Comparing Text Files In VBA

Dec 3, 2008

I have two text files with huge data in each which I need to compare for difference between each
for e.g.

file 1 would have following records

12345 KKKK 3510 ABCD

file 2 would have
12345 KKKK 3210 ABCD

file 2 would have similar records but 3510 would have difference. What i need is " if 12345 and ABCD is matching then what is the difference value of 3510 and 3210 ? the result should be 300 . This i need as an output in another text file.

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Comparing Worksheets Within File / Files

Apr 6, 2011

I have a user that needs to compare MSExcel files with a mass number of worksheets within the file/files. Is there anything to compare Excel files and to print out the compared results?

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Counting Duplicate Files And Comparing To List

Mar 22, 2013

I am trying to make a Macro that will search through a folder on my PC and look for file names with a string such as shown below:

The issue i am facing is that many of the files have duplicates.

I need it to check to see if the number of duplicates in Column E for each file name have the same amount of duplicate files in the actual folder... and if they don't I need the rows(s) highlighted Yellow.

Example: Say I run this macro.. and there are only 2 files in the folder that start with "BH1003".. as there is 3 instances in column E.. the 3 rows that have "BH1003" in them should all highlight..

I have added my code so far below also, but it only highlights each row Yellow if it finds an instance of the string in column E.. I don't know how to get it to count and compare....


Private Sub CommandButton3_Click()
'Search Folder for files - Highlight Yellow if Exists - Highlight Red if NOT Exists.
Dim r As Long, lastRow As Long
With ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet
'get last row


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Excel Macro For Comparing 2 XLS Files With N Number Of Worksheets And Columns

Feb 24, 2014

Need a excel macro which can compare 2 xls files and highlight cells which are different in the 2 files its like a slightly advanced one >a prompt which asks file 1 after selecting file a prompt whichasks for file 2 ..then on running it should highlight cells in file two which are different from file one Both file have same layout ie if file one has n columns in n worksheets file 2 will also have same . So the comparison should be done for each worksheet in both file and cells should be highlighted ..

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Change Text Color When Comparing 2 Text Fields

Aug 20, 2013

How would I compare two text fields (old and new) and change the font in the 3rd column (Difference)?

For example:

Old: I can not figure 3 things out.
New: I can't figure 2 things out.
Difference: can not can't figure 3 2 things out.

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Save Ranges In Multiple Files To Text Files

Dec 21, 2007

I have a excel file that I enter information into. I have code that saves the files to a certain folder with the name, date, and time stamp for the file name. At the end of the day I might have 3 to 15 excel files I have created that day and I would like to take information from certain cells (examle: L3, B6, B7, B8, G8, and so on) and create a txt file with all of the information in it.

Your Name
123 Somewhere St.
Here, OH 45111
Home Visit

Someone Else
345 Anywhere St.
There, OH 45211
Hospital Visit

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Convert Multiple Files To Text Files

Sep 26, 2007

I have about 100 Excel files in one folder that need to be saved as text files. They can keep the same name, but simply need to be converted to text files. I'd like to use VBA for this and I can't find examples that do exactly that...or ones that my limited knowledge can handle.

Excel files exist in C:Source and ALL of them should be saved as text files in C:Destination. Maybe there is an easier way, but I thought for sure there was a routine I could use.

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Comparing Text In Same Cell?

Jul 14, 2013

To make a long story short, I'm trying to compare formulas. I was able to copy the formulas as values.

There are hundreds of lines, each one with the formulas pasted as values, like '=SUM(G132:I132) / G30. What I want right now is to compare the text.

So, if for example:

the line for both parts of the pasted sum formula like '=SUM(G132:I132) / G30, I want a number 1 to be written in the adjacent cell (if '=SUM(G132:I132) / G30 is in A1, 1 should be written in B1).

However, if its is written '=SUM(G132:I142) / G30, than nothing should be written in B1.

Moreove, the line could have from 1 to characters. So it could be '=SUM(G1:I1) / G30 or '=SUM(G13200:I13200) / G30.

is the same, like of A1 is '=SUM(G1322), I want a number 1 to be written in B1

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Comparing Text In 3 Columns?

