Launching Excel In Separate Windows As Default?

Aug 16, 2012

Each time I click on an Excel file the worksheet will open up within an existing Excel worksheet that I have open. This is frustrating when you are working with two monitors or screens (laptop screen and additional monitor) and want to view each worksheet separately in separate screens. What I end up doing, which is not efficient, is I'll open the second worksheet which will open up in an existing worksheet that I have open and then I'll close it, and then launch a separate Excel worksheet and pull open the recent file and I'll have two open worksheets (not within same Excel worksheet I already have open). This allows me to grab and pull one worksheet in a separate screen and leave the other as I need both open on two monitors.

Question: is there a way to default Excel when opening or double clicking an Excel file to automatically open in a separate instance of Excel and not in an existing open worksheet?

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Low Memory Launching Windows Explorer

Jul 7, 2007

how to launch windows explorer from a path that resides in a cell using the code below.

Sub LaunchWindowsExplorer()

Dim PID As Double
Dim strRootPath As String

Const strExpExe = "explorer.exe"
Const strArg = " " '" /e,/root, "

'// Change rootpath here
strRootPath = "J:MyDirectoryWilliams,Bob 7264"

PID = Shell(strExpExe & strArg & strRootPath, 1)

End Sub

The problem I have is that once I have done this a number of times (probably somewhere between 80-100 times then I notice windows explorer starts to play up as if running out of memory. A reboot soon fixes that, however, I was wondering if there is anything I can add to the code to keep it from hogging up memory...if that is even possible.

When I say 80 - 100 times, I don't mean opening up 80 - 100 instances of windows explorer. I mean launching windows explorer, moving some files then closing that instance of windows explorer. Then coming back into excel and repeating that process.

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Launching Windows Explorer Path Error

May 27, 2007

I am trying to launch windows explorer from within excel vba. The routine below is borrowed from another post on this site and modified for my purposes.

Sub LaunchWindowsExplorer()

Dim PID As Double
Dim strRootPath As String

Const strExpExe = "explorer.exe"
Const strArg = " " '" /e,/root, "

'// Change rootpath here
strRootPath = "J:MyDirectoryWilliams,Bob 7264" ..............

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Default View Of VB Windows

Feb 18, 2010

Having trouble setting VB windows views back to deafult ...

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Reset Default Colours In Windows 7?

Apr 24, 2012

We have only just converted to Windows 7 from Windows 2000 and can't find the option to reset default colours. In Windows 2000 it is in: tools/options/colour.

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Open Windows File Chooser At Default Location

Feb 14, 2012

Is there any way of making the default directory location for application.getopenfilename work properly with shared locations?

Presently I use ChDrive then Chdir but I cant use ChDrive if workbook is opened from a link in email for example. Please see below

I have a VBA routine that asks the user to load an existing file on startup.

I want the window for the file selection to open at the same folder every time. (the folder is on a shared drive)

The workbook to run the code will always be located on this same share at a fixed location.

My present code builds the path to the desired opening folder by collecting the drive letter from the current working directory (which has to be done as everybody maps there shares to different letters here, its not guaranteed to be the same! )

then i ChDrive to this letter.

Then I ChDir to letter plus myKnowndirPath

This works fine, the window always opens at my required folder. But only as long as the user has navigated to the folder containing the spreadsheet and then ran it from there. Because that way a drive letter is available.

However i found that if i sent a link to the workbook or its home folder. And the user opens the link or a windows explorer from that link and then runs file from there.

Then it stops working beacause there is no local drive letter in the working directory path. i.e. working directory shows as

'network \shareddrive
ootafolderanother arget

instead of something like
J:afolderanother arget

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How To Create And Add Password To Default Windows Zip File Using VBA Macro

Mar 17, 2013

how to create and add password to a default windows zip file using vba excel macro.

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Opening 2 Workbooks In Separate Windows

Dec 1, 2009

I have 2 workbooks open and I want to set up formulas from one linking to the other. When I toggle on the task bar between the 2 workbooks they replace each other within the same window so I can only see one workbook at a time. How do I set it up so I can have 2 separate windows open at the same time, one with each workbook in it? I tried 'side by side' in one window but the viewing area is too small.

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How To Open Two Windows Of Excel

Jan 24, 2014

Every time I open a new file in excel it opens up the file and the other file I have open disappears. Can I open a file so that there will be two separate windows?

