Adding Conditional Rows

Jul 10, 2006

I want to be able to have rows/cells generated with a certain text
based on the answer given by a user.

For example, My question in a cell could be "how many groups have you made?".
Now to this if the user answers "3" then I would want three cells below to
ask "what is the name of your first group", "what is the name of your second
group" and so on.

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Conditional Formating - Adding & Deleting Rows

Nov 9, 2008

I am using several formulas to conditionally format and fill in rows from column A to column BS. These are the formulas and application areas:

=$BS4<>"" Applied to =$A$3:BS$350
=$G3<>"" Applied to =$A$3:BS$350
=OR($J3="Regional Manager",$J3="Assistant Manager",$J3="Manager") Applied to =$A$3:BS$350
=OR($J3="Recruiting Manager",$J3="Owner",$J3="District Manager",$J3="Office Manager") Applied to =$A$3:BS$350

If I do not add or delete any rows, everything works just fine. The problem I am running into is that this list is constantly updated and rows are being added and deleted. When I do this, it duplicates my rules and changes my applied to ranges. Here are some examples of the changes:


This creates much excess work, when I have to go back and change everything back to the way it should be. how I can either modify my formulas or application areas to correct this situation?

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Conditional Formatting: Reference Changes Adding/Deleting Rows/Columns Or Cells

Sep 26, 2006

I'm using Conditional Formatting for an entire column to check the value of each cell and compare it to the value of a cell in the same row but a different column. (Cell Value equals =$D2) It works great until I insert or delete a cell in the formatted column. The reference does not change as one would expect. I've played around with formulae such as =$D2<>$P2 but the reference only changes for the P2, not the D2. I've also tried using =CELL("contents", ADDRESS(Row(),4)) but this causes excel to complain.

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Adding Conditional Insert Row

Mar 10, 2014

In the attached file there is a monthly Worksheet with 10 daily worksheets. The existing macro consolidates the daily worksheet text into the monthly but what I would like to do is have it insert a Row IF it copies valid data into the monthly Worksheet (thus I could not run out of rows but not need a blank worksheet with say 30 empty rows.)

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Adding Cells Based On Conditional Formatting

Sep 17, 2009

I am using conditional formatting to make cell background's go red if the data satisfys some criteria

Now I want to add the values in those red cells, can anyone make a suggestion as to how I can do this.

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Adding Lines And Conditional Formatting With Macros

Jul 4, 2008

I have only recently started playing around with macros, and am slowly getting into them. I do however still struggle a bit to ‘read’ them. Having played with formulas for years I can generally translate a string of formula text into English, like ‘if this cell value is greater than that cell value, then do this, if it is not then if it is equal to that cell value, do that, if not return 0’. Babbling like a child basically.

With visual basic I have managed to record some handy macros and then tweak them a little manually but I am still struggling to follow it going through it step by step reading it like a formula. So I hope you won’t mind me asking some very stupid questions. I mean well; I’m just a bit slow.

At present I am trying to do two different things on two different sheets, and I was wondering if perhaps one of you could nudge me in the right direction.

I am trying to insert a blank row above every row that has a certain word in column B.

So basically ‘find value “Example” in column B, and when you find it, insert an entirely blank row directly above it’.

Is a bit more challenging. I want to change the colour of a cell if the value in the cell corresponds with the value of another cell in the same column.

For example, I have a long list of surnames in column A. When I add ‘McNeil’ at the bottom, I would like to be able to run a macro that checks if the name McNeil appears anywhere else in column A, and if it does, that it changes the colour of the cell.

Preferably both of the cells that say McNeil, but one would do very nicely indeed.

If that is possible, I wonder if it is possible to do the same with the first name in column B, but only if there was a match for the surname in column A on the same row. So, if McNeil does not appear in column A, don’t bother, but if it does, does the corresponding first name appear in column B?

If both of that is possible, the next step would obviously be if McNeil appears in column A (say twice, once in A123 and once in A678), do cells B123 and B678 match as well?

