Use One Template To Enter Data With Users Being Able To Start Entry From A Number Of Different Starting Points

Jul 30, 2009

We're trying to use one template to enter data with users being able to start entry from a number of different starting points. this changes they way the look-ups have to work. The attached sample explains it a whole lot better.

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Enter Data From Userform Into Cells Starting From Specific Cell?

Feb 3, 2014

I need to add something to the code below to have my first row of data entered into cell "Q8". As it is now the data is starting on row Q9 instead of Q8, but the rest of it is filling in correctly.

[Code] .....

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Data Validation Dropdown Menu But At Same Time Allowing Users To Enter Free Text

Nov 15, 2010

Is there a way to have a data validation drop down menu but at the same time allowing users to enter free text as well.

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Auto Entry Date When Enter Data?

May 28, 2014

What I want to do is if I add data into B7 or F7 then the current date will appear in J7. I also don't want the date to change every time the project is opened.


If I enter "withdraw or any word" into B7 or F7 - The current date (4-Dec) would appear in J7.

then if I close excel and I open it tomorrow, J7 would still read as 4-Dec, while if I enter "deposit or any word" into B8 or F8, the current date (5-Dec) would appear in J8.

- would need to be able to enter multiple entries on one day as well.

- also i am not familiar regarding macros.

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Auto Copy Template On Record Entry & Link Set Cells Back New Record Entry Sheet

May 26, 2009

I am looking to create a macro that will create a new sheet when data is added on a summary sheet. Example.

1. Summary sheet called "Variations" contains columns that will contain the information needed for new sheet (Columns A to D)

2. When data is entered on "Variations" sheet: Column B, then macro automatically creates new sheet renamed to e.g. VO1 (Number used on "Variations" tab) and is a copy of "Master" tab.

3. Data entered in Column A to D on "Variations" tab is automatically entered onto new sheet created (e.g VO1). Shown is blue on attached file. Additional data is updated on "VO1" sheet and this then links back to "Variations" tab

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VBA If Range Value = Something AND Another Cell Has No Entry- Prompt The User To Enter Data- My Code Is Not Working

Apr 20, 2009

I am trying to display a message box for the user if there is "agency" in cell o8 but nothing in p8... I tried the following code but it doesnt work..

If Range("o8").Value = "Agency" And Range("p8").Value = "" Then

MsgBox "Please provide name of agency in cell p8"

Sheet9.Shapes("cross").Visible = True


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Avergaes Points (reflect By Lines) To Start

Nov 15, 2007

I have a chart with 8 series of data, 4 of which reflect actuals and 4 of which relates to averages of the 4 actuals of a period of 5 months.

The 4 actuals series are represented by bars on the chart and the 4 averages are represented by lines on the graph.

When viewing the chart it shows 4 bars per period (for each of the actuals) and 4 lines (for each of the averages per period)

How do I get the avergaes points (reflect by lines) to start above the actuals they are averaging? At the moment the points are bang in the middle of the 4 bars in the chart?

Not sure if I have explained my problem preoperly but if not I can email a file showing what I mean if needs be.

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Resample Data: Total Number Of Points Reduced By Averaging The Data Not By Simply Deleting One Of Every Four Rows

May 16, 2006

I have several files of data that are from a data logger. The data is broken up by day. Each day has roughly 43000 rows of data, at its sample rate. This has made charting the data a nuisance. Is there a way to resample the data so it fits in the 32000 points excel can chart? In the future I will set a sample rate that will keep the number of points below the 32K per series. I would like to be able to have the total number of points reduced by averaging the data not by simply deleting one of every four rows.

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Limit Chart To Certain Number Of Data Points

Jun 3, 2014

I have a macro that runs every 15 minutes and stores data into a table. This table is attached to a chart and auto updates with the new data every 15minutes. The table will house historical data over time, however I only want the chart to reflect the last 96 entries (15min data points over 24hours). So, once i have enough data my table will be A2:A97. When A98 is populated, i want the data in A2 to be removed from the chart only.

Here is a breakdown:

A2:A97 is currently displayed on the chart.
I enter new data into A98.
The chart will now display A3:A98.
I enter new data into A99.
The chart will now display A4:A99.
I enter new data into A100.
The chart will now display A5:A100.
and so on.

How I can accomplish this? Does this need to be done in VBA?

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Macro For Users To Enter IP Address?

Apr 7, 2014

I want to use it to get data from snmp and put it in excel cell. I managed to do this with this macro:

[Code] .....

