Switching Cells Per Date Entered?

May 19, 2014

how to switch cells per date entered?

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Change Cells Data Is Entered Into Based On Date?

Jul 19, 2014

I own 3 restaurants and I use Excel to track my sales statics. I have to enter certain pieces of data on a daily basis and it can become slightly cumbersome when dealing with the sort of washed out look of Excel spreadsheets. I wanted to write a Windows application that would handle the process for me but my knowledge of programming languages is too limited and I don't really have the time to learn. What I'd like is to have a single page on my workbooks with which I can enter the data in on a field type view, and have it go to the appropriate cell on the "Raw" data sheets in the same workbook. For example:

Let's assume this is the Raw data sheet. I currently enter the data that I need here, and Excel does the rest for me. This gets hard to look at everyday when dealing with hundreds of numbers.

Net Sales
Prior Year Sales
Percent Increase/Decrease


Entering the data here would automatically fill in the data on the Raw sheet, and would know which cells to put the data into based on the date, which would of course be gotten from the =Today() formula.

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US/UK Date Switching

Sep 30, 2009

I want the people filling in the form to put the date into a box. I did have a calendar box but this wouldn't work on a lot of PCs , so I've switched it for three combo boxes, Day-Month-Year.

I've got the 'Add' button to put it all together - DayBox.Value & "/" & MonthBox.Value etc

This seemed to work fine and excel processes this as a date. It automatically switches to the US date format (MM/DD/YYYY) which would be fine as users don't see it and I know it's at least consistent.

But it's not.

1st August 2009 = 08/01/2009 (ie MM/DD/YYYY)
13th August 2009 = 13/08/2009 (ie DD/MM/YYYY)

And while I can format cell to show me the month name in the first example, the 13/08/2009 refuses to change format even though it's recognised as a date.

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Calculate The Number Of Days From A Date Entered Into Cell A1 To Today's Date

May 19, 2009

I need a formula that will calculate the number of days from a date entered into cell A1 to today's date. Whether it's before or after todays date. Example:

5/10/2009 to today is -9

5/22/2009 to today is 3

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VBA - Validate Date Entered In Input Box Is Month Ahead Of Date In Cell

Aug 14, 2012

I have a input box that prompts a user to enter a date of a new month - it has to be the 1st of a new month. I have validation that it is a date that has been entered but then i want to validate the date entered is a month ahead of a date in a cell range on a sheet.

It is a monthly reset so it has to roll on from the previous month.

Here is what i have currently but it isn't working.


' Get user to input the first day of the new month to populate all dates with
dNewMonth = InputBox(Prompt:="Enter first Day of the new Month. Must be the 1st of the Month e.g. 01/10/2012", _
Title:="Enter Date")
' Validates the entered date is a valid date
If (IsDate(dNewMonth) = False) Then


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Excel 2003 :: Date Formula For If Given Date Is Before Or After Today Or If Nothing Entered

Jan 17, 2013

Cell B1 contains a date, then B2 contains a formula that says:


A1 contains a green tick and A2 contains a red cross.

What I am trying to add is that if B1 contains no date then B2 needs to be blank.

I tried using =IF((A1="",0),(A1>TODAY(),A1,A2) to get it to show a 0 if there was no data but this doesn't work.

I am using Excel 2003.

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Move A Row From One Worksheet To Another When Date Entered In Date Claimed Column

Jun 25, 2014

I have a lost and found log that has 2 worksheets: (1) Unresolved and (2) Resolved. Data is entered into the Unresolved worksheet when something is lost or found. When a date is entered under Date Claimed / Sent to Capitol Police (column I), I would like the data in that row to be removed from the Unresolved worksheet and automatically inserted in the next blank row of the Resolved worksheet. I know very little VB,

Date Reported
Lost or Found?
Item Description
Name of Person Reporting Item


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Retain Date Format For Input Entered As Date?

Mar 24, 2014

I'm using nested SUBSTITUTE formula to make some changes to the some of the data. I'm also using IFERROR to return the input if it does not find the criteria I have specified. I have lot of variations in my input data.

The formula works fine for all except for date format input.


12/3/1923---->58936 (I want the date to be retained)

why the date format is changed even if don't specify any changes for it. I expect my IFERROR to just retain the input as it is.

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Comparing Previously Entered Date With New Date In Same Cell?

Apr 15, 2014

I'm working on the final stage of a project. I'm attempting to write code that will set off a chain of events if two dates are 91+ days apart from each other . I've attached a sample worksheet that shows the bare bones basics of what I'm attempting to do.

