ActiveX Textboxes On Sheet Are Being Recognized As Pictures?

Apr 23, 2014

I have two text boxes on my sheet that I am using as a log in sheet. I am not sure what triggers them but they stop allowing me to type in them to log in and instead are recognized by excel as pictures and ask me if I want to format them. I have fixed them in the past by deleting them and adding new Active X text boxes to the sheet but then after a while they turn back into pictures.

By the way the text boxes have been named T1 and T2 and are used in VBA behind the scenes to determine if the details that are typed into them match existing accounts.

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How To Save Linked Pictures Into Workbook As Embedded Pictures

Apr 28, 2014

I have an workbook with pictures that are linked to external picture files, and they are placed in the workbook via macro. When I email the file to another computer and open it, the pics do not display and show an error:

The linked image cannot be displayed. The file may have been moved, renamed, or deleted, Verify that the link points to the correct file and location.

I would like to be able to save the workbook with the pictures in them (without having to archive them) so that I can open it and see them on another machine.

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Delete Pictures From Sheet

Nov 18, 2006

I have inserted pictures to a spreadsheet report and wish to remove them using a macro assigned to a command button. I recorded the macro below but it does not work. When the macro is run a message is returned that says "The item with the specified name can't be found."

Sub Remove_Pictures()
' Remove_Pictures Macro
' Macro recorded 11/17/2006 by
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 33").Select
ActiveSheet.Shapes("Picture 34").Select
End Sub

When recording the macro I just clicked on the image to select it and hit the delete key.

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Inserting Multiple Pictures In A Sheet

Jun 11, 2014

write a code to insert and auto adjust multiple pictures in a sheet with address of the pictures are in a column, You can download the sheet from below link for details.

Insert Pic - Download - 4shared.

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Pull Pictures From Folder To Excel Sheet?

Dec 5, 2013

I have an excel sheet where column B has a list of product codes. I also have a folder with pictures of each product and file name of the pictures are the product code. I would like to place the picture of each product in column A beside their respective codes. If possible, I would also like to reformat the pictures so they fit in the cell. (3.00 x 3.85)

Need a Macro that can run this.

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Pull Pictures From Folder To Excel Sheet

Dec 6, 2013

I have an excel sheet where column "B" has a list of style numbers . I also have a folder with pictures of each product and file name of the pictures are the product code. I would like to place the picture of each product in column "A" beside their respective codes. If possible, I would also like to reformat the pictures so they fit in the cell. Size= (3.00 x 3.85)

I want to be able to press for example :CTRL Q and all the the pictures will pull from the folder on my PC and populate in column A next to their respective style # in column B.

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VBA, Doing Actions On Files With Sheet Data & Insert Pictures

Feb 25, 2009

where exactly to add the code under Tools > Macro > VB editor.

My version: Office XP Pro ("2002")

The first code I need should be simple. I want Excel to copy cut delete files from the hardware, using data from a workbook.

There are 3 sheets:
1. "Names" - contains picture file names (without the JPG extence) in one column,
2. "From" - contains a cell with the original path to copycutdelete from
3. "Target" - has a cell with the target folder path (in case of copying/moving).

I made it in 3 sheets for making it user-friendly, since unskilled users will use the method.

I need to have 3 hyperlinks in the first sheet: "Move (cut)", "Copy", and "Delete", and by pressing the matching VB code eill be activated.

The second code should output (and print, if possible) data from a line to a pre-defind sheet.

Let's say there are 4 columns: picture file name, name of photographer, description of the photo, and the date it was taken.
There will be in the end of every line a cell with a hyperlink called "Output photo details" to output the data to specfic cells in the Print sheet (e.g. the date goes to D7, the name goes to A3, etc.). An important thing I wanna output is the picture itself (like from "Add > Picture" ment, in a location I define in the code.

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ActiveX Sheet Controls Basics

May 3, 2008

i have been working on editting a game that i got off the internet and i was having trouble editing the buttons on the worksheet. they dont seem to be linked to a macro and i cant edit them or even delete them
it seems like they are forms but attached to the worksheet.

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ActiveX Click Control--STOPS When On Another Sheet

Nov 23, 2007

RE: Macro ActiveX Click Control--It stops when on another sheet

Macro runs OK when run from menu.

An activeX click button was put on sheet B.

Right click the control, View Code, Paste in code from macro, then click button.

It runs the part of the macro that applies to sheet B, goes to previous sheet A, and then stops. The range select line for the named range on sheet A is highlighted in yellow. It stops when selecting any range or cell on sheet A, like B2.

