Conditionally Format For Sequence Across Multiple Cells?

Mar 14, 2013

What I am attempting to do is have my spreadsheet automatically detect and highlight personnel working seven days in a row. There are 63 total columns, the first one being for the person's name. The next 31 columns are a full month's dates in which their day shifts are recorded, while the final 31 are the full month's dates for night shifts worked. Days worked are listed as a "1" in the cell beneath the respective shift's date, while days off go down as "3". Currently I am using conditional formatting with the following formula, which highlights cells in red:


I created the conditional formatting formula to apply to the row for the first person listed, and then copied and pasted the formatting only for the rest of the personnel rows. The issue I'm having is that while it will highlight the seventh work days, it will often highlights all cells prior to the grouping which has seven straight days of work. It also tends to highlight single or multiple cells in red which do not fit the pattern, and whose rows may not even have seven straight days of work.

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Using COUNTIF To Conditionally Format Cells

Jun 4, 2014

I am attempting to create a staffing calendar that will use conditional formatting to alert the coordinator by highlighting the cell when certain thresholds are reached.

The spreadsheet has three tabs, with 'Master' being the final copy.

In the 'Magic' tab, I was able to get it work with a rolling count but I am having trouble recreating it when the count is stationary and not updating itself line by line aside the person's name.

What I'm preferably looking to have happen is for the 'Name' to light up when it appears more than 3 times in a week in the Day fields, more than 1 time a week in the O/C field and more than 7 times a month in the Night field.

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Conditionally Format Range Of Cells From VBA?

Apr 28, 2012

Is there a way to conditionally format a range of cells from VBA?

I want the cells to turn red yellow or green when i type into that cell r, y, or g.

I can easily select the range of cells, but dont know how to format them.

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Conditionally Format Cells To Blank With VBA

Jun 14, 2014

I have a problem where I need to answers from a look up table to return an empty cell if the vlookup table returns a 0 or #N/A. This has to be the case as the answers are used in the creation of a csv file.

It would be easier for me to put in conditional formatting rather rewriting 40+ formulas and copying them down 1000 rows.

Is there a method in vba to format cells to blank?

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How To Compare Cells And Format Conditionally Over Whole Sheet

May 30, 2014

I wish to compare two sheets [Sheet1 and Sheet2] within one workbook and format the second sheet conditionally, based on an exact match to the first sheet.

Cell by cell, I can add the specific conditional formatting rule to each cell but this is tedious and its hard to see where I have applied the conditional format and where not.

So I tried to construct a macro to apply to a range of cells.

I tried to assign the logical result of the compare test to a cell outside of the range[lets say on Sheet2, A1] , and then format the range cells based on that logical value. I think my error is in conditional format criterion but I am a bit stuck.

[Code] .....

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Macro To Conditionally Format Referenced Cells In Another Sheet

Apr 27, 2013



There are four sheets (labeled A,B,C)

Depending on the contents in cells in Columns A and B (which have 1000+ rows), I want to change the background color of a referenced cell elsewhere:

For each row (lets say from 2-1000)

1. If "A" cell is blank -- referenced cell (address in columns C & D) should be colorless -- (as in Row 2 --- cell Z5 in Sheet "C" should be colorless)

2. If "A" cell has text AND "B" cell is blank, reference cell should be colored BLUE -- (as in Row 3 --- Cell F3 in Sheet "C" should be BLUE)

3. If both "A" and "B" cells have text, reference cell should be colored YELLOW -- (as in Row 4 --- Cell C5 in Sheet "B" should be YELLOW)

While I could do this with a conditional format in every referenced cell, it would take too long to enter them.

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Index Matching Numbers To Conditionally Format Cells Value Change?

Jul 29, 2014

I have the same report, one a monday snapshot, the other a daily comparison. I would like to index columns B, in both reports, to find the same part number and then reference the horizontal row and highlight increases in columns G thru AD. The comparison report looks identical but the column B numbers may not be in the same location. this is a report to show prosduction requirements and the increases throughout the week.

