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Vb Code Macro Needed To Transpose Data From Columns To Rows

i have the following spreadsheet with dummy data however, there is a before and after scenario i have posted is this possible with a macro ...

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Data In Columns To Rows (not Transpose)
I am trying to clean up some data, which is organized horizantally AND in rows, as per the attached screenshot.

The fact that there is data horizontally across seven week days and in rows for the weeks of the year makes it impossible for me to use the simple TRANSPOSE feature, of which I am aware...

I have quite a couple of worksheets I need to apply this operation on, so manual work is the worst solution...

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Getting Data From Columns To Rows Without Using Transpose
I have an excel spreadsheet which contains data for customers and the last date they were seen at an appointment (along with various other bits of info).

The way the data is exported from my database package means that each customer has one row per appointment, i.e. row 1 contains john smith, 01/01/2009, row 2 contains john smith, 03/03/2009, row 3 contains john smith 01/04/2009, row 4 contains joe bloggs 12/02/2009, row 5 contains joe bloggs 27/03/2009. Some customers may have 4 or 5 appointments listed whereas another customer may only have one. I need to get the appointments all onto one row per customer so that I can calculate the number of days between appointments. I have tried to use transpose, but with 8000 rows it takes forever.

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Changing Existing Macro To Transpose Rows To Columns
I have the following macro which I use to transpose a number of columns in one sheet to rows in another sheet.


I'd like to change this macro so to transpose from rows to columns. I've tried a couple of things, but can't quite get it to work.

I'd like to transpose every second cell starting from E7 to IV7 in Working_Checklist into column BU in Summary_Intermediate, starting from BU3.

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Layout/Transpose Data Rows Into Columns
I have a following table:

1 City Name List
2 NY Peter 11; 23; 12; 11; 14
3 Toronto John 24; 25; 87

How can I, in a separate worksheet, create a following table?

1 City Name List
2 NY Peter 11
3 NY Peter 23
4 NY Peter 12
5 NY Peter 11
6 NY Peter 14
7 Toronto John 24
8 Toronto John 25
9 Toronto John 87

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Transpose Multiple Columns To Rows Based On Match Via Macro Or Formula
I have two columns of data as follows:

10:57:42 273
10:57:42 263
10:57:42 253
10:57:42 241
10:57:37 273
10:57:37 243
10:57:37 249
10:57:37 261
10:57:37 253
11:04:47 241
11:04:47 253
11:04:47 263
10:54:31 254
10:54:31 240
10:54:31 265.......

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Transpose Data From Rows To Columns, Export To A Tab Delimited File
I was wondering if their is a simple macro to transpose data from rows to columns so I can export to a tab delimited file. This particular list is 5 lines underneath each other and then the next entry.

There are no spaces between entries.

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Transpose Or Convert Rows Of Data Into Columns Of Data:
When I was using Excel 2000, there was an Excel add-in where I could highlight rows of information and then transpose these into columns of information. Since we have upgraded to Excel 2003, the same Excel add-in does not work and I have not been able to find a simple solution to transpose my information from a horizontal view to a vertical view or the reverse.

Or do I just have to move 53 columns (weeks) of 4 rows one cell at a time to 4 columns of 53 rows (weeks)?

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VBA Macro Code Needed To Run The Code Contained Within A Cell
I have a macro that, when run, needs to read the contents of cell B5, and run the code that it contains.

Cell B5, for example, would contain the text:
Range("B13").Formula = "SUM(D12:D14)"

I need a macro to "execute this code", as if it were in the macro itself.

I have assigned the above to a variable, but am not sure how to execute it.


Dim the_calc
the_calc = Range("B5").value

Now, how do I run the_calc ?

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Transpose From Rows To Columns
how do i transpose from rows to columns
i have 545 names with addresses
Sheet1 GH221name23 adress line124 adress line225 phone26 fax272name28 adress line129 adress line230 phone31 fax323name33 adress line134 adress line235 phone36 fax37 city384name39 fax40 city Excel tables to the web >> Excel Jeanie HTML 4

selecting each block of name+address is tedious --how can i do it in one go
also the number of rows varies in each block -- at places there are 4 rows at other places 3 rows and so on

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Transpose Rows To Columns
I have some summary results stated in row format by GL at the row header. I would like the GL to be the column header and the unit to be the row header. I tried using the index function but keep receiving #VALUE! error. Sample attached.