Any idea why this code does not work on sheet A when ActiveX button is on sheet B? Is there someplace else that the control can go? Using Excel 2000.

See part of code below, which starts on sheet B:

' Macro recorded 11/22/2007

Selection.Sort Key1:=Range("T2"), Order1:=xlAscending, Header:=xlNo, _
OrderCustom:=1, MatchCase:=False, Orientation:=xlTopToBottom
Range("FormBase").Select (STOPS HERE)
FormBase is a named dynamic range

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Get And Display Pictures (in Folder On Hard Drive) Depending On Cell Value In Excel Sheet?

Sep 9, 2012

I am working to make an automatic result card in which excel automatically gets data of every student which is present in sheet within the workbook by simply writing roll number of the student in a cell. and i have done it easily by Vlookup and index functions but the only problem i am facing is, that i want to show the picture of each student by roll no. pictures are in one folder on my hard drive, now i want that as the roll number of the student is written the result excel should display the picture (from the folder, each picture named by roll)of the student. for example i write 1234 in roll no cell and want to get and show the picture no 1234 in another cell. (from the folder)

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Userform Data Doesn't Show In TextBoxes On Another Sheet

Feb 23, 2012

I have a workbook with 3 sheets.

Sheet 1 is a sheet that has a shape with macro assigned to show Userform6.

Sheet 2 contains data that is displayed on Userform6. I use Userform6 to show statistical data that is on Sheet2.

Sheet 3 contains data that is input to ComboBoxes on Userform6 using the RowSource Property.

On Sheet 2, when I select Userform6, the data is correctly shown in all comboboxes and Textboxes......

On Sheet 1 when I select Userform6, only the comboboxes show the data...the textboxes do not show any data.

I do not want users to see the data on Sheet 2 which is why I want to show the Userform on a different sheet as the data sheet will be hidden from users.

Question is: How can I show Userform6 on Sheet 1 with all the data showing in textboxes?

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Excel 2003 :: Renaming Textboxes Based On Their Position In Sheet?

Jun 14, 2013

I have an excel file (2003 version) with one sheet called sheet1.

On sheet1 I have multiple text boxes, however each text box has the same text box number "Text Box 1244" (this number appears in the top left-hand side in excel when I click the textbox).

I was wondering if it's possible to rename the text boxes based on their location on the sheet.

Eg. If i had a sheet with 5 rows of text boxes and 3 columns of text boxes (15 text boxes in total).

The top left-hand box gets renamed to "Text Box 1", then the text box below that gets renamed to "Text Box 2" and so on to the bottom of the sheet to "Text Box 5". Then the vba script would move to the text box that was to the right of the first text box (1st row again but 2nd column), and rename all the text boxes in that column ("Text Box 6" onward).

The outcome would look something like:
TB1 TB6 TB11
TB2 TB7 TB12
TB3 TB8 TB13
TB4 TB9 TB14
TB5 TB10 TB15

I'm stuck on this problem a while now and cannot find any scripts to solve it. My VBA is non-existent, I usually get by on bits of code I find on the web.

I hope each textbox has a hidden co-ordinate associated with it, then it might be possible to loop through all the textboxes based on their positions and rename them.

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2 Userforms One With Textboxes And The Other One With Listbox And Textboxes

Dec 3, 2009

i have 2 userforms one with textboxes and the other one with listbox and textboxes.

Everytime user input their data(ie:first name, last name, address etc) in the first form the data's going to be saved in Worksheet("customerSheet") and later on to be displayed in the second form. using the listbox you can select the customer's name and the customer info will be displayed in the textboxes.

here's my code in second form

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

'ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Name = "Database"
'ActiveCell.address(False, False)

viewCustomerBox.RowSource = "A2:A15"

End Sub

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Event Not Being Recognized?

Dec 12, 2011

I have a worksheet used for scheduling. When a members time is updated, it updates the counting cell for that time by subtracting 1 (thats simplified, the forumla is more complex than that).

I have five teams and five workbooks for each team to do it's own scheduling. In just ONE workbook, the Worksheet_Change() event has stopped executing. It's fine in the others. I renamed the workbook to archive it then put another workbook in it's place and now that one works just fine.

The workbook that I've archived, I hate doing that not knowing what would cause the Worksheet_Change() to stop being recognized. There is no code on the sheet or related to the sheet that would stop it or cause events to be cancelled.

I wanted to know if there is some secret keystroke combination that may have been inadvertently clicked that would cause events to firing or stop being recognized?

