Adding Date Value Depending On Focus

Jun 25, 2014


I'm new to VB. I am writing a code to insert a value in to the textbox depending on the focus.

For example if i have kept the focus on textbox1 and I click the particular date on calendar, then it should print the date on textbox1 and vice versa.

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VBA Code For Adding 0 Depending On Cells Amount Of Characters

Aug 5, 2014

I'm working with a column that contains dates. The dates are pulled from a system that doesnt always have dates in the format

mm/dd/yyyy => 09/26/2014

but instead sometimes

i.e., 0's are missing.

I'm looking for a macro that inserts these missing 0's

**So I suppose the criteria should be that if the cell is 9 characters long (including the "/"s), then it adds a 0 as first character**
***the cells that are only 8 characters, in that case there would have to be insert 0 again as character 1, and 0 as character 4 (if 0 is already added as first)***

I'll attach a file that contains dates : test.xls‎

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Sum Data Depending On A Date

Dec 1, 2009

I have a workbook full of a bunch of sheets with the same formatting. Each sheet has data for a 2 week period.

I am making a master type sheet and Im hoping to be able to pull some data from each sheet.

On each sheet:
Row 1 has dates starting on E1 and ending on AF1 (several blank/combined columns)
Row 22 has the data I want to pull, and it is one column to the right of the date. So, F22 corresponds with E1

One sheet looks like this:
E1 = 8/24/09
AF1 = 9/6/09

I got single amounts to work by using:

=IF((MONTH(E1)=8),F22," ")

However, Im hoping to find a formula that would look at the entire two week period and sum the row 22 amounts for each day that falls within a certain month.

I tried:
=IF((MONTH(E1:AG1)=8),F22:AG22," ")

Which comes back false since not all days in the two week period fall within August (8).

Does anyone have any ideas for a formula that would be easily changeable, and that would pull & sum row 22 data for each row 1 date that falls within a certain month?

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To Import Several Files Depending On Date

Jun 1, 2009

I am trying to import a several files depending on date. The first part of the name of the files that I am importing are always the same, the end changes as the date changes.
I have a user form that comes up and I pick the dates that I am looking at.

What would be the code to import those depending on the date that I pick?

When my UF comes up, I pick whatever dates, I need to import all the files in between those dates.

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Calculating Several Data Depending On Date

Jun 12, 2009

I have a truck log. Every time some comes in to take a truck they must log the truck out with the millage. After a week, I am supposed to find out how many miles my trucks ran for that week.
What would be the code to....

In K column, calculate the milage that is in row F; which is A3 - A2 and so on down. But it would have to skip a line every time the truck number changes (in column C) it would skip that line. It would go until a blank cell.

Does anyone have any ideas how to do that?

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Displaying Cell Depending On Date

Apr 24, 2007

My head hurts from working on this all day. I have a large spreadsheet and in the top left corner I need to show the percent of vehicles that are not working out of our whole pool. I have a function that detects the color of the cell (Red is broke) and counts the total of red cells and then divides it by the total giving the percent and it is in G118 for Jan 1/2007, H118 for Jan 2/2007 etc. I made a function that will count Julian days from Jan 1, so for today I get 114. I know I need to display G + 114 columns but have no idea how to get that column name from this and always display the current one in the corner.

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Open A Sheet Depending On Date.

Oct 30, 2009

I have a WB with 31 sheets, each dated 1st to 31st and currently hidden.
I have been trying to write a VBA code that would open a sheet based on todays date... so if today is the 2nd of Nov it would unhide the sheet 2nd, I would also like it to check if a sheet dated 1st is visable, and if it is, hide it.
The date for the sheet to hide would I think need to be relative... but I don't know how to get it right.

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Populate Field Depending On Date Specified

Aug 12, 2009

I need to complete the 'cost field' in Table A, from Table B, but the 'cost' value must be selected from Table B based on it's ' date completed', as per my example attached...

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Print By Date Depending Range

Jan 8, 2008

i have a excel sheet which i use to schedule my service team. Basically i have horizontally the dates ((a colum for every day of the year) and vertically the guys names (about 25 rows).

I would like to add a function so i can push a button and i automatically print the past, current and next week of my shedule on one page.

In addition it should print my usage chart which is on a different work sheet in the same file.

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Adding Data In Column A Depending On Data In B

Feb 16, 2009

Adding data in column A depending on data in B. I have following macro:

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Change Sum Range Depending On Today Date

Mar 14, 2012

I have a budget worksheet that uses a spending forecast sheet to determine where the spending level for each budget code should be to the end of the current month. In other words, the Forecasted YTD To Month End fomula for each budget code in the budget worksheet is simply:


Where column D is Jan, E is Feb, F is Mar etc in the forecast which distributes the budgeted amounts by month.