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Conditional Formatting Stops Working After Adding Column

May 21, 2013

I have a conditional formula that highlights dates red when it meets a certain criteria. The file named MS Working, the conditional formatting formula (formula below) works as it should with no issues. The other file MS NOT Working, the conditional formatting formula (formula below) has stopped working as it should. What I did? I inserted a new column to the left. Where the MS Working file has only 1 column to the far left, the MS NOT Working file now has 2 columns to the far left.

It seems as if the formula adjusted itself when I inserted the new column; however, its not working.

MS Working
Conditional Formula: =AND(TODAY()>B3,NOT(ISODD(COLUMN())),B3<>"",OR(C3="",C3=0),B3<>0)

MS NOT Working
Conditional Formula: =AND(TODAY()>C3,NOT(ISODD(COLUMN())),C3<>"",OR(D3="",D3=0),C3<>0)

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Invalid Procedure Call Or Argument Adding Conditional Format Condition

Oct 4, 2006

I would like to apply different conditional formatting at different times with a click of a button. I setup a dummy and turned on the recorder and recorded this

Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:="=$C7=1"
Selection.FormatConditions(1).Interior.ColorIndex = 37
End Sub

I tried changing to this

'/Conditional Format - OTHER EXPENSE B/L
Set rngConditional = wsData.UsedRange
With rngConditional...............

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Excel 2007 :: Conditional Formatting And Adding Text To Cell Based On Multiple Cells

May 31, 2013

I'm using Excel 2007. I would prefer to stay away from the scripting side of the house if possible. This is basically a 3 day forcast weather chart. The top is the actual weather data, the bottom portion is a color coded reflection of how the weather affects various things.

This product is created in excel, but will be embedded into a powerpoint. It will be updated daily. Here is what I would like. I want the color chart at the bottom to update automatically based on the data I enter above. I have a grasp that I can update the color through conditional formatting, although im not exactly sure what that will look like with all of those cells.

I also figured out that I can insert the letters in those lower cells with something similar to " =IF(C6>90, "T", "") " which would put in a 'T' for Temperature when the temperature got above a certain degree.

I run into a problem when I have multiple factors affecting a single cell. For instance on the example in day 2 of my image. Personnel are affected by Temperate AND UV Index. How would I set up that cell to pull that information from both of those cells and display it accordingly? I would prefer the letters to stay separated by the comma, but I could live without that. The default cell color will be green, with the potential to be yellow or red. I left a few examples of possible situations on day 2 and 3.

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Adding 2 Rows After Every One Row

Jan 29, 2009

I need some help fomulating a VSB code which would add two rows after every one row.

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Adding Rows With VBA

Apr 18, 2008

We have workook with several worksheets (tabs). The main page has several headings (category), including "Doors and Ceilings", "Walls" etc. There are currently three rows under each heading. When I go to a category (tab) there is a list of issues in column b. I can go to column A of each issue and if I place an "a" that issue will be copied to the main page under that category. The problem is that i only have 3 rows and I need a row added each time an issue is transferred to the cell before it.

Is there some VBA I can use to detect the precence of data anbd add a row?

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Adding Two Rows After Every Existing Row

Aug 7, 2009

Is there any way to automatically add two new rows after every existing row containing data?

For example

1 A B C
2 D E F
3 G H I

turn into

1 A B C
(empty row)
(empty row)
2 D E F
(empty row)
(empty row)
3 G H I

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Adding Rows With Data?

Mar 14, 2013

I have got a spread sheet (Attached) that works out the rankings of youth football teams so that they can be given fixtures against teams of the same ability. I want to use the same system for another age group which has nearly 100 teams in it but I can't get it to work for over 50 teams.

With my basic Excel knowledge I have worked out how to add extra columns with the correct formula, but I can't work out how to add rows with the correct formula to the table that is in cells A12 -C12 down.

Ideally I would also like this table to show the team with the highest ranking in position 1 & in descending order from there - but I would be more than happy just to add the extra rows for now.

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Adding Two Rows Together If They Have The Same Value In Column A

Oct 7, 2008

I've got an excel sheet which has names in column A followed by 5 numerical values in columns B-F. I'd like to get a macro that will compare the values in Column A and if they match, add the B values, the C values, the D values, the E values, and the F values and delete one row - effectively combining the row. What's the best way to go about this? Also the sheet is already in ascending alphabetical order by Column A, so the rows that need adding will be next to each other. So I guess compare each A value with the one below it and if they match add the rows, but how?

