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Close Print Preview - Vba Escape Code

macro is not exiting from print preview mode. Need the VBA code so it can close the print preview mode (preferably not "private sub" code)

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Print Preview Code
I have some code that Im trying to get to look at the sheets in my workbook and then based on if there is data in a cell and/or cells then select that sheet. Heres what I got so far thats not working. I get an error of Next without for.

Code: ...

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VBA Print Preview Code Causes Crash If No Printer Installed
activesheet.printpreview , Excel crashes if there are no printers installed on the machine. How can i check for printers before calling the printpreview, or else stop the program from crashing?

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Vista Preview Getting Error: Can Not Find "Print Preview.htm"
It takes a specific sheet & range, uses publish object to create a HTML version of this sheet then launches the IE browser to display this to the user.

Under Windows XP, Excel 2003 & Excel 2007 this works OK. Under Vista & Excel 2007, the HTML preview file is not getting written - I get an error when IE browser tries to display this file. Error: Can not find "Print Preview.htm"

Anyone run into this on Vista? Is this a permissions issue with writing the html file? Not sure why this exact same code works under XP and not Vista.

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Crash On Print Preview
This file contains the printing options of a larger userform. But I am having problems with the print preview crashing.

I'd click one of the printing options on the userform, this would bring up the print preview of that sheet.

And when I try to "test" its stability by going crazy on the view next/ previous page on preview, it'd crash. This is especially when I've got the screenupdating set to false.

Just wondering if anyone else can varify the crash/ suggest what maybe its cause?

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Print Preview Via UserForm
Is it possible to have a (print)preview shown in a textbox in a userform?

A layout has been made in a worksheet and content is added to some cells through Userforms (textboxes and comboxes).

1 Userform contains a big textbox and a "SEND"-button.
What I would like is to have a preview of the worksheet inside that textbox before they click send.

During this whole proces, the Excel -Worksheet is not visible (to prevent changes being made to the program)!

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Print Preview The Page
I set up a passworded spreadsheet and saved it to my documents folder. I then copied it across to a network area I use to link to a company I work with. The file opens ok on the password but the page is completely white and I can see nothing at all! When I print preview the page I can see all my information but this doesn't help when I need to update it.

Not only that, the whole lot of excel spreadsheets I have both on my documents and the network area are doing the same thing! I've no idea how it's happened or what to do to retrieve the page view.

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Print Preview Lines..
How do I turn them off? I go to print preview, then leave, and I have ugly lines all over the place showing where the end of the page is. My entire team can't figure it out. where I can turn this option on/off?

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Print Preview Macro
1. Uses PrintPreview to view the results centered horiztonally on the page with the worksheet name at the center top of the printout and my name in the lower-right corner of the printout.

2. Closes PrintPreview. Everything is fine, except the macro will NOT close PrintPreview! I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = ""
With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.LeftHeader = ""
.CenterHeader = "&F"
.RightHeader = ""
.LeftFooter = ""
.CenterFooter = ""
.RightFooter = "Jennifer Large"
.LeftMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.75)
.RightMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.75)
.TopMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(1)
.BottomMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(1)
.HeaderMargin = Application.InchesToPoints(0.5).........................

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Page Setup/Print Preview Vba
I am testing some code to have my sheets print consistently on different computers. I have

With ActiveSheet.PageSetup
.CenterHorizontally = True
.Orientation = xlPortrait
.FitToPagesWide = 1
End With

but it still previews at more than 1 page wide. Any suggestions?

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Crashes Upon Exit Of Print Preview
I have a UDF that is used to identify autofiltered columns. Everything works great unless I am using the UDF for a conditional formatting, and then I try to use Print Preview.

Here is the UDF I am using: ...

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Print Preview, Passing Cellrange Into A Sub
I'm almost done with the VBA tool I programmed - only one task left.

I'm having a little trouble with the print preview.
It shall show the range
...FROM A1 '(first cell)
...TO I(j+1) '(Col: "I", row: "j+1")

The code I use looks lie this:

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Acrobat PDF Print Preview Not WYSIWYG
I have a spreadsheet which needs to be scaled down when printing (to fit 1 page wide by x tall), everything looks good in the print preview, but when PDFing, some of the columns don't seem to wrap properly and some of the words on the right side blend into the next column.