Jan 28, 2014

I need to compair 3 columns of text and return a value in a forth colum. example:

If cell D2, E2, & F2 all = “Failure” return “PASS” in cell I2
If cell D2, E2, & F2 all = “Pass” return “PASS” in cell I2

If any other combination exist return “Fail” in cell I2

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Comparing Text In Cells..?

Jan 26, 2005

I have a spreadsheet that has long text sentences in each cell. I have a 2nd spreadsheet which is a slightly updated version of the first spreadsheet. The slight updates consisted of editing the odd word here or there out of the first spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of the changes I made, and I need to know what they are.

It's easy to tell if a change has been made, simply by comparing the cells. But I can't find an easy way to find out exactly what change was made. Comparing the cells a line at a time is very time consuming.

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Comparing Columns Of Text And Calculating A Value

Oct 20, 2009

I work in a School and need to create a points awards system based on GCSE Grades.

I have predicted and actual grades for each pupil in columns. I need to figure out how I can calculate an award point for this. i.e. if the predicted grade is an A and the Pupil gets a C this would be a minus 1 point score. I need to do this for all subjects and add a total.

I have attached a spreadsheet with a demonstration of what I require. I have created formulas to do what I require however I see it as terrible programming but I cannot figure out another more efficient way.

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Comparing Text If Some Cells Can Be Empty

Aug 13, 2009

I need to compare some cells, but sometimes one or two cells can be empty (but sometimes none of them)

e.g. A1 = January
B1 =
C1 = January
D1 = January
E1 =

and I need to compare this cells A1:E1 and if text in not empty cells is the same then write TRUE to F1 and if not write FALSE.

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Vlookup Comparing 2 Text Lists

Dec 2, 2008

I have two separate columns of text and want to identify similarities/matches. vlookup false is good for exact matches but vlookup true is too approximate - is there a way to hone vlookup true to match first 4 or 5 text characters rather than just the first? If vlookup no good for this what is best function for identifying approximate matches in two separate text lists?

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If Statement Failing When Comparing Text Box Values On Userform

Jun 12, 2014

I am trying to compare to values that a user inputs in a user form. It's ok if they are not the same I just want the user to know it. I am only including the part where the if statement is failing:

If Me.VSLongQuant.Value <> Me.VSShortQuant.Value Then
MsgBox VerUnBal
If VerUnBal = vbNo Then
Exit Sub
End If
End If

I have VerUnBal as Long and defined as:

VerUnBal = MsgBox("The Long and Short option Qunatities are not equal." & Chr(13) & _
"Is this intended to be an unbalanced vertical spread?", vbYesNo, _
"Unbalanced Spread Alert")

I can provide more info as necessary. There are two problems 1) the message box is appearing whether the numbers are equal or not, and 2) clicking No in the message box does not cause the Sub to exit.

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Comparing Grades (text) To Give A Numerical Score

Nov 3, 2009

I am creating for the pupils at my school. Comparing the grades they were predicted and have achieved I would like to give them a score.

I have already achieved this but it means wasting 3 columns for each subject to work it out. The ambition is to do all the working out and assign a point score value in 1 column.

The spreadsheet it attached if anyone would be kind enough to have a look and see if there may be a formula which will do what I need.

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Comparing Files From Week To Week

Feb 5, 2009

I have to download a report every week and have been manually checking the report weekly for changes.

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Comparing Text Values In Two Cells And Adding 1 To Result Column

Apr 14, 2013

I have an excel file with some data in it. I have two columns with one of four words in it. For simplicity I'll call them RED, GREEN, BLUE, and Yellow. A few columns over I have columns "Same" "Good" and "Bad". I'm trying to figure out a way to get excel to put a 1 in the appropriate column, if cell A1 is Red I need excel to look at the word in cell B2 and put a 1 in the "same" column if A1 and B1 are the same word. If the word in B2 is Yellow I need excel to put a 1 in the "Good" column. If the word in B1 is GREEN or BLUE I need it to put a 1 in the bad column. The tricky part is each of the four words RED, GREEN, BLUE, and Yellow have a different set of words that will be called "good" or "bad". So if the word in cell A1 if Green for example it will have a different set of good and bad color words.