Now I want to be able to change the IP address. For example in cell A4 to fill the IP. And the IP to change in the macro. So this macro to be use for different hosts.

I place a button for this macro and when I press it a cmd windows is popping for 1 second and hide. How can I make it not to show at all.

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Allow To Users To Enter A Cell In The Worksheet

Jan 26, 2009

Function Dice(DiOne, DiTwo) As Double
Dim sum As Integer
Dim DiOne, DiTwo As Integer
Dim Odds As Double
DiSum = DiOne + DiTwo

Select Case sum
Case Is = 2
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Is = 3
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Is = 4
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 5
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 6
Odds = 3 / 36
Case Is = 7
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 8
Odds = 3 / 36
Case Is = 9
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 10
Odds = 2 / 36
Case Is = 11
Odds = 1 / 36
Case Else
Odds = 1 / 36
End Select

Dice = Odds

End Function

I'm trying to allow users to enter a cell in the worksheet and type =dice(number, number) and it calculate the probability of that amount coming from two rolls of a dice...

I'd like people to be able to use this just as though it was the SUM or VLOOKUP functions....

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Formula To Look At All 9 Data Points And Give The Place Number

Jan 19, 2009

Column P is the percentage of body weight lost...


What I need is a formula to look at all 9 data points and give the place number. Remember that the lowest number is actually in first place.

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Macro That Allow Users To Delete An Entry

Jan 4, 2009

I am in need of a macro that will allow users to delete an entry in a named range as well as delete a range named the same. I would like the macro to open a list showing the contents of a range named "Locations". Once opened the users may select a name from the list and click on a button to remove that item from the named range. the macro can then delete the cell that name is in and shift the remaining cells up, changing the range. Second the macro should delete a named range that matches the one the user selects. once delete I would like to have a pop say "Location Removed Sucessfully".

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MonthView Control Can Be Set To Allow Users To Select Multiple Ranges And Enter Different Dates

Dec 4, 2013

If MonthView control can be set to allow users to select multiple ranges and enter different dates into those ranges? I know I was able to do with with the previous Datepicker control and I thought it was as easy as setting the Show Modal property to true.

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Prompt Users To Enter Information In Specific Range Of Cells Before Save

Mar 11, 2014

Is there a way to prompt users to enter information in a specific range of cells before they save?

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Force Users To Choose One Of Items And Not Allow Blank Entry To Be Entered

Dec 14, 2011

I have a list box in a user form using R2:R3 as Row source.

I need to force the users to choose one of the items and not allow a blank entry to be entered.

I used the code below for the entries however it still allows for a blank to be entered into the Cell.

This part of the code works for Me.sapor = "" Or Me.jobna = "" Or Me.ordernu = "" But not for the next (2) list boxes it allows blanks Or Me.snd = "" Or Me.mcode = ""

Me.Snd and Me.mcode are list boxes.


If Me.sapor = "" Or Me.jobna = "" Or Me.ordernu = "" Or Me.snd = "" Or Me.mcode = "" MsgBox ("Feilds SAP Number, Job Name, Price, Code and Month Code Must be Completed")
Exit Sub


Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Dim rNextCl As Range
' Row count = where the select cell finishes and window box moves to rows over
' offset = howmany cells up or down from the row count


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Enter Start / End Value In Box And Then Loop Value In Cell?

Oct 9, 2012

I am working on an excel sheet that asks the user for a Start and End value, to create a print selection. It should then loop all of the numbers between both values into Cell B1, update the sheet and print the page each time.

I think i have the VBA code worked out, except for the fact that i seem to get stuck at the loop action for printing all values between the 2 input values ( i don't really know how to do this).

I have an example of the file uploaded here: - Printbarcodes-test.xlsm

Here is the code i am using (the loop/selection part is still missing):

Sub PrintSelection()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Application.DisplayAlerts = False


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How To Use Input Boxes To Have User Enter Start And End Lines

Apr 28, 2014

How to set up a Inputbox to make the user pick the start line and end line for a loop

the sheet will have items on it numbered 1,2,3,etc I want a process done to the lines the user selects by item number not cell range.

line 4 to line 20 for example.

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Start New Line Pushing Enter/Return In TextBox

Nov 8, 2006

Is it possible to change the behaviour of the return button within a textbox? What I would like is, once the return button is pressed, it starts a new line in the textbox rather than it moving to the next textbox within the form.