In each row on the budget sheet I want to evaluate today's date and if we're in March I want the formula to read as above but when we move to April I want it to use G as the end column in the range to sum.

SUMIF seems cumbersome in this circumstance and I wonder if a UDF might suit better.

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Code To Paste Figure Depending On Date

Apr 25, 2013

I have code that pulls information into excel from a database and pastes it into a sheet called paste.

This will have around 15 columns of data, with 24 rows for each day. The first column is the date and the second is the amount of sales which was taken in that hour.

I would like to add code to my project that will take all items in the 2nd column that are next to yesterdays date which will be in the format yyyymmdd sum the items to make a total and then paste into a column on another worksheet they will need to be pasted into the next empty cell in that column on the other worksheet.

After the number has been pasted into this column I need to clear all of the data on the paste page ready for it to be updated again the next day.

Sub GetSomeData()
Dim db As Database
Dim rs As Recordset
Dim SQL_string, Path1 As String

[Code] ......

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How To Change Row Color Depending On Future Date

Dec 31, 2013

I have some real estate rental so what I did 7 columns and its includes: name, phone number, ....., contract start date, and contract expiry date.

my question is how to make the row color changes depends on the expiry date

for example, the expiry date is 12/10/2014. I want the the row to be red when 12/10/2014 comes.

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Display Test String Depending On Date

Mar 31, 2009

I need a forumla that will dispay a set text message in a cell based on the date in another cell.

I need cell A1 to display the text message "Forwards Booking Date, No Action Required" Where cell A2 has a date entered in it that is the same as todays date or greater - i.e. in the future.

And if the date is in the past for no text message to appear.

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Lookup Date In Range Depending On A Number

May 5, 2009

I have a Master workbook with 4 sheets named WEEK 1 to WEEK 4. At work we work around 13 4 week periods and need this workbook to be dated accordingly, that is Period 1 Week 1 and date of first day (Sunday) of that period. The ideal solution would be for the user to enter 1 to 13 into a cell and via a button all dates to be populated and a new workbook created for that period. I have attached a sample workbook with the 4 weekly sheets and a date range on another sheet to show the range I need the dates from. I hope the workbook explains what I need better than my explanation here!

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Change Cell Reference Depending On Date

Jun 11, 2009

The spreadsheet attached is a timesheet I use. The last column on the sheet (IV) keeps a running total of time spent on each project. I need a way that i can find out how much time was spent on projects in specific timeframes (eg 01/01/09 - 07/01/01, or 01/01/09 - 31/01/09). my initial thought is perhaps i can have a "from" cell and a "to" cell to input the dates i require and it will total the relevant cells in the rows below.

NOTE! This workbook uses VBA to auto hide any column which are dates previous to today's date so you may need to unhide them to view times logged.

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Open File Depending On Name And Date Modified?

Aug 6, 2014

I have this code, it's working to open the last modified file but how can I implement that it also opens a certain file name.

Test1 150126.xls
Test1 150128.xls
Test1 150140.xls

the numbers are the time the file is saved, is it possible to also look at file name:text1 and then look at the last modified file So only fill in the file name and the macro opens file: Test1 150140

[Code] .....

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Changing Value Of Duplicate Cell Depending On Date

Jan 15, 2014

I inherited a worksheet with 70k+ rows of data. As shown below each row contains a record number(Col A) with the date(Col B) it was created and value(Col C). There are 5 records per day. You can see in the example below that Col A has the value 30 duplicated for each day. Is it possible to rename only the second "30" in Col A for each day?

Col A
Col B
Col C


[Code] .........

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Copy Data From One Sheet To Another Depending On Date.

Nov 21, 2008

"Sheet1" of Book1.xls contains the daily efforts of each members in the team. The detail changes automatically everyday like:

Date Name Task1 Task2 Total
1/1/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-2 4
1/1/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/1/08 Paul Implement-4 4

On the very next day the details will be automatically changed as:

Date Name Task1 Task2 Total
1/2/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-4 6
1/2/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/2/08 Paul Analysis--8 8

i.e. "Sheet1" will contain only the details of current date.
I have managed to do it in "Sheet1"...

Here I need to add all the details automatically for each and every day in a separate worksheet ("Sheet2") from "Sheet1" of the same excel.