After playing around with it, if I set the column to autofit it slightly expands the column width and works correctly. Unfortunately, this will make the text too small to read by the time it is scaled down for PDFing so I have left the columns as they were.

I had a feeling that this difference between what was on screen and the end result could be due to the "printer" settings. So, because the default printer was not Acrobat, I changed the printer to Acrobat before attempting to print preview and print again. Yippee, it worked.

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Hide Rows In Print Preview
I want to hide some rows when I click on the Print Preview menu button.

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VBA Print Preview And Control Toolbox Tools
I have a spreadsheet with check boxes and a combo box that are set to display in print preview as well as print. I have set up a Print Preview button on this spreadsheet, as well. When you click the Print Preview button and then click close on the preview window and return to the spreadsheet, the control toolbox tools appear out of place and are greatly magnified. Scrolling the screen down and then back makes them appear correctly once again.

I have seen this on this spreadsheet on three different computers. Does anyone have a clue what is going on?

Note, clicking the print preview button on the standard toolbar does not provide the same artifact. It works correctly.

Or for the cheap fix, what is the VB script to move the cursor to a different cell and then return back?

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Checkbox Locations Shifts In Print Preview
I have checkboxes (from the control toolbox) in a spreadsheet next to text. When I am in the normal view everything is where it is supposed to be. But when I do a print preview the checkbox shifts and comes on top of the text that was at the left of the checkbox.

This form has to be presentable both on paper and electronically. So both views are important.

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Print Preview Display Of Range Very Slow
I have only one macro created in my excel workbook which is printing rows between two rows that their references are given.

To print-preview the results only takes 2 minutes, although it is only one page because I don't have much data in the spreadsheet yet. Also, to print it takes another minute.

How can the macro run and display results in less time?

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Selecting Sheets Meeting A Criteria For Print Preview
I have a print userform where I let the user print a summary package of sheets. I am trying to allow the user to see a print preview of certain sheets. The first one is always the "Bid Summary" sheet (sheet 2). The rest are a dynamic number of sheets with numeric names starting at 1. Now I need a easy way for me to allow the user to see a print preview of the Bid Summary, and then all the sheets right afterwards. I cant use sheets("1","2",...).select because it wont select a ever changing number of sheets. Really it is a problem of selecting a varied number of sheets in VB.

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Userform Webbrowser To Preview HTML Code.
What i was thinking of trying to do is. I am sending a HTML E_Mail from vba. i have a string that contains the HTML Code looks like

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Auto Close After Print
I have a spreadsheet and I would like for it to automatically close after printing.

Long version: The sheet is set up with several fields that can be changed by the user, and the date/time are automatically entered upon opening the sheet. I want to ensure that all fields are reset, and the date/time are correctly updated, every time that the user uses the spreadsheet. The last thing the user will do when finished entering his information will be to print the form, so I figure this would be a good time to make the form close (if this is possible).

I have already entered a code to prevent the query "do you want to save changes" before closing. So when they open the spreadsheet it will always contain the same starting information.

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Open, Print And Close
When i open an excel file, i need it to print 3 copies and then close itself without saving. This is because i have a file that must have 3 copies printed everyday. I know its lazy =) but i'm sure it will be very useful and i have seen it on a file before however i cannot successfully replicate it.

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Maze Escape VB Competition
Well heres the problem.

Anyone fancy having a bash at it?

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Vb Code To Set Print Area And Print Out
with creating vb code that will select certain rows in a spreadsheet, set the print area to those rows and print them out, and then reset the print area back to default.
The data is all on one sheet, but is split into 5 different areas, each below the next, with the column headers at the top of each.



and so on. At the press of a button it'll set the print area to the first section and print (the section includes the headers as well as the data). Then at the press of another button it'll set the print area to the next section. There could be any amount of rows of data in each section so it needs to cope with that.

