Spreadsheet For A Couple Hundred Rows Of Data And 6 Columns

Jan 4, 2010

I have a spreadsheet for a couple hundred rows of data, and 6 columns. The fifth column contains a date. What I need to figure out is this:for every 3 rows of data, if the date diffes in column 5 (E), highlight this row and the previous 2 rows

Currently, I've been doing this all manually, row by row - needless to say, it takes me a few hours or depending on how much other work I need to do, a few days.

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Formula For Several Hundred People With Several Hundred Choices

Jun 25, 2008

I'm trying to write a formula for the following simple situation. Eventually I will need to use this formula for several hundred people with several hundred choices.

Like I said, this is a simplified example that I will eventually need to expand out to hundreds of people. Lets say I have 5 people, we will call them #1, #2, etc to #5 and I have 5 cars, red, blue, black etc. Person #1 gets his first choice, person number 2 gets second choice etc. But if person #2's first choice is the same as person #1's, obviously he can't have that choice and must go to his second choice. Some people may not have a preference and won't get assigned any color.

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Count The # Of Rows In A Spreadsheet In Which There Is Non-blank Text Data In 2 Separate Columns

Dec 5, 2008

I am trying to count the # of rows in a spreadsheet in which there is non-blank text data in 2 separate columns. For instance, if the spreadsheet looked like the one below (dashes just for formatting purposes):

Mary-------some text--------some more text
John-------<blanks>---------just text here
Sue--------just some here-----<blanks>
Dave-------something--------something else

The total # of rows with something in both the "THIS" and "THAT" columns above would therefore be 2.

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Deleting The Rows Based On A Couple Of Variables

Nov 25, 2008

I have a worksheet ( adage inventory ) and I am trying to clean up some un-needed rows.

I need this deleting of rows based on a couple of variables.

I need to keep any row that Col F has the text "QCCONTROL"
I need to keep any row that COL N has the text "HOLD"
I need to keep any row that COL N has the text "REJECTED".

Sub Delete_OK_Lots()
lr = Sheets("adage inventory").Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row

For x = lr To 2 Step -1
If Sheets("adage inventory").Cells(x, "N") "HOLD" Or Sheets("adage inventory").Cells(x, "N") "REJECTED" Or Sheets("adage inventory").Cells(x, "F") "QCCONTROL" Then
Sheets("adage inventory").Rows(x).EntireRow.Delete
End If
Next x
End Sub

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Limit Number Of Rows / Columns In Spreadsheet (beyond Just Hiding Them)?

Nov 27, 2013

I would love to be able to limit the number of rows in a specific sheet so that I can quickly carry formulas to the bottom of a worksheet without carrying them to row 1,048,576. I'm aware of options to hide rows and/or to limit the scrolling with the "view code" option on the worksheet tab; however, I'm mainly worried about worksheet performance. When I carry a formula down, I don't want to see a spinning blue circle run for minutes at a time, and I'm hoping to avoid the same spinning circle when I undo my formula. Is there any way to actually limit the number of rows, or is there any other limitation I could put in that would increase worksheet performance?

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Copying Filtered Data Columns To New Spreadsheet

Oct 14, 2008

I have a spreadsheet with two tabs (Customer Survey Data) and (Customer Rollup). The data starts on line 5 (headers in rows 1 thru 4) and is found in columns B thru J. In column B I have dates with no blanks. In column C I have customer names - no blanks. In column J is are the customer comments - not all customers made a comment so there are blanks.

I created a macro that autofilters the data to show only those entries within a specific date range (dictated by dates found in L1 and L2 - begin and end dates respectively) by column B (no problem with this). The macro also auto removes all rows where there are no comments (column J = no blanks). This leaves me with only those surveys recieved within a specied date range that have comments.

Here is my problem: the Customer Rollup sheet is the finalized report. I need to copy only the customer names and their comments into the finalized report. The following is the macro I put in which only half works and I have no idea why. It copies the names fine...but then only copies the first comment.

Oh yea...I don't want to copy the WHOLE column...only from the first visible row down to the last. Btw...I put a lot of notes for myself...I capitalized the notes where I think the problem is...Any suggestions on how to fix it or why it just doesnt seem to work like it should?

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Spreadsheet With Many Rows Of Data

Feb 12, 2008

I have got a spreadsheet with many rows of data. One row is product name and the other is date written. Now I want to calculate how long these entries have been on the log. So lets say I have 10 entries called Pension all with different dates and 10 entries called ISA with different dates. So first I need it to look for all the proucts called "Pension" and then to work out how many are 0-3 weeks old and so on. So i want it to look like this but a formula to work it out for me and to update it automatically.

0-3 Weeks 4-6 Weeks 7-9 Weeks 10 Weeks +
Pension 4 3 3 1
ISA 3 4 1 2

(this does not display very well here but I hope you understand what I mean)

I am using Excel 2003 and I dont think it as a WEEKS function so I will do it in days and then devide by 7.