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Returning First Entry In Row With Blanks, Undetermined Start

Dec 12, 2008

=LOOKUP(9.99999999E+307,K252:EJ252) returns the last entry in the row. What returns the first one? I get the feeling this is simple, Row has blanks, first entry may be in any column.

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VBA To Number Rows In A Column But Starting From Specific Number

Mar 10, 2014

I would like to create a vba script when ran an comes up and asks you to "enter number you want to start numbering from" and when the number is entered in the input box. e.g "7654", excel starts numbering each cell in column A from 7654 until there is an empty cell in column B.

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Enter On One Sheet & Add Entry To All Sheets

Aug 15, 2007

I use the same number as a lookup value in several sheets(say 1-10). The number can only be changed in sheet 1, the others referring to it. So if you want to use a different value in say sheet 9 you have to return to sheet 1 and change it, then back to sheet 9. Is there any way that a number can be inputted into ANY of the sheets and change ALL of them, without using macros? I've searched long and hard for the solution to this, I'm sure it's either a trivial answer or a trivial question that doesn't deserve an answer.

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Formula To Look For A Number Entry On One Worksheet And Return Another Fixed Entry?

Mar 14, 2014

Is there a formula that will allow me to look for the existence of any number value in a row of one worksheet and then return a specific number value in a cell on another worksheet? For example, if the formula finds any number value it will always return the number 15 to a cell on another worksheet.

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Create Unique Reference Number For Data Entry

Mar 20, 2007

I'm making a user form in excel/vbe, that will enter data into a worksheet behind the form. I would like to make a unique reference number that is automatically generated by the form as the next in the series. It can be as simple a number as 00001 so nothing too complicated I hope.

When the user opens the user-form i would like the reference to appear on the form so that they know what it is. Then when they enter the data I want the number to go in the database with all the rest of the info they have entered and also for a message box to come up reminding them to rememeber their number.

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Using Data Validation To Limit Entry Of Number Of Characters In A Cell

Jan 24, 2014

When you want to use Data Validation to limit the entry of the number of characters to a cell does this apply only to the cell that you are entering the characters or can it also apply to a cell that contains a LEN(A1) formula, for instance? Also,does the Data Validation limitation function includes spaces as well? Will the message appear while you are entering the characters (when it has reached the limit) or will it wait until you have hit Enter?

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Exporting Data From Master File To Template File (Auto-Populate Template)

May 6, 2014

I've attached 2 test files, one is the database master file containing the projects (each row represents a project, unique reference number in column A) and the other is the blank template file i'm hoping to export data into and then save down with the naming convention "column A_column B.xlsx"

Kept the test files simple but would need to modify any code to apply to much larger database consisting of many more fields etc.


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Auto Number Macro Starting At 5th Row

Jan 25, 2006

I need to number some rows starting at row 5. Need to place the number in column AB of each row.

Needs to quit numbering at last record (column F will have information in the last record)

i need this to be a macro, never done an autonumber macro before....

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Worksheet With Page Numbers Starting From Set Number

Apr 10, 2014

Not something I've ever had to do before as i generally work with data sheets, i'm creating a document to print but need the page number to start from a set value and not default "1" of "10" etc,

I need it to start from say "5" of "15" rather than the "1" of "10",

Its simple to do in Word, but like i say not something I've ever had to think about in Excel.

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Enter 4 Columns Of Data In Row Then Shift After Hitting Enter?

Jun 1, 2014

I really know nothing about vba so here goes. I would like to enter data in a row with 4 cells of info. then hit enter and return to the first cell and move the row down. all four cells must have data entered. and all four must move down. i tried some code as below i found and i modified but it did not work as expected. this moved the row down when returning the cursor to A2. It also should not copy the data style of the top row.

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
If Target.Column <> 1 Then Exit Sub
Application.EnableEvents = False


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Formula To Calculate Based On Start Month Number And Duration Number Of Months

Mar 14, 2014

I need a formula that will calucalte the monthly total based on the following conditions:

Col A = Yearly Cost
Col B = The number of the month when the costs are starting (1=Jan etc)
Col C = The duration or the number of months for which the costs are to spread
Col D is Year 2013 with the months across columns D-O. Row 1 above those columns shows the month's corresponding number.

Right now I have =IF($B3<=D$1,$A3/$C3,0) however if my start month is 1 and my duration is 5, I need the costs to stop after May. I've attached a sample file. Calculate based on start month and duration.xlsx

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