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Updating By Adding New Rows

Mar 1, 2008

i have rows of data in an accounting worksheet (payments in/out) which needs constant updating by adding new rows. within the row a formula exists in column D such as =SUM(E11:J11) and the next row is =SUM(E12:J12). if i select row 12, right click and select insert, a new blank row 12 appears but without formula in column D. is it possible to insert row with retained formula? i would prefer to add a row from a blank row below current row and have new row appear with above rows formula but this is not vital.

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Adding Rows Automatically Using VBA

Jan 3, 2014

I have a spreadsheet where I will input details for "incidents" under different headings on one row per entry (I will have a separate tab for each "incident", and each row will relate to each customer affected by this incident)

For every row that is completed I have a "Summary", which is just a section of the same worksheet, that will list all the basic details of the above entries in a format that will be printed and passed to a different department.

As I will be unable to determine whether a particular incident will have 5 entries or 50, I need a way to add a new row to my "Summary" section if and when a row is completed.

I have a formula to populate the data in the "Summary" section automatically, so all I need now is for it to add new rows as and when they are needed, copying the formulas from the original row, so each new "incident" entry is copied each time.

I have created a dummy spreadsheet but I'm not sure how to attach it to this post.

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Adding Comments To Many Rows In Vba

Feb 15, 2007

Is any way to add automatically comments in VBA

Some combination of "ctrl" with something else.

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Formula For Adding 12.5% Onto Multiple Rows?

Apr 25, 2014

I have a quotation that I am working on that I need to add 12.5% onto each seperate line price.

There are 300 individual lines on the quote all with different pricing but they all need 12.5% adding on so I am hoping there is a simple way to do a bulk sum for all of the rows rather than having to go through each row and creating a sum for each. - ie =(K28*1.125)

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Form Development - Adding Rows

Dec 16, 2009

I'm creating a spreadsheet to generate a standardized form that I use as a paralegal.

I have 2 things that I don't know how to create....

1 - I want to have y/n questions on the data entry tab. When boxes are clicked Y, it adds a row and language to the form which exists on another tab. I know how to do links and to do if then statements, but I don't know how to make it not take up space when the answer is n. Some of these clauses are pretty long so I don't want to have big blank spaces when the answer is no.

2 - I have certain sections where I need to control the number of rows. I want to have a cell on the data entry tab where I put in the number of rows that I want. The spread sheet would create those rows and I would then enter the data on the data entry tab. On the form tab, the spreadsheet would refer to the cell telling it the number of rows, add those rows, and link them to the data that I entered on the data entry tab.

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Adding Rows To Sheets With 3D Referencing?

Jun 13, 2013

I have attached a file for reference. I have another file I use that is similar to the one attached, however it has 500+ rows and is still growing. The issue I am having is that in this file I want to make a "Template" worksheet. Basically I need 50ish sheets that are more or less the same. I have a column that describes a item, a items weight, a row with headers for the columns that I want to appear identical on every worksheet. I want the variables to be the count. These will change from sheet to sheet with formulas to than update the totals.

My issue I am having is that I constantly find myself needing to insert new rows for new items. In my real worksheet I have rows grouped together in a logical way so the rows cannot just always be placed in the next available row at the end of a sheet. How I can have sheet 1 be my "template" and the others take their item lists and weights from sheet 1. In the example file I created sheet 1. I than created sheet 2 and selected a cell entered "=" and selected the cell that I want it to have the same info from on sheet one. I fill handled these items down to generate a list. I than held down control and dragged a couple of new sheets. This process works, and is what I am currently doing, but what do I do when I wish to add a new rob between row 4 & 5?

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Autofiltering Then Adding Value To Filtered Rows?

Jul 25, 2014

I am able to autofilter a sheet to show only rows with a date in Column U but no "x" in Column BC. Now I want to be able to put an "x" in BC in only the filtered rows. The purpose is if someone enters a date in Column U, the macro will show only those rows minus the rows that have already had an "x" added to BC.