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Transpose Columns And Rows
transposing columns and rows in an Excel worksheet. This data is a table of part numbers requested vs. received over several different days. Currently, the data is sorted by date across the columns, and each date is split into two columns for requested and received. The rows are labeled with the individual part numbers.

I would like to format the data so that the part numbers appear as the column label, and each part number label is split into two columns for requested and received. Also, the date would then signify the date of each value in the table. I have attempted to use the transpose command, but this only gets me half-way there - still struggling with the splitting of the columns. I can drag a simple "= CELL" command, but the existing data is too cumbersome to build this. I thought a macro might be more efficient.

The file attached is a snap-shot of the data, but will display the formatting challenge I have. The worksheet "Given Format" is the current, while the "Desired Format" is the desired.

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Transpose From Columns To Rows
I want to transpose the phone number and website over where the name is? I know I can do a copy and paste special and transpose but then I have do it individuallly and I have over thousands rows.I have attached an example.

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Transpose Columns To Rows
refer to the attached file. I have series of continuous data which is numbered from 1 to 100. They are arranged in vertical order. Due to some application, i need to convert them into another sheet so that they can be viewed horizontally. I used HLOOKUP to obtain the data from sheet 1. Now i have only 17 groups of data and i still have 83 more data to be input in the future. Is there any VBA code that can help me "extend" the equation in sheet2 so that whenever i key in the data in sheet1, the corresponding data will be generated automatically in sheet2?

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Move & Transpose Columns To Rows
We have to copy from lot of Java webpages

1. Data of single column 3 rows of data to First blank cell in 'C' column (say C6)

2. Then Transpose it across to the same row into 3 columns (from same C6 to d6 & e6)

Here I tried some VBA but needs how to put it across....

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Transpose Duplicate Rows To Columns
I have Excel 2007 and a two column lexicon in the following format:

word1 ; word_a
word1 ; word_b
word2 ; word_c
word2 ; word_d
word2 ; word_e
word3 ; word_f

would it somehow be possible to transpose it to:

word1 ; word_a ; word_b
word2 ; word_c ; word_d ; word_e
word3 ; word_f

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Transpose Horizontal Rows To Vertical Columns
Acct #11019145036954564872011019125101521103192103103904205851103192415102

The file is broken down by revenue codes on the first row of the account and then units on the second row. (450= Revenue Code and 1=Units associated with that revenue code) Then a new account number starts and it is revenue codes on the first first row and units on the second row.

I want the file to look like this:

Acct #Rev CodesUnits1101914501110191390311019168021101917203110191110411031939431103193921511031954510110319648

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Transpose Columns To Rows Based On Titles
I have a set of data which in one column, includes 500 countries, each followed by a list of 43 entries. I want to transpose the data into rows, so that the countries are all in one column, and the 43 entries are in rows as well..

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Transpose Multiple Columns To Rows Based On Criteria
I am stumped on how to transpose multiple columns to rows based on specific criteria. Here is an example of the data I am working with:

Acct #Rev CodeUnitsCharges10094537034503$0.0010094537034501$605.0010094537037101$0.0010096359034503$0.0010096359034501$355.0010096359037101$0.00

I want it to look like the following:

Acct #Rev CodeUnitsChargesRev CodeUnitsChargesRev CodeUnitsCharges10094537034503$0.004501$605.007101$0.0010096359034503$0.004501$355.007101$0.00

I should note that there is oftentimes more than three rows for the same account number, sometimes it could be as many as 20 rows for the same account.

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Transpose Multiple Columns Into Rows Based On Repeats
I need to transpose a three column worksheet with thousands of rows containing repeats based on the value in Column A (between 2 and 11 consecutive repeats), into rows with no repeats, and the values from the repeated rows into new columns. Column A has a unique numeric value corresponding to the repeated rows. Column B has 1 of 11 values and Column C has 1 of 4 values.

