Link Images To Cells

Apr 13, 2009

My goal is probably very simple, but I knowledge is not enough to achieve that.

What I need is to have those two tables to interact with each other. One is a numeric table and the other an images table. Each number is linked to an image, somewhere on my HD, that should display automatically on the table on the right. I made a draft of the two tables, so you can see exactly what I want. All images, about 50, are the same size 128x128 px.
I must be able to change those numbers on the left table, having the images on the right table reflecting those changes. How can I achieve that goal? Can someone explain me that on detail, or is asking too much? I'm not very good at excel, just a regular user.

Here is the draft sheet.

Microsoft Excel - Images_Table.xls___Running: 11.0 : OS = Windows XP (F)ile (E)dit (V)iew (I)nsert (O)ptions (T)ools (D)ata (W)indow (H)elp (A)boutB10=BCDEFGHIJKLMNOP21234567 Pic1Pic2Pic3Pic4Pic5Pic6Pic7311121314151617 Pic11Pic12Pic13Pic14Pic15Pic16Pic17421222324252627 Pic21Pic22Pic23Pic24Pic25Pic26Pic27531323334353637 Pic31Pic32Pic33Pic34Pic35Pic36Pic37641424344454647 Pic41Pic42Pic43Pic44Pic45Pic46Pic47751525354555657 Pic51Pic52Pic53Pic54Pic55Pic56Pic57861626364656667 Pic61Pic62Pic63Pic64Pic65Pic66Pic67Folha1 [HtmlMaker 2.42] To see the formula in the cells just click on the cells hyperlink or click the Name boxPLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS TABLE IMAGE ON SAME PAGE! OTHEWISE, ERROR OF JavaScript OCCUR.

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How To Put Macro Code To Images Near Cells

Feb 7, 2014

put around 2000 image products into a near cells based on my currently codes.

For example i have:

A1: 0102-2000
A2: 0102-2001
A3: 0103-2002

And i have a folder with all images products looks like 0102-2000-523532523.jpg, 0102-2001-43252352.jpg, 0103-2002-5654754754745.jpg

How can i put with a macro code all these images near the above cells?

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Linking Cells By Looking Up Part Of Link In Other Cells

Dec 2, 2008

I'm wondering if there is a way of linking to cells by looking up part of the link in another cell. E.g.In Sheet1, cell A1, i have some data that I want link to from Sheet2. Normally I'd do that by using "=Sheet1!A1" in the cell in Sheet2.

But I'd like to lookup the "A1" part of the link from two different cells in Sheet 2. Something like: =Sheet1!(Text from B1 in Sheet2 AND Text from A2 in Sheet2)
or: =Sheet1!(Sheet2!B1&Sheet2!A2). So that if Sheet2!B1 would contain an "A", and Sheet2!A2 would contain a "1" the resulting link would be the correct "=Sheet1!A1"

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How To Link Up Cells From One To Another

Jun 20, 2011

Here it is

1. I want to put the AMOUNT on E6
2. from there on F6 put the account number on there (FOR)
3. Now once the account number is put on F6 it would link up the same account number on (H6-H32)
4. then when its linked up from those cells put the amount where you typed it up from to move to that account to THIS MONTH (J6-J32)

so from E6 to F6 it would link up, put an amount of 100.00 on E6 and an account number on F6.

Once account number is typed up it would link up to the account number to the other side to H6 -H32

Finally the amount that you typed up from E6 would link up to the account number and pop up to J6 - J32 (THIS MONTH) and if you put on other spaces on the cells it would add up different amounts and put account number and it would link up and the amount would move to THIS MONTH.

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Unable To Link In Certain Cells

Feb 1, 2008

I have inherited a workbook and wish to link certain cells from various worksheets.On one work sheet I am unable to selct any cell (cursor does not change) to link in and on another sheet there are a just a range of cells I cannot access - everywhere else works normally. There are no macros and the workbook is not protected.

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Link Cells In Different Sheet

Dec 6, 2008

I have a workbook that I am trying to get easier to work with, I have sheet 1 that my product codes,cost,mark up % and amount sold etc. and I have sheet 2 that has suppliers order No's, Cust name/email etc. and the At the moment in my example I manually hyperlink AE2 in sheet 1 to A2 in sheet 2 - and I manually copy cells P2 & Q2 in sheet 1 and paste link into E2 & F3 sheet 2.

I want cells E2 & F3 in sheet 2 to automatically link to their corresponding cells in sheet 1 P2 & Q2

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Link Together Different Cells In Specific Order

Dec 31, 2007

I have a list of terms to put together and what I have is a master list of 6 concatenate functions and I need to link them to all the different words in my list.