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Try To Close Then Delete Using Code
I can save and create pdf, I just need help deleting the .xls file.
Her is code I have:

Path = "C:Emailed Proposals"
On Error Resume Next
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:= _
Path & Range("C6").Value & Range("O3").Value & ".xls"
On Error GoTo 0
Application.ActivePrinter = "PrimoPDF on Ne00:"
ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=1, ActivePrinter:= _
"PrimoPDF on Ne00:", Collate:=True
Application.ActivePrinter = "EPSON Stylus C86 Series on Ne02:"

I need to keep the newly created .pdf and delete the created/saved .xls file, I just can't ssem to figure out what I need to write in code.

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VB Code To Close File
I have a template where users provide input in specified fields. Upon completion, pressing a macro button emails the file to administrator.

find out a code that once email is sent, perform following actions simultaneously;

Pop up message to appear as “Message Sent – Do you want to process another request?
If reply is Yes, the sheet is refreshed
If reply is No, File is closed without Saving

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Code For Close The Workbook
I know this is the code to close a workbook

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File Close Vba Code
The code below works perfectly when run from a macro button on a worksheet or when initiated using the VBA run option in the VBA editor but it does not run when run from a command button on a userform. The code is

Sub closer()
Dim bCancel As Boolean
Do Until bCancel = True
bCancel = Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show
If bCancel = False Then MsgBox "Sorry, cannot Cancel", vbCritical
ActiveWorkbook.Close SaveChanges:=False
End Sub

When I run the code from a command button on my userform the error message I get is: 'Run-Time error 1004 Document not saved' and the line of code that it continually gets stuck on is: bCancel = Application.Dialogs(xlDialogSaveAs).Show

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VBA Code To Close Inactive Workbooks
I tried to use Workbooks("Inactivebookname.xlsm").Close False
and many variations thereof, but I simply cannot close this workbook when currently another workbook is active.

I have no problem in closing an active workbook with

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Code - To Get It To Close The Worksheet And Workbook
I have a macro that runs and I want it to close excel when it is done. The best I can do is to get it to close the worksheet and workbook.

What is the code to make excel completely close?

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Code To Close Down A Specific File
I have a piece code that allows the user to pick a file from a folder on my C:. It then copies a range of data into the original workbook that the macro was run. I would like to close the other file down automatically which shouldn't be that hard but I can't work out how to do it.

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Close Text File With Code
I am trying to inch my way forward to writing a macro that will read in an external CSV file into a sheet (my next task will be to spread the date between multiple sheets based on regions). My first attempt at code is the following

Sub read_csv()
Dim strLine As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim filename As String
Dim ans As String
filename = "C:Documents and SettingsMichaelMina dokumentMina datakällorD123905.csv"
Open filename For Input As #1
i = 1
While Not EOF(1) And i < 10
Line Input #1, sLine
ans = MsgBox(sLine, vbOK, "hello there")
i = i + 1
' Close filename
End Sub

A couple of problems arise. When I debug the code, if I remove the comment on the close filename, the debugger complains with error 13 (incompatible types). If I comment the line and try and run the code twice in a row, I get a complaint about error 55 - file already open. I'm guessing that the close filename is the correct syntax - if it isn't, what should it be??

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How To Save And Close An Excel Using Access VB Code
I have two procedures in two different access forms. First procedure executes fine. It ends up with creating a Table1 by importing the data successfully from the Excel file. But after that later when I call procedure 2, it throws the below error when it is trying to import the data in to Table2. I think the Excel "Test.xls" did not save properly and close in the Procedure 1. I could see some Excel thread running in the Task Manager. How can I handle this. Please advice. Your expertise help will be truly appreciated. I am absolutely new to this VB-Access code world.

Error: "'MySheet2$'is not a valid name. Make sure that it does not include invalid characters or punctuation and that it is not too long." ....

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Workbooks.Close Function Stops Code
We're using XP Pro using Excel 07

The background is there are about 40 people who use a Excel based program that contains a pivot and a bunch of other tools that they use on a regular basis, this set of tools has a version number. In this excel workbook, it has a function that looks on the network drive that we have and checks the local version vs the version on our network drive, if its wrong, then the user gets a popup stating your tools are out of date, would you like to update, then they click yes and I have these lines of code

Public Function GetNewTools()
Dim MyFullName As String

'Turn off alerts
Application.DisplayAlerts = False

'Open the new version of tools
Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
"Network DriveUpdate.xlsm"

End Function

The update file has this code that executes on fileopen in the thisworkbook section by calling the following sub

The main issue we're running into is near the very end, the code never makes it to "TEST 2". After the first workbooks close, the code just stops running. No crashes, errors, freezes, anything. It just stops running and never makes it to the second msg box.

