Formula Greater Than/Less Than

Mar 15, 2007

I need a formula, If the number is greater than 1 and less then 30, it returns Yes, if not, then no.

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Formula For Greater , Less Than

Sep 17, 2009

I have this table with min and max amounts that requires a fixed amount when when the condition is met. How do I write a formula for this. If result is >$0 but < $100 = $15 and so on. I canlt get it right..........

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Greater Than Or Less Than In Same Formula

Jan 9, 2007

I have the following values that I need to perform a calculation on, but I am not sure how.

A1 = -.98
A2 = .98
A3 = 1.0

I would like the results in colmun B to be:

B1 = 1.02
B2 = .98
B3 = 1.0

I would like to achieve this with a formula that I could fill down.

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Greater Than But Less Than Formula

Jun 28, 2007

Need the formula to find any number from a range under this format 00:00:00, Greater than 04:00:00 but Less Than 12:00:00.

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Sumif Formula - Greater Or Less Than

Feb 23, 2014

Below is my formula that works for a specific date. F$8 is the date.

How could I change this if I want data b/w two time periods.

>=F$6, and <=F$8?

[Code] ....

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Greater Than Less Than Formula For An Input

Apr 27, 2009

I need to display two separate values from a given input, but not exceed a specified number for that cell. I have this so far except for the maximum number that can be displayed; Example for what I want below ....

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'greater Than >' Formula & Result

Aug 14, 2009

Column B is basically 550 points + column C = Base Roll.

We need to introduce a cap so no more than 1000 points can be displayed/earned. So column G adds all points & column F caps.

So far it's all ok.

Now when i add a value to column E (points spent) those points are deducted from column G instead of the capped 1000.

Entering a value of 500 displays 800 in column F instead of 500.

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World Cup Formula Greater / Less Value

Jun 16, 2014

I'm trying to find a formula to use for a specific numerical outcome. For example say you have two teams playing throughout the year and you've made a prediciton on the results. If your prediction is correct your awarded 7 points if you predict a win its 3 points and if your incorrect than it's zero. what is the formula for awarding points?

I've attached the spread sheet : FIFA Spread sheet.xlsx‎

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Greater Than, Smaller Than Formula

Dec 21, 2005

When grading children's test scores I want to apply letters and numerals to particular ranges eg between 21 and 25=3c 26and 30=3b. Please help with a formula.

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Formula Not Calculating When Greater Then Zero

Dec 16, 2009

Currently I am using the following formula ....

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Minimum Formula Greater Than To Zero

Dec 16, 2008

I have a range of weekly sub totals that get entered each week for the year.

As each week are entered I am trying to find the lowest week's production (using the =min formula) that is above 0 (weeks not yet entered appear as 0) the problem is that it keeps defaulting to the next column once a number greater than o is entered.

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Greater Than And Less Than Or Equal To Formula

Jun 16, 2009

I need a formula that looks at the total in H40 and if the number is between 32 and 40 I need it to return the number then if the number exceds forty I need to multiply the overage by 1.5 and add it to the 8 for a total of 11.

I think it would be something like:


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Greater Than Less Than Formula For Time

Aug 30, 2006

I have a time value h:mm in one cell and I have a range of three cells that I want to display values depending if the time is:

under 12 hours

over 12 hours and less than 24 hours

over 24 hours and less than 36 hours

over 36 hours

I have been using the following formulas where A1 holds the time value:





None of which seem to work

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Formula To Return Value Whose Reference Has A Value Greater Than Zero

Jul 21, 2014

NumberABC D Value to be returned

1 -10050 0 C
2 156.6700-31.34A
3 104.5800-20.92A
4 -6.2000 #NA
5 0 -3500 #NA
6 132.800-33.2 A
7 0 1000-50 B

What formula i need to apply so that i get values which are in column "Value to be returned"

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Multiple Criteria For Greater Than In One Formula?

Nov 15, 2013

formula stating that:

if a number is greater than 1 add one 1 box (250) and if the number is greater than 9 add 2 boxes and is its greater than 18 add 4 boxes

i want this all in one formula,

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Create Formula To Add 0.2 To Cell Value If Its Greater Then 0

Jan 21, 2010

I want to create a formula which will add 0.20 to the value of a cell if its greater then 0.
Basically i have a list of cells some of which will have a value and i want to sum this list and add 0.20 if there is a number in the cell.
I am trying to create a quoting system and basically its a list of rooms etc with the wall lengths and i am adding 0.20 to each wall to allow for excess but for example if there are no measurements in bedroom5 i dont want the 0.20 added.

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Formula To Divide Number And Format If Greater Than 100?

Feb 10, 2014

I need a formula that will divide a number and if the answer is greater than a 100 then blank.

i've been using this =IFERROR(SUM(H4/C4,"",IF(K4>100,""))) but no luck.

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Simple If Greater Than Formula Giving Error

Jan 19, 2012

I'm getting a mismatch error on my If activecell.value > 5 Then portion of this code. I'm trying to say if the value in column AG is greater than 5 then create an email address from the first and last name. I've even made sure to copy and paste the formula results as values.