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Macro Required To Conditionally Format Cells Automatically, Responce To User Events

May 2, 2008

ABCDEFGHI need to create a macro to perform some conditional formatting1DateDayTypeTimeConfirmed Order No.Site Location2SHEET OVERVIEW301/01/08TuesdayAB4CVertically there will be 366 tables to represent 366 days and Horizontally 10 tables to represent 10 employees,5Dwhich enables the work activities of 10 employees to assigned over the period of a year.6E7AAFIn the type box marked 'A' and 'AA' the user selects from a drop down box a parameter as list below left.8GOn entry of an 'n' in the type box the user can enter data into the 'time','confirmed order','site location' boxes.9HThe idea of having 2 x type boxes is to allow the day to be split into morning and afternoon.10I1102/01/08WednesdayMACRO / VBA FUNCTIONALLITY REQUIRED 1213In the 'type' boxes if the user selects anything other than 'n' then the 4 'site location' boxes and coloured and 14the appropriate text from the list below left is inserted into the 4 associated 'site location' boxes.1516Example:1718Box marked 'A' the user selects 'h'. Boxes marked 'BCDE' and filled with colour and the text holidayBox marked 'AA' the user selects 't'. Boxes marked 'FGHI' and filled with colour and the text trainingType List Entry ParametersWhen the user selects type 'n' after the associated boxes are returned to there blank state (no colour or text)nnormal dayhholidayThe macro/vba would have to respond on everytime a 'type' box changesssickttrainingThere would be 2 x type boxes per day, 366 days a year and for 10 employees. Therefore it would have to monitoruunauthorised absence2 x 366 x 10 (7320) type boxesbbank holidayccompany shutdown

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Conditionally Format IF, ISNUMBER, MATCH

Jan 14, 2009

the attached document. I wish to try and conditionally format Sheet1!D:D depending on if Sheet2!E:E displays a particular letter, when; Matching Sheet1!A:A to Sheet2!A:A Matching Sheet1!B:B if <11 to Sheet2!B:B where cell equals text "Small (7-10)" if Sheet1!B:B is >10 then where Sheet2!B:B equals text "Mid - Large (11-16)"
Matching Sheet1!C:C if cell contains "Hcap" to Sheet2!C:C where cell equals "Handicaps". If Sheet1!C:C doesnt contain "Hcap" match to Sheet2!C:C where cell equals "All Races".

To use an example, if E:E in the cell adjacent to all the matches above equals N then the cell in Sheet1!D:D turns red. Cell D52 would become red. D88, D91, D92, D93 and D96 would also become red. Here was my attempt at the formula, no idea if I was close to the answer.

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Conditionally Format Dynamic Range?

Jul 18, 2014

I'm looking for a way to apply conditional formatting to a dynamic range, as the number of rows will vary each week.

Col A could be used as a reference, as it will always have a number in it, but wherever it stops is where I would need the conditionally formatted range to cut-off as well.

The actual range that would need formatting applied to it is Columns F-I where:

For any values < 1.00 (it should also cover blanks, which should be treated as zeros), red highlighting is applied & For any text that reads "Flagged" or "Not Reported", they would need to become bold

Additionally, I would like to start the formatting on Row 2 of the sheet in question, named "1010version"

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Conditionally Format A Cell That Already Contains A Formula?

Nov 14, 2009

I wish to compare 2 sets of data in 2 cells and in the third cell i wish to both display the difference and format in a colour depending on the outcome of the difference. Is this possible? or is there another solution?

e.g cell A1 is 21
cell B1 is 26
cell C1 is the difference and if the difference is greater than say 2 then it would colour red if equal to 1 then yellow and if less than 1 as in 0 -1 etc it would colour green. I have been very successfully using conditional formatting to colour a cell that has the data inputted but cant now do it for the formula cell. The context is pupil progress but that i guess is irrelevant really.

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Conditionally Format From Highest To Lowest With Tie Break?

Apr 22, 2013

I need to do conditional formatting based on the highest percentage (value) in each row.

[1st highest value (green coloring), 2nd highest (Orange color), 3rd highest (blue coloring), if it has the letters "NT" then (Red color)]

But to break the tie, if the value of the 1st column is equal to the value of the 2nd column, 1st will be considered as the highest value. If the value of the 2nd column is equal to the value of the 3rd column will be considered 2nd largest value.

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Conditionally Format Currency Based On Another Cell?

Feb 28, 2014

What I am trying to do is create a multi-currency expense report. For example, cell B1 has a drop down list of three different currencies. Based on the currency selected in B1, I want C1 to reflect that number formatting using the proper currency.

Im sure there is an easy way to do this but I have tried using an if statement in the conditional formatting section but it does not work.

how to total the different currencies using the ifsum formula, so this is more of a presentation task, but still it has annoyed me to no end.

In the example workbook, the currency value selected in row E should effect the currency formatting in Rows F-L

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Conditionally Format Column B If It Finds A Match In A

Jan 30, 2012

What is wrong with this formula? I have used it before just fine, but sometimes including now it won't work.

