Transfer Rows Of Data Into Tables That Has Formulas Embedded?

Dec 22, 2013

I have 90+ rows of data that I want to transfer into a table format on another worksheet. At present I have laboriously been copying and pasting from one to the other but am losing the will to live:

Id like to create a macro to do this for me. Is it a matter of recording the macro to replicate as I copy and paste or is there a better way....I have dabbled with a pivot table but cannot get it to do what I want.

Here is the code from a recorded macro that does one person/row of data but I dont know how to make this automatic for all rows of data (see below):

Sub staff_rpt()
' staff_rpt Macro


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Transfer Data To Separate Tables Based Two Variables (date And Site)

Oct 28, 2009

I have a spreadsheet where raw data is entered ("RAW_DATA") for each month it is collected. There are 7 questions that are tallied and each of those responses are transfered to a separate data table for analysis (7 individual tabs within the spreadsheet). I'm currently manually data entering the values from the raw data tab to the other seven tabs.

I would like to have VBA code that could transfer the data from one month ("RAW_DATA") onto the other 7 tabs based on the date and facility identified in the raw data tab. I have not attempted the VBA since I do not know where to start with searching on two variables.

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Working Over Picture, Listing Formulas And Data Transfer

Jul 11, 2009

1st thing id like to know. is there any way to inset a picture (not using the background button coz i dont want to tile the pic) and then be able to work ontop of it?

2nd is there a formula to change the order of a list depending on the number (high to low) in 1 of my other box's

3rd how do i take a result from one page and copy it automaticly to another?

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Tables - Formulas To Pull Data From

Oct 18, 2009

I have a Excel Table that will be sorted/identified by the first column of every row. In the Table, there are numerous columns calculating values for each unique item across the row. This will be a large inventory table. The calculations will adjust based on a unit value of 1, and if the unit value is changed calculations go through the rows

I want to accomplish several things:

1) Pull data to another portion of the sheet based on,
a) Selecting a unique item that comes from a drop down list based on unique item identifier in the table
b) pull values related to the unique item and put in cells near the drop down list (I tried an =if function but did not have any luck
=IF(G1=ZillaRac[Item Name],ZillaRac[MSRP],"MSRP Not Calculated") but it resulted in #value!

2) If possible by selecting my unique identifier, insert a unit multiplier that would go into the Excel Table and adjust the values calculated in the table to be brought back up to the cells in part 1.

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Autofill Data Validation Lists And Formulas Into New Columns In Tables?

Jan 9, 2014

My Table has a data validation list in one row of a table. And different formulas in different rows.

The Table is expanded only into columns. Which means, there will be no new rows...only columns will be added.

If we enter text into the header cell in a new column, the whole new column gets formatted, but the list and formulas do not auto fill into new columns.

Of course an easy way is to copy and paste a column...but is there a way to auto fill lists and formulas into columns of the table? Similar to how the rows get autofilled?

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Insert Rows Between Data For Multiple Tables

Dec 12, 2013

I need to insert a blank row between each row of data under my headers (not the immediate row) until I reach the end of the particular table. I then move down to the next header and repeat the process.

My starting data looks like this:


I need it to look like this:


[Code] .....

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Transfer Rows Of Data From Multiple Workbooks To Master Workbook Based On Value In Row

Apr 16, 2014

I have created timesheets for employees that work in our shop. Our company manufactures products for different industries, such as mining, wind power generation, general industrial applications, and so forth. I modified some time sheet templates I found for excel to accommodate our company's actions. Each employee has their own workbook, in which the months are separated into different worksheets. Each sheet is divided further into weeks and in each weekly section the areas of information are divided as follows:

A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M
Work Sector / Workshop or Fieldservice / Scope of Work / Job # / Reg or OT / Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri / Sat / Sun / Total

There are 7 workbooks (one for each employee), each with 12 sheets (one for each month). I want to create a master sheet that will pull information from everyone's timesheet if they worked on a particular job. In other words, I would like to type a job number into a cell, then have excel look through everyone's timesheets and pull over only the rows of information that contain that job number

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Excel 2010 :: Transfer Data Into Form - Multiple Rows Cells

Mar 27, 2014

Every day I receive a csv file of NAMES, PLACES, ADDRESSES, IDS, SPECIAL ID (ETID), ITEMS, QUANTITY, AND OTHER INANE INFORMATION. which is a list of people from places that are ordering item(s) for each ETID)


I need to put the items into a form, one order per ETID.

