Find If Number Is A Match

Mar 19, 2013

Trying to find if the number entered in the input box "num_cmp" is => Cells(i, 2) AND

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Find Row Number With Two Column Match

Jun 14, 2007

I'm trying to do something similar to the Vlookup function (or Index/Match method) but with two or more parameters to match instead of just one. I want to returnn the Row where two columns match the input parameters. Using Vlookup is a problem because it only returns the first one.

Is the standard method to us Vlookup for one parameter, then check the second and if it doesn't match reduce the search field, find the next and check the second again etc? That would work but it would be much simpler if there's a 2 parameter function.

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Find Number In Array That Is Less Than INDEX MATCH?

Jun 25, 2014

Cell P14 = 4.7

My array is H42:N72, in H42:H72 I have numbers 15,14,13....0,-1,-2,-3, etc...

In N42:N72 there is a corresponding $ amount that I would like to return based on finding the value which is greater than 4.7 (so, looking to match the $$ amount to the number 5 in column H42:H72)

I've tried using INDEX MATCH but can't figure this out.

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Find Nearest Match To The Number In Cell

Dec 11, 2013

In cell A1 I have a number. I want a formula that looks at that number and then looks at row C on sheet2 where there are rows and rows of numbers. I want the formula to return the nearest match to the number in cell A1.

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Find The Closest Match To A Reference Number

May 24, 2006

I needed to know how to find the closest match to a reference number
regardless of whether its larger or smaller. I did a search and found a post
back in March that said to use the following:


I applied it to my application and it works, I just have no idea why. Can
anyone explain this formula to me or tell me where I can find a good

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Search Variable Number Of Sheets To Find Partial Match On Name

Jun 19, 2014

I have a monthly report. Worksheets for each month, each row is a type of fruit (column A), and the number sold (column B). A new worksheet is added each month with the information. I also have a Summary worksheet - running total of all months: Type of Fruit (column A), Number sold (column B), and Total of all fruits - number sold. I would like a formula for the Summary worksheet - to match that fruit (column A) to any of the other worksheets - matching the fruit (column A), and bring back the number sold (column B). (note some apples are Fuji and some are Honey crisp - those would be totaled together)

Tab = Jan 14
Fuji apples3


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Find Range Of Part Number And Bring Back Value 0 If Match Or Value Of Another Cell

Sep 4, 2013

I need a formula to check a range of parts and bring back a value of 0 if matched or the value in another cell if it doesn't match.

Part number H-200-3
Part number H-200-3-A
Part number H-200-3-B

If I enter any of the above part numbers then cell B1 returns 0 if it is a different part number then B1 would need to match cell A1.

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VLookup To Pivot Table Using Match Function - Returns Error If Can't Find Match Value

Mar 11, 2014

I am having some trouble getting a formula to work. I am building a report that pulls figures from a pivot table in another workbook. I am using a vlookup with match function to get the column index to find the relevant data I want. Where I need to add two columns together I am using sum, with the vlookup & match formulas nested in them e.g.:

=SUM(VLOOKUP(F13,'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C:$AQ,MATCH("FAID",'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C$6:$AQ$6,0),FALSE),VLOOKUP(F13,'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C:$AQ,MATCH("COMM",'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C$6:$AQ$6,0),FALSE),VLOOKUP(F13,'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C:$AQ,MATCH("BPCM",'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C$6:$AQ$6,0),FALSE),VLOOKUP(F13,'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C:$AQ,MATCH("COMD",'[PIVOT 156.xlsx]PIVOT'!$C$6:$AQ$6,0),FALSE))

F13 = Employee number
Column C on the pivot 156 workbook is where the employee number is based.
The Match formula is then getting the column index from the column headings of the pivot table ie. "FAID"

This in itself works fine, as long as it finds a match in the column headings. This is where i get the error as in the above function "COMD" is not in the pivot table. However I need to keep it included as it may appear on a future pivot table. Is there a way of getting the sum function to complete even though later in the formula it can't complete the vlookup? So it will ignore it, or assume the value is zero if it can't find it? The formula probably needs to do this for all the vlookups as some headings may drop off in future pivot tables.

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Counting Number Of Times INDEX / MATCH Finds More Than 1 Match?

May 23, 2014

We know how INDEX/MATCH works, and it's very nice. I attached a COUNTIF to it to count how many times the index finds itself on another table; if it doesn't find itself, then it goes blank. However, this time I need to count how many times it finds a certain string condition in the other table.


The columns that need to be filled are shaded in dark pink.