The worksheet looks like this:

1 abc x
1 def y
2 ghi x
2 abc n
2 lmn x
2 def z
2 jkl y

I need to make it look like this:

1 abc x def y
2 ghi x abc n lmn x def z jkl y

I tried using the following code, but it dropped all the values from column C:

Sub kTest()
Dim a, i As Long, w(), k(), n As Long
Dim dic As Object, ws As Worksheet, s As String

Set dic = CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")
dic.comparemode = vbTextCompare
With Sheets("sheet1")
a = . Range("a2:b" & .Range("a" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row)
End With

I am attaching a workbook " Book 1" that has the results from the above macro in the first worksheet "Final Report", the origninal data "orig data", and the format I need to get the data into "needed data".

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Convert/Transpose Multiple Groups Of Rows Across Columns
How to convert multiple Rows recors to a single row record in a Notes(csv) format? Have update my xls file. My source is in the below format(Source.xls):


I want to convert it to a CSV file where by it can be import to Lotus Notes (output.xls):

1,1,Group,GroupName_A,"Name_A,Name_B,Name_C","CN=John Sam/OU=FIN/OU=staff/O=IBM,CN=Mary Flow/OU=FIN/OU=staff/O=IBM",CN=John Sam/OU=FIN/OU=staff/O=IBM
1,1,Group,GroupName_B,"Name_D,Name_E,Name_F,Name_G,Name_H,Name_I","CN=John Sam/OU=FIN/OU=staff/O=IBM,CN=Mary Flow/OU=FIN/OU=staff/O=IBM",CN=John Sam/OU=FIN/OU=staff/O=IBM

As you can see only GroupNameN, and Name_N are varibles, the rest of the fields are static. note that there is opening and closing quota for column "E" and "F" in output.xls

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Macro: Transpose 1 Column Into 3 Columns
I am trying to transpose 1 column into 3 columns:




Here is the code I have:...................

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Transpose Several Columns Of Data
I'm working on this project that I inherited from another colleague and am at a sticking point. The workbook is used to determine which employees are working on which projects what pct of the time. The workbook was set up using a start and end date (columns e and f) for the projects instead of a column with the month and the correct percentage. I've set up monthly columns, which are now in columns K through AF. I believe that I need to transpose those columns into a row so that I can set up a pivot table.

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Copy & Transpose Range Macro Code
I have a long header I am pasting to a column "A" on a new Sheet. When the header pastes it is repeating itself but with long blank spaces in between each repeat. The first time goes from A1 to A152, which is all I want. But it shows up again starting at A180225, and again at A212993, and again and again. I only want a single instance of the header in Column A. Here is the macro I am using:

Sub Sort_Cells()
Sheets.Add after:=Sheets(Sheets.Count)
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteAll, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:= _
True, Transpose:=True
End Sub

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Transpose Repeated Data With Unique Associated Data Across Columns
Is it possible to associate a range of cells containing different information based on like values in other cells?


How it currently appears in spreadsheet

Name Acct#
John Q. Public 12345
John Q. Public 23456
John Q. Public 34567
John Q. Public 45678
Jane Example 11111
Jane Example 22222

Wanted Result

John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
John Q. Public 12345 23456 34567 45678
Jane Example 11111 22222
Jane Example 11111 22222

I know how to remove the duplicates afterwords to get one unique record.

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Transpose Macro Varying Rows From 1 Column
I've trawled a few forums for a while now trying to find a macro that matches my specifications, or one I can adapt but so far have been unsuccessful, so here goes:

I have one column of data (col. A) of customer names and addresses each with an empty row in between them. The lines of data relating to each customer vary from 6 rows to 14 rows, then an empty row, then the next customer and so on - for several thousand rows.

I am wanting to create a macro that will transpose each customer to either their own row in sheet2, or to column B and then delete column A at the end.

All I can find is macros for a specific number of rows rather than varying. One way would be to have a code that 'pads' out those customers with fewer than 14 lines by inserting rows to make them 14, and then a code to transpose 15 rows at a time.

