP]

This was an attempt to put the value that's in Cells(FinalRow, CYGP) into my active cell, but it's not working...

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Change A Cell Reference Using VBA
Complete and utter newbie here, so I will apologies now if what i am asking is a simple thing or complete nonsense..

I have a spreadsheet which has links in it to another file/spreadsheet.

What i need to do is update/edit those links so that they point to another file and cell reference. Can this be done using a macro? or is this something that cant be done using macros/vba?

New to all this so am just getting to grips with it..

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VBA - Copy Cell Before Save
I've been playing with writing a VBA script that will copy and display the value of a cell right before saving the document.

I already have a script that saves the savetime to a cell but have been unsuccesful in using any code from that.

What I'm trying to do is to have the VBA copy different cells depending on the value of another cell.

I've been trying with some IF rules but don't really know if I'm doing this right. I'm also not sure if the code should be in "Sheet1" or in "ThisWorkBook" and if it should be a Private Sub - I've pretty much just tried a bit of this and that.

Let me try and sketch out the scenario:

I want to copy the value of a cell into a second cell depending on the value of a third cell - just before the document is saved.

How could that be done with the cells listed below?Copy-to: "A1" (the value of "B?" depending on the value of "C1")
Copy-from: "B1" IF "C1"=1
Copy-from: "B2" IF "C1"=2
Copy-from: "B3" IF "C1"=3
Copy-from: "B4" IF "C1"=4

Another problem I've been having is to change the colour of the font in a given cell if another cell returns a value of, say, 1.

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VBA: Check If The Value Of A Cell Is A Number
1) check if in cell A1 there is a number. Something like

If .Cells(1,1).Value is number then ....
2) how to get the "code" of cell A1 in VBA (i.e =code(A1)).I tried
but it didn't work.

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VBA: How Do I Remove A Cell From A Range
I have a function that adds a cell to a range whenever an "a" is placed in that cell using Set myRange= Application.Union(myRange, Target) under Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range). If a value other than "a" is then placed in the same cell I want to remove that cell from myRange. It is fairly random which cells someone will put an "a" in. Does anyone know of a function, or any way to do this. Basically if there are 4 cells in myRange (A1, B4, C6, D8) I just want to remove the last cell and have myRange have 3 cells now (A1, B4, C6).

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Vba Fill In From Cell Above Over 2 Worksheets
I'm looking at filling in a cell value from the cell above in column A but over a range of worksheets. It only needs to fill down until the last used row.

The last used row in the worksheet will vary for each worksheet .. but the longest column will be column T or U.

this code "works" but only for the active sheet... i'm sure its something easy to adjust.

Sub CopyDataDown()
' ---
Dim ws As Worksheet
Dim Lr As Long

Application.ScreenUpdating = False

For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
If ws.Name "Notes" _
And ws.Name "FrontSheet" Then
Lr = WorksheetFunction.Max(Range("T" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row, Range("U" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)
With Range("A2:A" & Lr)
.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeBlanks).FormulaR1C1 = "=R[-1]C"
.Value = .Value
End With

End If
Next ws
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

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