Extract The Highest Number In A Row To Another Cell

Feb 25, 2007

I have a list of names in one column and in the next column I have a list of numbers. The names and numbers go together. In anohter cell I would like to extract the highest number and the name related to it. The list changes often.

I would like to be able to put a heading saying that "name" (in anohter cell) made the highest score and the name is entered into a cell automatically.

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VBA Extract Highest And Second Highest Values

Nov 27, 2013

I'm attempting to put together a script which in simple terms finds the 'Highest and Second' highest activity and associated FTE for a given sub group.

To be more specific:

On the "Slide 1" sheet look at the values in column J starting at row 7 until blank;For each value, then search the "All Monthly Direct Activities" sheet in column C for the same value, excluding the 'Subtotal' rows;Where a match is found, compare all the values in column E for that sub group;And Find the highest and second highest figure;

Once these are found copy this figure and associated value in column B and paste onto the "slide 1" sheet.

I'm not particularly well versed in writing VB, but I've been working with the code to see if I can get this work, which I have been unable to do.

I have attached a file which may perhaps provide a greater detail than my description of the problem containing the 'Source' and 'Destination' sheets.

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Display Value (Highest Number) From A Cell

Jan 28, 2013

I have a sheet, along the top is the Months of the year, to the side I have a list of products. At the bottom of each month in a cell I want to display the name of the product that has sold the most for that moth, is this possible:

I can display the highest number i.e Highest item sold in January was 108, but I want it to write the product name.

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Rounding Up A Cell Value To Next Highest Whole Number

May 4, 2006

I have a whole number value in cell F18. In cell F24 I want to enter a formula that allows me to divide the value in cell F18 by 4 and if the result is not a whole number, round it up to the next whole number.

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Finding Highest Number And Printing Anothers Cell Value

Apr 15, 2009

Cells L5 - L65 have percentages. B5 - B65 Have the associates names. I want to write something in another cell that looks for the highest percentage and then prints the name as the highest.

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Extract Highest Value Every 10 Cells

Jan 29, 2012

Is there a way to copy the highest number in every 10 cells of a column list that updates automatically?

For example, the highest number in cells A1:A10, A11:A20, etc?

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Excel 2010 :: Extracting Highest Number From A Cell Containing Alphanumeric

May 10, 2014

I have a cell containing alpha and numeric. I would like to extract the highest number in the cell

the cell looks like this

the answer I would like is



I am using Excel 2010

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Extract Number From Cell?

Aug 21, 2014

I have a reference in cell A2 I need excel to look at the text and extract the contents depending on the value example below

E600XXX4W1T12 - Excel to extract W1
E600XXX4D1T1 - Excel to extract D1
E600XXX4W10T12 - Excel to extract W10

So basicaly i need excel to extract the text from 4 to T

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Extract Text Or Number From A Cell

May 12, 2014

I have a file of 2000 rows I would like to Extract from each Cell the size of the product.

Chlorella Powder 100g Organic

Chlorella Powder Organic

The first row shows how it is at the moment the second row shows how I would like it to be.

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Extract Text & Number From Cell

Aug 17, 2009

How can i extract text and number from a cell .For example I have a series of data like 453x, 45y in Column "A". I want text in column "B" and numbers in "C" column. The cell has variable data with diffrent length.

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Extract Number From Text Cell

Aug 17, 2009

I have an extract from a call logging system; one of the columns is a description of the call (this column is extracted in Text format). Within some of the descriptions is a reference number which I need to extract (sadly this number isn't kept in its own field) - is there any way to determine whether a cell has numbers in it, and if so is there a way to pull them out into a seperate column? (preferably using a formula as I'm no good at VBA!)

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Extract Number Then Precedes Given Word In A Cell?

Dec 8, 2012

The structure of my data (in each cell) is: Alpha Jan 13 35.00 Grams. So it is a record of an item (alpha in this cell), date (Jan 13), and number of grams. I need to find every cell that has this kind of record in a large data set, and after every occurrence of "Grams" I want to extract the number of grams. In this case 35.00. Note the place numbers are not equal. For example in another cell the record could be "Beta March 20 350.00 Grams".