PRODUCT_IMAGE Images 244-447439 244-455507 244-455507 244-455508 244-455508 244-455509 244-455509 244-455512

We can clearly see that we have a match in rows 2 and 1 columns A and B, but I am getting #NA. I have sorted the columns A-Z as well. I have also tried formatting the columns different ways and I still get #NA.

I need to conditionally format column B if it finds a match in A.

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Conditionally Format Axis Labels On Graphs

Apr 2, 2013

I am putting together a graph and my manager wants the companies with a zero value in the bar chart to stand out (0 = really good). The only thing I could think of was making the individual x-axis label's font turn green if value was zero. Is there any way to accomplish this? (Additional: This chart will be updated every month with new data so I do not want to change by hand every month).

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Conditionally Format First Cell Based On Values In The Row

Apr 29, 2009

i've been trying for teh last two days to figuire out a way to conditionally format the first cell in a row to turn a certain color based on the values of several independant cells in that row, as opposed to monitoring the whole row. I have tried numerous IF, AND, OR, formulas to no avail. The cell obviously also needs to ignore blank cells...Can this be done?

Basically I want the first cell to turn yellow if dates in certain cells are within 90 days of today, and turn red if within 30 days of today.......

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Conditionally Change Number Format Based On Another Cell's Value

Dec 1, 2009

Format the number in Column AL to '[hh]:mm' when Column C's value is ="P/T", otherwise format to 'General'

Column C's value is referenced from another sheet in the same workbook via a VLOOKUP function.

Column AL's value is based on an IF formula which goes like this:

Basically the above formula asks if Column C's value is F/T then count (because if F/T then the corresponding values in that row are whole numbers). If not, then SUM (because if P/T the corresponding values in that row are set to [hh]:mm format).

I have another sheet in the same workbook which has code (quoted below) which does something similar but I don't understand it enough to get it doing what I want for the sheet in question.

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Conditionally Format Entire Table If Values Changed?

Feb 22, 2012

I have two data tables (12 columns each, 60 rows each) in the same worksheet. Ideally, I'd like to conditionally format the 1st table to show if any values changed from the 2nd table.

I see that I can conditionally format each cell to compare to its respective cell in the 2nd table, but would rather not do this 720 times.

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Conditionally Format Entire Row Based On Adjacent Cell Values

May 24, 2013

I have a large workbook with 2 rows of data I want to format (R25:R530, M25:M530). Row M is already populated, row R is new data that I am entering. When the value of a cell in row R is larger than its adjacent cell (R25:M25) in row M, I would like the font to turn red. When the value is smaller, I would like the font to turn green.

With the amount of time I've spent attempting to conditionally format, I could have gone through and formatted each cell individually by now!

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Conditionally Format Rows Based Duplicates Only Found In First Column?

Dec 6, 2013

I'm trying to conditionally format rows of data based on duplicates in the first column, then filter the results. I have a table of data with mutiple variables assigned to different "headings" that looks a little something like this:



[selects the table, then GoTo Special selects the blanks, fills in the blanks with the cell above, then Copy and Pastes As Values the entire table again to fill everything in]

I’m stuck on how to input a formula into the conditional formatting window that will:
Format the text to white in columns A, B, and E based on there being a duplicate above that row in Column A only. i.e. conditionally format the values with a * below:



If I use the conditional formula I found: =A1=A2, then cell E3 gets made white text when I don’t want it to, hence the “referencing column A” part of the question (Column A is always a unique ID number whereas Column E can have a duplicate in the row above). [Edit: Why can't I type Enter or put a line break here... I'll try re-edit at home...] When I go to filter on Column C for YYY again, the conditional formatting needs to realise to un-white the text, which is my next headache because it means conditional formatting that acts relative to hidden rows as a result of a filter... Oh and did I mention the client wants this done in 2003? This is an afterthought though – as I can force them to use 2010 if need be

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Conditionally Format Entire Row For Dates 15 Days Past Today Date?

Jun 11, 2014

I have spent too many hours Googling and trial with mostly error in attempting this. I formatted the very first cell A1 for today's date =TODAY(); this is also dirrectly above the column with all the dates in it. I just want an entire row's contents to turn red if it is 15 days old or older. This =$A1<TODAY()-15 somewhat works, but it only turns the date cell red, not the whole row. It also makes blank cells turns red, which I would like to remain blank (another formula is needed I imagine).