So it seems I need four different functions depending on what word is in A1. In the column next to these lists of words I have the date which I'll need to use to give me the sums of same, good, and bad for each day. But first things first. I think I need to use a combination of IF functions and MATCH function, but I can't figure out anything that works. Below is what I'm hoping it will look like when I've got the right formulas.

First column
Second column


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Write Ranges To Text Files & Save Each As Cell Text

Sep 17, 2007

I m trying to write a macro which could take the text from a single column row T2 to row T313 and write it to a .txt file. Have the .txt file name created by the text in T4 or I could also put the text to name the file in T1 if you think it would be easier.

Then carry on to the next named sheet and produce another .txt file in exactly the same way until all 15 sheets have been completed. It would also be helpful if prior to starting to write each text files, it could test for any text in cell A2 of the sheet. The first empty A2 cell of a sheet would determine the end of the run, if it was prior to sheet 15 being reached.

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Excel 2010 :: Comparing Cells And Displaying Text Dependent On The Results?

Aug 15, 2012

I have attached a work book example of what i am trying to do.

Column D is what i originally did in terms of the formula and now i have to have a column display text dependant on what is in column A to C.

I was trying this formula =IF(b2>a2,"Start Target Missed",IF(c2="","Failed","Tracking")) However if this isnt working.

Is there anything i can do to change this?

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Comparing Customer Names In Rows And Returning Text Data In Different Cells If Same

Jan 26, 2010

I've got a list of donor names, names listed multipled times in Column A, each row with different donation data. For instance:

Sheet 1

A1 - Mary Jones, B1- Internet Donation
A2 - Mary Jones, B2 - Silent Auction Purchase
A3 - Mary Jones, B3 - Event Ticket Purchase
A4 - Gary Jones, B4 - Foundation Grant
A5 - Gary Jones, B5 - Internet Donation
A6 - Sara Parker, B6 - Event Ticket Purchase

I want Excel to compare rows A1 and A2, and if the name has not changed, enter the donation data from Column B into another sheet that will just list that person's name once:

Sheet 2

A1 - Mary Jones, B1- Donation1, C1 -Donation2, D1 - Donation3
A2 - Gary Jones, B2 - Donation1, C2 - Donation2, D1 - Donation3 (which would return no value because there the name changes

Does this involve IF, MATCH or VLOOKUP formulas?

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Split Text File Into Smaller Text Files

Mar 15, 2005

I'm trying to take a large text file and break into smaller text size files. I want to open the data file, and parse into 5000 line smaller files.

Here is what I have based off of some MS KB
Sub LargeFileImport()

'Dimension Variables
Dim ResultStr As String
Dim FileName As String
Dim FileNum As Integer
Dim Counter As Double
Dim CounterMax As Double
Dim sPath As String
Dim FileCounter As Double
'Output File

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Load & Retrieve Text From Text Files In Folder

Apr 24, 2008

how I would go about addressing this issue. I am given a directory with individual files in it. Each file has critical information I have to extract from it. So, I want the user to provided this directory to the macro and I want the macro to cycle through each file in this directory (excluding super and sub direcories), open it, retrieve info, and close it

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Imported Text Files Numbers Seen As Text

Mar 10, 2008

I have opened a .txt (by right clicking and selecting Open with rather than open from within Excel) file with numbers using the format 1,234,567.00 but in my country we use 1 234 567,00. So I created a macro changing the , into "" and the . into , and it works fine while creating the macro itself (by using the macro recorder) and the numbers shows and behaves like numbers. However, when running the macro on a new file some numbers remain as text whereas others are numbers. Theres is no common string, eg that numbers starting with - (minus) remains text.

It does then not matter if I go to the format function and select number with decimals and thousand dividor - the number still remains as text. I have also tried the suggested multply by 1 but it still remains as text. The only thing that helps is to either double click on the number or use the Konvert text to number. But I would then have to click each number in the whole table which is what I wanted to avoid.