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Excel 2003 :: Slow Startup On Windows XP SP3

May 4, 2009

I'm currently running MS Excel 2003 on Windows XP SP 3. When I launch Excel from the start menu, it starts right up. When double-clicking an Excel file, it takes approximately 45 seconds to a minute to launch and open the file. This happens no matter what the file size.

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Excel 2007 :: No Secondary Windows Appearing?

Apr 18, 2013

My Excel gets stuck in a strange world sometimes where it seems like a pop-up blocker is turned on. By this I mean that i can't get question alerts to show in Excel. My only relief has been to reboot.

Here's what I mean - I generally see this two different times:

If I'm in a document that I've modified and click the "X" to exit the file - it never asks me to save, just closes without saving.

When I do a "find" on an item, I do get the first box where I can specify my search criteria. If there is a match, it will take me to the match if I do a find next. However, if I do a find all or there is not match, nothing else happens. I can see the cell addresses flickering in the name box.

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Excel 2010 :: Macros Not Working In Windows 7

Apr 29, 2014

I have a macro to collate data from multiple workbooks to a single sheet. The folder path to the source files can be chosen thorugh the macro. It runs perfectly in my system running on Windows XP. But it doesnt run on Wondows 7 system. Both are using MS Excel 2010. In Windows 7 system, while choosing the folder path where source files are located, it says "No items match your search" (screenshot attached). I would want the macro modified so that it runs on any platform. The macros that I'm using is given below:

[Code] .....


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Build Windows 8 App Based On Excel Macro?

Feb 24, 2013

I write a excel file (with macros included) to tackle the datas regarding stock market.

The excel file encompasses some information about financial reports, and some functions (macro) like sorting and filtering.

I'm wondering if I can build it as an windows 8 App and put it on the App market.

Or, in other words, can I make a windows 8 App by the functions in Excel ?

Can I do that ?

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Excel 2010 :: Macros From Windows To Macs?

May 30, 2013

I developed a tool in Excel 2010 using macros and launched it to a group of dozens of users. Turns out one of them uses a mac and says it is incompatible. I have never used Excel for Mac or tested my tool in it. Next I plan to test it on a mac but how to make this work?

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Cannot Access Minimized Excel Pages From Windows Task Bar

Sep 3, 2013

After minimizing my Excel form, I'm trying to re access it from the windows task bar. If I click on the Excel tab it shows me the 2 excel files I have open. I would normally just click on one of those and that sheet would be brought up, but I can't get either of them up - as soon as I click on one or other of them the window just minimizes again.

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Excel Macro - Open Windows Explorer Window Using VBA?

Jun 6, 2002

What's the code for opening a Windows Explorer window from within an Excel Macro?

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Minimize Windows And Allow Other Excel Work Books To Open

Apr 30, 2012

I have created a userform template and is working fine, the problem is the users are not able to minimize the template nor open any other excel files.

How to allow the template to open any other excel files or macro enabled files and also to minimize the windows.

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Excel 2010 :: VBA Macro To Synchronize Windows Folders

Apr 19, 2013

Working with Windows 7 and Office 2010

I've created a Excel workbook with VBA code to synchronize an Access database between a laptop and a server. One of the fields in the database is a shortcut to a jpg for each record. (The Access stuff is not too important here)

Now I'd like to add the ability synchronize the photos between the laptop and the server; so people who use the server can view the photos added by the laptop and vice versa.

Something like:

For each [JPG] in [LaptopFolder]
If not [JPG] exists in [ServerFolder] then
filecopy [LaptopFolder][JPG], [ServerFolder][JPG]
end if
next [JPG]

That code wouldn't work.

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Excel 2013 :: Saving / Opening Workbook With Multiple Windows

Aug 7, 2013

With excel 2013 you're now able to open multiple windows or views of the same workbook. However when a workbook is saved with multiple windows open, the next user to open the spreadsheet will also open it with multiple windows. Which can be very annoying when most people work off of one window vs. multiple. Is there a way to disable saving the multiple windows or a macro to force open excel in 1 window?

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Save All Open Excel Windows After Respective Cell Names

Feb 17, 2009

I am trying to do something which is very slow and manual. What i have is like a seperate spreadsheet from every day and have to save each one down manually in the respective date. so for example column C has the date in already. Can you tell me how to save all the excel workbooks which are open (if i open them all) and then use the date in column C (which is in the format 20090217) and save it as a xls in the format 170209 and then close the workbooks?

sorry this is a huge question, just takes me so long to save them all.