The first word in collumn A needs to be with the function in D1, the second word (A2) needs to be with D2, then A3 with D1, and A4 also with D1, while A5 with D6, etc.
It looks something like this:

for your info...I have put numbers in the adjacent cell corresponding to which of the 6 concatenate functions need to go into the cell in collumn C

So in reality all I need is a function that would rearrange my list of 6 functions from Collumn D into collumn C based on the numbers 1-6 I have in collumn B


(attached is an example to better see what im talking about. Disregard that the concatenate functions are not doesnt matter right now.)

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Link Two Cells If Checkbox Is True

Feb 6, 2013

Is there a way to link to cells so that one cell is populated with the others value if a checkbox is set to true?

In other words if the checkbox isnt selected the two cells would be as normal. If checkbox is checked, I want to enter data in one cell and have it show up in the other. I cannot use formulas as I use spin buttons on these cells as well.

I can get it to work with a worksheet change event but that is proving to be more buggy than anything I have ever seen. The worksheet change event is set to one cell but it the code executes if any cell is changed. This has happened before so Id rather not use the worksheet change event if possible.

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Link Large Amount Of Cells

Jan 19, 2007

I need to link 153 cells from one workbook to another
Is there a code that can do this ? The cells are not contiguous.

Something like.

If not intersect.....
With tartget.Copy.... ??

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Link By Formula Two Cells Within Macro

Jan 9, 2008

I have one list in one sheet that is source for the userform and combobox used on another sheet. With userform I make a choice and data is entered in one cell.
But is it possible to compare the choice that I make in combobox with the list on the first sheet and then make a simple link between these two cells, so that cell in the second sheet is always showing what is in the cell on the first sheet.
Reason for this is that items on the list on the first sheet sometimes change and I need to update the second sheet automatically.

Private Sub cmdOK_Click()

With Sheets("Presentation").Range("V18:V32")
Set c = . Find(cbochange.Value, LookIn:=xlValues)
If Not c Is Nothing Then
firstAddress = c.Address
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Formula = firstAddress
Set c = .FindNext(c)
Loop While Not c Is Nothing And c.Address <> firstAddress
End If
End With
Unload Me
End Sub

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Formula That Uses Link In A Cell To Create Offset Link

Jun 28, 2013

I have two worksheets, one with detail monthly information and one with YTD information. So let's say the three numbers I want to capture in the YTD sheet are in columns B, G and I on the monthly sheet. January's data might be in B5, G5 and I5. February's data is in B12, G12 and I12 and so on.

On the YTD sheet in cell C2 I link to Monthly!B5 and in C3 I link to Monthly!B12 so cells C2 to C13 on the YTD sheet show the monthly totals from column B on the detail sheet. On the YTD sheet, cells C20 to C31 show the monthly totals from column G on the monthly sheet, so cells G5, G12, etc. And finally, cells C40 to C51 on the YTD sheet show monthly totals form column I on the monthly sheet.

In the past I've always created all these links manually. After creating the links in C2 to C13 on the YTD sheet, is there a way to use a formula in C21 that uses the link in C2 to create a link for G5?

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Can Link Row Of Coloured Cells Into Another Spreadsheet In Same Workbook?

Jan 14, 2014

I have created a Vacation Calendar workbook with 6 sheets. All the sheets contain the 12 month calendar. Each row contains an employee and the columns are the days of the week. I have to keep track of 5 departments. I have 5 supervisors that are on different sheets that need to be included on the 6th sheet. I have set conditional formating to show that when I type "v" in a cell that is will go green. Is there a way to populate this information to another sheet without having to copy and paste?

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Link Graphed Data To Output Cells

May 19, 2008

I am trying to get the information that I have plotted, on a scatted graph,
off onto the second sheet an splitting the information. I'm not too sure if
this is the right place for this thread, but I am hoping that someone can

The original data that is on the graph is in 3 columns. One has the company
name, one is the current value and one is the predicted value.

I need this info to come off the graph or from the original data in 2
fields. Customer and predicted value, but they need to be prioritized.

1 needs to be the one with the lowest current and highest potential.
2 needs to be the 2nd lowest current and 2nd highest on.
Then I need to get the highest current and highest on.

I know that what I require is quite complex and it may have to be via
calculations, but I am hoping that excel can do this?