I know that to look for the product i use

The H:H is because the product is on colum H on my spreadsheet

I know to find the date it is
So to work out something 3 weeks old it would be


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One Hundred Back To 100

Sep 26, 2008

I found a way (on this board) to spell out numbers...I.E.: 140 = "One Hundred Forty" .

But is there a way to convert "One Hundred Forty" to 140 and format as a number or general or pretty much anything but text? I thought would be as easy as Cell Format > Number

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VB Macro - Sort Data In Columns Within Active Spreadsheet?

Feb 12, 2014

I am new to VB Macro creation and I am creating VB Macro which will:

1. Sort data in Columns within an active spreadsheet

2. Create new Worksheets

3. Delete Values in rows based on value in Column.

I have listed my "Step by Step" instructions in the tblTest Excel file on attachment. The instructions are clear and straight to the point.

Below are some VB Macros I was experimenting with but it is not complete.

Sub Sort_Ascending_With_Header()
'Sorts a worksheet in ascending order and assumes there are headers on the data
Range("A1:DZ20000").Sort _


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Listview In 2007 (populate With A Range Of Several Columns With Data From A Spreadsheet)

Sep 1, 2009

My question, and it's my first one here, is regarding the use of ListViews in Excel forms. I need to populate it with a range of several columns with data from a spreadsheet.

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VB Code Copying Specific Data And Rows To Next Spreadsheet?

Dec 27, 2011

I have data on Sheet2 and would like to only copy all rows associated with column D2 to the Sheet3. For example Sheet2 has two different values Voice or Data I would like to copy all rows associated with column D that contains voice to Sheet3.

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Running Query To Access: Pulls Data From 2 Columns In A Table And Pastes It To The Spreadsheet

Jul 10, 2009

I have an Excel spreadsheet with a query to an Access table. The query pulls data from 2 columns in a table and pastes it to the spreadsheet. I am trying to update the VBA a little on one sheet and now I get the attached error whenever the code tries to run in Excel. Here is the code with the offending portion separated at the top.

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Formulas Stop Working When Put The Rows Of Data To Test My Spreadsheet

Mar 17, 2009

I am inputting rows of data to test my spreadsheet and all of the sudden the formulas stop working??

Can someone take a peak at it and see if they can tell why its no longer working at I19?

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Custom Number Format (hundred-thousands, Millions)

May 22, 2009

I have a giant sheet that culminates in a graph. It is for various regions. When used in a country with in-control currency, you end up with a nice healthy number that looks good on the graph. When our Zimbabwe office uses it with their crazy inflation and high prices, we get a crazy number that goes into scientific notation...

Anyway, my question:

Given a number like 4,200,000 or 6,500 or 345,123, I want to be able to show as few trailing numbers as possible, and give a nice K or B or D or however you abbreviate Quadrillion (kM? for Zimbabwe) after it.

And, if possible, I'd like to do it with number formats, but I am flexible so long as it doesn't use VBA.

The lookup table would be:

Sheet1 AB1<1,000As is21,000K31,000,000Mil.41,000,000,000Bil.5>1,000,000,000,000Tril. Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

All numbers have 2 significant digits, and I want to keep 2, so if it ends up as 4,200,000, I want the answer to read 4.2 Mil, etc.

I tried doing this with a lookup, and couldn't handle it.

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Moving Data From Rows To Columns And Delete Repeated Rows

Apr 16, 2014

removing duplicate rows and move other data frm rows to columns.xlsx.

I am attaching a sample excel sheet showing what I need to do.In the first tab, I have a list that includes duplicate rows (first column only). I want to remove those duplicate rows but I don't want to lose the data in the following columns which can be unique or duplicates as well.

see the desired result tab in the sheet to get an idea of what I am looking for as the end result.

Keep in mind that the actual source file I am working with could have up to 50000 row, and the expected results could be around 2000 rows. So nothing can be done manually.

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Copy The Block Of Formulas And Formats Down The Sheet A Few Hundred Times

Aug 27, 2009

In my spreadsheet, I have approx. 300 'blocks' of data, one for each 'vendor'. I am tracking 5 stats for each vendor for 12 months. Each 'block' has 5 formulas WITH conditional formatting (only one condition used) for each month, so each 'block' has 60 individual cells with conditional formatting. Excel throws an error when I try to copy the block of formulas and formats down the sheet a few hundred times. I have figured out it isn't the formulas that is the problem. It must be some kind of limit Excel 2003 has for how many cells in a workbook can have conditional formatting.

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Move Rows Of Data From Several Columns But Not All Columns?

Dec 18, 2013

Column A is numbered 1 -100 successively Column B thru D contains data that goes with the assigned number in column A. I need to be able to move rows of data in column B through D to a different set of rows all at the same time (not one cell at a time) without disturbing the set numbers in column A. And with that, have all the other rows of data automatically adjust accordingly(not to be deleted or replaced).