For the most part I've gotten this to work using but it will also put an "x" in Column BC, row 3001 on down.

How can I get it to stop at the last row?

Cells.AutoFilter Field:=21, Criteria1:="<>"
Cells.AutoFilter Field:=55, Criteria1:="="
Columns(55).SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Value = "X"

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Adding Rows And Calculation To Macro

Nov 3, 2008

I am extending rows on a salary schedule. As you can see below, the rows include: Bargaining Unit (GP) Schedule(2A) Range(5) Step (A) Hourly (S) and the hourly wage(11.52)


The Steps currently go from A thru M but I need to add N thru Z and after step M there is a 3.75% increase for each step.

You can see that this is a csv file (comma delimited). All of the other info needs to autofill and only the new steps (N-Z) will change and the wage for each of the new steps. The last row is 2 decimal points.

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Adding A Blank Row In Between Excisting Rows

Mar 20, 2009

This is what I have:


This is what I need:


I just need a black row between every row that I have now. I'm sure its simple but I can't seem to figure it out. I have tried a macro but don't really know how to work them, it just made a new line in the same spot.

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Adding Up Differnt Rows Within A Table?

Sep 24, 2009

My table is a much larger version of this:


i want excel to work out the total for x y and z. however i have about 100 different things x y and z could be and its a long list so an automatic way would be great.

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Adding Multiple Rows With A Macro

Feb 23, 2010

I´ve made a simple macro in order to make easier to add new rows in a table, by filling the cells with the new data.

The problem is that according to one of the fields, I´d like that macro to add multiple rows, with exactly the same information but numbering all these rows on this specific field from 1to the number I filled on the respective cell.

For example, I have beyond another fields that I´ve already filled, the field "Parcel" and "Total of Parcels". I filled parcel with number 1 and total of parcels with 5. Then I´d like the macro to add 5 rows with the "total of parcels" cells containing 5 on every row and the field parcel filled with number 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, for each row created.

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Adding Rows To Dropdown Menu

Nov 28, 2011

I created a Validation list from 2 to 20. I want to have it (the list) add a row every time you select the proper data.

Example: If I want to add 2 row I would select the 2 in the drop down menu. If I need 5 rows I need to select 5 from the drop down menu.

Is this a VBA code? Or can I use a formula?

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Formula For Adding Group Of Rows?

May 1, 2012

In columm (A) I have a row for each day of the year, that is, 1/1, 1/2.....12/31 which has a corresponding value in column (B). In column (K) I have a row for each week of the year, that is, 1, 2....52.

In column (L), what formula can I use so that each row will sum the values of a seven day period from column (B)?

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Adding Rows Via Command Button?

May 30, 2012

I have a monthly log that I need to keep to track expenses and customers visited. The log is segmented into 12 parts corresponding with each month.

I need to be able to add multiple lines via an input box while maintaining the formulas and formatting of the 2 rows directly above the forms command button (because both lines are filled with a different color) but not the contents?

There will be 12 command buttons in all and the new rows should be added at the bottom (directly above where the button is)

I found this and it works to some extent.

Sub FromFormsCommandBar2()
Dim Btn As Button
with ActiveSheet
Set Btn = .Buttons(application.caller)
end with
End Sub

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Adding Rows To Pivot Tables

Aug 16, 2012

Is it possible to add a row to the pivot table. All my fields run across the top of my excel sheet but i need a calculated field to show under the row under the total of each group. The values in this row must equal the value total in one of my fields. Is this possible ?

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Adding 5 Rows After Each Row And Automatically Populating Them

Jun 19, 2013

I have a data set of 300 points and i want to increase my data range by a factor of 10 .

For example if i have Column A with master points A1=10 A2 = 20 A3 = 30 .

I would like to be able to automatically enter in the same about of new rows between each point . Then calculate there difference between the master points and populate the new rows in sequence . For example The difference between A1 and A2 = 10. So the new A2 would be 11

I would like to have A1=10 A2=11 A3= 12 A3=14 Etc as the new cells.

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