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Find In VBA Code: Find Exact Match

Oct 9, 2006

I'm using the below VBA

Dim c, DataRow
With Data
Set c = . Range("A5:A350"). Find(KPI, LookIn:=xlValues)
If Not c Is Nothing Then
DataRow = c.Row
End If
End With

Now,If KPI is for example = "Favourite Hotel" and if i have data that looks like :

Favourite Hotel - London
Favourite Hotel - Cardiff
Favourite Hotel
Favourite Hotel - Birmingham

Then it seems to not look be looking for an exact match (e.g. Favourite Hotel) and rather is finding the first item in the list that contains the KPI string (E.g. Favourite Hotel - London).

How do i make it search for an exact match?

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Inventory - Match Part Number To Multiple Vehicles Sharing That Same Number

Jun 3, 2013

I have a spreadsheet listing all my vehicles and their respective oil filter part number. Now, some vehicles share the same oil filter and I am trying to find a way to return the vehicle description when using the filter # as a value. In my example below, I am looking to fill the third column with the Vehicle that also shares the same oil filter number. i.e. in the Dodge row, toyota would appear in the third column and vice versa in the Toyota row.

Oil Filter #
Also used with

I am not well versed in excel lingo which is probably why I have a hard time coming up with a method that works.

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Countif To Find Number Of Unique Values And Number Of Times Repeats Happen

Aug 20, 2013

I have a large amount of data and I'm trying to count how many unique values I have in one column. I also want to know how many times each duplicate appears. I tried using a pivot table but it's not working for me.

I also tried the following formula: =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(H:H,H:H)>0,1)) but it's not quite working.

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HLookup Find Minimum Number In Row Then Return Left Most Number?

Mar 1, 2012

Items in Column A1 are calculated by (B2/4+5)*1.4 Items located under the columns 2000, 3000, 4000, etc... 10,000 are calculated by taking the top number, eg 2000/(A1 cell value)+the column B number. 2000/7+0 = 286 (rounded numbers)

I need to find an way to look up for x number (2000,3000,4000, etc...) find the smallest number in that column and then return the value in column A1.

A1 Number >2000300040005000600070008000900010000
70 2864295717148571000114312861429
84 24236148059971883795610751194


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Find All Number Combinations In Dataset That Add Up To Specific Number?

Jun 3, 2014

I have attached an example. If I have a set of numbers such as the one attached, is it possible to create a formula that will show me all the combinations of numbers that add up to 55.52? In the attached I have highlighted in different colours all the number combinations that add up to 55.52. The numbers highlighted in blue appear within more then one combination. Is there a formula that can do this for me, instead of randomly adding numbers hoping they add up to 55.52.

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Find All Number Combinations In Dataset That Add Up To Specific Number

Jun 4, 2014

I have attached an example. If I have a set of numbers such as the one attached, is it possible to create a formula that will show me all the combinations of numbers that add up to 55.52? In the attached I have highlighted in different colours all the number combinations that add up to 55.52. The numbers highlighted in blue appear within more then one combination. Is there a formula that can do this for me, instead of randomly adding numbers hoping they add up to 55.52.


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VBA To Find Nearest Biggest Number And Lowest Number?

Mar 26, 2014

I need a VBA code to find the nearest biggest number and nearest lowest number between the data of D2 to H2. In the attached file, I have mentioned my required output (Column A and B - blue highlighted)

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Using MATCH To Find A Figure?

Feb 7, 2014

I have been building a tracker to track benefit payments for child benefits and DLA so I know where I stand and what has been paid.

The problem... its limited and basic an I have to do most things manually, even when I have cell formulas to do some of the legwork.

I stumbled across the term MATCH and SEARCH and I was curious on how to use them for my needs, I was trying to use the LOOKUP set of tools.

My problem...

Benefit rates are set between two date periods, all payment periods are 28 days apart (...but could change to every 7 days) which means that sometimes payments are due 3 weeks of one rate, 1 week of another, the reverse of that or 50:50 depending on the cycle.



The problem should be very evident and especially when I adjust the dates to match what payment dates I finally end up with.

The result of the look up needs to be calculated at the frequency in A14 to B14, A15 to B15 (for example) at the appropriate rate found in D:D when searched for based on the dates in A14 to B14 ... ... etc.

I tried using MATCH to get a match to a date falling between 30/12/2013 and 4/4/2014, I tried this...


which returned #N/A

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Find And Match Fields

May 7, 2014

I have a workbook with two sheets, one used for referance (Column A - Product SKUS, B - Product Description and C - Carton Quantities) - Sheet 1

The other sheet I would like to import incoming shipments. (Column A - Product SKUS, B - Product Description, C - Quantity Ordered and D - No of Cartons) - Sheet 2

What I need to do is find out how to get Excel to find and match up the SKUs in Col A and then dividing Sheet 2's column C by Sheet 1's column C to give the number of incoming cartons of each product in Sheet 2's Column D

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Find First Non-zero Cell Without Using MATCH

Jul 23, 2014

I have a formula that has been working perfectly:

[Code] .....