I tend to receive on NAME, PLACE, ADDRESS, sending orders for multiple ETIDS.

I don't know the easiest or best way to get the info into the order form. I have designed the form in word and excel.

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Using VLookup / Pivot Tables To Achieve Reused Formulas

Feb 13, 2013

I am tired of doing the same amount of repetitive work, I would like to know if it is possible to acheive a "template" where I just drop a database pull and it negotiates where the data should fall.

When I pull data, I have the following values I need -

Part number
Date - which is by day, I need grouped by Monday - Sunday to seperate amounts ordered by week.
Branch plant - East and West
Order Quanity which is placed by day
QOH - Quanity of parts I have on hand

I need the days grouped by weeks, 7 days by date equal 1 week.
I need summing part number amounts due within that 7 days into one total.

I would need 4 columns
1) Demand due
2) Supply due
3) QOH

I need each branch to have their own sheet, for a total of 4 sheets... Supply and Demand for both plants.

What it boils down to is I need to know what the demand is per week, and the supply I have to meet that demand, broken down like the attached sheet.

Seems my sheet is too large due to the amount of data for the site, but here is the link to the LARGE File...

[URL] .....

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Database Functions Vs. Array Formulas Vs. SUMPRODUCT Vs. Pivot Tables

Dec 13, 2006

All I am doing is counting text values in a table.

The table has 3 main columns(which are relevant to this thread anyway).

Shift - Area - Status

The example I have attached shows examples of DCOUNTA, SUMPRODUCT and a Pivot Table.

I have read many threads stating that the best one to use is Pivot Table followed by DCOUNTA followed by SUMPRODUCT.

The most effective for me seems to be SUMPRODUCT (although this does slow excel down dramatically when you use a lot of these formulas). As do Array Formulas

The Pivot Table does not update on its own, therefore constantly needs to be refreshed. (I could use code to do this)

The DCOUNTA seems to be the least effective at doing what I want (unless I am doing something wrong)

In the attached example can the DCOUNTA be used more efficiently as I don't like the fact that I am duplicating rows to apply the criteria for a different shift. e.g

Area 1 - Late Shift - Banned
Area 1 - Early Shift - Banned

I want my table to be as follows (as the SUMPRODUCT shows)

AREA - Early Shift - Late Shift - Night Shift - Area Total
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3
Area 4
Area 5

Shift Total

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Transfer Data Table 1 To Table 2 Change Rows To Column?

Mar 13, 2013

Table 1

Table 2

Sr. No


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Formulas Stop Working When Put The Rows Of Data To Test My Spreadsheet

Mar 17, 2009

I am inputting rows of data to test my spreadsheet and all of the sudden the formulas stop working??

Can someone take a peak at it and see if they can tell why its no longer working at I19?

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Hide/Filter Rows Containing Formulas, But No Data. Empty Text

May 8, 2008

I am developing a spreadsheet that, once all the code is run has numerous sheets added. On these sheets I have a significant number of rows that contain no data and could be hidden (I dont want to remove them, because later I need to re- import all these rows back to my master sheet). I tried code I found in the forum to hide a row if it is empty but this doesnt work as some of the cells contain formulaes referencing back to another sheet that is hidden.

I am trying, and failing, to write code to hide a row that contains no actual data, but still has formulas in some of the cells.

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Fill Embedded PDF Fields With Data From Excel?

Oct 2, 2012

Is it possible to fill an embedded pdf (AcroPDF) fields with data from excel?

For example: I have an embedded pdf file, it has a field name "NAMEFIELD", on the click of a commandbutton, I would like Sheets("Sheet1").Range("A1").Value to be input into the PDF file text field "NAMEFIELD".

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Excel 2007 :: Data Validation List To Control External MS Access Table Embedded

Jul 11, 2013

I am familiar how to perform the task of bringing in an access table into excel, then using a data validation filter to control the data set in Excel 2003.

How to replicate this procedure in Excel 2007?

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Transfer Selected Rows To Sheet

Aug 27, 2005

This works fine in detecting and copying the new material number accross to the master data sheet, but now i want it to copy the row in which the new material number is located as there is other information that goes with so it doesn't have to be manually typed in.

