Tally Score

Mar 14, 2007

im using spreadsheet works which seems to be very similar to excel. i am making a table full of numbers and i want to count how many times the number 1 appears and for that amount to be displayed.

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Formula To Work Out Score Based On Score System

Aug 10, 2009

I want to see if i can make a formula that works out how a player got a score based on a scoring system. See the attached file for more details. I want this to show that the player scored or didn't score, played a full match or was a substitute, was booked or wasn't booked and was sent off or wasn't sent off.

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Importing Data From Tally ERP 9

Jan 29, 2014

I have been asked to develop a dashboard for my company. The data source for my dashboard is Tally ERP 9.The problem is I am not getting how to access this data into excel. I have tried MS Query but the imported data was not what I was expecting.

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Keep A Running Tally On Sheet 2

Nov 26, 2007

i am currently trying to figure out excel i have to fill this worksheet out daily and then at the end of the month i have to count the total number of items. I was wondering if there was a way to auto talley on a different sheet so that everytime i entered a product name and quantity if on the other sheet it would auto add it in

I ate at mcdonalds (Main sheet)

On 11/22 I had 3 big macs and 4 quarter pounders,
On 11/24 I had 5 Big Macs and 2 quarter pounders
On 11/26 I had 12 Bigmacs and 5 quater pounders
(New Sheet) i want it to look like this:

Product quantity
Big macs (20) <-- this number i want to auto add from the notes made from main sheet)

So on another sheet i want to make a formula where for everytime i type in "big mac" on main sheet that on the other sheet it would auto add or keep a running tally so after i made those 3 entries on the main sheet it would show that i had a total of 20 big macs on the new sheet.

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Keep Tally Of Team Scores

Jan 19, 2008

I need to create a sheet probably involving macros where I enter a numerical value into a cell (say B5) I want the sheet to assign a score to the value I enter and then add the score it generates to a table of values. Once ths is done I need it to automatically clear the original value I entered ready for me to enter a new value - rinse repeat..


into B5 I enter 15 - on the right in the results table there are headings v w x y and z

say 15 scores one point for w and one point for z I want the sheet to add 0 to the totals under v,x & y and add 1 to the totals under w and z.

Then I want the sheet to clear cell B5 so I can enter a new value without manually deleting the previous entry.

If I can also copy the value I enter into a "history" which simply lists all the values I enter as I go along so much thebetter.

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Find And Match And Tally With 2 Workbooks

Jun 11, 2009

I have 2 workbooks. and i would like to do the following:


- 4 columns (product ID, quantity, Group, Comments)

Product ID, Quantity, Group, Comments
11111, 500, ?,?
11122, 1000, ?,?
11133, 250, ?,?
11144, 250, ?,?
11343, 700, ?,?
12134, 750, ?,?


- 2 columns (group A, Group B)

for group A:
min qty: 250
min increment: 250........................

1) I need to match the product ID in workbook1 with workbook2 - see which group it belongs and put into workbook1 under column group

2) I need to count the no.of quantity and see if it meet the citeria and place Yes/No in workbook1 column under Comments.

- for example:
product ID 11111 in workbook1 can be found in workbook2 group A (put group A into workbook1 under column group)

do a check: prodct ID 11111 has 500 in quantity, since its under group A it meets the min qty of 250. and followed by it meets the min increment too - 500/250 (thus put Yes into workbook1 column under Comments)

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Output Tally Of Multiple Columns

Aug 6, 2007

I have been working on a little vba project and have almost got there with help from others, but the final part needs to have a tally a number of columns and and produce the tally results to a new worksheets - the code that need proof reading /reviewing is below - it is not working correctly as it is not tallying correctly and at times seems to miss counting the last row - so could you review and suggest or make required changes so that it will work on the attached test file.


1. Column D contains names -strings which are repeated such Fred Flintstone so for Fred and others would like to have a summary tally of how many times each worker has instances of a value appearing in columns I, J, K, L and P, R ,S, T and U.

With the output summary worksheet called "WORKER TALLY" and having the headings for each columns tallied from row 5 being headings for each column tally see attached example.

2. Then do same again for Column E - Names so for example the name Peter Pan and others would like to have a summary tally of how many each worker has instances of a value appearing in columns I, J, K, L and P, R ,S, T and U. With the output summary worksheet called "Names" and having the headings for each columns tallied from row 5 being headings for each column tally see attached example.

