Combining Rows Containing Text

Mar 26, 2008

I have 2 spreadsheets with a total of 100,000 rows of item descriptions. The problem is that I have to combine the text in the rows to create a complete item description into one cell. The number of rows for each description varies from 1 row to 7 rows. Excel experts here are using the term "concatinate."

There is one common element to the item description. There is a unique 11 digit code (in its own separate column) in the appropriate number of rows for each description. Note that the unique # I identified below doesn't look right since this document does not allow me to show the numbers in a column.

The spreadsheet looks like the following (I have created 2 item descriptions). I have at least 40,000 more.

PAD, EASEL, 27" X 34", ERASABLE, STATIC 61562030632
IMAGES, 34 SHEETS/PAD 61562030632
AVERY #24-391 OR EQUAL 61562030632
PAD, WRITING, 8.5 X 11.75, LEGAL RULE, 61562030940
PERFORATED 61562030940
AMPAD 20-___ 61562030940
NUMBER 61562030940

I could use a formula or a macro that would combine the descriptions into one cell. One other problem was identified as I tried to combine the text. There has to be a space created after the last letter of each row, otherwise, the last word in the row combines with the first word of the next row.

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Combining Text From Rows Based Upon Current Month Dates

May 19, 2014

I have sheet1 where there is a data.

Column A has dates and column F, G, H have some text with ',' ( e.g. Paper, wall, taps...etc)

I want to now combine text values from Column F ( rows of current month only) and place them in sheet2 in one cell with ',' in between text and not showing same item twice.

Sample book attached ....

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Combining Rows And Keeping Data From Both Rows

Mar 9, 2013

I have a game where people are scored on the spreadsheet, but they can join anytime, so everyday, I get a combined list of points. The list consists of people who joined previously, and the new players. How should I combine the points?

[URL] ..........

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Combining Several Rows In One

Jan 16, 2014

I have a big amount of data and want to consolidate it.

I have identical text in Columns 1,3 and 4, but the text in Column 2 is different for all.

How do I make 1 row instead of 3 with Column 2 consolidated?

See the attachment : Excel_list.xlsx‎

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Combining The Rows

Jan 19, 2007

I've attached a spreadsheet with a simplified example of my situation. Notes appear at the far right to explain my desired result. I've read through lots of posts on the forum but haven't yet found anything to mimic.

I'm building a calendar to display promotion activity by week for multiple customers and multiple products. The source data only lists one event per row, so the current result is not as concise I know it could be. I end up with twleve different rows for customers with activity each month on the same product, where I'd like to see just one row with all activity for the year.

Can anyone assist with either VBA or a formulaic solution? I've tried a few things with if/and statements followed by a concatenation of previous rows, but this seems like it will not have the intelligence to calculate only rows that match, I keep coming up short. Can OFFEST be used in some way?

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Combining Multiple Rows Into One Row

Dec 28, 2012

I have a list of data elements listed row by row with headers

last 4 of SSNFull Nameschool_codeterm_beginterm_endSchool Rep NameEmail
1111 Jim smith 00104600082012 082016 school
2222 Jane Doe 00104600082012 082016 school
3333 justin justin00104600082012 082014 school
4444 Joe Joe 00104600082012 082016 school
5555 Jake Jake 00104600082012 082016 school

What I need to do is to get all 5 rows into one row and duplicate the headers so row 1 has all fire rows of information one column after the next comlumn. If I can't duplicate the headers easily and can just aggregate the data into one row in cell by cell that fine.

Sample document attached for review

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Combining Specific Rows

Nov 30, 2008

I have received a 'data dump' from a local county assessor. It is formatted for their use in displaying on their website. This particular file associates a parcel number with the legal description. However, with longer legal descriptions, they have replicated the parcel number and continued the description. The fields in the sample I have attached include (A) as the parcel number (which is common through all the files), (B) a county id, (C) the order that this specific portion of the legal description shoud be, and (D) the legal description, itself. In the sample you will see one specific parcel number that repeats itself more than 20 times, while other parcel numbers only appear once. What I hope to do is have one row for each parcel number with no replications. I hope for (A) be the parcel number, (B) be the county id, and (C) be the combined legal description. There should be approximately 275,000 unique parcel numbers.

A second option would be to move the lower continuations up, into the same row. For the example above refering to the 20 rows of legal description, I can work with 1 row and 20 columns(E through Z).

The provided coding was perfect, my problems were found to be the environment I was working. Once the data was prepared properly, the coding worked very well.

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Combining Multiple Rows

Jun 22, 2009

Not really sure what I want to accomplish is called but here's a description:

I've got a file with 2 columns
Column A Column B

What I want is the following:
C53445002558-001--1045540.00 ....

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Combining Multiple Rows Into One

May 18, 2006

I have two spreadsheets of 27,000+ rows each.

Each one consists of user data for each time they logged onto our systems. The problem is that there is one row for each login. There are anywhere from 1 to 20 (or so) rows per user. I need to turn that into a spreadsheet with one row for each user.