Dim MyValue As Variant
Dim FromSheet As Worksheet
Dim LookupColumn As Integer
Dim FromRow As Long
Dim FromColumn As Integer
Dim ToSheet As Worksheet
Dim StartRow As Long
Dim LastRow As Long
Dim ActiveColumn As Integer
Dim ReturnColumnNumber
Dim ToRow As Long
Dim FoundCell As Object

'================================================= ============
'================================================= ============
Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
Set FromSheet = Workbooks("Book1.xls").Worksheets("MD")
LookupColumn = 2 ' look for match here
FromColumn = 2 ' return value from here
Set ToSheet = ActiveSheet
ActiveColumn = ActiveCell.Column................................

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Transfer Rows Form One Sheet To Another Automatically

Sep 4, 2008

i need a little help. I have a workbook with 2 sheets. I need rows to transfer to the first sheet automatcily if the record dose not already exsist on the first sheet based on if a vaule in a certin cell is below a certin number.

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Formulas To Hide Partial Concatenate Data And Determining Two Other Formulas

Dec 11, 2013

I'm trying to automate creating certain keyword combinations I need, based off of the values I input into reference cells in columns A - E; the goal is to compile a list of keywords which I will then use to track my rankings in search engines.

I'm looking to only output 500 keywords, so some of the cells in columns A, B, C & E will not contain data (column D will always have a primary Geo-target listed). This results in some of the concatenate formulas I've created outputting partial data (i.e. if there is no data in cell A10, and cell D2 contains the word "Knoxville", then cell I10 will output the data, "Knoxville "). How can I setup conditioning formatting or a formula so that these auto-generated cells appear blank if one of the reference cells has no data within it?The reason why I need the above to work is because I want to setup a formula that automatically counts the # of keyword combinations created by the data entered into any of the reference cells. With the partial combinations being listed, it skews my data. Which leads me to my next question: what is the best formula for counting the # of cells containing a full keyword combination from any of the cells listed in columns G - O (minus the data in the header cells; i.e. G1, H1, etc...)?Lastly, is there a formula I could use that would then aggregate all of the full keyword combinations within the "Complete Keyword List" column (column P)?

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Tables Must Have Identical Rows

Jun 7, 2007

i have got two tables each on a different sheet. The column headings are not the same but in both tables column A contain names. Users can enter names in column A in the first table, and these should be copied to the second table. However, users can insert rows in the first table which should automatically be copied to the second table to ensure the tables haven an identical number of rows (names)

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Amalgamate Corresponding Rows From 2 Tables

Mar 20, 2008

If I have the following worksheet #1 ('|' = column separators)

A|3445|Mr Bloggs|20/10/2000
A|6777|Mr Cheese|20/11/1986
A|9467|Mr Mouse|08/12/1998

and another worksheet #2;


How would I copy each row in worksheet #2 to the corresponding row in worksheet #1, given that there are clear identifiers (3445, 6777 and 9467), there are two rows for Mr Bloggs in worksheet #2 and I would only want one in worksheet #1, and I can't just go through and copy-and-paste because there are 16,000 rows in each worksheet and I will have to do the same in two months' time? I would like to end up with one worksheet that has;

A|3445|Mr Bloggs|20/10/2000|16432|13445|324|22|433|123|333|222|221|54
A|6777|Mr Cheese|20/11/1986|32287|341|9889|2219|62
A||9467|Mr Mouse|08/12/1998|28775|9467|23|344|853|221

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Compare Rows From 2 Tables

Jun 21, 2008

i have a database. column a is the last name. column b is the first name. column c is a person's title. i regularly have to merge this database with another from another department and compare to see that all staff are processed and that titles are correct. i have been trying to write a formula that can pull from the contents in any given row, search the rest of the sheet to find if there is an identical person listed and finally let me know if the title is the same. i just need a "true" or a "false" if both conditions are met.

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Copying Rows And Separating Tables

Jan 9, 2014

I have an excel sheet that I'm trying to format. Basically, the excel book contains sheets (with the months), and each sheet contains a list of clients, their package, their status, date assigned, and date updated.

I've made another sheet (Sheet2) that fetches everything and consolidating it to one sheet. Sheet 2 also cleans up the data to display only the items that are 'completed'.