Sub workertally()
Dim b() As Variant
Dim NewWs As Worksheet
Dim j As Integer, i As Integer
Dim a As Range, v As Range, r As Range, c As Range
j = 1
Set a = Range("E6", Range("E" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp))
Set c = Range("E5", Cells(5, Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft))
With CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")
.CompareMode = vbTextCompare

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Tally Count Of Values In Column

Dec 15, 2007

I have a list of varying IP addresses in a column. I need to create a formula that will tell me how many times an IP address appears in the column so that I can ultimately determine the most common IP address listed.

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Word Text +1 Tally With Cell Placement

May 28, 2014

I am looking for a formula or multiple formulas to perform an If/Then statement, adding and dividing. Example listed below.

If O8 = 'Y' then perform XXXX, otherwise, do nothing.

XXXX= in Y8 search for word 'apple' and add tally to AA46, in Y8 search for word 'orange' and add tally to AA47, in Y8 search for word 'banana' and add tally to AA48.

Take AA46/Y46 and put results in AB46.

If this could be put into on cell and perform all the needed actions, otherwise, multiple cell formulas is ok.

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Vlookup: Tally Casino Trip Results

Aug 14, 2009

see the attached spreadsheet...I have a few notes of what I want to do. I think it is a vlookup, but i can't figure out how to do these.

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Numbers And Text In Same Cell & Tally In A Formula

May 10, 2008

Can numbers and text be included in the same cell and still have the number be included in the total in a formula in another cell? Or must a cell only have numeric values for it to be seen/included in a formula's total value.

I'm trying to create a database that totals materials for a construction project. I want to display the number of doors for a house in a row of cells and have the all the doors totaled in the last cell. This I have no trouble doing.

The problem arises when I want to add some text information about the style of each door in the same cell that the number of doors is shown. As soon as text information is added to a cell that has numeric information, that cells numeric information is not included in the final total in the last cell in the row.

I resorted to using comments instead, but, when the are made visible on the spreadsheet, they don't seem to lock to a relative position regarding the cell they're attached to. For instance, if I widen columns or make any significant spatial changes to the spreadsheet, the comments don't move with the changes.

There may be a way to lock comments to stay in a relative position regarding the cell they're attached to. And if that's the only way to make comments for the items in each cell stay with the cell, then I'll have to use that method. But I'd rather not have to use the comments function at all.

I'd much rather be able to have numbers and text be in the same cell, and still have the number value of that cell be included in a formula total at the end of a row of numeric information.

Example: (In this example separate cells that include both numeric values and text are indicated by parenthesis. The final cell that has the formula that totals the numeric information in the separate cells is indicated by brackets)

(30, raised panel doors, unpainted) (10, raised panel doors, white)

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VBA: Tally # Of Times A RTD Referencing Function Takes A Specified Value

Jul 31, 2009

I have a cell, lets call it A1, w/ an IF statement referencing another cell, which is a function of two values taken from RTD. A1 is either blank or reads "One." I want another cell to tally the # of times that A1 takes on the value "One."

The issue:
I've tried approaching this by using Worksheet_calculate and an IF/Then statement to add 1 each time Range("A1") = "One" however this doesn't work because it keeps adding 1 while A1 reads "One." The calculations seem to fire off every milisecond, so if "One" flashes for 0.5 seconds, I get 500, and if it flashes for 3 seconds, I get 3000. For both cases, I'd like it to just add 1.

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Generate New List And Tally Non Blank Cells

May 7, 2007

I am trying to make a more useful excel extracted report what I have to start with is muck like the attached sample file. With at the bottom is what I would like to be auto done.

There is a column of names with most names repeating so the first thing needed is to create a new summary list can be in the same worksheet or in a new worksheet. The new list with be just a list of each name but only display each name once rather that the multiple of times as source list.

The second requirement is than once have a list of each name that appears then in columns next to each a tally /count of each non blank cell under each respective column heading - now it has to be a count of non blank cells as the content of each cell will chance now need to understand it is not a count of numerals as such but a count of non blank cells so it is not 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 but should be 1 +3 + 5 = 3 (3 non blanks).