What will be the most efficient and effective way of accomplishing my goal: userform, functions, formatting, etc.? T

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Excel 2010 :: Number Format Keeps Switching To Date Format?

Aug 1, 2013

I have an Excel 2010 spreadsheet where the default number format keeps switching to the date format. I keep switching it back and it'll stay as a number format for a time, but then it'll switch back. This is also the case for any new worksheets in that one spreadsheet.

This only happens with this one file - everything else behaves according to my regional settings or to how the file had been previously formatted.

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Static Date Stamp: Add A Date Stamp That Will Populate A Field When Text Is Entered Into Another Cell

Jun 28, 2007

How can I add a date stamp that will populate a field when text is entered into another cell but will not change every time I re-open the sheet. I have been using =if(B4="",NOW()) which changes each time though and as soon as text is entered it disappears. I want to capture the actual date that someone enters text into a cell and save that date in another cell???

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Checking If Date Is Entered Ok

Jul 8, 2014

I have to enter date into cells. It is being written from the lists of paper, where for date is entered only year (e.g. 1987), but I have to enter it into excel with day and month (the program working with data only recognizes this form; eg 01.01.1987).

I was thinking of writing a conditional formatting, to remind if I will forget to write 01.01. before year.

I prepared formula like this (to check for the dots):

But it is not working, because the function recognizes general formatting of cell instead of date formatting (28491 instead of 01.01.1987).

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Copy Date Only When Value Entered

May 4, 2006

I have been given a spreadsheet to "fix". We have 15 classes set up on it and we enter the dates of classes which then copy over into the rest of the classes using the "=+ cell" that contains the date we enter. There are 23 cells for date (maximum number of days we have class). If you enter class dates using 15 cells, the remaining cells on the second and subsequent classes get a 1/0/00 value which I then have to delete.

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VBA To Verify Date Entered Not Working?

Feb 6, 2013

I worked out the code below. I supposed to check the date entered in the text box, if that date is greater than the date in cell A2, is supposed to pop up a message box, but is only half working.

For example if I enter 3/1/2013, the code works, but if I enter 1/1/2014 it will not work, it thinks the date is OK and goes on to to the Else statement. In other words, is only looking at the first part (month and day) of my date and ignoring the fact that the year is in the future.

Dim frmDate As String
Dim toDate As String
Set ws = Sheets("Dashboard")
frmDate = frmEnterDate.txtReportEffectiveDate.Value
toDate = frmEnterDate.txtReportEffectiveLastDay.Value


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Convert Numbers Entered Into A Date

May 7, 2014

One of our interns collected some data for me but they entered the dates "2 14 2014". I need to convert these into a usable date format in hurry.

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Auto Sort When Date Is Entered?

Oct 22, 2010

I am looking for a way to auto sort the info in column A based on the numerical account number. The auto sort also should move the rest of the info in the row along with column a. I want this auto sort to happen once a new entry has been entered with all the information in columns A -L.

Basically the goal is someone with very little knowledge about excel or computers in general can enter information in all 12 columns and then the table will auto sort itself based on the account number.

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Pull Data As Per The Date Entered?

Feb 10, 2014

I have a file in which records are saved in chronological order. What i want is when i click on a button it should prompt me for a date and when i enter the date it should retrieve the data from the database sorted in chronological order from the date i have entered.

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Remove All Rows Before Date Entered

Jul 24, 2007

i'm trying to form a macro that allows the user to enter a date and have excel auto filter for all dates prior to (or ON and prior to if it makes it easier) that date, and delete all rows with that auto filter criteria in place. i'm working with a old auto filter macro i put together, but cant seem to get the criteria to work with, say, <7/14/2007 for example.

Attribute VB_Name = "modDeleteVal"
Sub DeleteRowByValue()
Attribute DeleteRowByValue.VB_Description = "Macro recorded 7/9/2007 by KHenzel"
Attribute DeleteRowByValue.VB_ProcData.VB_Invoke_Func = "V
' DeleteRowByValue Macro
' Macro recorded 7/9/2007 by KHenzel
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+V

Dim rTable As Range
Dim lCol As Long
Dim vCriteria

On Error Resume Next
'Determine the table range
With Selection
If .Cells.Count > 1 Then
Set rTable = Selection

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Validate Date Entered In TextBox

May 21, 2008

I have a form that will allow the user to type in a date. I need to take that value and validate that it is between 01/01/2007 and 10 years ahead of the current day.

