Iserror? Result To Be Blank If It Can't Find Anything

Mar 21, 2007

I have the following formula but would like the result to be blank if it can't find anything. I know I need to use the iserror function but I don't know how to use it.
Can anyone help me?


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Iserror: Make The Cell Go Blank With N/A Is Returned

Feb 12, 2010

How do I put in iserror in to this to make the cell go blank with N/A is returned. Only ever done this on vlookups. =IF(I15<E8,"TOOLING REQUIRES CALIBRATION","")

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Using IF(OR And IF(ISERROR In Same Formula: Return A Blank Cell

Jul 8, 2009

I am trying to fix the below formula =IF(OR(ISERROR((F26-E26)/F26),((F26-E26)/F26)=1),"",(F26-E26)/F26). If I get an error from the formula I want it to return a blank cell. If I get 1 as the answer to the formula I'd like it to return a blank cell. This formula only works if the result is 1 but won't return a blank cell if the answer is an error.

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Excel 2010 :: VLookup Result Blank If Column Index Number Is Blank

Mar 3, 2014

The below piece of code carries out a vlookup on a defined cells value and produces a result in sheet one, however if the column index number in sheet 2 (Database) is empty the result 00/01/1900 is produced.

I'm not sure how to say leave the result blank if the column index number is blank.

Excel 2010
Userform = Tab 1
Database = Tab 2

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If A Result Is 0 Can A Field Be Blank?

Mar 23, 2009

H2 formula is =OFFSET(A4,MATCH(MAX(D$4:D$1000),D$4:D$1000,0)-1,0)
I2 formula is =MAX(D4:D26)

If either of these result in a ZERO is it possible to leave the field blank?

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Skip Row If Result Is Blank?

Mar 6, 2014

I have a workbook which contains a master document sheet and 14 worksheets with various if(and or vlookup statements to extract the data as we need it at our centre.

I wasn't able to sort the data alphabetically with iferror leave cell black, so I changed it to if error "zz". I am now having to sort 14 sheets A-Z every time I make a change to my workbook...very time consuming and frustrating. I'm looking for a way to not have to sort my worksheets, to have it done automatically or is there a way to skip rows if the data doesn't match the formula? I don't have any experience in Macros

I have removed a lot of the pages from my workbook example. The sheet that I am trying to skip rows is the 'Dolphin Chn' one. Data is coming from the other sheets. I have used conditional formatting to make ZZ entries white, so they won't be visible.

2014 Master Document example.xlsx

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Format Result Cells To Be Blank Or 0

Jan 31, 2008

I use a variance sheet to see the difference in numbers between an actual and planned date

If a planned date is not entered - the calculation must calculate from the start of the year because the figures are like this:


Is there a way of saying in the formula, if both parts of calculation are not present, leave blank or something

For example this formula =IF(C31 > B31, 1, -1)*DATEDIF(MIN(B31:C31),MAX(B31:C31),"D")

It has a planned date and no actual so it puts like a 5 digit number in the variance cell!

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Get =IF(LEN(I3),I3,J3) To Show As Blank Field When No Result

Feb 5, 2009


at the moment if there is no result it equals 0

I thought this might work..


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How To Return Blank Result If No Match For VLOOKUP

Jun 25, 2008

I'm using this formula (thanks to dafan & HalfAce [url]
to return the value located in the 3rd column of the range when the value in the 1st column of the range matches the data in A177.

However, there isn't a match for the data in A178 in the range, so the formula returns "#N/A". I would like the cell containing the formula to remain blank in those instances.

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If Cell Not Blank, Calculate & Round Off Result

Aug 19, 2008

I would like to be able to round off the decimals resulted in the POV field on my worksheet and have a running total of the entries listed below. This occurs sometimes when the mileage units have decimals. In this example, the POV values display $1.00, 99 cents, and 93 cents. Their resulting total should be 2.92, but Excel calculates them as $2.93 due to the additional decimals.

The problem is that if I apply an =ROUND function to the formula in the POV field, while it will display a correct answer if all the date and mileage fields are filled in for which the formula has been applied, it will not give a running total in instances where there are empty date/mileage fields, reporting "VALUE!". Is there a way to force Excel to display the running total?

I have attached the worksheet, with the example above entered in. I have included the formula I've been trying to fix on my worksheet on the bottom as well.

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Zeros Not Showing, The Result Is A Blank Cell

Aug 8, 2007

When i put a "0" in a currency formatted cell, the result is a blank cell. If i put any other number in there other than "0" it shows a dollar amount of that value (even .00001 works). I have also noticed that before i put a zero in that cell, i can go to the format of that cell, select currency, and i see a sample in the sample box ($0.00). But if i go to that cell, put a "0" in it and return to the format of the cell, the sample box is now blank and it doesn't even show a $ sign. I know the "0" is in the cell because i can see it in the formula bar. But on the sheet itself it does not display it.

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Days Late Formula (result To Equal Either Zero Or Blank)

Oct 1, 2008

I have a formula in Excel2003 that is working fine except for when D12 is blank. When D12 is blank I want the result to equal either zero or blank.