In theory, the problem shouldn't be that difficult. Each user has a unique user ID, and the only math that's required in the merge is a simple adding of numbers from three columns to give a single total for each user.

So far, the only workaround I've been able to come up with is using the subtotal function based on the unique user ID which will at least isolate each user and total up their usage statistics. But it still leaves me with the problem of deleting the now uneccessary extra rows by hand, and then pastin the data back into a new sheet. Using vlookup, I think.

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Combining Rows With Duplicate Data

Jan 27, 2010

I need to combine rows with that have the same column A value into one row. The duplication will be no more than 3 (ie 3 As, 2 Bs, 3 Cs, 1 D etc). I am looking for one of two options. 1) Ideally I'd like to be able to take 2 columns and turn them into up to 4 columns total. 2)Alternately, I can format the data to be in the correct columns to start, but will still need to merge the duplicate rows. The data can have any number of rows to start.

I've found something close, but it puts the new column data into ascending number order, which won't work for me because I need it to be in the specific order I input.(It also put all the data into one column, which I don't mind because I can do text to columns, but the order was the bugger.)

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Combining 2 Rows That Share 1 Cell

Feb 27, 2013

combining 2 rows that share 1 cell so that it is easier to format cells. For example: A4 and A5 have been combined with B4 and B5 to form 1 cell that has content. How can I convert this to a cell that only occupies A4?

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Combining Multiple Rows Into Single Row?

Apr 9, 2013

I have a HUGE spreadsheet (1,000,000 rows) that contains a series of reports. The first row of the report contains all of the report identification numbers. The next 20-50 rows contains the report details, all in column A. Then the report ends with a cell in column A containing "[report_end]" and then on the next row the next report begins.

I would like to compress the report details all into a single cell in column A so that there is only one row for each report, sort of like this:

AA | BB | CC | DD
AA | BB | CC | DD


AA xyz 123 [end_report] | BB | CC | DD
AA xyz 123 [end_report] | BB | CC | DD

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Combining Rows - Creating List

Jan 16, 2009

I'm trying to automate a task at work which is really annoying. I've gotten some of the way, but would like your help to get over this hill.

This is what I've got so far:

I get the data from AutoCAD, I've cleaned it up, and created a Vlookup to give me the length in inches. Due to minor variations in length, the data from AutoCAD is seperated into equal lengths. What I need to do is combine this information into a single row. For example, rows 13-16 are exactly the same, and need to be combined into a single row. They are all 15" in Pour #3, but I have to add these numbers up with a calcultor to get a final count. Since most buildings are not the same, the data can be different, but they will always have the same basic columns; "Count", "Pour", and "Length". Name can be thrown out because it's not really necessary, I just keep it in there to make sure all I'm counting is lines.

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Combining Rows With Merged Cells

Aug 10, 2006

I am generating a calendar view of project information in excel with the column headings as dates. Every project should be a merged group of cells spanning the rows for the proper dates.

Right now I generate a new row with new merged cells for every project (100 projects = 100 rows, even if the project only spans a single day!)

I need to be able to consolidate the project data so that if two projects' dates don't overlap they are put in a single row.

For instance:

Project 1 runs 8/2/2006 - 8/3/2006
Project 2 runs 8/5/2006 - 8/9/2006
Project 3 runs 8/6/2006 - 8/7/2006

Right now I get 3 rows, each with one piece of data shown as a group of merges cells.

I want to see Projects 1 + 2 or 1 + 3 on the same row (since they don't overlap).

Simply cutting and pasting up doesn't work because the vba automatically overwrites data.

I just don't know excel vba very well (long time access man).

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Combining Text And Numbers?

May 7, 2014

I have the correct formula but the formula is not converting over.

54Morningside Dr=F287&" "&G287

I am trying to combine 54 and Morning side Dr to one cell.

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Combining Text From Two Cells

Apr 29, 2009

I have two columns, Brief Descriptions and Detailed Descriptions. In many cases they are different and I combine the two for one longer description; however in certain instances the two columns read the same. Is there was way to combine the two cells where any repeat text is only expressed once?

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Combining Date And Text

Aug 18, 2008

I have a workbook where I track projects. Whenever I enter an update in the comments section for a particular project I enter the current date and the word UPDATE! into a column labelled Updated. The format should look like the following.



As I have to do this on a regular basis I wanted to create a macro that would do this. I came up with the following.

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Combining Columns To Create New Rows Not Concatenation

May 22, 2014

RCA Page for forum.xlsx

I'm trying to get entries from one table to appear in another. The first table is like this:

Customer Column1
Description Column1
Customer Column2
Customer Description2
Created By

The table I want to put the data into looks like this:
Created By

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Combining Multiple Rows With Duplicate Information

Nov 24, 2009

I have a sheet with over 1000 rows showing me every employee's benefit choices. It has multiple rows for each employee - one that indicates their health option, one that indicates their dental option and so on.

I'd like to combine them so I have one row that has columns for health, dental, etc...and then their options would be listed all in the same row. I've attached the original with the solution I'd like pasted below. I'm sure this isn't difficult but I'm having trouble figuring it out.