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Vba MACRO To Extract Date And Time And Number And Paste In Another Cell

Jun 20, 2013

Trying to extract data from Column C which contains date and time and number

example :

column c cell contains

<html><b>04/12/13 00:44 - text:</b><br>Event xxxxxxxx, yyyyyyy assigned. <br>Reference ID associated with event. ID: 123456<br><br></html>

need to extract and paste in Cloumn D

04/12/13 00:44

and column E to contain


note : <html><b>04/12/13 00:44 - ( <html><b> and event. ID: is constant in all my cells)

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Get Highest Number From File Name?

May 23, 2014

I want to get highest number from filenames in a folder.

for example below are files in folder

AB-1234-004.plt So I want to get "004"

XY-12345-076.plt Here I want to get "076"

file format is same but some times 4 digits in middle (AB-1234-001.plt) and some time 5 digits (XY-12345-001.plt)

My idea is , counting files ignoring suffix (eg 001,002,003) and count howmany are in folder. So code counts based on AB-1234 and return me value how.

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Highlight 2nd Highest Number

Aug 15, 2007

I'm using this CF to show me the largest number in a range;


I now want to also show the second largest number in the same range.

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Formatting The Highest Number In A Row

Jul 22, 2008

I have a few rows in an excel sheet and I want to highlight the highest number(s) in each row.

I've been playing around with conditional formatting, and using the formula:
in the conditional formatting box and selecting a formatting type, I can automatically highlight the highest number in column C (row 23 to 55). However, this formula only seems to work when I'm selecting columns of data rather than rows. If I want to highlight the highest number in row 23, the formula I'm using is:
Which I think should highlight the highest number From C23 to M23, but it doesn't - nothing happens.

What am I doing wrong?

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Overwrite Highest Number

Aug 17, 2008

in cell A1 i have the balance. i would like to record the balance every time it reaches a new high in cell B1. how would this be possible please using excel 2007

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Lookup Second Highest Number

Oct 26, 2006

I have a table of information which is sorted in ascending order. I have created a vlookup to find the highest value as close to 1 as possible.

Say it returns the value 0.95.

i now have another cell which i need to find the second highest value from the column of data.

however i dont know how to do it. because the second vlookup function just returns the 0.95 all the time and not the second highest value..


Column A

So in the cell with the first Vlookup i get the value 0.95 returned.

I need then for the second cell to return the next highest value in this case 0.90.

Then third cell third highest

fourth cell fourth highest value etc.

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Round Up To The Highest Number

Feb 20, 2007

this is a formular that i used to divide

=IF(Z6=TRUE,K6/MID(D6, FIND("1=",D6)+2,LEN(D6)-FIND("1=",D6)-1),K6)

the problem i have is that if i have 14 in cell k6 and 1=10 in d6 the answer i get is 1.40 what i need the formular to do is always round it up to the highest number
ie 2 not 1.4

example 1=10 20 answer 2
1=10 25 answer 3
1=4 11 answer 3
1=4 20 answer 5

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Taking Next Highest Number

May 31, 2007

I have a dilemma. What I want to do is: If I input a date in a cell I want the adjacent cell to take the next highest number from a list on another worksheet. My example attached

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Return Highest Number With Date

Oct 9, 2009

column a has dates & column d has values - what is formula to find highest number in values and return it's date (using =large(Dxx:Dxxx, 1) to find highest number

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Return Based On Highest Number In Row

Feb 10, 2009

Formula: ......

I am looking for the value in column G, a formula that will search B-F and return the Group with the highest percentage for each zip.