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Transpose Data Ranges Separated By Blank Rows
Need Macro (code) to copy specific cells from a sheet into a new sheet in a desired format. I have an excel file which has data set in 20 rows. Each row has multiple fields. At the end of each data set there is a blank row. I want to capture specific data fields for each data set (e.g. Name, Bank no. etc) and put it into the respective heading. This process needs to be repeated for all the data sets.

A sample sheet is attached for better explanation. Sheet 1 has the raw data and sheet 2 has the required output. The no. of data sets shows in sheet 1 is just a sample. In actual it would be a large no. of such data sets.

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Need Macro To Transpose Data (MS OS X)
I have excel file that have the following columns: Sample ID, Analyte Name, Concentration, RSD. These columns are filled down.

I would like the analyte names should be the column headings. Then the rows with the sample ID, Concentration, and RSD - these rows are filled in with elemental concentrations, and rsds associated with those concentrations.

It is not quite a simple transpose, the rows should start over every time the sample name changes. I will be very grateful for any help with this and would gladly send a file to anyone who would help me. Sometimes the number of analytes I sample changes, so if anyone has any ideas on how to write a macro that can do this by recognizing when the analyte name repeats itself (to know when to start a new set of rows).

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Macro To Transpose Data
I have data that gets dumped from a program into a nasty horizontal format that I need to get transposed into a verticle format. As it stands now, the info is reported with hourly data spread accross rows. I need the hourly data in one column. See attached sheet for an example of what I need done with the data. I'm looking for a macro to take my "original" sheet and create my "new" sheet. Note: a macro that can do this would save me days of time.

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Create A Macro To Transpose Data
I have a spreadsheet, with over 9000 line items. And to give you guys an idea, these items are products that we carry at our stores (convinience stores). Most of our items are sold to the customer by eaches or unit, but we do carry beverage items which can be sold several ways (single can, 6pk, 12pk, 24pk etc). Anyway, on the spreadsheet, these sell units(single, 6pk, 12pk etc) have their own line, per each sell unit. I want them to be all in one line. Heres what it looks like:

I want columns F, and G's values be transposed to the first line, after the RET column. Like this:

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Macro To Transpose Data And Repeat Itself
I have spreadsheet which consists of two columns of data.

Column A contains a gerneric heading/group and Column B details some results for each heading/group; these results cover between 16 to 40 rows.

Basically, I need to transpose each heading/group's rows of results data into the same row as the heading/group row; then delete the rows where the results data was copied from; then I want to go to the next heading/group in Column A and repeat the process - transposing the results into a row.

I have written a simple macro which seems to work intermittingly - one which doesn't repeat or loop though. Sometimes I get the Runtime Error 1004 and sometimes the macro overwrites the transposed row if the results are listed over 16 rows.

My draft macro code is as follows:

Sub Transpose()
' Transpose Macro
' Macro recorded 27/11/2008 by Hunter
' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+p............

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Transpose Macro For Erratic Data
Need macro that will transpose data from rows to columns

next entry

There are blank rows in between the address, and 1 blank row between new entry.

Furthermore, the blank rows between the address are not consistent


I am wondering if there is a code that could execute a macro to transpose such data automatically instead of me transposing it one by one

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Offset & Transpose Data Macro
I am in need of perhaps a code that will allow me to offset the data which is highlighted in yellow to something that is similar to the data which is highlighted in green. The logic behind that is i do multiple loans that begin at various months of the year and must be presented into the business plan accordingly.

In this example "spreadsheet included" i chose payment 1 as January but some loans dont begin payment for 2 or more months. Hence the expense and hence the numbers located in the "Control Box" will then be able to offset the data down the number of rows that i specify in the control box at the upper left most of the screen into the section that is highligted in green respectively.

Once the data has been shifted i then need to transpose the data to every two columns in the far most payment schedule which includes the principle "prin" and the interest "int" in the respective months broken down. I need the ability to offset this data a maximum of 11 months as 12 would push the loan into a different year.