As soon as the date changed, then it will be reflected automatically in "Sheet2" in the next blank row for each member of the team...
The details of "Sheet2" will be:

Date Name Task1 Task2 Total
1/1/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-2 4
1/1/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/1/08 Paul Implement-4 4
1/2/08 Mark Design-2 Analysis-4 6
1/2/08 James Design-3 Analysis-2 5
1/2/08 Paul Analysis--8 8

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Format Certain Cells To Change Colors Depending On Date

Feb 27, 2013

I am trying to format certain cells to change colors depending on the date and the content of the next field to show due dates.

cell label
due date
date completed





What I need is for the contents of au5 to be green up until 10 days before the due date, yellow up until 5 days, and red with less than 5 days until the due date. If the date completed is entered into be5, then the contents of au5 should be black.

Is this possible, and if it is, how do I set this up? I tried to use


And choose green formatting (something I found on yahoo answers), but when I enter the date the text is still the original black font.

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Copy Data From One Cell To Another In Different Worksheet Depending On Date And Name

Feb 10, 2014

I have 2 worksheets, 1 with a table sorted like this (in a row):

component | start date | end date | assigned to

Second worksheet with a table like a calendar with dates and people (dates in the columns and people in the rows), every component is assigned to each person by dates.

............ | 01/01 | 02/01 | 03/01
---------|----- --|-------|-------
person 1 | comp1 | comp1 | comp2
-------- |--------|-------|-------
person 2 | comp1 | comp1 | comp3

I want the assignment from worksheet 1 to worksheet 2 to be automatically. i will set the start and end date next to the component in the first table and assign it to a person/s and it will be automatically get filled in the second worksheet (the calendar) under the person/s and under the same dates as set in the first worksheet.

You can see a template here: [URL] ........

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Copy Lines Depending On Agent Selected And Date Range

Feb 3, 2010

I am having issues with this Macro since I have to run it on computers only supporting Excel 2003 and computers with Excel 2007. The Macro in use is as follows:

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Formula To Copy Lines Depending On Date Range And Agent Selected

Jan 30, 2010

What I would like to do with the information that I have put together on a different workbook is to reference an Agent (column A), and a time range (Date is in column D) and then copy the row from A to I for each occurrence during that range of dates so we can see how many and what errors have occurred during any range of dates selected. (I will have different people inputting errors at different times so the dates will not be sorted unless they have to be). I want to be able to select different agents/date ranges to be able to get a glance of how that particular agent did during this time frame.

Here is an example of the work sheet where the data is originaly.


Here is an example (in a different workbook) of what the sheet should look like if I was searching errors for Albert Ozier between 1/25/2010 and 1/28/2010.


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Insert Formula Depending On Cells Depending Of Variables?

Jan 27, 2014

In a macro I want to automatically insert a formula in several cells. The formula depends on other cells, and I want to be able to manipulate these cells with variables. Here is my code:

[Code] .....

All my variables are declared:

Sheets("DATOS YTD 2014").Cells(I, Semana + 1) is the cell I want to be able to chose due to the variables
Sheets("DATOS YTD 2014").Cells(I, 3) is the reference cell for the VLOOKUP formula, that will vary with I
SheetMonth.Range("B3:W172") is a range in the sheet SheetMonth which is fixed

The error message I receive is the following: "Run-time error 13, Type mismatch"

I precise that the next step is to make the ",6," part in the vlookup formula also variable... but I guess once my current issue is solved this one will be a piece of cake.

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Adding The Date....

Jun 4, 2009

Is there a wat to have the date refresh itself in a cell when you open the spreadsheet?

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Adding Day In Date Function

Oct 27, 2008

I have the following formula in a cell


that I want to look up the Day (mon, tue, etc) and then return the date entered in cell A1

So if the date in cell A1 is 01/05/08, the formula should return Thu01/05/08.
Currently it returns Thu39569, even though the cell is formatted as a date format... How do I get it to return the date in a date format?

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Adding Values Under Same Date

Dec 19, 2012

I have this sample excel ,and I would like to add each value on the 6th row under the date .But I would like to add values under the same date .

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Adding 60 Days To A Date

Dec 5, 2011

I want to put a date in one cell then in the next cell i want it to add 60 days automatically, so to give the new date.

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Adding To Date Formula

May 26, 2008

Field 1 shows as MON 02/06/08 on sheet 1

I would like it so that Field 1 shows TUES 03/06/08 on sheet 2 and so on for every sheet for the remainder of the month.

I would also like it if I could just edit the first sheet then hit print 31 copies and have it count up each for each sheet that is printed.

Or another alternative is to change sheet 1 and have every sheet after that change in succession and then just print the entire workbook.

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Adding Exactly 1 Month To Initial Date

Apr 29, 2009

I have a date on the top left hand corner of my excel sheet. I want to add exactly one month to that date in a vertical list (without using micros)



PS: I tried adding 30 (or a similar number like 29). It works but not if I want a large list of dates, which is what I want.

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