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How To Link Cells To Sheet Names Using For Loop

May 28, 2014

I'm trying to write some code that links to certain sheets if certain cells are clicked. My sheets are named "01", "02", "03", ... , "20", ... "XX". I'm hoping I can use some loops to reference the names of the sheets since they are in a number format, but "j", which is how I tried to link cell rows with a corresponding sheet, in the code below doesn't cooperate. fix this or can you simply not reference sheet names this way?

If ActiveCell.Column = 4 Or 5 Then
For i = 5 To 7
j = i - 4
If ActiveCell.Row = i Then
Exit Sub
End If
End If

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How To Copy (href) Web Link Into Excel Cells

Jun 11, 2014

How to pull a website link from the html code in "view source" of a webpage into my excel spreadsheet cell?

For instance, on this webpage (BBC News - Home), I would like to pull the news title and hyperlink of the news title into my excel, I am able to pull the title into my cells using "sht.Range("A"& RowCount)= ele.innertext". But is there an equivalent method to copy the weblink? I highlighted the part where i am stuck in red (below).

I am currently watching a youtube video explaining how to pull data from webpages into excel via VBA, and my code basically looks like this:

Sub test()

Dim eRow As Long
Dim ele As Object
Set sht = Sheets("Sheet1")
RowCount =1
sht.Range("A"& RowCount)="Title"
sht.Range("B"& RowCount)="Web link"

[Code] ......

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Macro To Link Check Boxes To Cells

Feb 8, 2008

I have a spreadsheet setup which includes a number of checkboxes set up using the forms toolbar.

I would like to link each of these checkboxes (in sheet1) to a cell reference in sheet2. I'm trying to write a macro that will do this for me to save me right clicking, choosing format control etc for each checkbox.

I found the code on this page:
which appears to be similar to what I am trying to achieve. In this case it creates the checkboxes in cells B3:B20 and links them to C3:C20.

I have already created all the checkboxes, and wish to use a macro to link them (for example) to C3:C20 in sheet2.

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Link Two Cells Where If I Type Say Loubie In One It Duplicates In The Other

Jul 9, 2009

1. I need to generate 1, 2, 3 etc automatically when data is recorded in other cells on the same row

2. I need to link two cells where if I type say Loubie in one it duplicates in the other.

Hope these requests make sense I'm desperate for help tonight with this due to having to complete this project by the morning.

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Group Radio Buttons & Link To Cells

Jul 31, 2007

I am trying to make a basic worksheet that will have radio buttons. I have searched around for about 2 hours and can not find any documentation on how exactly to create a buttons and make it do what I want. I have also tried F1 in Excel but that hasn't helped any either. I did stumble uppon a file called "Options.xls" when searching this forum but it does not explain how the buttons were made. The only thing i can figure out how to do is basically insert a button onto the document, and rename the label of the button that's about it. I basically want to create a group of (3) or so buttons. If button A is picked, cell D1 will display "x". If button B is picked, cell D1 will display "y", and so on. Is there a link to an example out there that shows how to create and use buttons?

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Dropdown To Link Other Sheet And Lookup Data For Last Cells

Aug 6, 2014

I have 4 sheets from sheet1 to sheet3, I typed code date and quantity which the code has 5 columns. In sheet 4 I have defined dropdown in I2 Cell(yellow fill) which has all code fromsheet1 to sheet3. So my purpose is that in sheet 4 I want to select code in I2 cell then it will appear in code column date and quantity automatically for the last cell of date and quantity. Note: I'm looking only the last cells when I select the code in dropdown.

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Create A Text Link To Other Cells Within A Work Book

Aug 3, 2009

I know how to create a text link to other cells within a work book but how can I create a button which will do the same?

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Link Cells In Adjoining Sheets If Contents Match

Apr 21, 2009

I have a list of items in column A of Sheet1 and the same list in column A of Sheet2. Both list will contain the same items, however not necessarily in the same order.

What I want the book to do is; when I click on an item in the list on Sheet1, it takes me to the same item in Sheet2.

Is this possible with VBA?

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Macro To Link Large Number Of Cells Between Worksheets

Feb 18, 2008

I would like to write a macro that links cells in one workbook (working) to cells in another workbook (summary).

I don't want this to be a straight swap thought, I'd like it to contain the following formula:


The cells in the working workbook are listed vertically, while the cells in the summary workbook are listed horizontally.

ie. link G8-G18 in working to B3-K3 in summary
link H8-H18 in working to B4-K4 in summary

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Link Cells To Chosen Workbook Macro Code

May 19, 2008

I am trying to write a code in VBA to collect data from several weekly workbooks, and list them up in a monthly workbook.