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Code To: Open Another Workbook And Close Current
I want code to:
Open EstimatingSheet.xls
SaveAs current workbook as Range B13 &".xls"
Open EstimatingSheet.xls workbook from somewhere on C:
Then close the one with B13.xls

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Before Close Code Errors When Closing From Other Workbooks
I have a workbook which includes a simple set of options on closing such as selecting the front sheet, restoring scrollbars and saving the workbook. To avoid problems with subscripts out of range I am using the ThisWorkbook statement to close the workbook.

This works fine and causes the workbook to close when close is clicked on any excel window. The problem is that excel falls over when it tries to resume closing the other workbooks. I am given (ironically) an error saying "excel has encountered a problem and needs to close". Does anyone know how to work around this?

My code is below:

Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)

Call Toolbars9(True)
With ActiveWindow
.DisplayHorizontalScrollBar = True
.DisplayWorkbookTabs = True
End With

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Prevent Close Code Until Message Confirmed
I have a spreadsheet with a number of fields on it which must be filled in before the file can be saved, and if the user attempts to close the spreadsheet without filling in the required fields, I want a message box to appear asking for confirmation that the user wishes to quit, if yes, the sheet exits, if no, the sheet remains open

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Code To Be Executed And Then Have The Spreadsheet Save Itself And Close Definitively
When I close my worksheet excel asks me if I wish to save the file one last time, if I click 'yes' I would like some more code to be executed and then have the spreadsheet save itself and close definitively, how can this be done using vba?

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Print Button/Msg Box Code
I have a print button on several sheets in a workbook. I have a code set for it so that when it is clicked, it will bring up a print dialog box. It looks like this...

Sub Button14_Click()
End Sub

However, on one or two of the sheets, I would like a message box to also display when this button is clicked. The button is called Button14_Click()

Private Sub Button14_Click()
MsgBox "Please print new signature cards for customer(s) to sign"
End Sub

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Code To Print Sheet
I have 7 digit values in Col B12: down. I have sheets with names that match any one of these values. Is it possible for a macro to print all sheets in my workbook whose name matches one of the values in Col B cells 12:down??

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Print Area VB Code
I wish the print area to be set based on the number entered into cell "D58". My code so far is:

Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
Dim NumPages As Range
Set NumPages = Range("D48")
Worksheets("Sheet6").PageSetup.PrintArea = Worksheets("Sheet6").Range(0, 0).Resize(NumPages * 21, 47)
End Sub

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Print Loop Code
I have a print code that I want to run on a loop. In column A Sheet UPSLabels, I have record numbers 1 through 94.

I have a vlookup in "C1" of another sheet that looks at the record number in "B1" and pulls in the correct information from UPSLabels based off the matchin record number in column A. I would like my code to print, update the number in "B1" by 1, and keep printing the records until it reaches 94.

I've probably supplied too much information, but the point is, I need the loop to run until "B1" reaches 94.

Sub print_loop()

Dim cnt As Range
Set cnt = Range("L1")

ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.PrintOut Copies:=cnt, Collate:=True
Range("b1") = Range("b1") + 1

End Sub

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Print Area Code
I have some code to select a print area depending on wether or not there is data in a cell. The code I have so far partially works but not quite like I need it to. Here's what I have,

Sub selectprintarea()
Select Case True

Case Range("C5").Value > 0
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A$1:$M$47"

Case Range("Q5").Value > 0
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = "$A$1:$AA$47"

End Select
End Sub

It will select the print range if there is data in C5 but if there is data in C5 and Q5 it only selects the first print area. I know I need an "If - Else" or something of that nature but I cant figure that out. Also I need it to look at other worksheets not just the active one. I've tried a replacing the ActiveSheet with Worksheets (Sheet1). but that gives me an error.