I have 15 simultaneous loans so i would need a macro that can do this for me. I am a beginner coding but very familar in excel and a formula would not work as it would be over written each time. I am thinking of if statements but that would be a pain in the rear.

I would then need to repeat this macro for the next 14 loans but in this case i would need to do it four more times and then i would need to do the same procedure for the interest side of the loan.

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Lookup Values And Include New Rows As Needed
I am looking to build a VBA to do the following action:

Look up an ID number from column F (ID numbers are separated by an empty row at current),
then check whether there is a corresponding value in columns N to P,

if there are values, copy them onto a different sheet into three different columns

if there values below this particular row, i.e. if the rows below say row 9 (where we looked up the ID number) in columns N - P are not empty, also copy all these values and add additional rows as needed on the sheet this is copied to

then look up the next ID in column F and do the same until there are no more IDs

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Sum Up Duplicate Information And Delete The Un-needed Rows
I have a worksheet with duplicate but necessary information. in column A there is a Name and in column B there is a number. like...

John 43
John 6
John 23
Karen 54
Kathy 12
Kathy 23

I need to add all the numbers up for one name and then delete the un-needed rows. so it ends up

John 75
Karen 54
Kathy 35

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Code For Printing Particular Rows And Columns
I have a worksheet that I use to track my clients and their meal selections over a five day week. Col A is their name, B is their shift (am or pm) C is their table number, D is whether they will attend that day (yes or no) and E is their meal choice (a b or c) Columns D & E repeat the same information for each day Mon-Fri.

I would like to have a print button so that on a daily basis I can print the clients name and thier meal selection (only those those who have a yes for that day) separating AM shift from PM and then grouping them by their table number rather than alphabetical order.

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Freeze Columns/Rows In Worksheet Index Code
I used the code in the link for "Create Worksheet Index" you referenced and it works great. Is there a way to have the Index and the "back to Index" links appear in separate stationary windows on the left side of the spreadsheets?

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Delete Sheets Macro Needed!
I have a macro on: Sheet101 (DAY 1) that adds additional sheets.
Example: When I click active button it will add Sheet102 (DAY 2) & can add up to Sheet130 (DAY 30)

I want a macro that will delete any of the sheets added from Sheet130 (DAY 30) to Sheet102 (DAY 2) But WON'T Delete Sheet101 (DAY 1)

If I have added 3 sheets I want it to delete those 3 Sheets:

Sheet104 (DAY 4) <--DELETE
Sheet103 (DAY 3) <--DELETE
Sheet102 (DAY 2) <--DELETE
Sheet101 (DAY 1) <--DON'T DELETE

& give a vbOkCancel MessageBox saying: Do you want to Delete Added sheets?

Okay the code below works, but one thing!

It deletes DAY 30 to DAY 20, then it skips DAY 19 to DAY 10, then Deletes DAY 9 to DAY 1.
So it's not deleting DAY 10 to DAY 19...

Do I need to add a wildcard?

Here is the Code: .....

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Macro Needed To Open Folder
need a macro that will open the following folder

c: my documentskatyexcel

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Macro Inserts 3 Rows Below Each Existing Row Of Data And Copies And Pastes That Data Into Each Of The Empty Rows
need to create a macro that inserts 3 rows below each existing row of data and simply copies and pastes that data into each of the empty rows before moving on to the next unique row and doing the same thing again.

This is what I have so far, but I can't seem to get the loop right.

Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove
Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown, CopyOrigin:=xlFormatFromLeftOrAbove

activecell.Offset(-1, 0).Select
Range(activecell, activecell.Offset(0, 5)).Copy
activecell.Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial
activecell.Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial
activecell.Offset(1, 0).PasteSpecial
Selection.Offset(1, 0).EntireRow.Select

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Macro Needed For Worksheet Change Event
In Col D of my spreadsheet, I have a list of security codes, in this list there is a security code "all", i need a macro that will add 1 to the code, so it reads "all1", now i need the macro to run as soon as new data is pasted to sheet "Lending", the ranges in Col D do change on a daily basis therefore cell reference for security codes is not fixed.

Can this be achieved? ............