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Excel 2011 :: Mac Recorded Macro Does Not Work With Windows - Runtime Error 1004

Nov 20, 2013

I have been given a macro recorded on a mac and it works fine with Mac Excel 2011. Unfortunately, I need to make it to work on a windows machine, but it comes up with an error message "macro unable to set width property of the window class. Run-time error 1004". When I press debug it takes me to the line .Width = 1456.

Below is the chunk of the code that becomes highlighted when pressing debug.

With ActiveWindow
.Width = 1456
.Height = 795
End With

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Launching Pdf Files In A Macro

Dec 17, 2008

I have a macro that launches word or excel files if the file address (e.g. C:Documents and SettingsHenryDesktop est.xls) is typed into cell A1 by looking at the last 3 letters of the file name.

I cannot find a way to enable it to launch pdf files as well (e.g. C:Documents and SettingsHenryDesktop est.pdf)

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Launching Macro Recorder Using VBA

Jun 9, 2009

I hide all Excel standard tabs and thus need a button on custom tab to record a macro. (I did this successfully with custom menu in Excel 2003.) In 2007 ribbon, I've reused the code for a button's OnAction, now going to callback that runs:

Application.CommandBars.ExecuteMso ("MacroRecord")

In Excel 2003, the stop button appeared automatically for me. But in Excel 2007, with hiding standard tabs, etc., I see no way to stop recording, other than running my button to return the Developer's tab, where the Record Macro button has changed to Stop Macro.

I'd like to either add a second button to my ribbon to stop recording the macro (but I can't find an idMso to use in a callback) or have my Record button change to Stop button, like Excel does. But I can't come up with correct code.

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Launching VNC Browser From Worksheet

Apr 14, 2006

I have a worksheet that is a graphical display of a call floor with its cubicles. I am able to pop up a box with many details about the workstation in the cubicle (see Display pop-up box when cell selected) for more details, and would now like to go further with this application.

Our practice is to use VNC to review the end users' screens when they call us for assistance; given that I know the machine name and IP address, how can I start a VNC browsing session for the target machine?

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Launching Another File Format From Vba

Mar 14, 2007

My company uses database software called Business Objects. At the moment few people are using the program and its reports as they can't find the key ones or workout how to run them correctly. As everyone is comfortable with excel. I am creating a series of forms to guide my users to the key reports. I like this method because it is very user friendly and I can add lots of descriptions. Unfortunately my programming knowledge is limited to excel so I can't write a standalone program as you might suggest I do.

The problem:
I want to launch the non-excel files using VBA. For example, a user will click on a "Customer" button to see a second form containing a list of customer reports. The user will then click on the button containing the name of the report they want to launch. I want the file to open. I tried using hyperlinks in an excel spreadsheet which works fine for opening the non-excel files, but it isnít nearly as user-friendly or interactive.

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How To Have Default Value Displayed In Excel List

Apr 2, 2013

I created a drop down list in three cells for date, month and year using data validation.

But I need these cells to display by default DD,MM,YYYY.

what's the way to do it.

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Change Excel Default Row Height?

May 28, 2013

I want to set the default row height as 20.0 (not excel's standard 15.0). When I delete the contents in a cell that has Wrap Text property enabled, the row always reverts back to default height of 15.0 and this is too small. Is there a way to chnage the default?

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Saving Default Settings In Excel

Aug 20, 2013

I am working on lots of excels, with data queries from sql and pivot tables. Is there a way to set defaults to some settings in excel (not in this specific file).

To be more specific:

1. Import data from SQL: Refresh on opening, save password
2. Formatting of number to have two digits and a comma separator
3. Pivot table: when adding to values sum instead of count, refresh when opening the file

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Distance To Default Calculation Using Excel?

Mar 16, 2013

how to to calculate the distance to default using excel. Or send e some previos work sheets that i can follow how it is done

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Saving And Launching Program Sequencing

Mar 3, 2014

I have a non Microsoft program file that I can open in excel. I usually make changes to the file; save it to its native format, then open up the non Microsoft program and open that file that I just edited in excel.

If I had to simplify it, using notepad as an example.

I open the TXT in excel and make changes.

Then Save the TXT in a folder location.

Open Notepad.

Browse to the folder Location.

Open the edited file.

I did not know if there was a quick VBA that I could use to get this to work?

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