Add Up Each School Grand Totals For All The Dives, And Break Them Down To Boy Or Girl For Each School

Jul 26, 2009

I ma going to have a couple of tricky (to me at least) table/range look ups, so let me start with this one:

1............Dive 1......................................School Grand Totals nr......... points...............Boys...............girls.
3 md g...4
4 md b.......2..................3.....................jb b....7
3 jb b........3..................3................
6 md g,......4..................3
8..............Dive 2 nr......... points...
10 md b.....1..................1...........
11 md b......2.................1...........
12 jb b......3.................4
13 md g......4................1

Notes about above. The naming is like this. "md b" is "martin county boys". "md g" would be "martin county girls". "jb b" is "jensen beach boys".

I need to add up each school grand totals for all the dives, and break them down to boy or girl for each school. this score will eventually go into another total which totals 11 swimming events by boys or girls.

So, in essense, thre are going to be several totals for the meet:
1 Diving (6 dives) by School by Boy (note: only showing 2 dives here)
2 Diving (6 dives) by School by Girl
3 Swimming, (11 events) by School by Girls
4 Swimming, (11 events) by School by Girls
5 Grand total by school (boys and girls scores combined)

Texaslynn (I believe that was her handle) helped me previously with totaling a grand total. However, now I discovered I need the total by boys and girls and then the combined (boys and girls) school total.

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School Project - Message Box Assistance

Jun 13, 2006

Im doing a year nine maths project and need a little help with excel. This is my first time using macros/VBA. I have been playing around and have figured out a few things. I was asked to produce a game using excel, i am doing a kind of "racing" game with betting, i have the racing and most of the betting all working fine. I need to know how to get a message box to appear when the total of a cell reaches 0.

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School Directory Using Consolidation And Deletion Of Rows?

May 19, 2014

Here's how my project will need to work. I need to transfer text files(.txt) to the same workbook, but 1 worksheet for each text file. In here, I can choose multiple files. After that, I need to delete WHOLE rows that has a blank cell(except 1st column), starting from row 4. Then the last requirement would be to fill the 1st column, a portion of the text file's name.

First, I need to click the command button in order to choose the files I want to load. first.png

And then, if I chose two .txt files. It will also load two text files. In here it is, CLASS 2014 and CLASS 2013 second.png

What I want to happen next is for "2014" to be inputted in columns 1, rows 5 to 15. And then delete rows with blank cell, in which here is rows 8, 10, 11, 12 and 15.

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Bring Picture In Front Of Text For School Report?

Dec 11, 2013

I work as a data administrator in a high school in England. I've only been doing the job for about 8 months but a lot of the processes we go through could be better automated via the use of macros in Excel and Word.

Basically we have school grade reports that come from our MIS database that are stored as a Word template, which are then exported into Word as an .xml file. However, they don't come with the photographs of the students on the reports, so we have a Word List Report with every student photo (split into year groups) and run the following macro, which allows you to pick a folder where the reports are stored and match the photo to the report via the school admission number. It is then inserted into the report using a Word bookmark to place it in the top left corner.

Sub InsertPhoto()
Dim myFile, myFileNewName As String
Dim PathToUse As String [code]....

This works fine but I would like to be able to automatically format the photos so that they have 'In Front Of Text' wrapping, which we need to keep the templates from messing up. It would also save me accessing nearly 1000 school reports and manually editing each photo.

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Creating Rosters Automatically From List Of Entire School?

Oct 16, 2013

Anyway, here's what I'd like: I have a spreadsheet with every student in the school listed. If they have signed up for my after school programs, they also have a 3-day schedule. Each program has a specific initial, so if a student is in 1st grade Art on Monday, they have a "1A" in the Monday column. I've attached a sample spreadsheet with a simplified version of my setup.

At this point, I'm filtering by each initial and highlighting names to print a roster for the day. Is there a way to have the names of each child in a particular program automatically populate an (easy to print) formatted roster on another tab? Each student does have a unique student ID, but I wouldn't want that private info to be printed on the roster. I'd like to just be able to enter kids' schedules as they come in and that automatically adds to the program's roster, then go to the "Monday Rosters" tab and print the whole thing, cut it up, and hand out to teachers.

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Formula To Calculate School Grade Of Child Based On Their Birthday?

Jul 10, 2014

When speaking with parents I want them to enter in their child's birthday i.e. 12/1/1998 in one cell and then automatically generate what grade they should be in the next cell. If the grade year cutoff date is Sept 1.

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Formula That Would Assign A Letter Grade (in Row W) To The Average In Row V, Based On The School's Scale

Oct 3, 2006

Need to write a formula that would assign a letter grade (in row W) to the average in row V, based on the school's scale. So, row V contains my averages (in % form) and I want row W to have the letter equivalents.