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VBA / Macro For Delete Entire Row If Formula Result Is Zero / Blank

Apr 27, 2014

I'm looking for a VBA/Macro for delete the entire row if a particular column formula result is zero/blank.

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Correction Of Formula: When The Result Is 0 It Just Leaves A Blank Cell Without A 0

Jun 7, 2007

I have this Formula in a excel sheet =IF(AND(COUNT(F12;G12)=2;G12<F12);G12-F12;IF(AND(COUNT(F12;G12)=2;G12>F12);ABS(F12-G12);""))

My problem is that when the result is 0 it just leaves a blank cell without a 0.
Can i correct this so that when the result is 0 it will actually show a 0 in the cell? I can´t put a 0 in the end of the formula because then it shows zeroes in all the cells without information aswell.

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Combining Names: If The Cell Is Blank The Result Should Not Leave A Space

Jan 16, 2009

I have 6 columns and would like to combine them. If the cell is blank the result should not leave a space.

- Prefix
- First Name
- Last Name
- Middle Initial
- Last Name
- Suffix

Example: Mr. Henry J. Weeks, III
Example: Henry Weeks
Example: Mr. Weeks
Example: Henry J. Weeks, III

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Page Breaks Result In Blank Pages Printing When AutoFilter Used

Jan 30, 2008

I have a sheet with a few hundred rows of data which I filter out by using a very simple autofilter. I have set page breaks throughout the whole sheet on certain rows I need to start on a new page. If the auto filter filters out any of these rows when it prints it prints a blank page where that row would have been before it was hidden by the autofilter.

For example the whole list is say 5 pages (set with page breaks) I apply an auto filter that now reduces it down to 2 pages say the 1st and last page of the original list. If I page break preview it, it shows me that it will be 2 pages but when i print preview/print the sheet it prints the 1st page then 3 blank pages then page 5 even know that the page break preview only shows and numbers 2 pages. Because the original page breaks are still there just are hidden by the autofilter so it adds them in as blank pages

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Find The Top Result For Each Category

Oct 23, 2007

I want to create a Pivot table, and is now working on the data sheet. In this, every salesman have one row each day containing their sales result that day.
I have data in 3 columns. In column A the date, column B contains the Name of the salesman and column C the sales result that day. Now I want to update column D with each salesman's best result. I want each row to contain the top result for that particular salesman.

Date | Name | Result | Top result
1/10 | Pete I | 11.111 |
2/10 | Pete I | 19.100 |
3/10 | Pete I | 23.408 |
4/10 | Pete I | 16.774 |
1/10 | Sara G | 10.884 |
2/10 | Sara G | 10.739 |
3/10 | Sara G | 36.469 |...................

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Find Next Result Display In Message Box?

Sep 13, 2013

creating a .Find code to search a range on a sheet and then display each result seperately in a msgbox. An inputbox will be the value .find searches the range for.

the msgbox needs to be a vbyesno

Dim myItem As String, myRNG As Range, NewLoc As String
Dim Found As Range [code].....

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Find The Earliest Result For The Same Period

Jan 14, 2014

Basically, what I want is to find the earliest EPSI1MN and its associated EPSI1YR and EPSI1NE, within the same period of EPSI1YR and then store the results in a separate sheet. This process is to be repeated for 12 years of data, covering more than 4000 companies.

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Find Method Unexpected Result

Apr 18, 2006

I am using the find method to search column headings, and based on the results copy the column to another worksheet. Everything works fine except if I have a mixed text and numeric string in the cell, for example DT35. In this case the macro doesn't copy this column. I have attached the spreadsheet. CTRL - A will run the macro. The macro calls a form with checkboxes, captioned using the values in the worksheet titled "Set-Up". If a value is found in the column heading the checkbox is set to true, then when the "Copy Selected Columns to Final Sheet" button is selected the columns are copied to the "FinalSheet" worksheet. I tried using xlPart instead of xlWhole, and this works but I need to search for exact strings so xlPart isn't a great work around.

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Find Between Workbooks & Return Corresponding Result

May 7, 2007

I have two workbooks Raw File and Lookup_Test, I want to find the value of Column A from Raw File, in Column A of Lookup_Test, if the value if found then i want the value in Column D from Lookup_Test, to be copied to the Column B of Raw File .

Well its like using vlookup , however i am trying to avoid using Vlookup and find any other way of doing the same.

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Vlookups When 2 Values Not Find The Result

Jun 28, 2007

I need help using the vlookup formula when there is 2 values that needs to be looked up to find the result.

for ex:
I need the result from Column "C1" which is the price from sheet2 by looking up the color, navy which is in Column B1 on sheet2 & looking up shirts which is in Column A1 on sheet2.

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Find Column Character Search Result

Jun 9, 2009

I'd like to search for text and get the column character where the cell with the found text. The combination the two 'demands'/formulae into one are giving me problems. And the fact that the column character can exist out of two characters I cannot solve.