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Combining Like Items Across Multiple Columns And Rows

Mar 3, 2014

[URL]...I was trying to use this thread's solution macro on my sheet that is only consolidating columns A, B, and C with a couple thousand lines and I've had it running for over an hour now. There hasn't been any errors but is there any particular reason that might be causing it to take longer than it should aside from having to go through a few thousand rows?

Basically, I only want 1 Version of data in Column B and any other rows that has a match in column B, i want to consolidate unique data from Columns A and C.

AB 123 AAC
BA 131 AAC
AB 222 CAA

AB 123, 222 AAC, CAA
BA 131 AAC

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Combining Hide Columns With Autofilter Rows

Dec 21, 2008

I have a spreadsheet in Excel 7 for a lifelong cashflow model. The main worksheet is called 'Projection' with ages in rows & income (from a variety of sources) and expenditure (of various kinds) in columns fed with data from the Input sheet.

On the 'Input' sheet I have a button called Format Graphs which controls the following macro:

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Combining Like Items Across Multiple Columns/Rows?

Jun 9, 2009

This isn't absolutely necessary, but being able to do this easily would cut down on a lot of tedious jobs for me. Let's say I have a set of data like this (I tried to space it out as best I could to give the idea):

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Combining Worksheets With Unknown Number Of Rows

Dec 16, 2009

I am trying to find a way to combine two worksheets with identical columns and an unknown number of rows. Both sheets use columns A through K.

I want to add a new sheet called "Combined orders", then copy data and headers from Sheet1, paste it to Combined orders, copy data only from Sheet2, and paste it on the row after the last row of data from Sheet1.

Sounds easy but I am easily confused by the unknown number of rows in each data set. Can someone please help?

Also, are there a few lines of code that I can copy and paste into new macros that will make the unknown rows problem easier for me in the future? (i.e., instead of just showing me the code, can you also please explain the concept behind it so I can learn for future reference?)

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Combining Text From Comment Boxes

Apr 25, 2013

I am trying to combine the text from the comments boxes of a full row of cells into the comments box of a separate other cell in order to provide an overview of the comments in these cells in one place.

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Combining Two Text Cells Into One With Hyphen In Between

Jan 30, 2013

I am setting up a new chart of accounts, with the format xxx-yyyy, where xxx is a three digit department number, and yyyy is the expense account. I am building a spreadsheet to populate the new chart of accounts to be uploaded into our accounting software. I would like to have a cell that takes the xxx from one cell, adds a hyphen, and combines it with the yyyy value. The result would be xxx-yyyy format.

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Combining Some Of Rows Values Based On Multiple Criteria (2)

Apr 18, 2014

I have a table based on transport numbers who sometimes have doubles. Example:

Number Postcode Value1 Value 2...
106200 8500 10
106200 8500 5
106200 8600 6
106201 5500 4
106202 4000 1
106202 4000 1

So it works as following:

A transportnumber can have multiple instances of itself, such as 106200. This transport number can also have multiple instances where the postcode is the same. These are the rows i want to combine

So shortly:
Transportnumber double/triple...+ Postcode double/triple...= combine these rows.

if only transport number is double, or only postcode, then dont combine. I want it to combine 2 columns of values, one will b the kgs, other one a price.

So example of end result for 106200 would be
106200 8500 value+value (these 2 rows matched so it combined the 2 values i want it to)
106200 8600 value ( this was unique so it stays unique)

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Excel 2007 :: Combining Data In Duplicate Rows

Aug 15, 2008

I have a long (about 180 000 rows) list of part numbers, descriptions, prices and quantities. There are many duplicate part numbers. I need to go through and find the duplicates, add all their quantities into one cell and delete the remaining duplicates. I have used conditional formatting to find the duplicates easier but cannot use the remove duplicates button as it will delete the whole row and I need the quantity information in each row.

Any formula or macro I can set up to search the part number column (F) for duplicates and add the figures in the quantity column (J) and THEN delete the duplicate part number rows?

Maybe I need to put the new combined information in another sheet?

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Combining Sheets: Aggregate All Into One Column On The First Sheet, 250 Rows

Aug 5, 2009

I have a book with 250 worksheets, with one cell of data per sheet. It is the same cell in every sheet (C7). I need to somehow aggregate all of this into one column on the first sheet, 250 rows.

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Combining Text From One Cell So That Appears On One Line

Mar 2, 2014

File I have attached or made a link for here Untitled-2.jpg

I am trying to make that amazon cell, all text to appear as one line like the second line foreign conversion fee i want it to appear like that. Rather then having to delete and modify 100's of rows like this.

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Combining Fixed Text In A Single Cell

Aug 20, 2009

I have about 20 choices I'd like a user to select from and have the text output to a single cell.

Just create a Data Validation List? Yeah, but that only allows you to select ONE of the items in the list -- I want to select as few as zero and as many as all 20, combining the resulting text into a single string - space or comma delimited.

My first thought was checkboxes, but all I can seem to figure out is how to get ONE of the results into the cell, meaning I'm better off with the Data Validation List because it's easier.

Especially since I need to repeat this for as many as 200 or 300 lines,

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