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Filtering For Summary: Produce A Spreadsheet For Tracking Pupil's Progress Through A Year At School

Oct 6, 2008

I'm trying to produce a spreadsheet for tracking pupil's progress through a year at school (Targets/Predictions etc) but am having some problems with creating a summary of data gathered for each pupil. I have attached the file for your perusal; On the data entry sheet staff will fill in the appropriate data, and on the summary sheet I am looking to generate summaries for each pupil (I have set up how I want it to look). This may sound easy, (and probably is); the issue is that there are around 30 subjects in total, but pupils will only have be doing 5 of them, I need the summary sheet to show the information for subjects they are taking only (It should come up with the subject name under the headings subject1/2 etc and the appropriate grades to go with them, missing the blanks out. Obviously I could do this by cutting and pasting for each pupil...But there will be almost 2000 pupils in the list!!!

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Another Sheet To Show Each Class Down The Rows And The Columns To Show Each School Rule

Mar 20, 2009

I have an excel 2003 sheet that collects data from Infopath forms. The forms are to record students who have broken school rules, when, where, repercussions etc. One column shows their class and there is a separate column for each rule broken.

I want to create another sheet to show each class down the rows and the columns to show each school rule. Therefore, each cell would show the number of each particular rule broken for each particular class. I have tried to do countif and sumproduct (if on sheet 1, column B the class is KA and on sheet 1, column M, the rule is bullying = how many times this has occurred).

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Using IF Statement To Carry Over Grand Totals Based On Base Number

Apr 8, 2009

I have a number of Grand Totals that equal to Hours of Work in a day ( Based on Demand from Customer Orders)

I only have 95 ( this will be a number in a cell that I want to be able to change if needed) work hours available to me each working day.

I want each day to attempt to fill in up to 95 hours , anything more and it will push the remaining balance forward into the other cells.

IE here is what I have for the next 5 days for Totals


Under the 211 I want it to change to 95 and then carry over the balance to the cell under 120 , I then want that cell to change to 95 and carry over its balance to the next cell and so on down the line. I will always have 22 Working Days I want to work with. So the last day may or may not have a greater then 95 total.

The 95 part I want to be able to change that to whatever number I think I will have available to me and it will adjust accordingly through the line.

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How Many Seconds Has My Little Girl Been Alive Task

Jan 31, 2007

I'm trying to construct a gimmick which will represent how many day’s my little girl has been alive and am having some trouble trying to figure out which route to take in trying of constructing my timers

I'm trying to represent how many seconds my daughter has been alive in real time,

She was born on 01/06/2005 and I want to be able to see the ticker ticking away on my screen rather than it being static

In fact I would like to illustrate how many years, months, weeks, days, and seconds Loren has been on this earth,

If successful I would like to take it one step further and do this with words as well as figures

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Sumproduct - Number Of Divers Logging Dives

Jan 24, 2014

Building a Dive Record spreadsheet and Annual Statisics requirements to compute automatically. I have gotten this far:


Unfortuantely, I do not have a list of divers names for referencing. I am using these for testing purposes:

Column B Diver's Names: B. Dodson, L. Lloyd, D. Burch, C. Haley, J. Wilson, B.Dodson, B. Dodson Columns M through BO (types of dives): will have "X's" in them if a specific type of dive was made, Scientific, Working, Training, Non-duty... Shore, Boat, Ice, Cave, etc..

I need to know how many Divers made the type of dives. For example, if I make three dives in Saltwater, L. Lloyd makes one, and D. Burch make one, the answer needs to show 3 which is correct. If Dodson makes one, Haley makes one, and Wilson makes one, the number is 2 (actually 2.33). It works in some cases and not in others.

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Page Break By Asking The Input File For Page Break To Be Done

Dec 9, 2008

The code which you provided works fine no problem for a page break. I need to run the macro for the page break by asking the input file for page break to be done.

For Example, If excel filename "A" contain the code which you have given need to ask to input the filename "B" and process need to be done in file "B".

I have added some code to your code which you provided but it gives error message "1004" "Method 'Range' of object '_Application' failed" at following line :

Set rng = oExcel.Range(Cells(2, 2), Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp))

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Grand Total Of All Sheets

Feb 10, 2007

I have several files that are alike except that some have a different number of worksheets ion them.Some may have 12, some have 30. I need a macro or code that I can put in each file on the last sheet that will calculate the totals of L25 of each sheet (All Sheets) and put the Grand Total in the last sheet on cell M25.

Again,Some of the files have more sheets than the other , but I'd like the code to total L25 of all sheets, regardless of how many there are and put the Grand Total on the last sheet in cell M25.

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Grand Total Column In Chart

Aug 29, 2007

Sometime the ansewer in so simple I look past it. But how do you show the automated grand total in a line chart.

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Table Grand Total To Count

Jun 24, 2008

title says it all - I'm sure this is possible but can't figure it out

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Pivot Table Grand Total Average

Apr 10, 2014

On a pivot table, I want the grand total to be the average. When I code it, the code changes all the values in the column to an average.

if a person's % for April is 95% & the sum of all the people in the table is 1924%. If I change the grand total to average, the person's april % changes to 19% (which is an average instead of a total.

[Code] .....

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Select Grand Total Form Combo Box

Mar 23, 2009

I have 2 combo box: the first one is called combo box1 and the 2nd one is called combo box2. I simply want whenever a name is selected from combo box1; i want a Grand Total to be selected automatically from Drop Down box2. I have several names in the Combo Box2 and Grand Total is always the last. So note that the list of names in Combo Box2 is dynamic and they keep changing all the time. I have attached a sample for more details.