Sub CheckPFPDates()
Dim OutApp As Object
Dim OutMail As Object
Dim cell As Range
Dim emails As String
Dim salution As String
Dim currenttime As Integer

[Code] ........

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Write Formula To Give Result If X Is Greater Than Y And Z?

Aug 7, 2012

If the total is >= to x but =(I10*0.9),"Over 90% spent",IF((M10+T10+AA10+AH10+AO10+AV10+BC10+BJ10)>=(I10*0.8)&(M10+T10+AA10+AH10+AO10+AV10+BC10+BJ10)

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Use SUMIFS Formula For Ranges Greater / Less Than Some Number?

Jul 5, 2013

How do I use the SUMIFS formula for ranges greater/less than some number?

In my spreadsheet I need to sum the values that are less or equal to January 1st, for example. How do I do it? Because this formula allow to find values equals to something.

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Formula: Change Greater Value Is Inserted In Cell

Dec 15, 2006

I have this formula
=IF('Senate 1'!K10="",'Senate 1'!K$8,IF(S10>'Senate 1'!K10,S10,""))

what am hoping i can get it to perform is have S10 replace it self each time a greater value is inserted in Cell S10.

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Record Greater Than 50 In A Cell So It Reads As Greater Than 50

Aug 25, 2009

I have to make a table that shows that a if someone purchases

less than 5 items they receive no discount
5-10 items they receive 2% discount
11-20 items they receive 5% discount
21-50 items they receive 8% discount
over 50 items they receive 10%

and it has to be done in a way that the discount rate can be calculated using Vlookup I am struggling to find the best way to write this table. i tried numbering 1 to 50 and writing the corresponding discount rate in the second column but this looks untidy and can't calculate greater than 50 as i am not sure how to write it in the cell so it reads as >50 and not just 50.

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Formula To Pull Lowest Number In Cells I2:L2 And Must Be 0 Or Greater?

Sep 12, 2013

Formula to pull the lowest number that falls in Cells I2:L2 and the number must be 0 or Greater. Some of the numbers might be negatives and I am trying not to pull those numbers.

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Formula That Allows Me To Type In Their Hour Work If It's Greater Than 40 Hours

Dec 28, 2006

I am building a spreadsheet to manage 15 folks wages to be able to know how much money has been spent.
We routinely work 40 hour weeks and have a sheet that automatically multiplies hour work by person (Say A1) times their hourly rate (say A2)

My question is how could I right it a formula that allows me to type in their hour work (A1) if it's greater than 40 hours?

Say A1 is 40, A2 =$20.00, A3 =(A1*A2) $800.00

If the A1 is 43 what would I put into A3 that would automatically multiply the additional hours over 40 times 1.5 A2

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Excel 2010 :: Change Cell Color Per Greater Than / Less Than Formula?

Aug 30, 2013

My formula is =IF((C2+E2)>D2,"WIN","LOSE") the new formula if I wanted the cells with "WIN" to be green, and the 'LOSE' cells to be yellow. Excel 2010

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Add To Existing Countif Formula To Count Cells If Criteria Is Greater Than Another

Sep 3, 2013

Currently, I am using countifs to count data within a specific range if it meets a criteria. Now I want to add to the formula. I need to count the cells within the specific range meeting the existing criteria I already have but only if one cell is greater than another cell.

This is what I currently have: =COUNTIFS(Report!$F$4:$F$1048576,">=8/1/2013",Report!$F$4:$F$1048576,"=8/1/2013",Report!$F$4:$F$1048576,"

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Excel 2010 :: Tables - SUMIFS Formula With Structured References And Greater Than Or Equal To

Nov 13, 2013

SUMIFS with less than & more than

I found this thread which works for normal ranges

I want to Sum for Values Greater than a specific date in my formula.

This first one works for a specific date (Relevant reference in red), so say 01/01/2014

Table2[[#All],[Start Date]],Table3[#Headers],
Table2[[#All],[Perm / Temp / Prof / ETA]],[@Company])


To Sum for ranges >= 01/01/2014, I have tried this below based on the thread above but Excel does not accept this.

">="Table2[[#All],[Start Date]],Table3[#Headers],
Table2[[#All],[Perm / Temp / Prof / ETA]],[@Company])

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If Value Greater Than

Jun 11, 2009

I have a Macro of 55 Columns and 2000 Rows I need to change the value in several Cells of the row in which the value of AZ is 200.01 or more. I need the following if ANY Cell in AZ2:AZ2000 is equal or greater than 200.01 then the following Cell in that Row will equal the following:

AG = 20
AW = 11
AX = " " (BLANK)
BC = N

I have attached an example of the spread sheet with Macro embeded and how it should look after the above is run. I do not know if or how to I need to tag the macro within the attachement.

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Greater Than / Less Than

Dec 8, 2008

I'm struggling to complete this formula. No matter what the entry in M30 is
(which is a concatenated formula from another sheet), I only get the highest response, which is 18.

I'm assigning a risk score based on a dollar amount. The formula is: ....

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If A1 Is Greater Than 25

Jan 5, 2013

This is what I am tyring to do. I would like B7 to show $60 once A1 is greater then 25.

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