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Add A Date Time Stamp In A Cell After Data Is Entered In A Different Cell And Date

Apr 18, 2014

I am working on an Inventory Spreadsheet. I have need it to date time stamp that willpopulate a different cell /field when text are entered in a different cell/field and will not change all the previous dates entered on the spreadsheetevery time I re-open the spreadsheet. I formula I am using is =IF(E3<>"",IF(D15="",NOW(),D15),"")and it changes each time I open thesheet to do the inventory so I do not know the date of the last inventory. Iwant to capture the actual date that the inventory was completed in thesecond/different cell?

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Select Value In Table That Corresponds To Last Date Entered?

May 14, 2014

We have a table that tracks customer payment dates with corresponding payment details.

Our current Excel program works fine when the Customer payment dates progress (non-duplicate date entries) ... BUT .... sometimes a Customer will send multiple checks on the same date (duplicated date entries), and then our program gives incorrect results.

You will see that this Customer sent in three checks all dated 11/22/2013 ($100, $50, $50).

What we need is a formula that will look at the dates in Column-A, choose the last entry (before any zero or blank), then provide the corresponding value in Column-D.

So in this case, the result we need is (100.00) ... the value in cell D16. Our program is erroneously providing 100.00 ... the value in D14.

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Insert Row And Record In Another Sheet Once Entered Date?

Jul 27, 2014

I have two sheets one = where I am entering day to day data two = For getting result

Once I entered data in first sheet then I want date wise record in another sheet in which I will enter date. After entering date all the record will be inserted in another sheet from first sheet And main sheet will remain with all records

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Change Cell To CLOSED When Date Entered

Jan 19, 2010

I need a script that changes a cell to say closed (uses a drop box) when a date is entered into the date column. I have attached a workbook with the basic options, obviously there will be a lot more columns and information in the original workbook and I will adding the code to at least 2 worksheets.

However to give a basic understanding if I have a drop box in column A with the options Active, Inactive and Closed. When I enter a date in Column B (headed Closed Date) I want Column A to change the option to Closed automatically.

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Warning If Date Entered In Cell Is Weekend Day

Apr 5, 2012

I need a formula that will give a warning if the date entered in cell is a weekend day.

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VBA - Check If Data Entered Is Valid Date

Aug 19, 2012

Any way to check if data entered is a valid date using a VBA function/routine?

For example, cdate() and isdate() functions accept dates like 31-Feb-12 and 29-Feb-11 when they are not valid.

If the cell is formatted as date format, then Excel replaces hyphens with forward slashes for dates, except invalid ones like 31-Feb-12 and 29-Feb-11, so in these cases I can test for existence of forward slashes in the following way

Len(Mid(pCell, InStr(pCell, "/") + 1, Len(pCell) - InStr(pCell, "/"))) 7

However this approach fails for Input boxes. Obviously I can't convert the Input box response using cdate function as it will incorrectly accept 31-Feb-12 as a valid date.

Any routines that will work for both cell entered and Input box entered dates?

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Current Time/date Automatically Entered Into B1 When A1>0

Jun 12, 2007

I would like to have the current time/date automatically entered into B1 when A1>0 and I want it to be non volitile, is this possible?

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Date That Is Entered In One Column Change Dates

Aug 30, 2007

In tab 1, I am trying get column S to change to what any time date in column F, G, H, J, L, N, Q or R get changed to-

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Moving Entire Row To New Sheet When Date Is Entered

Jun 22, 2009

I want to move an entire row in spreadsheet A to the next empty line in Spreadsheet 2 if a date(any) is entered into column J.

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Macro To Concatenate Based On Entered Date

Sep 3, 2007

I have attached a spreadsheet illustrating my query.

I would like to run a sub procedure called generatedataset then I'd like to enter a date from column J (starting from J4) into G12 ( cell G12 is a named range called effective_date). Then enter the concatenation of the adjacent cells K4 and L4 and place this into cell G9 (cell G9 is a named range called dataset_name). Then call the procedure again. Repeating for all values in range starting at J4 extending down, and for all corresponding concatenated values in K and L.

Data would always be taken from columns J or K&L and placed in the same cells ie G12 (named range effective_date) and G9 (named range dataset_name) respectively.

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Format TextBox Date Entered As Whole Number

Jun 3, 2008

I've done lots of looking on the forum, and the helpfiles, but just cant seem to format my text box properly! Its a form where the user inputs to the text box. I want to control thatway where they enter numbers e.g 05052008 and it gets converted to 05/05/2008 or 05-05-2008. I've tried a range of things, but am really stumped!

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