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Comparing Two Cells Based On Text, Font, Colour, Font Size Etc

Jun 3, 2006

I'm looking to set up a spreadsheet whereby individuals answer questions and have to format their answer using a particular font, colour, font size and so on. The idea is that I can then compare their answer sheet to a pre completed one using an =IF function and get a total score. The only problem is =if and =exact only lookup cell text/numbers and don't look at how the text is formatted within them.

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Creating Compact Text List After Comparing List Against Two Variables

May 8, 2014

I would like to be able to compare the "standards" in Column A with the Assessment status in Column B and the Assessment period in Column C in order to generate a compact list in another workbook (ideally) or tab (if not). A list might typically contain all the standards that have been M (mastered) during a given Assessment period. I realize that filters would achieve this to a large extent but I was hoping to automatically populate another worksheet or tab.

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Text Files Sorting

Jun 23, 2008

What I have is a bunch of text files and 2 spreadsheets that sort the text files. Im not sure but I think there might be a better way but the problem is I dont know VB all that well. Can someone take some time and look over this stuff and let me know if there is actually a better way to make this happen. I also noticed that there are 2 txt file missing and not added in the sorted file (PS3_HIGH, PS3_URGENT)

The text files come from another network and are transferred manually every day to a folder. The purpose of the .xls files is so that someone can look at the counts and try to lower the numbers from day to day. If something is alarming frequently, the current files do not put that information together well. The numbers are still important, but is there a better way to do this sort in excel?

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Aggregate Text Files

Jul 2, 2009

To go through all the database files (.txt format) in a designated folder in order to update an Excel Sheet with the required information from those database text files. Then to summarise the information in a simple table.

The text files are individual Market Exports from a game I play, and are titled as "Region-ItemType-YYYY.MM.DD HHMMSS.txt"

eg. "Heimatar-Tritanium-2009.07.02 133353.txt".

I need to know how to sift through the text files to find the most recent one with matching "Region-ItemType" parts in the file name, and refresh the Excel Sheet with the updated data.

After that, I need to be able to combine all of the cheapest sale prices for each item, with a minimum amount for sale (differs per item), while also being limited to location the item is being sold at, into a single sheet of the important information I wanted to extract in the first place.

At the end of the whole process, I need to have a single Excel Sheet with every different item's lowest price for each different place, displayed in a table I can use to make formulas from.

So if I have an export from a place called "place1" and one from "place2", looking at the same item called "item1", I should have two rows of tabulated data, one for each place's lowest price. And this should update at the touch of the "Refresh All" button, or... However you'd have to do it

I have attached a copy of one of the database text files.

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Worksheet From Text Files

Dec 11, 2009

Hi all, first up I'm a total novice but I'm trying to populate a worksheet from a text file, but here's the kicker, I'd need specific lines of the text file to populate specific columns.

None of the text files will contain the same data, but, they will all have the same related data on the same lines. So I'd like to see:

.txt file 1 line 1 > Worksheet A:1
.txt file 1 line 6 > Worksheet B:1
.txt file 1 line 12 > Worksheet C:1

.txt file 2 Line 1 > Worksheet A:2
.txt file 2 Line 6 > Worksheet B:2


Everything needs to go into the same worksheet. Some .txt files won't have any data in the specified lines so skipped if blank, or just blank data copied.

I need to run through about 1300 .txt files in a directory in this fashion, can it be done?

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Importing Text Files

Sep 25, 2002

I have a whole lot (hundreds) of .txt files that contain fixed width data that I need to convert to Excel format. I can open each file and step through the Text Import Wizard, then save it as an .xls file, but I'm wondering if there's a way to convert all the files in a given folder from .txt to .xls without having to open each one while (here's the kicker) still placing the data between the spaces on the .txt file into individual cells and columns like the wizard does.

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Exporting To Text Files

Apr 27, 2007

I am gathering data over several sheets and need to export it as a.txt file.

The problem is that in excel the data reads 1,2,3,4 and when I export it or save as or open and paste to the resulting data reads "1", "2", "3", "4,".

How to I get the txt file to not have the ""'s?

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