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Macro To Click In The Grand Total Of Pivot

Feb 11, 2010

Iam just looking for an macro which can do a double click in the grand total column of a pivot table.

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Plotting Grand Total On Pivot Chart?

Sep 13, 2010

Is there a way to plot the grand total from a pivot table on the pivot chart?

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Show ONLY Grand Total In Pivot Table

Feb 6, 2013

I am building a Pivot table and I need to show ONLY the Grand totals at the end of the table. In the example below I want to show only Total volume Stage movement at the end and not the subtotals in the columns.

Column Labels
Best Case


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Format Column Containing Grand Total To Set Width?

Aug 30, 2013

Can I use a macro to format a column that contains the words 'Grand Total'?

When I paste over the pivot it has reduced the column width and since it is all being produced by a macro I dont want to be lazy and do manual formatting.

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Return 'Grand Total' From Subtotaled Data

Jul 13, 2007

Is there some code that will return the 'Grand Total' figure from a set of data that has had 'Subtotals' applied to it?

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Pivot Table Grand Total SubCategory

Jun 12, 2008

I have a Pivot Table With 2 Row field:-

1st Column = Product - Apple and Orange
2nd column = Region - US and Europe

Now Pivot Table look like this

Apple - US: 100
Apple - Europe: 200

Orange - US 50
Orange - Europe 20

Total - 370

How to show instead of Total - 370

Total - US 150
Total - Europe 220
Master Total - 370


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Including Grand Total In Pivot Chart

Nov 6, 2008

I am still pretty new with pivot tables and charts. Is there a way I can include the Grand Total number within my pivot chart without altering my source data?

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Pivot Table Grand Total And Sum/count

May 15, 2007

I started a pivot table for our budget and on the left side I have the account names and about 4 columns of applicable account codes to which I turn on and off when needed. On the right side I have all the budget numbers divided by quarter and halfs. On the right side, I can drop any list of numbers and it does the sum but for some reason, when I drop my 4th quarter numbers, it gives me a count and not sum. How do I change it to sum?

Second problem: I have grand totals number going down the columns meaning I have a sum of all my 1st Quarter numbers but I do not have them going across each line on row. How do I add that?

Third problem: I forgot a list of account codes to be put on the left, how can I add it?

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Hide Grand Total For Just One Column In Pivot Table

May 19, 2013

I have a pivot table the has a listing of potential customers and I have included meeting dates in this table. The problem that I have is that the Grand total adds up all the dates and I have a total that doesn't make sense.

I want to hide the total for the 'Date Meeting Setup' column and keep it for the others. Can this be done??

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Excel 2010 :: Replacing Grand Total With Difference

Apr 15, 2014

As you can see in attached file (hopefuly you can see it) pivot table Summed sales in 2014 and 2013 in column GRAND TOTAL. Insted of summing this two years, I would like to show difference between them, but keep this layout!


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Delete Some Rows Subtotal By Age Group Then Grand Total

Oct 21, 2011

Import Financial System -Recaps Trial BalanceFrom Date:31-Jul-2011,To Date:27-Aug-2011,
Requested By:Jenny Drumm,30-Aug-2011 9:28 AMAge Range: 0 - 30, No. of recaps: 231
Broker File NumberAgeVendor/Co/DeptFirstBankAssistsFRTBRODTYLoadsInvInvClaimsGL AcctTRUETRUEBalanceCostFeeRecptsAdjRecptsROE VarLC Var

[Code] ........

There are more age groups, & some groups have hundreds of lines. Each of the total line in the report has a number plugged in by the system, which, because of rounding, may be off by several cents. I figured out how to move the rows with Broker File Numer, etc & the row after it up above the first Age Range.

What I need to do next is:Delete all rows between "Age Range: ....." and the start of that range's data.Delete all blank rows between "Totals" and the next "Age Range: ...."Delete 5 rows after "Grand Total"Put a formula in the row immediately above each age range's "Totals" for each column, summing all the data for that column, in that age range. (Hopefully with the word Total in column B of that row, too)Put a formula in the row immediately above the "Totals" after "Grand Total" that adds together each of the Age Range totals.(I did figure out how to get the "Balance" cell in each row to sum that row going right to left, so at least I got a start! For that I'm using


LR = Range("C" & Rows.count).End(xlUp).Row
With Range("R10:R" & LR)
.NumberFormat = "#,##0.00_);[Red](#,##0.00)"
.HorizontalAlignment = xlRight
.VerticalAlignment = xlTop
.FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(ISNUMBER(RC3), Sum(RC5:RC17), " & Chr(34) & Chr(34) & ")"
End With

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Display Grand Total In Pivot Table As Average Rather Than Sum?

Feb 11, 2013

I have a column in my pivot table with values that are formatted as percents. I am trying to make the grand total reflect the average of all values in the column, but it keeps showing a sum of all values.

Example: the values in the % column are 90%, 100%, and 110%. I want it to show 100% (the average), but it is showing 300% (the sum)

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