I can get the column number with HLookup right? and it gives me the column number, not the character. I can solve this partially (and ugly even more) with =Char(((Hlookup etc)+64 (letter before A))).

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Find/Locate End Of Range & Add Formula Result

Aug 24, 2006

Dim myDynRange As Range
Dim myLastRow As Integer
myLastRow = Range("H:H"). CurrentRegion.Rows.Count
myFirstCell = Cells(Counter, 8).Address
myLastCell = Cells(myLastRow, 8).Address
myDynRange = myFirstCell & myLastCell

im having a problem with the last line
myDynRange = myFirstCell & myLastCell

my eventual aim is to do an average on this column with a line like

ActiveCell.Offset(Counter, 1).Value = Application.WorksheetFunction.average(myDynRange)

the reason why my range declaration is so strage is because i was trying to change the dimensions of the range with an offset function because i had many ranges to average but the offset function didnt want to work. this way goes like this....................

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Find Cell Address Of VLOOKUP Result And Replace With New Value

Jun 21, 2013

I am using VLOOKUP to find the size of a cam to be installed in a tablet press, based on the product code it will be running.

The array has two columns: (W) Product Code, (X) Cam Size.

Array: W4:X437

The user selects the Product Code from a drop-down list in cell E5.

The resulting Cam Size is displayed in cell E7. The VLOOKUP works fine.


Occasionally, the cam size has to be updated. The user would then select a new cam size from a drop-down list in cell E9.

I have a "Update Cam Size" command button.

What I need to happen is for the value in E9 to replace the value in the array that is displayed in E7. Obviously, I have to know the location of the cell in the array, but I can't figure that part out. I've tried ADDRESS and MATCH functions, but it comes back with "#N/A" Value not available error.


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Search Multiple Sheets Within Report And Then Find Average Of Result?

Jun 6, 2014


I have changed the attachment to use CSV's

I am trying to create a report that I can enter the codes I am looking for and the formula will search the sheets within the report and once the results are found then find the average of those results.

What I am trying to do is search the codes from Sheet 1 under Outlet and ESA(in Blue) in sheet A,B and C. The problem is the ESA code seen in column I of A,B,C is only used when column L is empty in A,B,C.

Once the relevant codes are found I then need to look for the KPI's seen in sheet 1 B4, B6 and B8, they can be found in A,B,C in column R. then the result comes from column S in A,B or C.

Once the result is found for each code I want to find the average of them, with the answer to populate in yellow in sheet 1

I want the formula to be able to handle more or less codes as well as adjust the formula so I can add more sheets(possible D,E,F,G etc)

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Needing To Find Largest Value In Array, Then Return Entire Row Associated With Result

May 14, 2009

I have a table with subtotals that I need to find the largest value for the subtotal results and then return the cell contents for the corresponding row.

I have attempted to use the hlookup function, but keep getting a #ref error (probably because I am just not that familiar with the entire formula requirements).

I attempted to nest in the 'largest' function to the lookup function, but have so far been stymied....

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Formula: Find The “best” Contact Information And Return The Result To The Merge Sheet

Feb 17, 2009

I have a formula that needs some tweaking. This formula is to reference the ACCT and find the “best” contact information and return the result to the Merge sheet. If the ACCT does not have a Parent then you reference the ACCT to the abc_Phonelist sheet. If the ACCT does have a Parent then use the Parent ACCT since it has a more desirable account number to reference against the abc_Phonelist. If the ACCT or the Parent ACCT uses Processors then the ACCT from the Processors sheet has the best reliable account number to reference against the abc_Phonelist.
In sum, there are three different possible “number tiers” that can be used. The first, the ACCT phone number. This means that the ACCT has neither a Parent nor a Processor. The second, the parent ACCT phone number. This means that the ACCT has a Parent, but neither the Parent ACCT nor the ACCT has a Processor.The third, the Processor phone number. This means that either the ACCT or the Parent ACCT has a Processor phone number.....

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Find Largest Number In Array And Give Result As Column Heading

Aug 9, 2013

I'm trying to find the largest number in a row and then have the column heading (text) as the result. I can find the largest number by using =max(numb1, numb2 ....) but then how do I get the heading of the column as the result. An example of what I want to happen is below




I anticipate an issue where 2 columns have the same largest number and not sure how to over come this either with multiple answers

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Excel 2010 :: Find Months And Days Between Today And Another Date That Is Result Of Function?

Apr 25, 2014

I'm in Excel 2010, and the cell with the date I want to work from is H22.

I'm trying to get the difference of the (date+12 months)-TODAY() to appear in months and days.

Here's the latest thing I tried (that doesn't work):

=IF(DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"y")>=1,DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"y")&" yrs, "&DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"ym")&" mths,
"&DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"md")&" days",IF(DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"ym")>=1,DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"ym")&" mths, "&DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"md")&" days",DATEDIF(H22,TODAY(),"md")&" days"))

I should also probably note that the date in H22 is the result of another function.


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