A idea of what I want is at bottom of sample worksheet attached

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Create A Tally Sheet To Keep Track Of My Inventory Of Inserts

Aug 22, 2009

I am trying to make a tally sheet to keep track of my inventory of inserts. I am trying to make it as user friendly as possible as my operators do not have much experience working with computers. I will attach what I have made so far. The only math functions so far are: C4=B15-C15.

Right now the operator has to look at C4 to see current total, type that number into B15, then in C15 type the number of inserts thrown out to show a new current inventory total in C4. Is there a way I can set this up so that all an operator has to do is type in only the number of inserts thrown out in C15 to give current total in C4. Is there a way to make B15 know what is in C4 without the operator having to type it in. If so is there also a way to make C15 the only cell that can be edited.

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Tally All The Work Orders That Are Created And Either Completed Or Pending

Aug 16, 2008

Her situation is that she would like to be able to tally all the work orders that are created and either completed or pending. According to what she tells me she usually spends hours tallying the monthly worked on orders manually....

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Tally Cell Automatically Based On CheckBox State

Jan 18, 2008

In my spreadsheet the user has the option to put in a numerical value into different cells, which will update (add to) another. So if we have an initail value of 20 in "I10" and the user puts in 20 in "W12", then I10 will display 30.

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
If Not Intersect(Target, Range("W12:X24")) Is Nothing Then
Select Case Target
Case Is = Range("W12")
Range("I10").Value = CInt(Range("I10").Value) + CInt(Target.Value)
Case Is = Range("X12")
Range("J10").Value = CInt(Range("J10").Value) + CInt(Target.Value)
Case Is = Range("W13")

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Excel Spreadsheet - Tally Number Of Votes For Particular Artist Work

Mar 14, 2014

We want to create an excel spreadsheet that will tally the number of votes for a particular artist's work. There will be about 150 artist's works that will all be assigned an individual number from 1 to 150 on an excel sheet.

We will have about an hour to complete the counts to determine winners, so a short time frame.

Is there a way of creating a formula/macro in one cell -to just enter the number of the artist's work that was voted for- and have it placed as a tally against the individual piece?

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Tally Data And Return The Number Of Times A Particular Value Is Present In Column

Aug 25, 2009

I have a formula that I use to tally data and return the number of times a particular value is present in column C.


I copy this formula down the sheet until arriving at the last input in column "C".
Can someone tell me how to write this in code. All I would like visible in Column "F" is the output not the formula.

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Creating Simple Monthly Work Schedule For 6 Employees But Need To Tally Hours

Aug 19, 2013

Maybe it is the layout but I was trying to keep it simple and just put hours into a cell for each employee.

I have 2 employees per day, one in the morning and one in the evening. How to get excel to add the hours for each employee at the bottom per month. Simple right?

Here is an example of what I thought would be so easy (first week in excel spreadsheet format)

sun mon tue wed thu fri sat
emp1 5 emp3 6 emp5 5 emp1 4 emp3 5 emp5 5 emp1 6
emp2 5 emp4 5 emp6 5 emp2 5 emp4 5 emp6 6 emp2 6

Is there a way to associate cells to look at values for each employee and add all the cells for the month?

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Running Tally Traffic Light System - Find Previous Values Upwards In A Column

Jul 21, 2014

I'm trying to work out to most efficient way of making a quality monitoring system which uses traffic lights to show problem products.

The traffic light system need to obey the following "rules".

Each product is tested once daily When a product fails once it moves to Amber, When a product Fails twice in a row it moves to RedOne pass when a product is in Amber Status, will reset it to green.If a Product is in Red status, it much have 3 consecutive passes to reset to Green.

I have tried to use array formulae to look up a column for previous values in the past for this sort of thing, but with 100000+ rows it runs far too slowly.

Banana Problem?
Traffic Light (0=green, 1=amber, 2=red)


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Compute The SCORE

Jan 20, 2009

i was assigned to make a computation for our individual scores using this:

LH(lost hour)
AHT(average handling time)

compute for:

the SCORE has a total of 100%
so to get the SCORE, each input gets a percentage: SURVEY=40% LH=30% AHT=30% then added.

but the thing is LH and AHT has an equivalent.

0 to 1=100
1.1 to 2=90
2.1 to 3=80
3.1 to 4=70
4.1 to 5=60
5.1 above=20......