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Sort Rows To Show Values Of Cells In Sequence And Eliminate Empty Cells

Nov 11, 2013

I have data on 400 rows. Each row has a maximum of 10 cells with data, but many have empty cells with no data. I would like to sort each row to show values of cells in sequence and eliminate empty cells. I can use the sort row function but its a long process for 400 individual rows. Is there an easier way?

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Conditionally Copy From Multiple Worksheets Into One

Jun 2, 2009

I have workbook that expands or shrinks in number of worksheets each time and I need to gather information from each worksheet to compile a "total" spreadsheet. The location of the cells to be copied in each worksheet vary however it is always in the same column. Managed to find a macro that will collect the information if it is located in the same cell, across all worksheets but did not manage to find something that will conditionaly copy.

Need code, that will search based on text that will be found in the worksheets and then copy the values from the column next to it (same row) to the "total" worksheet. If any of the text that is to be searched in the worksheet does not exist, then it should leave the cell "blank" in the "total". I have attached a workbook of with the example of the worksheets that I have and the result that I want to have at the end, in the "total" worksheet.

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Format Multiple Cells At Once

Apr 2, 2008

I have a cell with the number: 4902.21 and i need to format it so that it shows, 4,902. Easily said then done! I right clicked, format cell, Number to 2 decimal places and ticked the box for a comma. The problem I am having is that in order for that to work, I have to press enter on the cell which then changes the cell to the desired text.

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Conditionally Deleting Lines On Multiple Worksheets

Jun 17, 2014

I need to delete line if 2 conditions are meet.

If col A is blank and col D or E is blank then I want the line deleted for lines 1no more than 100 The option of D or E has me stymied I end up with it not working right. This is what I had tried

Dim lastrow As Long, c As Long
lastrow = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
For c = 1 To lastrow
If Range("a" & c).Value " " and Range("d" & c). Value " " or Range("e" & c)Then ActiveSheet.HPageBreaks.delete
Next c

But doesn't work

I also need macro to run multiple worksheets which varies anywhere from 12 sheets to 50 sheets.

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Confirming If Multiple Rows Of Numbers Run In Sequence

Jun 24, 2009

I'd like Excel to run a check to see if a row of numbers runs in sequence.

*As in row 4, the numbers dont have to incriment each time
*As in row 2, there may be gaps in the data
*As in row 6, the data cant increase and then decrease. Each subsequent number must be the same or high than the previous
*There could be varying amounts of numbers per row, hence the results being in column R

As an added bonus it'd be nice to see where an error occurs, but just knowing theres an error (column R) is the primary goal.

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Return Sequence Number For Multiple Occurrences Of Value

Jul 16, 2013

I have the following data: (The Dept can occur multiple times in Col B.)

Col A
Col B
Row 1


What I want to do I want to insert a formula in each row of Col A that returns a number that indicates if the Dept in Col B is the first occurrence of the Dept, the second occurrence of the Dept, etc.

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Excel 2007 :: Conditionally Format Cell To Have The Fill Color Of Different Cell

May 25, 2011

I have a spread sheet and I want to conditionally format rows to be a certain color. That part I'm fine with. But I don't want them to be a set color. I have a "key" of different colored cells that I want to be the fill colors of the formatting. The ultimate goal is that for example the key looked like this


then the rows I had would be formatted as red, blue, yellow, and green. But if you were to go into the key and change the first cell from red to purple, then the rows would become formatted as purple, blue, yellow, and green. Obviously I can copy formating by hand using the format painter, but I want it to update automatically.

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Conditionally Format Cell Using Absolute Values And Relative Cell References?

Mar 25, 2013

Below is my code which isn't formatting the cells it's suppossed to. It looks like it isn't doing anything. I think the issue might be with the highlighted section of my code, but when I go to "Manage" my rules for conditional formatting, excel references the appropriate cell under the "Applies to" section. I am using relative cell references for for the majority of the rest of the code and this section follows a section that selects the correct cell for this conditional format.

Selection.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlExpression, Formula1:="=""ABS()>.005"""

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Conditionally Format Each Group Of Rows And Each Column And Color The Cell In Each Column

Nov 27, 2009

I've a worksheet that is 3750 rows of cells from A to DT and contains only numbers with the exception of a header row. The rows are in groups, primarily 4 rows, although there are exceptions - these rows are separated by blank rows. Small example as follows.


I have been trying to conditionally format each group of rows and each column and color the cell in each column of four (or less) numbers in each group that represents the maximum number.
It was easy enough to come up with the conditional formatting BUT it will take forever to do this manually. I've been told to use a macro but I know nothing of programming. Has anyone seen or heard of a macro that might already be written to perform this onerous task.

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