It works until I exceed the MATCH character limit of 255 characters in the range with text. I have tried many alternate formulae found on various posts, but not one that suits my purpose. Is there a simple ISTEXT or another function/formula that will work here?

Attached File : Too much text.xlsx

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Find And Match Query

Dec 2, 2009

I've got a sheet here with a master list of document numbers in Column A and a smaller subset in column C. I need to do is for Excel to scan column A for cell C1 and when it finds it in column A i need it to return the corresponding value in B column into cell D1. I need to do this for all column C.

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Find Value And Match With Title?

Jun 26, 2013

I have the table with multi columns and values like in the image below:


how to get the result in the red border.

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How To Use Multiple Find Match

Jan 23, 2014

[Code] ......

findmatch.xls <----- attached file

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Match & Find Function

Jan 8, 2009

In Sheet 2 i have a 1000 of data contains the birth date of following customers

The result i want in Sheet 1 is
particular on todays (Say on 27-11-2008) date how many customer are having birthday, supoose there 10, or 8 wahtever should show me the list.

I tried this formula


but by this formula it only show one customers birthdate what i want if there 10 differenrt customer those same birthdate it should display all the 10 date and name in diff rows

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Find And Select Match

Nov 12, 2009

I have a sheet with dates on it, when i open my userform and select a date i want it to go to the sheet and look for a match on the date and select the cell where the match is. There will never be 2 dates that's the same. I have attached an example.

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Find Closest Match To A Given Value

May 6, 2009

In the attached sheet, I am using !Staff times columns N and O to nominate a mid point break time relevant to the start,lunch break and finish times of a shift.

What I would like to do is match the result to the closest time from !Race Times Column D (highlighted green). So if for example the mid point of the shift is 10:37 (as in !Staff Times cell N23), it actually comes back with the !Race Times result of 10:35 which is the closest actual race.

Ideally I would like it to look both sides of the midpoint time until it came to the closest match, rather than always looking at an earlier time, or always a later time (eg the cell N79 has a value of 11:36, however the 2 race times are 11:35 and 11:40. Preference is it shows 11:35). If however the N79 result was 11:38 or 11:39, I would prefer it went to 11:40).

However if this is not possible then picking the next time in either direction will do.

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RND Function And Match To Find Value?

May 8, 2012

I have a column of values (text) to choose from. I need to randomly assign them to names.

There are more values then names.

Each name has to have a value.

Each value has to be used only one time.

Not every value has to be used.

Column B contains names, column Q contains values.

Now. So far I've come up with below:

Sub randomize()
Dim Random As Integer[code].....

"Random" returns exactly the amount of values in column Q, so this works ok.

"i" counts iterations correctly, meaning as many times as names in column B.

I tried useing Match to rule out already used value but this code returns "unable to get Match property of the WorksheetFunction class" error.

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Find And Match The Value In Column

Jul 25, 2007

1 abc klm-sometext
2 def nop-sometext
3 ghi def-sometext
4 klm
5 nop ghi-sometext
6 abc-sometext

i want a macro , so that when it is run,
it matches the value in column A with value in Column C
and update the same in Column B

For example the macro should find

A1 Value = abc with C6 Value= abc-sometext
and update
B1 value as = abc-sometext

So after running the macro
the excel sheet should look like this

1 abc abc-sometext klm-sometext
2 def def-sometext nop-sometext
3 ghi ghi-sometext def-sometext
4 klm klm-sometext
5 nop nop-sometext ghi-sometext
6 abc-sometext

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Index Find Next Match

Nov 3, 2008

i am trying to find all the 0 in column P and return col M from the same rows, this finds the 1st, how do i find the rest?


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Find The Name Vlookup Or Match

Feb 4, 2009

I am trying to insert a formula to find the name (match?) from one column on say sheet 3 and return the value in the next column.

column a sheet 1
my name
your name
someone else

I would like it to search sheet 3 column a and return value sheet 3 column b

as sheet 3 would look like this

col a / col b
john q / 11a
my name / 13b
someone else/ 9a
your name/ 12b

What my goal is - is to only have to enter the column b in sheet 3 one time per name and have it fill in on sheet 1 for every entry of multiple entries of the same name in column a if that makes sense.

I know this should be simple- I want to avoid the if statement as there will be about 50 names to sort and return the proper class (column b)

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Vba Find A Match In A Column

May 17, 2006

Find a match in a column, move over two columns and copy sales amount. I have a column (column A) of week starting dates (52 each -- e.g., 4/10/06, 4/17/06, etc.).
I have captured a date in a vba variable and I would like to search through this column (52 rows) and when I find a match, move over two cells and copy another variable (a sales amount figure)...?

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