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Add-in Macros Not Recognized

Jan 10, 2008

I have created an Excell Add-In file (.xla). I just can't seem to get the procedures to be recognized and/or run. I have even created a custom menu based on the following tip:

When loading Excel will add the menu to my main tool bar. What is frustrating is that when trying to run one of the subroutines from the new menu item, I constantly get "The macro 'spreadsheetname.xla!macroname' macro cannot not be found'

I've checked the security settings and have verified that all add-ins are to be 'trusted' and I've lowered macro security to low. All of the subroutines have been declared as public as well. My suspicions are that there is some setting somewhere that is causing issues, but I just can't seem to think of what it is.

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Text Not Recognized As Time

Apr 30, 2014

I have a system that exports start and finish times into a single cell as text (eg 9:30 AM - 7:00 PM)

I am trying to do a simple count of how many shifts start before 7:00 AM, or finish after 6:00 PM, and am using the text function to extract the individual time into another cell.

My problem is that i cannot get this cell to be recognised as a time instead of text? I do a simple "is this cell less than another cell" but it tells me no, even though the time is 5:00 AM.

See attached: Text not recognised as time.xlsx‎

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CommandBarControl Variable Not Recognized

Aug 3, 2006

I defined two custom buttons in Workbook_Open() function:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
Dim cb As CommandBar
Dim ctrlInit As CommandBarControl
Dim ctrlComp As CommandBarControl
On Error Resume Next
On Error Goto 0
Set cb = Application.CommandBars.Add( Name:="Project", temporary:=True)
With cb
.Visible = True
Set ctrlInit = .Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton, temporary:=True)
With ctrlInit
.FaceId = 68
.Style = msoButtonIcon
.Caption = "Retrieve Template Types"............

In Module1 I must to turn ".enable" properties to Turn, but Excel don't recognize these variables there.

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Import Dates And Recognized

Aug 13, 2008

I am exporting data to Excel from a 3rd party application - the bulk of which are date entries. For some reason they do not come across as date fields in the cells, and you need to double-click on each cell to correct it. For instance if I try to filter the dates straight after the export to Excel, the cell entries are not recognised.

Anyway, I managed to get around this by running a macro on each column, e.g. for column C:

Selection.TextToColumns Destination:=Range("C1"), DataType:=xlDelimited, _
TextQualifier:=xlDoubleQuote, ConsecutiveDelimiter:=False, Tab:=False, _
Semicolon:=False, Comma:=False, Space:=False, Other:=True, FieldInfo _
:= Array(1, 4), TrailingMinusNumbers:=True

This only works however if there is at least one entry in each column. Is there a way of telling Excel to skip that column if it is empty

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CSV File With Measurements - Number Not Recognized

Mar 4, 2013

I have a .csv file with measurements. I can open it in excel, and have succeeded in make 3 separate columns from it and save as an .xlsx file. But the problem is I still can't do calculations with the data. it are all values from a form like "-3.44e-07" but excel recognizes this as text. I don't have a green triangle in the corner and multiplying by 1 doesn't work.

Apparently i can use them as numeric values in MATLAB, but I don't know how to do this in excel. And I have 9 files like this, each containing 3 columns and 600 rows, so changing all the cells one by one is no option.

I use the dutch language version of excel so I hope I translate the specific names of things in excel correctly.

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Module Variable Not Recognized In Userform

Oct 16, 2006

I created in module custom toolbar with a button, see the

Option Explicit
Public ctrlGUI As CommandBarControl
Sub CreateToolbar()
Dim cb As CommandBar
On Error Resume Next
On Error Goto 0
Set cb = Application.CommandBars.Add( Name:="Cust", temporary:=True)
With cb
.Visible = True
Set ctrlGUI = .Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton, temporary:=True)
With ctrlGUI
.FaceId = 3205
.Style = msoButtonIcon .............

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Version 97 IF Formula Not Recognized In 2003

Nov 17, 2006

The following simple formula was written in Excel version 97. when I try to use it on a newer version (03) it does not seem to recognise it as a formula? =IF(F66="yes",1,IF(F66="N/A",1,0))

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Public Variable Declaration Not Being Recognized

Jul 27, 2007

Hopefully this isn't too vague, but almost every project I've worked on so far has not recognized Public variables in all modules. I've constantly been searching for exceptions to this rule that could be contributing to this issue but haven't been successful.