These weekly workbooks change names depending on the week, for example, we have:

Report week 1.xls
Report week 2.xls
Report week 3.xls
Report week 4.xls

Each report has the same layout, so the data I want will be in the same cells. However, as the report names change as the weeks in the year go on, I can't write the code for weeks 1-4 as they will not work with week 5 onwards!

I have found out how to chose a file of my choice using:

Sub GetImportFileName()
Dim FInfo As String
Dim FilterIndex As Integer
Dim Title As String
Dim FileName As Variant

' Set up list of file filters
FInfo = "All Files (*.*),*.*"

' Display *.* by default
FilterIndex = 5 ......................

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Link Between Two Cells Is Broken So The Correct Number Is Not Showing Up In The Cell

Aug 6, 2007

I have a spreadsheet that has been sent to multiple clients. I have discovered an error in a few of the cells:

1. a link between two cells is broken so the correct number is not showing up in the cell. It is a simple formula ie: =A15, that I either forgot to put in or deleted in a fit of madness. It is in the same cell on the same worksheet in the workbook.

2. A hidden column on a worksheet has a formula that sums a range of cells. I have discovered that this range of cells is wrong. This error is duplicated on a number of worksheets in the workbook. The problem is that the error is in the same column in each worksheet but not in the same row.

Each worksheet is password protected. This is done through VBA code so the passwords won't be a problem.

The clients have already started working on the spreadsheet that I sent them and I want to send them a "fix" so that the correct formula will just update the spreadsheet they already have rather than me sending a completly new one and them having to start from scratch.

I had this wonderful spreadsheet set up with columns that appear and disappear and formulas galore so that the client didn't have to do to much work and then I find these errors after it has been sent. My testers let me down but that's life.

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How To Render URL Images

Jan 29, 2014

I work for a small business and I'm in the process of creating a simple invoicing system. The only hang-up I've come across so far is rendering images. I want a thumbnail of the product to appear on the invoice, but haven't had any luck finding code or formulas online that solve my particular challenge.

So cells B26 and B27 are merged and contain the URL address to the image I want rendered. I would like to maintain the width of the column when the image is rendered, but the height can be extended to fit taller images. There is only one image per printed page (per invoice). The image will always be in column B, of course there will be several rows between those containing URLs/images. For example, the image will be in B26:27 on page one, B67:68 on page two, B108:109 on page three, and so on.

I have attached an example file to this post. Please note: the file is saved as .xls intentionally and any solution should be compatible with this format.

Invoicing Test_ozgrid.xls

solve this problem using either formulas or code

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Hyperlink To Images

May 9, 2014

I have a list of values in excel that represent image numbers (IMG_0001 etc...) in column A (A1:A703); hence representing my 702 images. I am trying to hyperlink each single image to its respective image which is located on my usb key all in one go (I don't want to hyperlink one at a time as it would take me for ages). Is there an easy way to do that?

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Add Images To A Sheet

Jul 10, 2007

I am putting together two reports that involves a lot of photos (we're talking about two thousand each). I have figured out how to add the images to comments thanks to other posts on this site, but is there anyway to make this more automatic?

I found this code below, which seems to apply, but I just don't know enough about VBA to make it work, my only experiance with code is Flash's actionscript.

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Lookup Images With VBA

Aug 25, 2009

I have a cabinet quotation spreadsheet that offers 22 door styles. We never need to quote more than 6 or so. showing all 22 doors is impractical now. What I want to do is make 6 selections from 6 pull down menus (menues showing all 22 door styles). Upon making a selection for door 1, I want it's image to appear. Same for door selections 2 through 6.

I did find some code from McGimpsey & Assoctiates .......

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Images In Workbook

Sep 10, 2008

i have a spreadsheet of my stock (300 items) that contains a header row for all information concerning each item.

what i want is a thumbnail image (120x78) of the product to appear for each product (pic is stored on HD or web)

(it is possible to show a hyperlink to the image from the web or from my computer in the cell, but it seems to be impossible to display the actual image instead, bizarre, i could care less if it is actually in the cell or not)

i have found some code that has worked for others in a macro, just not for me. thus my header row is now (csv style):

imagename, imagepath, image, porduct

B-CH01_thm , C:/etc etc,an image,B-CH01
B-CH02_thm, C:/etc etc,an image,B-CH02

The code (i assumed was for a macro) that did nothing when i ran it is below, i dont want a fix for this code either, any solution that will actually work is all i am after!

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Put Images Into ComboBox

Dec 6, 2006

You can place in cell something that looks like ComboBox and contains list of options that you can choose. I was wondering if there is a way to do the same but with icons/images instead of text? And i dont mean form just excel sheet.

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