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Set Print Area Through Code
I am having trouble setting print area on rows that can vary from 100 to 6000 rows. This code works good except that the print area cuts off the last row of data every time. "AreaBegin"=row 6 and "AreaEnd" = to last row after a set number of rows have been inserted based on a counter.

Basically how do I get this code to capture the last row for print area?

Sub SetArea()
ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea = Range("AreaBegin", Range("AreaEnd").End(xlUp)).Address

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Print VBA Code In Colour
I have a really simple question - am tryingto print my VBA code, but want to print it as it appears in the VBA window, in colour (i.e. green comments, blue operations, etc). Is there a way to set it so the code prints in colour?

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Code Get Slow Down When Trying To Print The Worksheet
I have a some code that we use in our office that works ok on my pc. When others in the office try to use the macro the year gets changed to 19 instead of 09. The only problem I have is that the code seems to slow down when it is trying to print the worksheet out. Can the code be shortened up/cleaned up. We are looking for gridlines with inside /outside lines, landscape and left/right margins of .25

Sub IC_Delays()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False
Windows("Delays List.xls").Activate
Range("F15:N" & Cells(Rows.Count, "F").End(xlUp).Row).Copy
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats
Range("A1:I" & Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row).Select.........

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VBA Code To Print To Specfic Printer
I have a macro that prints out several worksheets. My problem is that I want to print these worksheets to a specific color printer. There are many different users and most of them will have a black-and-white printer setup as their default. I want to be able to print using the ip address of the color printer.

I have tried setting the active printer using:

Application.ActivePrinter = "\WP010110.117.3.36"

with little luck... This seems like such a simple thing! I have done a lot of research and can't find a good solution although I have seen the question raised several times!

Ozgrid has been a great source of information and solutions in the past. Please help again!

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Code To Print Multiple Pages
I have a macro that cycles through several student ID numbers and prints a progress report for each one. It works great, but I would like to add an option to pick which printer to use at the beginning of the code. In other words, when I run the macro, the printer box opens and I can pick the printer. When I click okay to print, the macro continues.

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Code Before Print Add Inputbox To Change Date
I was wanting to input the date Before Printing. I want to write some code.

Private Sub Workbook Before_Print (cancel as booleen)
Inputbox = "Enter the date you would like in Mondays cell C4"
Application.Worksheet.Range("C4").Value = InputBox.Value
End Sub

I know I am making a very rough attempt at what I am trying to achieve, I just don't know coding that well.

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Update Print Header And Footer With VBA Code
I am trying to link what is in the header and footer with information contained in certain Cells. (I eventually want to have a user form to help input the information, but one thing at a time.)

How do I go about getting the following information into code so that I can update the enclosed code?

Left Header: Client Name contained in Sheet: "Table of Contents" B:1

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VBA Code For Printing Variable Print Ranges
I am trying to write VBA code that will print a print range that is presented in cell F3 on a "Reports" worksheet. The content of F3 will change depending on how many reports the user selects to print. For example, he could select one, two, three reports etc - up to twelve. The cell ranges of each report are named (e.g. Report1, Report2 etc) so that if the user selects to print Reports 1 and 2, the contents of cell F3 are "Report1,Report2". If I replace WhatToPrint with "Report1,Report2" the print macro works.

Sub Macro2()
Dim WhatToPrint As String
WhatToPrint = Sheets("Reports").Cells(3, 6).Value
'sets the variable to equal the contents of cell D3 which contains the formula
'summarising the print ranges I want to print
Sheets("Reports").Cells(3, 6).Select
ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = WhatToPrint
' pastes the variable in cell F3 - just to check that it looks like I want it to
Sheets("Reports").PageSetup.PrintArea = WhatToPrint
'uses the variable to set print area - this is where it fails!
'if you replace the variable with the contents of cell F3 the macro will work
End Sub

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Code To Print Ranges Based On A Cell's Valvue
On the attached sheet I would like to set the print range and then print based on 1 cell's valve. F9 is the value I would like to use:

If F9=1 I need it to print A1:M43

If F9=2 I need it to print A1:M87

If F9=3 I need it to print A1:M131 and so on.

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