I have read a million times that declaring a variable as Public makes it visible to all modules and preserves the value throughout. I've also read that if you edit code or reset your project, the values may be lost. I also know that if you try to use a variable before you give it a value (or for object variables set it = to something), it doesn't have a value yet. But all this applied, I'm still not getting Public variables to be consistently recognized or stay with the value I want them to have throughout the lifetime of my project (while the workbook is open)

My specific current issue (one of many so far) is that I have 4 command buttons within a worksheet object. Each triggers a different group of procedures, some of these are user forms. In the first button, I create two worksheets one to contain the current fiscal period "Options" the other for "Summary" of all the totals etc... (all financial data). In this first userform, triggered by the button, I allow the user to name these worksheets: like Summer2007Options or Summer2007Summary and I declare these publically as object variables OptSheet and SumSheet. These variable names and sheets are recognized for the next 2 buttons but now that I'm on the fourth, I have object variable not set errors when I try to refer to this variable.

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UserForm Name Not Recognized Could Not Find The Specified Object

Mar 11, 2008

I have a code that runs when I open the workbook. It asks if this is a new quote, if it is it should then open userform1. The problem is that sometimes when I click yes I get a "Path/File access error" popup, and then a VBA error box with "Run-time error '75' Could not find the specified object".

When i debug, it highlights the line ""

IF i end, and then run it from within VBA it will then run fine.

Sometimes when I open the workbook it will just crash excel, and when I reopen it, it runs fine.

Simple code -

Sub Workbook_Open()

answer = MsgBox("Is this a new quote?", vbYesNo)
If answer = vbNo Then

End If

End Sub

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Dynamic Named Range Not Recognized In Formulas?

Dec 30, 2013

I have a Dynamic Named Range (Entries) that shows in my Name Manager...but is not being recognized in formulas.

The range is defined with a standard DNR formula, and selecting the code in Name Manager highlights the Dynamic Range.


But, when I use the NAME in a simple formula, I get an error. (#NAME?)

[Code] .....

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Excel Doesn't Recognized Cell As Number?

Dec 26, 2012

i have a number (%) in the cell B3, which excel doesn't recognizes as a number. Is there anything i can do "excel-wise", instead of manually rewriting the number in the cell, for excel to recognize it as a number. Changing it to a "number" or "percentage" in the cell format doesn't work.

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Dates Copied From Webpage Not Recognized By Excel?

Nov 8, 2013

I copied some columns of dates form a website into an excel workbook. Unfortunately excel does not recognise the text and therefore I can't sort the columns from oldest to newest.

I have tried the operations here [URL] as I though spaces might be the problem but with no success.

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Access Query - Field Name Recognized As VBA Function

Jul 10, 2013

I'm trying to query Access for some data. One of the fields I need to grab is called MOD, which also happens to be a VBA function. How do I get Excel to recognize MOD as a field name instead of a VBA function? (Renaming it is not an option)

stSQL1 = "SELECT MOD FROM CST_ClaimbyLop WHERE CoCName='" & myCST & "'"

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Data Validation Cell Not Recognized In Array Formula

Nov 14, 2013

I am trying to get my array formula to recognize the text selected in my data validation cell. The formula worked perfectly until I decided I wanted to try and use a data validation list to eliminate spelling errors. Even though the text I am trying to recognize in the cell is exactly the same, because it is in a data validation format it no longer works. Is there a way I can modify my formula so it works? Example below...

formula: {=SUM((A2:A109>DATE(2013,10,31))*(H2:H108="Joe Blow"))}

A2: 11/2/2013
H2: Joe Blow (chosen from a data validationi list)

The result of the formula should equal 1 in this example, or more if the same criteria occurs more than once within the range of A2:A109, and H2:H109.

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Column Of Dates Not Recognized Unless Manually Select Each Cell And Press Enter

Apr 12, 2013

I have a column of dates that are not being recognized as dates unless if I manually select each cell and press enter. For example the cell value is "Jul/13' and isn't recognized as "01/06/2013" until I select it and hit enter. How can I get around this?

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Excel 2010 :: Dates As Headers In Table Not Recognized As Dates For Charting?

Nov 8, 2012

I'm trying to make a simple chart, which maps the value of an investment fund over time. I wanted to use the new 'Table' feature within Excel 2010 to format and maintain the formulae within the Table, and the 'Header' for the table contains the date, which is not at regular intervals.

If I opt not to use the Table feature, I can create a line-chart with ease, and Excel recognises that the Dates are indeed dates and plots the graph correctly. The minute I convert over to a Table, the Date headers are no longer recognised as dates, and are instead plotted as if they were text, at regular intervals.

I've tried multiplying the Date Headers by 1 to force them back to true Dates, but this still does not work. I've also changed the setting on the horizontal axis to Date axis rather than automatic, but still no joy.

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