SURVEY(0-100) = 33.00
LH(lost hour) = 12.00
AHT(average handling time) = 14.20

now for the rank i just use the code =RANK(SCORE A, SCORE A:SCORE N)

im lost on how to compute the SCORE though coz i can just use =((SURVEY*40%)+(LH*30%)+(AHT*30%))

but the one that needs to be on the LH and AHT are the equivalents and not the inputs.

and there is 1st 2nd and 3rd place. the name of the top 3 employees should be shown under the table.

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Name And Score (rankings)

Nov 17, 2007

i have a list of names in column A and a corresponding score for each name in column S.
on a stats sheet B10:B15 was trying to make a top 5 list using =LARGE(Week1!S15:S46,1) ... with Large i am able to get my top 5 from the week1 sheet but how can i assign the corresponding top5 persons from column A15:A45 in week1 to the stats sheet in column A10:A15

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Score Sheet

Apr 27, 2009

I am currently working on a score sheet with list of question.

I have:
On Sheet 1 (will be hidden later)
List of 14 questions (e.g. question 1 = 6 possible answers, for answer 1 is score -2, for answer 2 is score 7... etc).
In column C are possible answers, in column D are the score values.

On Sheet 2 (will be visible for participants)
Drop-down list based on Sheet 1 questions (Sheet 1; Column C)
I have set Cell link for each question so when you choose the 3rd answer, there is number 3, but I need to set different values based on Sheet 1, could be that 3rd answer is score 12. I do not know which function to use (I tried IF, but to me it seems too long and difficoult).

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Bowling Score

Feb 22, 2004

I've seen a few bowling formulas within mr. excel but nothing in code. so i tried it and the only problem i have is when a player strikes.....then the code should add the next two balls thrown..... it works if the next two are strikes but not if there is no 'mark'. So basically its not adding the second ball. The code looks right unless I'm just missing something. heres the code....

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Score Using Data Validation?

Mar 16, 2005

I am using data validation for a drop down list e.g Good, Average, None. What i want is when a user selects for example "Good" i need a score to be automatically entered into another cell so that i can then do some calculations.

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Modify Score Sheet

Dec 27, 2008

I have one excel file with three sheets marked 1,2 & 4

Sheet 1. is the place we add the description and the member number. When a member number is entered it gets the member name from sheet 4.

Sheet 2 is the page I need to change. Currently we can enter any score number in each box between 1 to 5. If we try to enter other numbers we get an error message.

I need to change the form so we can enter 1 to 10. Any other number needs to generate the error message.

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Find The Score In Worksheet

Feb 5, 2009

Should be an easy fix for experts, but I'm not one of those...

I'm trying to create a "scoresheet" in Excel where a racer has a name and an ID number on the main tally worksheet, with columns relating to their scores for each race. Subsequent worksheets have results from each race (one race per sheet), with the individual referenced by their ID number.

How do I have the main tally sheet "find" that person's score for each event in separate columns so that it can add up their totals? I tried an IF formula to find each score in the subsequent sheets, but that didn't work.

Is there a simple formula to do this? I've been achieving the results by importing the worksheets into a Filemaker database (where the ID number "matches" and updates each score), but that's a pain, and I'd rather do it all in Excel.

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Nested IF (score Range)

Mar 11, 2009

If Average Score is:Then return:
Greater than 89A
From 80 to 89B
From 70 to 79C
From 60 to 69D
Less than 60F

Student's Average Score


A9:A23 is student's score range

I am getting the correct answer for the first one only...all others are coming back incorrect. I have been working on this one problem for over 3 hours.

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Find The Name And Calculate It Score

Mar 30, 2009

i need the formula in colums (l) it needs to find the agents name and the calulate the scores for that agents name

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Hours Missed Gives A Score

Jan 20, 2009

Trying to get a result if I missed 0 hours, I will get a score of 5, if I missed 1 -4 hours, I get a score of 4, if I missed 5 hours, I get a score of 3, etc.

0 Hours Missed5
1 - 4 Hours Missed4
4 - 8 Hours Missed3
8 - 12 Hours Missed2
12 -16 Hours Missed1
>16 Hours Missed0

I have tried a couple of things, but the formulas get way to messy & start to lose cell references.

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