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Subtract The Lower Number From The Highest

Aug 12, 2006

I have name and a number in this

format: cell a1 Jones---56. In cell b1 I have another name i.e.,
Johnson---45. How can I subtract 45 from 56, take 60% of the difference
and in cell c3 show the following; Johnson---6. All numbers are to
rounded down to 0. The final result would look like this;
a1 Jones----56, b1 Johnson----45, c1 Johnson----6. I have other cells
with the same type of info in them. Example; a2 Smith----34, b2
Jones----78, c3 would show Smith----26.(rounded down) I always want to
subtract the lower number from the highest and take 60% of the

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Highest Number In Row Then Info 23 Lines Down

Jan 17, 2008

I am attempting to pull the Highest number out of a row of cells. Then grab the info 23 lines below. What I have is a spreadsheet that pulls from other spreadsheets and tracks all of my sales for the year. This is divided up into tabs for each day of the week. I am a formula to find the highest sales for Tuesdays {LARGE(Tuesday!B8:BB8,1)} then in the cell below it I need it to show the date that days sales happened on. That date is listed 23 lines lower. I have tried using {HLOOKUP((MAX(Tuesday!B8:B88)),Tuesday!B8:B88,23)}. This kinda works. It pulls from the 23rd line but only from the first column. Not the column that has the highest sales. I have searched for a solution but I must not be typing in my question correctly.

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Lowest/Highest Number Cells

Dec 4, 2009

I have a data listed from A1 to G1. What I want to do is

Check out all the numbers written in those cells, take the highest number among and write to the following cell (lets say A3)
Check out all the numbers written in those cells, take the lowest number among and write to the following cell (lets say A4)

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Find Highest Number Based On Name

Dec 5, 2008

In sheet 1:
I have a list of customers and their current credit limit

In sheet 2:
i have a list of all payments received in the last 12 months.

my customers credit limits are set by multiplying their highest payment in the last 12 months x 1.25
(e.g. payment of $1000 x 1.25= limit of $1250)

what i want to do is:
1) look at the customers in sheet 1

2) check sheet 2 to see if they have made a payment

3) return their highest payment (if any) in sheet 1 Col. C

4) i can work out the rest

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Excel Function For Highest Number For Every 10 Numbers?

Dec 11, 2013

Suppose I have a column filled with numbers in fraction. And correspondingly I have a specific name for every 10 numbers. I want to find out which is the maximum among the 10. For this I could use the "MAX" function in excel. Similarly I have to find the maximum among the next 10 numbers. Since I have about 200 such numbers under 20 different names and eight such sheets (10 numbers per name), it becomes difficult to type the formula and select the range everytime. I would like to know if there is any shortcut for getting this highest number among the 10 numbers.

Name Value Number
TU 489.662.272
TU 380.450.0379
TU 331.970.0475
TU 309.641.004
TU 300.890.1215
TU 288.840.0501
TU 280.090.022
TU 278.580.0115
TU 270.160.0397


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LIST Funtion: Find The Highest Number ?

Jul 30, 2008

I have several worksheets where I input data, and I would like a 'stats' page as worksheet 1. Work sheet one is a list of names in cells A4:A28. column B,C,D,E,F, and G contain the results using Countif. How would I now get excel to look down a column, for example B, to find the highest number in that column and then use the name from that line but in column A.

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Highest Number From File Names In Folder

Dec 22, 2009

I need a macro which checks for next available number from list of filenames in a folder. Then it returns that value to one predefined cell in a new document (here Untitled.xls). For example:

c: est

has the following files:
Untitled.xls - read only

Next available filename should be "abc-09-005" and macro returns that value to predefined cell in a new document (Untitled.xls). There should be NO saving at this point whatsoever. Macro simply picks the next value from a filelist. As you've noticed the value has some constants too. New document doesn't know the last picked value before macro is active (predefined cell should be empty at startup).

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Indirect Address/match: Pull The Highest Number

Aug 26, 2009

I am trying to do season stats for my roller derby league. I have a great spreadsheet going but the one thing I want to do, I can't seem to do. I am attaching a "test" file. very simple and small but shows what I need to do.

I have different sections and I am trying to pull the highest number out of that section. For this example, it is under the green Jams Skated: Jams at Jammer. The number on the right is the highest number of jams skated while the number on the left should be the name of the skater who has this number. Okay, no problems there. My problem occurs when I try to move these same formulas to another sheet. in this case, sheet 2. It pulls all kinds of strange things.

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