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Macro Needed For Email/submit Button
I've got this macro I pulled from some other site and it's not working quite like it should. In my eyes at least...

OK, first, a little back story...
At work we used to have a custom Outlook form that was used for submitting office supply order requests.
The form was stored on our public drive for all to access it when needed.
Well, the form broke somehow and no one knows how to fix it.
We need something to replace it.
Keep in mind that we have no access to the Internet, nor can we send/receive emails outside of the company.

So, I created a simple form in Excel with a drop-down list of all the items in the supply cage, a form field for the senders name, etc...

What the macro does is, it copies the active worksheet the form that just got filled out) to a new workbook (dropdown data is on other sheets in the original) and then opens Outlook (2003) to send it as an attachment.

The only catch is that when the email arrives the only thing filled out is the form fields, NOT the drop downs...

The ONLY way I can get the drop downs to send with data in them is to leave the original open.

Oh, and for some reason every time I sent this while testing, it would name the attachment Book1, Book 2, Book3, and so on. I can't have that...

Here's the code I'm currently using:

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Array (delete Un-needed Data)
Is there a way to delete this un-needed data while it is still in an array (effectively resizing the array - removing specific columns and rows) and then writing the array back to the worksheet?

(5X5) Array with the following data

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Data Dump Of Charted Data Needed
I have an interactive moving average model (which has an adjustable moving average feature) which successfully charts the moving averages of the data on the chart. I have coded this with VBA. However, I would like to get a data dump of the individual moving average data points. That is, I would like to see the individual data points (that are plotted on the chart). Would anyone be able to help me with this?

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VBA Macro Needed For Auto Fill Using Another Cell Reference
Is there anyone who can suggest a solution to my problem below ?
Basically, what I need is a macro which would ideally work like this:

if D32 = 1, then the background colour of D4 should be red
if D32 = 2, then the background colour of D4 should be orange
if D32 = 3, then the background colour of D4 should be yellow
if D32 = 4, then the background colour of D4 should be green

And then I plan to use it for columns E, F, G

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Simple Macro For Dividing Cell Content By 100 Needed
I'm only starting to get into the Macro side of excel, and I've created a couple of macros to automatically format cell contents and the like.
However I'm having trouble trying to divide some cell contents by 100.

I have 2 files I'm working with, one contains information regarding cd's and percentages, however the percentages in this file cannot be formatted to percentages (so the powers that be say) for whatever reason.
I copy all this information into another file which does have the percentages formatted as percentages, the result is that the values get multiplied by 100.

So values that read:

for example, appear on the new sheet as:

Is it possible to write a macro that will divide these percentages by 100 so the read correctly as:

the macro will have to work on selected ranges.

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Call One Macro From Multiple Buttons - With Specifics As Needed
I've searched through the forums for this information, and I have found a couple of similar issues that have been solved, but copy+pasting the code into my form has not had favorable results.

Basically, here is what I am after:

I have a sheet that already has 4 buttons active, with a handful of other subs that they are calling. I am wanting to be able to add new buttons and have them call a universal macro that will forward them to my existing subs. However, I'm wanting a variable to be set based on the Caption of the button that was clicked. For example:

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Recursive Division Macro Mod Needed For Char Type
I need a slight mod to the below code which works perfectly otherwise. What it does is it divides whatever is in column K by 30 and puts in its relative cell in column M( There a bunch of mini tables below each other with blank rows in between).

The thing is sometimes there are characters in column K like "N/A" for instance and the macro crashes since its only designed to take into account numerical and blank cells in column K.

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Macro Needed To Fill Down Other Cell Base On Condition
I have accounts that I need to compare to see if they exist on my system the account that has a listed date, exist on my system then if I can fill the dates in the accounts the match then I will be able to delete the other accounts that donít have a date see attach file for more understanding.

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Transpose Row Formula To Columns
Using the formula =E+1 will produce a sequential list when copied down. Changing to E+2 produces a list that increases by 2 in each row.

I am looking for a formula that will give me a list of column references that increase by 2 . If the first row is row "F" the next row will be "H" then "J" and so on.

Something like =E+(columnF+2).

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