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Remove Empty Rows Based On Range Of Columns If Columns Are All Empty (no Data) Delete

Oct 24, 2012

Using the following code to remove empty rows based on whether a specific range of columns is empty. The code works if the cell has a zero, but not when the cell is blank. An example of the data is attached.

Public Sub DelRows2()
Dim Cel As Range, searchStr, FirstCell As String
Dim searchRange As Range, DeleteRange As Range


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Select A Couple Of Cells In A Row

Dec 1, 2009

I would like to write part of the code that select a couple of cells in a row (for example : Range("A1:A10).select) than:
-find a text which is in one of these cells (for example "HP") - and gives me back column in which this text is input

texts in selected cells will always be the same (for example : HP, CH, SD, .... ect.)

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VBA To Import A Couple Of Userforms

Mar 15, 2003

I am trying to create a new workbook out of an existing one by exporting three sheets. I need to bring along a couple of userforms.

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Transpose Or Convert Rows Of Data Into Columns Of Data:

Feb 12, 2009

When I was using Excel 2000, there was an Excel add-in where I could highlight rows of information and then transpose these into columns of information. Since we have upgraded to Excel 2003, the same Excel add-in does not work and I have not been able to find a simple solution to transpose my information from a horizontal view to a vertical view or the reverse.

Or do I just have to move 53 columns (weeks) of 4 rows one cell at a time to 4 columns of 53 rows (weeks)?

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Finding An Average Couple Numbers

Jul 9, 2008

I am trying to get an average of a couple numbers, but I have to enter both numbers in one cell.

I have to enter the numbers in a cell as a range (ex. "1000-3000"). I need to convey it as a range in the spreadsheet I am doing, but in a separate cell I need the average of the extremes (1000 & 3000). Is there a formula or anything that would let me get the average of those two numbers(2000) directly from that one cell? If needed, I could make the cell "1000,3000" instead. I just don't want to make two separate cells, one saying 1000 and the other saying 3000.

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Create Couple Of New Worksheets With Existing One

Jul 7, 2014

I want to create 4 quarter sheets at the same time, but my code could only process 1 quarter sheet each time. Also, I have trouble of copying and pasting the values from yearsheet to the quarter sheets. ( see attachment document )

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Sum A Couple Of Different Types Appearing In A Column

Dec 10, 2009

to create a macro that counts a number of values for a couple of types. The list looks like this;

29 bananas
13 apples
18 bananas
14 pears
7 pears


So i want to create a loop the goes through the list and adds up all bananas, apples and pears. How do I do that in the best way?

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Rows To Columns With A1 Data

Nov 16, 2009

I am trying to sort out some item numbers with their page numbers.

My file is in the following format:

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Select Data From Spreadsheet Column If Condition In 2nd Spreadsheet At Same Time Is Met

Aug 11, 2013

I have two spreadsheets, one gives me the beginning and end of civil twilight as a measure of day vs. night. The spreadsheet has Date/Time in the first column, and the value 45 in the 2nd column when it is night. The second spreadsheet has also 2 columns with date/time and body temperatures of a squirrel. I want to get basic statistics (mean and standard deviation) of the squirrel's nocturnal body temperature, that is for times when it is night (value 45). The tricky part is that Date/Time of both spreadsheets are different. The procedure has to recognize that the date/time of body temperature lies between the beginning and end of the value 45 blocks of the first spreadsheet.

files: twilight sheet squirrel temperature

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Getting 15 Columns In Spreadsheet To Sort On One Columns As It Alphabetizes

Jun 10, 2014

Have a spreadsheet with 15 columns. In one of the columns is the name of the company and that column is not in alphabetical order. The city, state, zip code, business type and all the other pertinent data about that company is in the same row as the name of the company. My intent would be to put the company names in alphabetical order and keep all the company information in the same row as the company name.

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Transposing Columns Of Data Into Rows Of Data

Apr 28, 2009

The title makes it sound simpler than it is. I have 2 columns of data which I need to transpose.

The difficult bit is that Reference Number 1 may have 3 reasons (so therefore 3 rows) that need transposing into 4 columns (reference number, reason1, reason2, reason3)

Is there a way to do this?

I have attached a spreadsheet with the original table and how I need the end result to look.

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Using Sumproduct With Data In Rows And Columns

May 18, 2014

See attached template I am working on. I want to calculate the number of hours worked over specific dates e.g. between 19-25 May 2014 and 26-31 May 2014 for employee "Bird, Ken" - the result is to be placed in cell D19. Tried sumproduct but without success.

celeste template.xlsx‎

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Convert Columns To Rows With DATA

Aug 5, 2008

i have a problem in copying many columns to to rows that originally contains data, this is gonna be really complicated so here is wt i want, let's assume i have this table .....

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