The issue I'm having now is in splitting the list (assuming it has been cleaned up to show only the 'completed' items. I would need to split the list first by the date they were updated, and then if they were assigned the same date or not. In short:

--Get all items with date updated = Month1
----If date assigned = Month 1: List items under table 1
----If date assigned < Month 1: List items under table 2

I've used macro on the excel (and I'm not sure it's efficient enough. I'm not proficient with VB, so...). I'm not sure if it will work on Mac.

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Adding Rows To Pivot Tables

Aug 16, 2012

Is it possible to add a row to the pivot table. All my fields run across the top of my excel sheet but i need a calculated field to show under the row under the total of each group. The values in this row must equal the value total in one of my fields. Is this possible ?

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Pivot Tables With Multiple Rows?

Sep 21, 2013

This is my data:

This is the Pivot Table I created:

The Pivot Table is exactly what I want and I like that I can also sort by school or district. The problem: Cells B6 through E6 show up with correct information but the totals below that are all wrong. They seem to pull the same data from question 4.

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Compare Rows Of Two Tables And Put Results In A Third

Feb 21, 2007

I have two tables with "X" and <Blank> data. The tables share the same column headers. I want to compare the rows of each table and if the rows contain an "X" in the same column then it puts an "X" in the third table. I have attached a sample file with my expected results on the third worksheet. I have created named ranges if that helps the formula writing.

Name1 =Sheet1!$A$2:$A$5
Name2 =Sheet2!$A$2:$A$5
Produce =Sheet1!$B$1:$E$1
Group1 =Sheet1!$B$2:$E$5
Group2 =Sheet2!$B$2:$E$5

Sumproduct seems to do the trick if I turn the "X" into "1" and <blank> into "0". If there is a match the value is greater than "1".


I prefer to use "X" though if I can. I would like to automate the formula instead of manually adjusting the ranges for every cell.

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Combine Rows From Matching Certain Criteria In Two Tables

Jun 9, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that contains two input tables: Parallel and Perpendicular. Next, the user can select a group which a certain entry belongs to. Now what I want is a "summary" of these entries in a table that has no blank rows and combines both Parallel and Perpendicular entries by the Group. Please note that there is no fixed number of inputs for any one group i-e the solution has to be dynamic.The groups are numbered from 1 to 6 and number of groups is fixed i-e 6.

A sample file illustrating the inputs and required output is attached.

I also posted this on: [URL] ....


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Nameless Tables Of Different Sizes Need 20 Rows Inserted Between One Another

Jun 10, 2014

I have a file with a lot of tables of different sizes. The table ranges have not been named. I would like to use a macro to insert 20 blank rows between each of them.

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Combine Rows From Two Tables In Certain Order And Matching Certain Criteria

Jun 9, 2013

I have a spreadsheet that contains two input tables: Parallel and Perpendicular. Next, the user can select a group (from a drop down) which a certain entry belongs to. Now what I want is a "summary" of these entries in a table that has no blank rows and combines both Parallel and Perpendicular entries by the Group. There is no fixed number of inputs for any one group i-e the solution has to be dynamic.

Attached is a file illustrating the inputs and the required output. I would prefer a formula based approach but not against VBA based suggestions either.


Also posted at: [URL] ....

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Transfer Large Volumes Of Name Address Data But Filtering Other Irregular Data?

Aug 14, 2014

I use excel and would like to know how to copy a large volume of address data but at the same time filtering out irrelevant data placed under each other in a row, in this case, air compressors air conditioning web address etc ( see below for example). I need the first 5 lines only. The rows of unwanted data are irregular i.e some have 10 lines, others 5 , and others 2 or one line which makes using a formula difficult as there is no consistency. The data eventually need to be placed horizontally in columns to be compared to other address lists. To make matters worse, the text data has been merged and wrapped.

3 Telford Place
L*****r QLD 4315
Phone: 07 5777 3622

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Combine Two Tables Which Change In Rows Depending On Input Of User Using VBA In Excel?

Apr 13, 2014

i have a macro which takes the results generated and puts them into a table and filters the data so that zeros does not show and arranges the table from largest to smallest. Now i have a problem where i need to select the power, fuel oil consumption, weight and area from one table and the other power, fuel oil consumption, weight and area from the other table and combine them together so that i can have all possible combinations of the data, but i don't want the zeros to show in the combinations. i need the combined data to show on a separate sheet. The data of table 1 varies with rows as shown:

The Data of Table 2 varies with rows as shown:

I would like to achieve a result like this in the following columns and rows without having to input them manually:

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